Boris Govt to Pay France £28m to Stop More Boat Migrants

Home Secretary Priti Patel has announced that British taxpayers will be handing over £28 million to France to cajole them into stopping so many illegal aliens from pouring across the English Channel on small boats.

Patel, whose Home Office is the government department with broad responsibility for border control, immigration, policing, and national security, announced the signing of the new deal as if it were a triumph, boasting that it will pay for the French to “double number of police on beaches”, invest in “cutting-edge” surveillance tech, boost security in their ports, and, perhaps most controversially, upgrade migrants’ accommodation on the French side of the Channel.
Pro-borders campaigners and voters have been calling for the British authorities to simply start turning back migrant boats at sea, as the Australians did when they were facing a similar surge in illegal crossings, since at least 2018, when Patel’s predecessor Sajid Javid first declared a “major incident” in the Channel.

Boris Johnson’s administration still appears to be refusing to countenance this — but attempts to buy off the French to control illegal migration on their end have failed before, with the current crisis following previous payouts for them to upgrade security around Calais etc.

Indeed, the Road Haulage Association (RHA) has previously accused the French of simply “switching off” British-bought equipment intended to detect illegal migrants entering Britain by lorry — an issue which has received less coverage as boat crossings have come to the fore, although it has not gone away.

“The French don’t want migrants to stay in France. They don’t want to provide asylum – in fact, they don’t want to deal with the issue at all,” said RHA chief executive Richard Burnett in 2018.

A similarly permissive attitude has been observed with respect to boat migrants, with French ships being observed simply shadowing migrant votes discovered in their territory into British waters by Nigel Farage and, later, mainstream media journalists, with the French sometimes claiming migrants would threaten to throw children overboard if they got too close.

Neither the French or British authorities have ever announced they were pursuing charges against anyone for such crimes, however.

“We call on the government to pass legislation to the effect that anyone who enters the United Kingdom illegally, for any reason, will be immediately deported. Rather than paying foreign governments to provide border security we call on them to invest in our own border security and UK Border Force to clamp down on illegal migration,” said Ben Harris-Quinney, chairman of Britain’s oldest conservative think tank, in comments to Breitbart London.

“We have heard many good words from the Conservative Party over the past 10 years on dramatically reducing immigration, but what we have seen in the same period is record numbers of people pour into the country,” he continued.

“The public are not fools, and they can clearly see what George Osborne confirmed, the Conservative Party talk a good game on immigration, but never deliver,” he said, referring to the former Chancellor’s admission that the Tories’ never intended to keep their longstanding pledge to reduce net immigration “from the hundreds of thousands to the tens of thousands” — now dropped by Boris Johnson.

Indeed, Harris-Quinney hinted illegal immigration should not be allowed to overshadow legal immigration, which is once again rising sharply, with the government planning to further relax restrictions next year.

The British public have consistently expressed their view, by huge majority, that immigration to the UK has been far too high over the past two decades.

“A Bow Group study found that 82 per cent of new British citizens were foreign-born, or born to foreign parent. Whilst we are told circa 300-400 thousand people come into the UK each year, these are net figures, the gross figures are 600-700 thousand people,” he pointed out.


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Washington H Soul Pattinson reaps $28m on Penrith pub sale

In constant dialogue with the state government, the industry and stakeholders sit on tenterhooks regarding the threat of potential additional future trade restrictions.

Many pub operators and landlords have diversified their offerings during periods of closure such as selling take-away food from bottle shops and creating new home delivery food to keep the kitchens open.


The Australian Hotels Association national chief executive Stephen Ferguson said the pub sector would benefit from the extension of JobKeeper payments for a further six months to March 2021.

Washington H Soul Pattinson holds many investments and property directly and through a range of unlisted funds.

The Tattersalls Hotel and Tattersalls Centre included the freehold going-concern interest in a large hotel including 15 gaming machines and a 6400 square metre commercial building with a mix of retail and commercial tenancies and 100 car spaces.

The sale was negotiated by JLL vice-president Kate MacDonald and national director John Musca who said the buyers were attracted to the rejuvenation of the Penrith CBD.

“This transaction is indicative of the pub industry’s resilience and the broader view taken of the underlying property opportunities in the face of the global health and economic crisis,” Ms MacDonald and Mr Musca said.

Ms MacDonald said the imminent settlement of the Macquarie Hotel in Liverpool by the DeAngelis family for about $43 million, the acquisition of two new Tavern development sites in Calderwood and Jordan Springs by the Laundy Group and ex-footballer Bill Young’s settlement of the Illinois Hotel are all deals struck pre- COVID-19, and “demonstrate the pace at which the market entered this unprecedented period of trade interruption”.

Mr Musca added that JLL was working closely with well-capitalised industry stakeholders assessing hotels on sites that can be significantly value-added in the longer term. He said there are more than $170 million worth of assets in various stages of transaction and due diligence.

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Patrick Mahomes played NFL for $2.8m this year. His new contract is worth $450m

“There will be a right time sometime in the next 12 to 15 months to extend Patrick, and when I say right time, I mean right time for both the player and the club,” Hunt said before Super Bowl LIV. “I don’t want to say necessarily it has to be this offseason, but I will say that it’s a priority to get him done. I hope Patrick is here for his entire career, and that’s going to be our goal.”

Mahomes is entering the final year of his rookie deal at $2.8 million in 2020 with his fifth-year option slotted at $24.8 million in 2021. The Chiefs are adding 10 years to his contract for a total of 12 seasons remaining in Kansas City.

In those 12 seasons, he will earn at least $477.6 million, surpassing the 12-year, $426.5 million contract signed by Los Angeles Angels outfielder Mike Trout in March of 2019. At the time, Trout’s contract was the largest ever in North America.

In his first 31 games, Mahomes has a 24-7 record with 76 touchdown passes and 17 300-yard games with the Chiefs.

The Chiefs return 20 of their 22 Super Bowl starters in 2020.

Previously the NFL’s highest-paid quarterback was Russell Wilson of the Seattle Seahawks, who signed a four-year, $140 million deal in April 2019 for an annual average value of $35 million. His contract includes $107 million guaranteed and Wilson turns 32 in November.

Mahomes’ agreement with the Chiefs is the first to exceed 10 years in the NFL since Donovan McNabb with the Philadelphia Eagles in 2002.

Mahomes would be signed through to age 36.


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$28m beachfront shopping spree –

Gold Coast and Brisbane buyers are leading the demand for real estate on the NSW Tweed Coast, with flexible work arrangements prompting many to fast-track the move south.

There’s been intense interest on Cylinders Drive, Kingscliff where almost $28 million has changed hands in the past eight weeks.

LJ Hooker agent Nick Witheriff who has sold $27.9 million of real estate on Cylinder Drive since April, and just under $50 million in the Kingscliff-Casuarina area.

“It’s been a busy couple of months on Cylinders Drive,” said Mr Witheriff.

“Being beachfront and just south of Salt Village, it’s a convenient location.

“Cylinders Drive also meets the demand for newer, high quality homes.”

The vacant block at 99 Cylinders Drive, Kingscliff sold for $1.49m this month.

The most recent sale saw a Brisbane family snap up a vacant 1024sqm block at 99 Cylinders Drive for $1.49 million — it was the last available
undeveloped beachfront block in Kingscliff.

“The luxury of vacant land is fast drying up so that pent up demand means people are moving quickly to secure it,” Mr Witheriff said.

“Around 80 to 90 per cent of our buyers are from Brisbane and the Gold Coast, looking to become long-term owner occupiers in the area.”

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Gold Coast playground is Queensland’s best park

23 Cylinders drive, Kingscliff sold for $3.895 million this month.

Kingscliff meets The Bahamas at 23 Cylinders Drive.

The deal comes off the back of several other key recent sales including 23 Cylinders Drive where a six-bedroom architecturally-designed home over two levels sold this month for $3.895 million while a five-bedroom coastal chic beach house at 9 Cylinders Drive fetched $3.75 million in May.

All those beach house vibes at 9 Cylinders Drive, Kingscliff.

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A 1012sqm plot at 75 Cylinders Drive fetched $1.5 million in February, while off-market deals have also been done on vacant lots at 39 Cylinders Drive, which sold for $1.55 million, and 41 Cylinders for $1.6 5 million.

“As it currently stands we’re about to put a big ‘no vacancy’ sign in front of Cylinders Drive,” Mr Witheriff said.

“The only property now available for purchase is a lovely Hamptons home at 71 Cylinders Dr for $4.25m.”

The fresh white kitchen inside 71 Cylinders Drive, Kingscliff.

Mr Witheriff said the desire for work-life balance was driving demand for Tweed Coast real estate, hastened by more flexible working arrangements.

“Changes in the way people work during COVID-19 has also led to more people fast-tracking their plans to move down here and commute one or two days to the office,” he said.

The demand for homes in the region is only expected to increase with the influx of medical professionals at the new Tweed Valley Hospital.

“In the next 10 months we will have 1500 of the 4500 new hospital jobs, including specialist doctors and high income earners, needing to live within three kilometres of the new hospital,” he said.

“We’re going to see a shift towards secondary homes selling for a premium because we only have 1250 homes here with at least 1500 new requirements.”

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