Queensland Police save 10-month-old baby with rare thyroid condition

Paul James says it took less than 30 seconds for quick-thinking officers to revive a lifeless baby brought to the doorstep of a central Queensland police station.

On September 2, Sergeant James was visiting the Gracemere Police Station, 100 kilometres away from his beat, when a frantic mother arrived at the door with the child.

He said one of his colleagues went out to investigate a noise outside the station and came back with a baby.

“[The baby] was non-responsive, blue, not breathing,” he said

“It was quite daunting, quite emotional, but at the same time quite satisfying.”

He said it was not a situation officers faced regularly.

“We go to a lot of jobs, we do a lot of things where we don’t have a positive result and I, for one, have done CPR many, many times throughout my career,” he said.

“Normally if we’re doing CPR it’s as a result of a trauma or an overdose or something like that, whereas this is an innocent baby who is suffering from an illness.

‘Absolutely helpless’

Ten-month-old Lucas got to properly meet his heroes yesterday.

His mum, who did not want to be identified, said she raced to the station because it was close to her home.

“It’s terrible, you feel just helpless, absolutely helpless,” she said.

“I was two seconds in the door and they already had baby and could tell something was wrong.

“They sat me down and made sure everything was going OK, which I’m grateful for.

“If I hadn’t lived where I live, the outcome would have been so much different.”

‘Extremely rare’

Lucas has since been diagnosed with congenital hypothyroidism, a rare condition that means he was born without a thyroid.

It caused a loss of muscle around his throat, which led to his breathing stopping that day.

“It’s an extremely rare case — it’s something you often only see in third world countries as we’ve been told,” his mum said.

Lucas is now back home after spending three weeks in hospital.

“He’s doing great, he’s got an appetite,” his mum said.

“It’s a very proud moment for everyone that’s been involved to see little bub healthy, the right colour, responsive and just being a baby — it’s great.”

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