Who’s your local animal “Legend”?

Today we spotted the announcement of Percy the Peacock is back strutting his stuff in Mount Eliza, Victoria. Over the years locals have some wonderful tales of where Percy has surprised people, in backyards, walking down the middle of the road or in a front yard which was definitely not his. How often do we have our local animals, birds, pets in a neighborhood that become “Legends”?

We have seen Pigs on rural property appearing in many a Facebook post, horses get a run too, but some of the most interest have often been those we don’t see as typical animals or pets that most of us would have. Walking the Goat down a Country town’s Main Street and all the locals getting to know them, even coming out of their shops to feed them. Well now is your time to post your favorite animals, pet, bird or critter.

Please post your favorite animal friend below, no matter whether it’s your, a friends of just one you see in your part of the world. Lets see who has the most interesting?