Mother’s Day 2020: Kerri-Anne Kennerley writes letter to mum

Grace Isabell Wright you have always been a very stylish woman.

Never one to lounge around looking untidy. I remember a saying about something worn that you disapproved of “I wouldn’t wear that washing”, you would say. Your smart appearance had nothing to do with money or lack of it as we grew as a happy working class family of four kids with you and dad doing your very best to keep us clothed, fed and tidy and out of trouble. The house inside and out was always immaculate.

Mum, you’re 98 and heading quickly for 99 not out! You might not be very mobile and in need of high care but I love having you live with me. We still have great conversations and your imagination is extraordinary and fun. You still have a determined will to try and do things yourself because pressing a button for assistance would be too easy. ‘I don’t want to bother anybody.”

media_cameraKerri-Anne Kennerly with mum Grace Isabelle Wright

Gee no bother at all finding you on the floor and trying to get you up! But we laugh. On my Instagram page two years ago, you managed to get thousands and thousands of likes (far more than I have ever managed to get) dancing around to Meghan Trainor’s All about that Bass. You could really groove and everyone loved you for it. You were named the Dancing Queen. You always loved to dance, in fact you met Dad at a Saturday night dance.

You grew up in Blackall, Queensland as the last of twelve kids. I can imagine it was not the easiest of childhoods but it made you independent and self sufficient. I am sure that is where I got my dogged determination from. Your childhood was cut short when your father died when you were 12.

Your early life made you even more determined to make sure your kids would have what you didn’t. You were the centre of the household and what you said was gospel. You encouraged all of us to do whatever we wanted to in life and career. If you want something go and get it.

I look back at your life and can now only appreciate what you have survived and what you thrived on. Depression and war just to start with. You married dad two days before he went to war and was posted in New Guinea. The war was never discussed but Dad was often ’not well’. We much later realised he suffered Post Traumatic Syndrome and malaria which reoccurred often. It was never discussed or diagnosed in those days. Dad was a wonderful sensitive gentleman from the Darling Downs. You nursed him though and kept the family house hold running.

Grace Isabelle Wright is 98-years-old and heading quickly for 99 not out!
media_cameraGrace Isabelle Wright is 98-years-old and heading quickly for 99 not out!

You endured the loss of a baby to cancer. A trauma still felt even in your 90s. You raised four children in a house that Dad built … physically. You worked at home and with Dad in every aspect. We were shielded from a lot of the tough times. We had everything we needed and didn’t take anything for granted.

We were one of the families to go to the main street in our PJs and watch black and white TV in the window. We survived cracker night or Guy Fawkes night. You always cooked full meals. You didn’t rely on takeaway as there was none. There was no frozen food. It was all fresh. You made our clothes on a Singer sewing machine. You nursed Dad for 17 years with prostate cancer till we lost him a 91. He could never have survived that long without you. You never had lots of friends because the family and Dad were your entire life. And it still is.

There is something unbelievably strong and capable about you and your generation. I am so glad I inherited your strength, will and survival instincts. I am also glad I inherited Dad’s height, he was six foot and you’re only 5’3. But you were always a powerhouse. The light is just a little softer now.


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Originally published as KAK’s beautiful letter to mum Grace

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Maharashtra MLC Election 2020: Election Commission to hold Maharashtra legislative council polls on May 21 | India News

NEW DELHI/MUMBAI: The Election Commission on Friday decided to hold polls to the nine Maharashtra Legislative Council seats on May 21, giving Uddhav Thackeray an opportunity to become a member of the state legislature within the six-month deadline to remain chief minister.
The polls were deferred due to the spread of coronavirus.
Maharashtra chief minister Uddhav Thackeray, who was sworn in on November 28 last year, has time till May 27 to get elected to the state legislature, failing which he will have to step down.
Maharashtra governor B S Koshyari had requested the Election Commission on Thursday to declare polls for nine vacant seats to the state legislative council.
Sources in the poll panel said a decision has been taken to hold the polls before May 27.
They, however, refused to share details.

Maharashtra chief minister Uddhav Thackeray on Friday called on governor Bhagat Singh Koshyari at the Raj Bhavan in Mumbai.
The meeting lasted for about 20 minutes, a Raj Bhavan statement said.
During the meeting, Thackeray exchanged greetings with the governor on the occasion of the 60th foundation day of Maharashtra state.
The meeting comes a day after Koshyari wrote to the Election commission of India (ECI) requesting it to hold biennial elections to the nine vacant seats of the state Legislative Council at the earliest to facilitate Thackeray’s election to the Upper House of the state legislature.
The governor’s request came after Maharashtra chief minister Uddhav Thackeray on Wednesday called Prime Minister Narendra Modi about his nomination to the state legislative council. According to sources, Thackeray sought Prime Minister Modi’s help, saying if it doesn’t happen, he will have to resign.
The biennial elections for the nine vacant seats have been postponed in view of the coronavirus crisis.
Thackeray was sworn in as the state chief minister on November 28 last year. He has to become a legislator by May 27 as per the constitutional norms.
The state cabinet has recommended to the governor twice to nominate Thackeray to the Council as two out of 12 seats nominated by him (governor) are lying vacant.
(With agency inputs)
In Video:Maharashtra: EC to hold legislative council polls on May 21

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NFL draft 2020: Australian punters overlooked

Australian punters Arryn Siposs, Dane Roy and Joel Whitford have missed out on being drafted but may yet be thrown a lifeline by NFL teams.

The three-day NFL draft concluded on Saturday, US time, with 255 players selected, including two American punters over the Australian trio.

Arryn Siposs during his AFL playing days.

Arryn Siposs during his AFL playing days.Credit:Sebastian Costanzo

Siposs, Roy and Whitford could still be signed as undrafted free agents.

The New York Jets were in the market for a punter after declining to sign Australia’s Lachlan Edwards and had reached out to former St Kilda forward Siposs in the lead-up to the draft.

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The best meat delivery services in 2020: ButcherBox, Rastelli’s, Holy Grail Steak Co. and more

While we know plant-based eating is important at least some of the time, we still occasionally crave a burger, whether it’s seared over open flames on a grill or in your favorite cast-iron skillet — delicious meat products know no season, after all.

Even if you live in a place where prime cuts of juicy steakorganic chicken and quality grass fed ground beef (with actual flavor) are typically plentiful and readily available in your local grocery store, you may be finding empty shelves when you brave the outdoors to go to the store these days due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Or, you could be trying to limit your trips outside while you and your family self-isolate at home. Luckily, with the help of online butchers, you can still have high-quality meat of all kinds delivered right to your door — contact free

In fact, we’ve been big fans of these meat delivery services since their inception — way before COVID-19 — and their products are welcome in our kitchens regardless of what’s going on in the outside world. Even better, meats keep, so if you’re not ready to fully embrace the carnivore lifestyle, you can freeze these savory morsels until you’re ready for a very hearty meal.

Omaha Steaks

As with meal kit subscriptions and grocery delivery services, companies that deliver premium meats and butcher subscriptions have proliferated in the past several years. This is a good thing, because since there are so many meat delivery services, many online butchers have sought to fill a specific niche sub-category of the market. Some specialize in grass-fed, pasture raised, organic or Wagyu beef while others focus on a wider range of cuts of meat, chicken and sausage or hard-to-find exotic meats like wild boar and venison that may not be sold at your neighborhood butcher, even in the best of times. Regardless of their niche, however, all of the online butchers and meat subscription services on this list offer delicious, premium meats.

Read more: The best meal kit delivery services

What we’re getting at is that whether you’re looking for a great value on meat delivery, specifically seeking out humanely raised and eco-friendly meat or simply hungry to try the latest, greatest and highest quality meats available (hello, American Wagyu), there’s a meat delivery service out there to fit your specific needs.

We looked at some of the most popular online meat delivery services out there, taking into consideration the types of meats available, price point, special services, shipping costs and more to help you choose the best one for all your fresh meat needs. We’ll keep this up to date with new offers and services as we come across them.

Read more: Wine, beer, alcohol delivery: How to get alcoholic beverages delivered to your door

Butcher Box

Please note: As of March 27 ButcherBox has implemented a waitlist for all new members due to high order volume. Please check back as we will update this article when circumstances change. 

ButcherBox is a meat subscription service that offers three types of protein, but puts an emphasis on its 100% grass-fed and grass-finished, pasture-raised beef from cows that are free to roam (grass-fed beef is said to be higher in antioxidants, vitamins and healthy fatty acids, is often more environmentally friendly since it’s pastured and not raised on feedlots, and has a purer beefy taste). The company also offers heritage breed pork from pigs with plentiful outdoor access and an all-vegetarian diet from forage and feed, and free-range, organic chicken that’s humanely raised, with no antibiotics or added hormones. It makes a point of mentioning that it works with “the best possible meat processing facilities” and believe in fair labor practices too.

When you sign up, you can choose from all beef, beef and chicken, beef and pork, a mixed box or create a custom box. In any case, you select from two different box sizes depending on how many people you’re feeding (or how big your freezer is). Prices vary, but plans start at $129 per month. If you like complete control, the Custom Box is $149 per month (or $4.97 per meal), and allows you to take your pick of over 20 different cuts like ground beef, top sirloin steaks, chuck roast, pork tenderloin, boneless pork chops, chicken breasts and drumsticks. All of the meat ships vacuum-packed and frozen, and shipping is free. As a bonus, the company is usually running some sort of promotion, like free bacon for the life of your subscription or 2 pounds of sockeye salmon.

Snake River Farms

Snake River Farms meat delivery service (and its partner, Double R Ranch) offer something truly special: not only dry-aged, USDA Prime beef, but American Wagyu (Kobe-style) beef, known for its rich marbling, tender texture and fantastic flavor. All of its cows are raised sustainably and humanely in the Northwest, and it offers heritage breed Kurobuta Berkshire pork from pigs raised on small family farms in Idaho and the Midwest. In addition to its exclusive (and accordingly expensive), chef-approved cuts of rare steak, it touts several sustainable ranching practices, from rotational grazing that promotes healthy rangelands to composting cattle waste and using beef tallow for fuel. Even the shipping foam in its boxes can be dissolved and used as plant food, composted or used as a fire starter. In addition, the company is a founding member of Beef Counts, which helps provide food to families in need.

But you’re here for the Wagyu. While the company doesn’t offer recurring subscriptions, you can buy all sorts of individual cuts like American Wagyu tomahawk steaks ($50 per pound), filet mignon, porterhouse and ribeye, not to mention Wagyu burgers and hot dogs (and don’t forget about its Kurobuta pork bacon and baby back ribs). When it comes to Snake River Farms Wagyu, most products are offered in both Gold Grade (the highest quality — and price — available), and Black Grade (still special but slightly less devastating to the wallet). You can also purchase variety-pack gift boxes, some curated by chefs like Thomas Keller and Naomi Pomeroy.

As with most other meat delivery services, your cuts will come vacuum-sealed and frozen. Shipping cost varies, depending on how quickly you’d like to chow down.


Rastelli’s started out as a small butcher shop in New Jersey serving its local community, but they’ve always put a premium on the best meat possible and are driven by a love of good food. Today, they ship beef, poultry and seafood across the US from farms that produce responsibly raised meats free of antibiotics, steroids and hormones (or sourcing wild-caught and sustainably raised seafood like Faroe Island salmon).

Prices vary depending on which box you choose — and there are many options, including boneless, skinless chicken thighs ($35), a burger box ($89), ribeye box ($179) and even a plant based sampler ($99). You can buy any box as a one-off purchase but will save 5% if you subscribe. 

Porter Road

Based in Nashville, Porter Road offers a variety of cuts of prime beef, pork, lamb and chicken, sourced from Kentucky and Tennessee. Its beef is pasture-raised, grass-fed and grain-finished, but the company uses no added hormones or antibiotics and the animals are free to roam and graze. Like Snake River Farms, it uses corn-based foam insulation in its boxes, so you can use it to fire up your grill and cook the skirt steak that came in the same package. Most of the company’s meat is shipped fresh, but depending on the cut, some pieces will be frozen. You can order a la carte (from more traditional options like pork chops, NY strip steaks, ribeye and ground beef, to less common cuts like Denver steak, lamb T-bones and andouille sausage made with fresh ingredients), or choose from several box options, including all beef, pork and beef, or a “best of” assortment that arrives every two, four or eight weeks. You can add items onto your subscription too (“put a bird on it” if you’re feeling like chicken next week).

The basic box is $50 (or $4.69 per serving), but specialty selections like the Breakfast Box are also available — and we look forward to the “Grill Master Box” returning this summer (last year, it contained dry-aged steaks, dry-aged burger patties and brats for $70, with six pounds of meat total, or $6.56 per serving). In the meanwhile, they’ve put together a “Stay at Home” bundle with dry-aged ground beef, ground pork, Italian sausage and breakfast sausage (11 pounds of meat total, or $3.07 per serving).

Since demand is particularly high at this time, expect shipping delays and limited selection when it comes to more exotic cuts.

Crowd Cow

Crowd Cow aims to “create an alternative to the current meat commodity system” by connecting consumers to a carefully curated selection of small farms and independent ranches around the world. The specific offerings range from grass-fed beef and both Japanese and American Wagyu to pork, chicken and American-raised lamb (bison will be added soon). There’s even a selection of sustainable seafood for those craving surf and turf. You have the option to search by specific cut or type of meat, or by farm.

You can purchase items a la carte — including a pasture raised whole chicken ($21), bone-in pork chops ($10.50 per pound) and perennial favorite ground beef, which you can get in the following varieties: grain finished ($8 per pound), 100% grass fed ($9 per pound) or Wagyu ($12 per pound). Or go with a curated subscription box like Steak Lovers ($159).

No matter what you choose, your meat arrives frozen and packaged in 100% recyclable and compostable materials — and includes information on which farm it came from, making this a perfect option for those seeking transparency in addition to delicious meat.

Holy Grail Steak Co.

If you’re looking for the very best in beef and have a few extra pennies to spend on the good stuff, let us introduce you to Holy Grail Streak Co. The newcomer to the high-end meat-delivery game sells the best American-raised Wagyu with a deep portfolio of top A5-grade Japanese Wagyu producers on the planet. This includes ultra-rare Hokkaido Snow Beef and beloved Kobe Beef. On the website, you can sift through their “collections” like Japanese Wagyu, American Wagyu, USDA Prime Black Angus, Akaushi, steak flights and Wagyu burgers. 

Holy Grail does sport an impressive menu but it ain’t cheap. Your best bet here is buying in bulk, like this 12-pound pack of Wagyu burger for $169, for instance, versus purchasing in smaller quantities which is much pricier. Or snag a steak starter pack with four steaks and two burgers for $249. You can order one-time boxes or custom orders for yourself or choose from carefully curated beef boxes to send as a gift or care package. 

Enjoy free ground shipping when you spend more than $199 (not hard to do).

Omaha Steaks

Omaha Steaks — one of the first-ever meat delivery services — bills itself as “America’s Original Butcher” and has certainly been in the carnivore-feeding business for a long time. Keeping up with the growing preference for grass-fed beef, both grain- and grass-fed are now offered (and both options start with grass-fed but their signature beef is grain-finished); read more about how each option compares. The company doesn’t advertise organic meat like many others do, nor provide much specific information about how and where the animals are raised, but does stand behind “a nearly 100-year tradition of providing customers premium, aged, and hand-trimmed beef with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.” There’s also a lot more on offer besides the namesake product.

Truly, the range of items on the site is somewhat staggering. From various cuts of beef (steak galore, of course, including “king cuts” you would probably struggle to finish even if you hadn’t eaten for a week), bison, veal, pork, chicken and seafood, to charcuterie, full meal kits, a la carte side dishes and desserts, wines and even dog treats, this could be a one-stop web shop. While it doesn’t offer subscriptions by name, there are plenty of gift boxes (like an $80-a-month Steak Box or a Monthly Grilling Box for the same price) that you could certainly order for yourself. Another interesting thing it offers: butcher services where you can consult one-on-one with a butcher to custom order precisely what you want. Shipping prices vary based on order total and how fast you want your stuff, but you can find some “free shipping” deals and combos on the site. There’s also a Steaklover Reward Points program for committed carnivores.

Right now, you can get free shipping when you place an order of $159 or more, or purchase select combos.

Thrive Market

Please note: Due to unprecedented order volume, Thrive Market is not accepting new orders at this time. Please check back as we will update this article when circumstances change. 

Online grocery provider Thrive Market is also a one-stop shop, in a somewhat more traditional sense: It sells all manner of organic, 100% non-GMO, fair-trade products at wholesale prices, so you can buy various brands of things like paper towels, marinades and snacks — and bundled boxes of meat and seafood. To shop from the site, you must pay a $60 annual membership fee (which nets you guaranteed savings and free gifts, plus sponsors a free membership for a low-income family), but you can sign up for a 30-day free trial to test it out first. The company guarantees you’ll make back your membership in savings every year, but if not, will give you store credit for the difference.

The company’s meat delivery options include several boxes (a la carte cuts are not available), which feature 100% grass-fed, free-range beef from small and midsize, family-run ranches in Chile that don’t use antibiotics or hormones; certified free-range and organic chicken from family-owned farms in Virginia; antibiotic- and hormone-free, pasture-raised pork from a family-owned farm in Georgia; and both wild-caught and sustainably farmed seafood like fish, shrimp and scallops. You can choose from single-protein boxes or mixed packs like the Thrive Market Meat Sampler (11.75 pounds of chicken, beef and pork for $110, or $3.51 per serving), and can also curate your own meat and seafood box if you like to pick and choose (average cost $5.95 per serving). Shipping is free on all orders over $49.

More subscriptions… and meats

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NFL Draft 2020 LIVE: Round 2 & 3 live stream, latest updates, TV channel and how to watch online

Hello and welcome to the Evening Standard’s live coverage of the NFL Draft 2020.

Follow every pick from the NFL Draft with Standard Sport’s LIVE blog… 

Live Updates

The commissioner is very much reclined in his armchair now. Screaming for bedtime.

With the 92nd pick, the Baltimore Ravens select…

Devin Duvernay (WR, Texas)

With the 91st pick, the New England Patriots select…

Devin Asiasi (TE, UCLA)

We have another trade – the Patriots aren’t done just yet as they move up and do a deal with the Raiders to take the 91st pick.

With the 90th pick, the Houston Texans select…

Jonathan Greenard (LB, Florida)

Into the 90s we go…

With the 89th pick, the Minnesota Vikings select…

Cameron Dantzler (DT, TCU)

With the 88th pick, the Cleveland Browns select…

Jordan Elliott (DT, Missouri)

And still we’ve only had the one quarterback drafted today. The Patriots are one of only a few teams who have a blatant need for one, but they go defense again. 

Alabama goes level with LSU at nine picks each. 

With the 87th pick, the New England Patriots select…

Anfernee Jennings (OLB, Alabama) 

With the 86th pick, the Buffalo Bills select…

Zack Moss (RB, Utah)

A couple of guys there who have had very serious injury problems over the last year or so, with Blackmon just coming back from an ACL tear.

With the 85th pick, the Indianapolis Colts select…

Julian Blackmon (S, Utah)

With the 84th pick, the L.A. Rams select…

Terrell Lewis (OLB, Alabama) 

The best named of the draft so far? That’s NINE LSU Tigers that have been drafted already, and we’ve got more than four rounds worth of picks to come.

With the 83rd pick, the Denver Broncos select…

Lloyd Cushenberry III (C, LSU)

I think that our first Canadian draftee of the year.

With the 82nd pick, the Dallas Cowboys select…

Neville Gallimore (DT, Oklahoma) 

So Jon Gruden uses those back-to-back picks to bolster an offense that has already added Henry Ruggs this week.

With the 81st pick, the Las Vegas Raiders select…

Bryan Edwards (WR, South Carolina)

Can’t see the NFL Draft 2020 LIVE: Round 1 live stream, latest updates, TV channel and how to watch online blog? Click here to view the desktop version.

How to watch the 2020 NFL Draft

TV channel: In the UK, the only place to watch the Draft on TV is on Sky Sports, available via Now TV with a day pass for £9.99.

Build up starts at 6pm BST this evening on the Sky Sports Action channel, with coverage of the Draft itself also being shown on Main Event from midnight. The first round is scheduled to begin at 1am.

On Friday, build-up starts at 6pm while on Saturday it’s a 3pm kick-off, both on Action. Again, on both days the Draft itself will also be shown on Main Event.

Live stream online: Sky Sports subscribers can stream the Draft online via SkyGo and the SkyGo app, with a mobile month pass available for £5.99

Alternatively, fans can purchase the NFL’s Game Pass at a special discounted price of £7.99 for a year’s subscription.

The package also gives access to the NFL Network and a wealth of other content, including NFL films, highlights and full replays of all of last season’s games.

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Is Anzac Day a public holiday in 2020 for all Australians?


April 23, 2020 13:42:07

Anzac Day 2020 falls on a Saturday, which means for most Australians, there will be no public holiday this year.

On Monday, April 27, people in NSW, NT, Queensland, SA, Tasmania and Victoria will need to head into the office (or living room, if they’re working from home), but workers in the ACT and Western Australia get a public holiday.

Next year, when Anzac Day falls on a Sunday, people in QLD, SA and NT will get a public holiday on Monday, April 26 and it will only be workers in NSW and Victoria dragging themselves into the office.

Why do ACT and WA get a day off?

The Anzac Day Public Holiday was first recognised by WA in 1972, as part of its Public and Bank Holidays Act.

The original legislation, passed in October 1972, states “when New Year’s Day, Anzac Day, or Christmas Day falls on a Saturday or Sunday, the next following Monday is also a public holiday and bank holiday.”

In December last year, ACT‘s Employment and Workplace Safety Minister Suzanne Orr announced that Monday following Anzac Day would be recognised as a public holiday in 2020.

In 2015, when Anzac Day last fell on a Saturday, there was no public holiday for Canberra residents.

Ms Orr said the decision would “allow all Canberrans to mark Anzac Day” and would bring the ACT in line with WA.

“Anzac Day is a historically and culturally significant time for many Canberrans and should be marked as a holiday for everyone,” she said.

“The ACT Government recognises this and is declaring this public holiday to allow Canberrans to reflect while spending quality time with friends and family.”

Why is it different when Anzac Day is on a Sunday?

Simply put, because it’s part of legislation in Queensland, SA and the NT.

Queensland‘s 1983 Holidays Act says, for Anzac Day, a public holiday will be observed on 25 April; or if 25 April is a Sunday the following Monday.

In SA, the Holidays Act has a similar provision.

“April will be a public holiday and bank holiday but when that day falls on a Sunday, that day and the following Monday will be public holidays and bank holidays,” it reads.

And in the Northern Territory, the Public Holidays Act 1981 says if April 25 falls on a Sunday, the following Monday is a public holiday — with no mention of Saturdays at all.

Why would Anzac Day not be a public holiday?

Most states don’t observe an Anzac Day public holiday because Anzac Day is always commemorated on the day it falls — with the dawn service, march, gunfire breakfast and associated events all held on April 25 every year.

Due to the nature of the day, and because Anzac Day events can’t be held on any other date, many states feel there is no need to add an additional public holiday.

Anzac Day remembers Australian and New Zealand Army Corps soldiers who died in battle, and April 25 marks the anniversary of the Gallipoli campaign of World War I.

Due to COVID-19, Anzac Day will look a bit different this year, but the Dawn Service at the Australian War Memorial will be broadcast live, without a crowd.

“Anzac Day is a sacred day for all Australians. It is an important time to remember the sacrifices of those who have gone before us, those who have laid down their lives or suffered great hardship to protect Australians’ way of life,” Prime Minister Scott Morrison said.

When is the next public holiday?

The next public holiday in NSW, Tasmania, Victoria and SA is on June 8, for the Queen’s Birthday.

People in ACT get to take April 27 off work, and only have to wait until June 1, Reconciliation Day, for their next public holiday.

In the NT and Queensland, workers can take Monday, May 4 off for May Day.

And while WA gets Monday, April 27 off work for the additional Anzac Day public holiday, the next public holiday in their state falls on June 1: WA Day.

























First posted

April 23, 2020 13:26:40

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Anzac Day 2020: Dawn Service live stream, how to celebrate in Sydney

This year’s Anzac Day will be like no other. No marches, no two-up, no crowds thronging the street. Instead, Australians are being asked to honour our veterans — past and present — in different ways. Follow our guide to help mark this historic day.

There will be no veterans marching, no Dawn Services at Martin Place or Bondi Beach, no Last Post played in regional schools and local RSL clubs.

With the COVID-19 pandemic forcing services and marches to be cancelled on Saturday, and residents urged to stay home, most of the familiar public rituals will be missing.

Instead, Australians are being encouraged to stand at the end of their driveways, on their balconies or in their loungerooms at 6am on Saturday to commemorate those who served, those who died and those who are still serving.

Camera IconA huge crowd at North Bondi’s Dawn Service for the Anzac Day last year. Credit: News Corp Australia, AAP

To ensure there is a record of this historic day, the NSW State Library will be collecting images shared on social media and is encouraging people to post images including their driveway commemorations using the hashtags #NSWathome and #Anzacathome.

The Library’s Elise Edmonds said it was important there was a record of this year’s unique commemoration.

“(The pandemic) has affected us in so many ways and our lives have changed so much including how we commemorate these big holidays like Anzac Day,” she said.

“We want to document this year even more, so when people look back in 50 years at our collections they’ll see how we commemorated in 2015 and 2020 and what a marked difference that was.”


Light up the dawn

At 6am on ANZAC Day, light up the dawn by standing at the end of your driveway, on your balcony or in your living room to remember all those who have served and sacrificed.

Hold a candle, lay a wreath or simply mark a moment of silence.

Linton Hartley, 10, will be celebrating ANZAC Day by taking part in the RSL Light up the Dawn driveway vigil.
Camera IconLinton Hartley, 10, will be celebrating ANZAC Day by taking part in the RSL Light up the Dawn driveway vigil. Credit: News Corp Australia
Danielle Crismani and her son Louie Harris 8 of Bellerive who will light up the dawn for ANZAC Day.
Camera IconDanielle Crismani and her son Louie Harris 8 of Bellerive who will light up the dawn for ANZAC Day. Credit: News Corp Australia, Chris Kidd

Share your ANZAC spirit on the RSL NSW Facebook page and sign the pledge to light up the dawn at the RSL Anzac Spirit website.

Use the hashtags #ANZACspirit and #lightupthedawn when sharing your images.

To be included in the NSW State Library’s documentation of the day, post images including of your driveway commemorations on Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #NSWathome as well as #Anzacathome.

Australian Army soldier Private Grace Bailey is a Specialist Driver posted to Darwin's 8th/12th Regiment, Royal Australian Artillery, NT. When uniformed personnel wear the slouch hat they honour the Anzac Spirit, including all the generations, communities and families who have served and sacrificed to protect and better the nation.
Camera IconAustralian Army soldier Private Grace Bailey is a Specialist Driver posted to Darwin’s 8th/12th Regiment, Royal Australian Artillery, NT. When uniformed personnel wear the slouch hat they honour the Anzac Spirit, including all the generations, communities and families who have served and sacrificed to protect and better the nation. Credit: Supplied, ADF

Watch the Dawn Service.

A service will be broadcast live from the Australian National War Memorial in Canberra on the ABC from 5.30am. There will also be a 10am closed service from Sydney that will be broadcast on ABC. Both services will also be streamed live on the RSL NSW Facebook page.

Ms Berejiklian, NSW Governor Margaret Beazley, RSL NSW acting president Ray James, a bugler and a vocalist will take part in the 30-minute service from Sydney’s Anzac memorial in Hyde Park and the Cenotaph in Martin Place.

Click on the image below to download and print your high resolution poppy for Anzac Day.

Reach out to veterans

RSL NSW acting president Ray James said the changed Anzac Day schedule would prove difficult for veterans, especially those who are older.

He urged people to give any veterans they know a call and check on their welfare.

“Initially it was hard, but they have realised the situation we are in now is something different, it’s a one in 100 year event,” Mr James said. “Nothing can ever take away the importance of Anzac Day and what it means to all of us.”

Royal Australian Navy sailor, Chief Petty Officer Maritime Logistics Support Operations Scott Clear from HMAS Kuttabul will be part of the Light up the Dawn initiative commemorating Anzac Day.
Camera IconRoyal Australian Navy sailor, Chief Petty Officer Maritime Logistics Support Operations Scott Clear from HMAS Kuttabul will be part of the Light up the Dawn initiative commemorating Anzac Day. Credit: Supplied, ADF

You can also support members of the Australian Defence Force who are currently serving at by sending an email to

Record yourself reciting the ode or sharing a message of support for veterans on the RSL NSW Facebook. Then use the hashtag #ANZACSpirit and share how you’ll be commemorating privately, as well as who you’ll be remembering this ANZAC DAY.

Australian Army soldier Signaller Catherine Welsh, of the 1st Combat Signal Regiment. Anzac Day pays tribute to all military personnel, past and present.
Camera IconAustralian Army soldier Signaller Catherine Welsh, of the 1st Combat Signal Regiment. Anzac Day pays tribute to all military personnel, past and present. Credit: Supplied

Donate to the ANZAC Appeal.

Donate to the AnzacAppeal and support Australian veterans and their families in need. NSW donations support services provided by RSL DefenceCare and Veteran Sport Australia.

Commander Chris Jones, Royal Australian Navy (RAN), is deployed in the Middle East region. This Anzac Day CMDR Jones will be one of around 1200 personnel deployed throughout the Middle East.
Camera IconCommander Chris Jones, Royal Australian Navy (RAN), is deployed in the Middle East region. This Anzac Day CMDR Jones will be one of around 1200 personnel deployed throughout the Middle East. Credit: Supplied, ADF
Squadron Leader Darrin Lindsay, an Air Battle Manager at No. 42 Wing, Royal Australian Air Force Base Williamtown, NSW, holds a poppy he made with his daughter which will be displayed in his front yard to commemorate ANZAC DAY 2020.
Camera IconSquadron Leader Darrin Lindsay, an Air Battle Manager at No. 42 Wing, Royal Australian Air Force Base Williamtown, NSW, holds a poppy he made with his daughter which will be displayed in his front yard to commemorate ANZAC DAY 2020. Credit: Supplied, ADF



Lord Mayor Cr Bob Dwyer encouraged the community to pause and honour the many service personnel who had served, and died for, our country.

“I would like to pay special tribute to Parramatta and Epping RSL sub-Branches for their longstanding history of proudly supporting the local community.

“I will be joining many of our City’s residents and other Australians by standing at the end of my driveway for Light Up The Dawn, a unique way to remember those who have served and sacrificed.

Parramatta Heritage and Visitor Information Centre has created an online ANZAC DAY Experience, where people can find a range of local ANZAC DAY stories and photos.

Cabra-Vale Diggers Group

The group’s recorded Anzac Day Ceremony is set to accommodate members and community as Australians search for a new way of paying respects on Anzac Day 2020.

In light of the current pandemic, the club has arranged to provide an Anzac Day Ceremony online, complete with Last Post bugle, which can be seen from 6am the morning of Anzac Day – for members and guests to view in the comfort and safety of their own home. The event will be screened via the club’s website as well as it’s facebook page.

Randwick LGA

Randwick Council and the Coogee Randwick Clovelly RSL Sub branch will stream a service from 5.15am on the day on the council’s Facebook page.

Tune in to a very special 2020 Anzac Day Dawn Service broadcast that will feature:

The Ode of Remembrance, Last Post Bugle call, Minute’s silence, Reveille

and the Australian and New Zealand National Anthems

– more to come

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Netflix doubles its own Q1 2020 subscriber expectations, but warns coronavirus boost may fade

(Reuters) — Netflix more than doubled its own projections for new customers as quarantined audiences binged on series such as “Tiger King,” but the company predicted a weaker second half of the year if stay-at-home orders to fight the coronavirus are lifted. The world’s largest streaming service gained 15.8 million paying customers from January through March, bringing its global total to 182.9 million. Netflix had predicted it would add 7 million during the period.

The company warned that it expected fewer new subscribers from July to December compared with a year earlier, however. Many people who would have joined then are likely to have already signed up, executives said. “We expect viewing to decline and membership growth to decelerate as home confinement ends,” Netflix said in a letter to shareholders.

The company is among the few businesses to benefit from government orders imposed in March to keep people away from each other in order to stop the spread of the highly infectious novel coronavirus. While the S&P 500 Index .SPX has fallen 19% from its Feb. 19 record high, Netflix has gained 11% during the same period.

Netflix also issued a bullish forecast that it would add 7.5 million new customers for the current quarter, which ends in June, though the company said it was “mostly guesswork” given uncertainty over when stay-at-home orders might be lifted. Analysts surveyed by FactSet had expected 3.8 million. senior analyst Haris Anwar said Netflix’s big gains showed “it’s the ultimate stay-at-home stock.” “That said, there’s no guarantee that a global recession and increased competition won’t hit Netflix in the latter part of the year,” Anwar said. “There’s little clarity from the company about the future, and that’s likely to hurt the stock in the short run.”

Netflix said the shutdown of film and TV production around the world had temporarily increased its free cash flow but could delay some programming by a quarter. In the second quarter, the impact will be “modest” and mostly will affect dubbing in various languages, the company said.

Most programming for 2020, and much of 2021, already has been filmed and is being finished remotely in post-production, Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos said in a post-earnings interview with an analyst. “We don’t anticipate moving the schedule around much, certainly not in 2020,” Sarandos said.

For the just-ended quarter, Netflix’s earnings per share fell short of analyst expectations. The company posted diluted earnings per share of $1.57, below the $1.65 consensus, according to IBES data from Refinitiv. Total revenue rose to $5.77 billion from $4.52 billion. Analysts on average had expected $5.76 billion. Appreciation of the U.S. dollar, due partially to the coronavirus crisis, dragged on international revenue, the company said.

In the quarter, Netflix true-crime documentary “Tiger King,” about a colorful Oklahoma zookeeper, became a cultural sensation. It also released reality show “Love is Blind,” and a new season of Spanish-language thriller “Money Heist.”

As streaming video has grown in the United States, the market has become more competitive with the debut of Walt Disney’s Disney+ and upcoming rivals. That has pushed Netflix to look for growth overseas. The company’s biggest expansion from January through March came from Europe, where it added 4.4 million new customers. The most popular Netflix plan in the United States costs $13, nearly double the $7-per-month cost for Disney+.

Netflix does not currently plan to raise its prices given the global pandemic, Chief Product Officer Greg Peters said. “At this point we are not even thinking about price increases,” Peters said. Shares of Netflix were up 0.5% at $436 in after-hours trading.

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