‘Respect our beach or f–k off’: Fury over rubbish, 4WDs

ANGRY locals have taken to social media to vent about “disrespectful” beach users at South Ballina.

On the Ballina Notice Board & Information Exchange Facebook page, local resident Jodi Ewings posted photos of rubbish that she and others had collected after the weekend.

“Patchs Beach wasn’t beautiful Sunday morning,” she wrote.

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“Big group of 4WDs decided it was too hard to take their rubbish with them on Saturday.

“Just grubs.

“Show some respect for the places you go to enjoy and to country and wildlife.”

The photos showed discarded floaties, empty drink bottles and cans and towels, all left abandoned in the sand dunes.


Jodi Ewings took photos of rubbish left at Patchs Beach at South Ballina.


Ms Ewings also said they were also riding motorbikes over the dunes.

“(This is) not a debate over should vehicles be allowed on our beaches,” she wrote.

“If people could just do the right thing, if not it’s going to be ruined for the people that are.”

The post received a lot of feedback, mostly from people who agreed with Ms Ewings and shared her concerns.

Elizabeth Robinson: “I’m speechless… what a waste of money and energy and time… then to discard that waste into nature. I don’t understand.”

Kerrie-anne Newbold: “Visitors to Ballina, it’s a privilege to drive on our beaches. Respect or f–k off, simple.”

Marion Esther Howe: “Disappointed in the humans who did this to our beautiful environment.”

Ryan Dunn said he knew many locals who used South Ballina beaches respectfully and had done so for 20-plus years.

“A lot of people use 4WDs to get to fishing spots along the beach from Ballina to Evans Head,” he said.

“Not all 4WD beach users are dickheads and disrespect the beach. Only a small percentage do and will wreck it for everyone else.”

However he said he had seen Queensland-plated vehicles causing disturbances.

“I see groups of 10 to 20 4WDs, all with Queensland plates, more than likely Queensland 4WD clubs, come down and completely disrespect our beaches,” he wrote.

Penny Christi responded saying there were plenty of locals who also caused issues.

“”It seems many people are quick to say the people who cause trouble must be from somewhere else because that is a more pleasant thought,” she posted.

“There are locals who leave rubbish in lots of places.

“They honestly don’t care about the environment or wildlife.”

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