50% of Filipinos must be vaccinated to achieve herd immunity vs COVID-19


AT least half of the population needs to be vaccinated for the country to achieve herd immunity against the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), a health official said.

“If we are talking about herd immunity, we need to reach 50% to 60% across the population so it’s really important we expand the coverage,” Health Undersecretary Maria Rosario S. Vergeire said in an interview with ANC on Friday.

Herd immunity is when most of the population becomes immune from an infectious disease, either through vaccination or a previous infection, thus indirectly protecting those without immunization.

A Social Weather Stations survey released late Thursday indicates 66% of Filipinos are keen to get experimental COVID-19 vaccines.

The mobile phone survey, conducted September 17 to 20, shows that of the 66% Filipinos who are “willing to get the COVID-19 vaccine if it is available now” consists of 32% who would “definitely” get it and 34% who “probably would.”

Those unwilling are 31%.

Respondents of the non-commissioned survey were 1,249 adult Filipinos with data gathered through mobile phone and computer-assisted telephone interviewing.

The government earlier said it will procure 50 million doses, with priority to be given to frontline workers and indigents.

Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Director General Rolando Enrique D. Domingo said on Friday that the President’s approval of protocols for the emergency use of coronavirus vaccines would mean it will be distributed and administered faster.

Mr. Enriquez, in a virtual briefing Friday, explained that the emergency use authorization (EUA) means vaccines could be approved for use before the projected 2021 second quarter timeline.

“Once we are given the authority to issue the EUA, the FDA will come up with the guidelines, the process,” he said. He added that other countries have already issued such approval on certain vaccines.

The Palace on Thursday said President Rodrigo R. Duterte has approved “in principle” the vaccine emergency use and will soon be issuing an executive order, which will cut the approval process of vaccines to 21 days from the usual six months.

The Department of Health (DoH) reported 1,639 new COVID-19 cases on Friday, bringing the total to 415,067, of which 31,805 or 7.7% are active cases.

The DoH also reported an additional 305 new recoveries, putting the tally at 375,237. Newly-reported deaths were 27 for a total of 8,025. Among the active cases, 84.7% were mild , 81.% asymptomatic, 4.5% critical, 2.4% severe, and 0.21% moderate. — Gillian M. Cortez

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Coronavirus second waves are crashing into Europe. What will their lockdowns achieve?

Amid rising cases of coronavirus, England has today entered a four-week lockdown, its second round of such measures this year.

It joins France, which has been shut down for almost a week and will remain so until at least the end of November, and Germany where movement will be restricted for a month.

Austria, Spain, Belgium, Portugal and even Sweden, which has opted for herd immunity, have also recently tightened their COVID-19 rules.

But are they doing enough, for long enough?

On the day Melbourne was plunged back into stage 3 restrictions on July 7, a six-week timeline was set.

As cases climbed, hitting a daily high of 725 a month later, those restrictions were tightened to the strict stage 4 shutdown that stretched to the end of October.

With cases still on the rise in Europe, whether these countries can reach their goals in just a month remains to be seen.

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Golden Rules to Achieve Your Goals

People often ask me how I consistently achieve my goals. One way that I suggest to them is to set a deadline for the goal. If you consider a particular time frame in which to accomplish your goal, it is less apt to get away from you. Just as in any work, there is a time frame for the task at hand. It creates a pace so that you can diligently apply the work needed to achieve the task or goal. If you set aside a little time each day, or each week, depending on the size of the goal, you can check off the daily or weekly tasks as you proceed.

I prefer to call the time frame “bookends.” If you have a precise start point, and a precise finish line, I believe that it makes it easier for the mind to have a clear vision of the goal and the items that must be checked off on the way to the finish line. It does not have to be a race, but having a deadline for a particular amount of time will prevent you from procrastinating and putting it off. It will motivate you to chip away at the goal each day, or each week (If it’s each week, I recommend the same day of the week. Make it routine to check off the tasks on that day, every single week.)

A great example of a time frame that can be referred to as bookends is the time from the end of summer (Labor Day) to the holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, etc.). It’s actually one of the best times of the year to get back on track. People tend to relax and fall out of a routine during summer, and of course, the celebrating can tend to get the best of people around the holidays. So, the time in between these two bookends can be a time of regrouping, setting your mind to the task at hand, and applying yourself to the work that must be done to achieve your goal. It’s also an excellent time to develop a consistent diet and exercise routine to shed excess body fat and get back on track.

It’s a simple, but effective way of approaching your goals. I feel that it goes hand in hand with visualizing a goal, gathering the skills or materials needed for the goal, and applying the actual work involved in accomplishing the mission. So look for times on your own personal calendar in which you can mark bookends for your goals. Whether it’s day by day, or week by week, stay on task and get it done!

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Busy bees: Adelaide college helps students achieve sweet success

The St Mary’s College urban beekeeping project teaches students new skills while assisting South Australian apiarists devastated by bushfires.

The college’s Bee Sponsorship Project will raise money for Kangaroo Island and Adelaide Hills apiaries through sponsorship of bees and the sale of honey harvested from St Mary’s rooftop hive.

Proceeds from the student-driven program will allow the establishment of replacement hives and plant stock to ensure the survival of new bee populations in the bushfire damaged regions.

The urban beekeeping initiative, led by eight student volunteers, comes after South Australia reported losing 3,000 beehives on Kangaroo Island and in the Adelaide Hills fires last December.

The Bee Sponsorship Project’s beehive, located on the top of St Mary’s College science labs

Educator and Leader of Innovation at St Mary’s College, Jasmin Parasiers, oversees the Bee Sponsorship Project and says the program has already gained a large amount of community support.

“We’ve had a range of people come on board from both inside the community and outside and we’ve had people buying sponsorships from interstate,” Parasiers said.

“[The students are] working to link up with individuals on KI and in the Adelaide Hills to provide donations and sponsorship to beekeepers and planting programs with the anticipation it’s going to assist not only the beekeepers but also the other members of the community who rely on pollination.

“They realise that even though it’s a cool project just for them, they want to share the learning that they’ve had about bees beyond their classroom and their projects.”

The Bee Sponsorship Project’s beehive, located on the top of St Mary’s College science labs, will host bees by the end of August.

The R-12 Catholic girls school in the heart of the city focuses on a range of student-driven enterprises through their Innovation and Entrepreneurship program.

The program includes the Grow at Home Seed Project, focusing on mentoring local schools on gardening; the Future Anything program, teaching students to engage in social enterprise and the Grounds for Change Barista Project, educating students on business and management skills.

The college’s Director of Teaching and Learning Tracey Thursby said although these initiatives aren’t typical ways of learning, they are essential for students.

“We need to change up our education system to be much more flexible, and to really empower our students so they can be active participants in the world,” Thursby said.

Grow at Home Seed Propagation Program is another program offered by St Mary’s College

“Students of today want to do things they’re passionate about and we’re trying to harness that agency for them to drive their learning and develop the interpersonal skills they’re going to need beyond school.

“So, this is the approach that we’ve been taking at St Mary’s with the innovation program.”

The Bee Sponsorship Program promotes active learning in sustainability and encourages students to engage with apiary construction, beekeeping skills and marketing of honey and other products.

Sponsors of the project can purchase a badge for $5.00, a badge and pot of honey for $10.00 or a badge, certificate and a namespace on the founding members’ hive for $20.00 from the college.

The project is expected to produce its first batch of honey in the next year and will establish a live stream of the bees to promote the project to the community.

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Tips to Set Goals You’ll Achieve

When we conceive of a goal in our minds, we initially may feel a sense of euphoria, ambitious to achieve that goal. But, some goals take longer to achieve than others. It is important to do everything that we can to sustain our enthusiasm and guide our will to accomplish what we had first set out to do. I have always been a goal setter – planning, organizing, learning, gathering the items and knowledge that I need, and working diligently toward a specific goal or goals. One of the tools that I have always used in personally self-motivating is visualization. Visualization can be imagining and seeing the desired goal at its completion, or it can also be the seeing, feeling, hearing, and sensing of the day-to-day steps along the journey. When a goal is in my mind, I awake each morning with a specific intent and often a song in my head relating to what I must achieve for the day. There is no procrastination. If you wake without the will, you must find the song in your mind. It will guide you daily to create the good vision in your mind.

Long-term goals can be tedious, requiring long distances of time between the start and finish lines. Employing self-focusing techniques such as visualization can bring out the creative edge, sprouting new ideas and inspiring a drive to fulfill a dream. When you combine that visualization with applied organization, it will propel you to stay on track, intensely focused on your goal. Applied organization refers to writing down the steps of your goal, making daily checklists, and taking notes along the way, especially in regards to ideas that may advance your goal as well as thoughts that you may have on which to look back and reflect.

I’ve been a focused and intense individual since I was a young boy, so for me applying the structure of self-focusing techniques is second nature for me. I realize that it is not so for everyone, and that many fall into habits of procrastination. It’s important to be aware of the habits that hold you back. Your goal must be greater than the bad habit of procrastination, and you must overcome that from within. In order to fulfill a dream, or achieve a goal, or create a reality of your good vision, one must find this self-focus inside. It is within each of us. We must feed it as we feed a fire, until it burns with the intensity of a sun. Day by day, self-focus and motivation will be a way of life for you, but you must visualize and apply the necessary steps on the journey to arrive at your destination. Hear the song in your mind, each and every day.

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LAC stand-off: We expect China to sincerely work with us to achieve complete disengagement, MEA says | India News

NEW DELHI: The India-China standoff in Ladakh entered its 100th day this week, and, with the disengagement having stalled, India’s envoy to China, Vikram Misri, met senior PLA officers in Beijing to explain India’s position on the border situation.
“Ambassador @VikramMisri today met Major General Ci Guowei, Director of the Office of International Military Cooperation of the Central Military Commission and briefed him on India’s stance vis-à-vis the situation on the borders in eastern Ladakh UT,” he tweeted.

Misri’s meeting comes even as an unsigned article in the Chinese embassy bulletin quotes the Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi blaming India for the Galwan clash of June 15, asking India to conduct an investigation into the incident, “hold violators accountable, strictly discipline frontline troops & immediately stop provocative acts.”
This, Indian officials say, is China’s usual tactic of blaming India for actions that its own troops had taken.
In Beijing, Misri has been meeting think tanks, foreign ministry officials in Beijing to apprise them of India’s views. Earlier this week, Misri met Liu Jianchao, deputy director of the office of the CPC Central Committee Foreign Affairs Commission, an influential official in the party. The idea behind these meetings is to let the Chinese know how important the border resolution is for India, and how a prolonged standoff could completely crater the bilateral relationship.
Questioned, MEA spokesperson said “some progress (on disengagement) had earlier been made”, highlighting the current impasse.
“While we would like the ongoing disengagement process to be completed at the earliest, it is important to bear in mind that achieving this requires agreed actions by both sides. We, therefore, expect that the Chinese side to sincerely work with us towards the objective of complete disengagement and de-escalation and full restoration of peace and tranquillity in the border areas,” he said.
Another round of military commanders’ talks will be held next week, which will be followed by another meeting of the Working Mechanism for Consultation & Coordination (WMCC).
The Chinese embassy bulletin adds, “The adventurism of the Indian Army seriously violated agreements on border issues between the two countries and severely violated basic norms governing international relations.”
The only thing Indians and Chinese agree on is that the Galwan clashes broke the agreement of June 6 between the military commanders, though both sides have blamed the other. Indian officials say that while the Indian troops were surprised in the clash, Chinese troops came armed with reinforced sticks with nails and stones wrapped in barbed wire.
The MEA spokesperson stressed the importance of “complete disengagement along the India-China border areas.” This, he said, was “in accordance with the agreement of the Special Representatives of India and China that early and complete disengagement of the troops along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) and de-escalation from India-China border areas in accordance with bilateral agreement and protocols and full restoration of peace and tranquillity was essential for the smooth overall development of bilateral relations.”
The MEA spokesperson said the “re-deployment of troops to their regular posts “can be done only through mutually agreed reciprocal actions.” This is a reference to the fact that India has refused to de-escalate until Chinese troops completely disengage in Pangong Tso and Gogra-Hot Springs areas.
Reiterating the foreign minister’s comments to an interview in TOI, the spokesperson quoted him as saying, “the state of the border and the future of our ties, cannot be separated”.

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Men must play a constructive role to achieve gender equality

Girls will be safer when masculinity moves away from patriarchal dominance toward the pursuit of gender equality.

Adult males can add to this justice venture and there is an possibility to do so by signing up to HeForShe.

A 2019 report from domestic violence not-for-revenue, Our Check out, citing 374 resources, identified that adult men who adhere to masculine stereotypes of remaining sturdy, dominant and top-quality to females are much more probably to perpetrate violence against women. The report indicated that protection for women can be attained by redefining masculinity, selling more healthy, optimistic social expectations between adult males and boys.

Clementine Ford, writing on the problem of gender, reported:

It just isn’t misandry to want to talk about how we can protect against our sons from getting punched in the again of the head or overwhelmed while out owning a celebration. Nor is it an attack on adult males to motivate gentle behaviour between guys though critiquing the laddish shows of machismo that are so frequently heralded in this state as an case in point of purple-blooded masculinity.’

Her thoughts on harmful masculinity stimulate adult men to find approaches to cost-free on their own from areas of patriarchy that restrict their relationships with just about every other as well as hurting ladies.

The place can we come across illustrations for adult men to act in a beneficial and conciliatory way? Plainly not in previous 2GB radio host, Alan Jones, who in 2019 used violent language to rebuke NZ Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern. In 2020, on Jones’ retirement from radio, Primary Minister Scott Morrison commended him for always undertaking the correct thing by his nation.

Associated Content

Of an episode of Q&A that mentioned violence against ladies that was “pulled” due to the fact of Mona Eltahawy’s forceful language, Jennifer Wilson wrote for Independent Australia:

“We stay day by day inside systems of appalling violence, a great deal of which is perpetrated by the point out instantly, or indirectly by its unwillingness to sufficiently intervene.’

When the state intervenes to modify the culture of violence, it faces backlash.

Palestinian women most affected by COVID-19 and annexation

For Caleb Stephen, the concept of white male privilege in the Victorian education and learning system, Respectful Associations, is:

‘Nothing considerably less than a total myth. It is many thanks to this regressive form of imagining that in today’s courageous new earth, boys can no more time be boys.’

Federal government failure in reaction to violence towards gals mirrors the insufficient focus afforded to isolated people with disability. A South Australian Governing administration taskforce investigating abuse and neglect of a person in care observed gaps in the technique and a want for susceptible individuals to have accessibility to assistive technological innovation. It has referred this to the Federal Authorities for urgent action. In Victoria, at the very least, there is the Victorian Andrews’ government’s balanced funding of numerous disability advocacy teams and the Incapacity Worker Commission to lower challenges of abuse for persons with disability.

Victorian Leading Daniel Andrews has shown a willingness to contest the society of violence in opposition to women of all ages and to supply avenues of guidance for women. His Cupboard has equal female-male representation his Governing administration has strengthened its responses to domestic violence and it has legislated actions for gender equity.

The women changing Australia are mainly in Queensland

An untypical male hero has emerged in the variety of the Thomas the Tank Motor singing volunteer, Ben Gibbs, who insisted that credit score was thanks not to him for obtaining William Callaghan, but somewhat the group of searchers.

One more constructive instance of masculinity came to the fore when, as an alternative of chest-beating and recriminations over how William was shed, move-father Nathan Ezhard and father Phil gave just about every other psychological guidance as they waited for him to be observed.

To deliver an end to domestic violence we need to have several atypical male heroes to aid redefine masculinity. There is an option right right here and now in HeForShe: the United Nations Females Solidarity Movement for Gender Equality 2020. 

For far more facts, see HeForShe.

Thea Calzoni is a member of the committee of administration of the Victorian Advocacy League for Folks with a Disability (Legitimate). You can comply with Thea on Twitter @Calzonit.

Support impartial journalism Subscribe to IA.



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How Small Wins Can Help You Achieve Big Goals

“The problem human beings face is not that we aim too high and fail, but that we aim too low and succeed.” – Michelangelo

Setting big, audacious goals is important if you want to work toward fulfilling your potential in both fitness and life. But the reality check of setting such big goals can be demoralizing once you realize just how much work you have ahead of you.

That initial excitement you get from dreaming big is often followed by a feeling of overwhelm, prompting questions of self-doubt like, “How can I possibly go for a goal this big?” And, “Where do I even start?”

This is where learning to recognize small wins can motivate you to keep going, even when you have months (or years) of work ahead of you to get where you want to go.

Small wins are essentially progress points on the way to your larger goal. They remind your brain that no matter how futile your efforts may seem at times, you are making progress.

These small wins can act as a checklist en route to your bigger goals. Because while they may seem small in the moment, if you achieve enough over time they’ll add up to big results.

Here’s how to harness the power of small wins to achieve any fitness (or non-fitness) related goal.

Start With a High, Hard Goal

High, hard, ambitious goals motivate us to take action to begin with. When you decide you want to learn to do a handstand, take up surfing, or write a book, you initially get a surge of excitement and motivation.

That motivation can fade when you realize just how big and overwhelming that goal really is. Depending on where you’re starting from and how far you have to go, your new reality might mean you have months, if not years, of hard work ahead of you.

This is where many people get discouraged and give up before they even give themselves a chance to make significant progress. They let the immensity of their goal overwhelm them and decide it’s pointless to keep trying, and as a result, they end up giving up way too soon.

I see this happen over and over again with strength, skill, and weight loss goals. People start full of enthusiasm, ready to crush their goals, but by week two, much of this initial motivation has already been depleted. By week three, most people have already quit.

If you focus too much on your high, hard goal, you’ll feel like you’ll never get there. But you do have to set a goal to get started.

Chunk Down Your Big Goals

After getting clear on your long-term goal, the next step of any goal-setting process should be to chunk down your high, hard goals. This requires breaking them down into smaller, more manageable steps, or mini-goals that you can take action toward on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

Each mini goal you complete acts as a small win or a stepping stone on the path to your larger goal. 

At this stage, every action counts. For example, if you have a long-term goal of doing a pull-up, investing in a pull-up bar for your house, or finding a nearby calisthenics park counts as an action taken. So does setting a training schedule and doing your first pull-up focused workout.

To capitalize on the power of small wins, you must keep track of your progress somewhere. You can use a paper notebook, a digital notebook, or even a habit tracking app.

The actual method you use to track your progress doesn’t matter – what matters is that you actually use it. Experiment and see what works for you.

Celebrate Your Wins

In his book, Tiny Habits, behavior scientist BJ Fogg, Ph.D., breaks down why it’s so important to celebrate your wins when you’re working toward a goal or trying to create a new habit. These celebrations harness the power of feeling good as the best way to develop habits and are an important piece of any long-term pursuit.

Some examples of small, daily celebrations could be:

  • Pumping your fist in the air in a celebratory manner after you reach 10,000 steps
  • Smiling at yourself in the mirror and saying, “Victory!” when you hit a new PR
  • Texting a supportive friend or significant other about your flexibility progress
  • Putting a checkmark on your calendar each time you do a workout

You may feel a little ridiculous celebrating after your wins and want to avoid this step—don’t. As silly as it may feel at the time, adding celebration to your wins will make the entire process of working toward a goal more positive and help you stay motivated even when you struggle.

No matter how big your goal, always remember that slow progress is still progress. Keep chipping away at your goals, and before long, you’ll have made so much progress you’ll have to make even bigger goals.

Always keep in mind that no matter how slow your progress, the only way to truly fail is to give up altogether.

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How GW501516 Cardarine Helps You Achieve Your Fitness Goals

How GW501516 Cardarine Helps You Achieve Your Fitness Goals

How GW501516 Cardarine Helps You Achieve Your Fitness Goals : Looking for the best gains is tough enough when bulking muscle, but what about when cutting? Trying to keep all the gains from bulking can be hard without the right supplements to enhance the cut to ripped.

With GW501516 Cardarine, the solution to this problem is found. It’s impossible to go wrong, just Buy Cardarine for Fitness Training and optimal cutting.

This guide will explain all the perks of taking GW501516 Cardarine and how it truly can help achieve all fitness goals. With so many benefits, it’s hard to find any other drug like it out there.

What GW501516 Cardarine Actually does

Quickly breaking down fat in the body when cutting is usually the toughest thing to do. Trying to burn fat effectively without losing muscle mass gains can be almost impossible without the right support. Cut away the fat with ease with GW501516 as it speeds up how fast the body burns fat. This quickly provides improved fat burning results with little to no muscle mass loss in comparison to any other SARM.

Taking this amazing drug for cutting is perfect, but it also comes with far greater effects than just fat burning efficiency.


Improved Cardiovascular Function

Including SARMs like GW501516 Cardarine into the body rather than anabolic steroids runs little to no risk of heart issues. On the contrary, it actually improves circulation, blood flow and the health of the heart and blood vessels.

Many studies on GW501516 Cardarine were tested on mice and found a number of remarkable effects. These were:

  • An increase in nitric oxide levels which protects and relaxes blood vessels. This reduces plaque accumulation in arteries.
  • A reduction of inflammation and damage to arterial tissue with low doses of the drug.
  • An increased growth of fresh and new blood vessels in the heart.

These studies have highlighted the fact that the cardiovascular system actually improves with GW501516 Cardarine use. As long as a maintained minimum dose is taken, the drug can help even people with heart disease!

When applying all this to bodybuilding, cardio is key to safe gains. As side effects from anabolic steroids tend to affect the heart, GW501516 Cardarine can help with that. Added to a stack, GW501516 Cardarine works to improve cardiac function and minimise damaging side effects of other drugs.

Benefits for the Kidneys

It is normal to protect the kidneys with less drug use, but with GW501516 Cardarine the kidneys remain protected. This seems quite opposite to what could be assumed, but it actually does.

In a study carried out on mice, it was found kidney inflammation reduced and the gene linked to kidney diseases did too. With decreased activity of the gene, kidney diseases and inflammation were found to all reduce. Protecting the kidneys is vital and if this study is correct, this drug will do it.

Reduces Obesity and Bad Cholesterol

Bad cholesterol refers to Low Density Lipids (LDL) which can build up and cause dangerous cardiovascular problems. FInding a SARM that delivers great cutting ability while depleting dangerous fat stores is tough, but not any more.

Studies found a reduction of LDL cholesterol with minimum GW501516 use. Reducing up to 20% liver fat, 23% LDL, an 11% drop in insulin and even 30% in triglycerides; heart disease risks significantly decrease on GW501516. These results involved a 2.5mg or a 10mg dose taken daily for 2 weeks.

Furthermore, studies found that glucose was released slower into the liver and insulin sensitivity increased. Both of these aspects reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes and any risk of obesity.

Great for the Brain

Protecting the brain is very important in any aspect of life, but why not do it with GW501516 Cardarine. An animal study showed that use of this drug protected the brain vessels from damage and oxidative stress. Additionally it helped to maintain a correct flow of blood to the brain.

Studying the effects on a rat’s brain, they found GW501516 Cardarine had anti-inflammatory effects. Promoting brain function and health is crucial, and with GW501516 Cardarine, this becomes possible.

Fat-Burning Power

Finishing this guide on what GW501516 Cardarine is famous for, fat burning is where this drug truly shines.

Cutting with GW501516 helps to keep all the gains from bulking while cutting the body fat down fast to that ripped look.  With speed of fat conversion to energy on the rise, the body can lose more fat and keep more muscle mass. Additionally, the fats burned into energy include those dangerous LDL’s and triglycerides.

Surprisingly enough, studies even support the fact that the good cholesterol, High-Density Lipoproteins (HDL), actually increase.


To achieve fitness goals, the perfect body shape and size and great health benefits, GW501516 Cardarine provides all this and more.

Using this drug carefully will enhance every aspect of bodybuilding while delivering a health body and little side effects.






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How GW501516 Cardarine Helps You Achieve Your Fitness Goals

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Achieve the Slimming Look | Gym Junkies

We might be in the dead of winter, but blink and summer will be right around the corner. Of course, this means you’ll need to start shedding some of the winter weight you put on from the holidays and being stuck inside. At least if you want to look your best for swimsuit season.

That means in the not too distant future you’ll need to move away from the building muscle phase of your workout routine to slimming down. There are a number of ways you will want to go about doing this.

Truth Behind Slimming

Slimming down is all about shedding the excess weight and doing what you can to drop the pounds. While putting on muscle requires you to increase the amount of calories you eat in order to boost muscle development, slimming down is the exact opposite.

But don’t worry. We’re here to help you slim down and prepare yourself for the optimal physical appearance by the time summer is here. 

Bulking to Cutting

cutting weight slimming man

Summer might seem like a lifetime away, but spring always blows through quickly. And, if you’re not careful, you’ll completely miss your window of getting beach body ready for summer.

So, now is the time to start looking at shifting away from the bulking phase of your working and shifting to cutting. Cutting is where you’re going to trim away as much of the fat and excess body mass while maintaining as much of the muscle size you’ve developed. 

By starting this far out you don’t need to go to the extremes with cutting and slimming down. This makes it a much more manageable approach to dropping the weight. You don’t want to try and flush out as much weight as possible.

When you do that you’ll drastically reduce your calorie intake, which in turn can lead to two issues. First, you’re going to always feel hungry, which means you’re more likely to binge on something you’re not supposed to have.

Last thing you need is to be doing well with a diet and then binge on an entire family-size container of Oreos.

All the work you did over the last week (or more) will be out the window with that single binge. And two, even if you do manage to avoid binging, a drastically reduce calorie count will cut down on your muscle mass, resulting in you losing a considerable amount of the gains you made during the bulking phase (BBC). 

So the best way to go about slimming down is to not over do it with the calories you remove from your diet.

The best way to go about identifying the number of calories you should slice from your diet is to identify the target calories your body type needs to consume every day and then reduce it by 15 percent. 

How Many Calories You Should Be Eating

According to Healthline, the average number of calories a woman should consume per day is 2,000, while the average calories a male should eat is 2,500.

Now, those numbers will vary somewhat, depending on your age. You might need to tweak the numbers a bit.

Your doctor can help you out with this as well. After all, your height and average weight based on the height will influence these numbers. But, as a general guideline, you should aim for one of these two numbers. 

Now, Healthline also suggests that if you want to drop one pound per week you should cut your calories by 500. Dropping a pound a week is good, but you might not need to do that.

If you want to simply slim down and you don’t care about losing some muscle mass than cutting 500 calories a day is the way to go.

However, if you only need to drop five to 10 pounds by the time summer hits and you have several months to go you don’t need to go that extreme. 

The recommended calorie intake for bulking and cutting is 15 percent. This means to bulk up you’ll add 15 percent more calories, and to cut you’ll remove 15 percent calories from the starting point.

So, if you’re looking at a 2,000 calorie day, 15 percent will be 300 calories.

Removing 300 calories from your daily diet is much more manageable, and you’ll still drop about three pounds a month. It will also help you maintain more of your muscle mass (CNN, 2018).

So, if muscle mass is important while you trim down go with the 15 percent rule. If you just want to drop as much weight as possible without completely starving yourself, go with the Healthline recommended 500 calorie reduction. 

Drink More Water

water ups slimming

You will want to focus on increasing your water consumption (if you haven’t already). Getting enough water can be surprisingly difficult.

Often times you might grab a glass of water once or twice at work, and maybe at random times throughout the day, but if you’re feeling thirsty it is because your body is already dehydrated.

When you increase the amount of water you drink your body will stop retaining water.

While that might sound counterintuitive, this happens because when your body becomes accustomed to the constant flow of water coming into its system it will no longer see the need to hoard it. When this happens your body will let go of the water it is retaining, allowing you to drop most of the water weight. It will also help you feel less bloated. 

Drinking water also helps with your metabolic rate. This way, you will burn more calories throughout the day, which in turn will help you slim down.

Plus, your body is about 60 percent water. In order to keep it running efficiently it needs to have fresh water always coming in.

In fact, according to The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metobolism, by drinking 17 ounces of water you will temporarily boost your metabolism by up to 30 percent.

But just how much water should you be consuming?

Well there is the age old rule of eight glasses of eight-ounces of water every day. That is 64 ounces of water a day.

In reality though, you should be drinking more, especially as an active individual. You’re sweating out water whenever you workout, which means you need to put more water back into your system.

So, the average woman should be drinking around 96 ounces of water a day while the average man should be drinking 125 ounces of water a day. 

Not sure how to keep track of that?

You can pick up a jug that is 64 ounces. There are either jugs you can purchase, or you can buy a container of unsweetened ice tea from your local grocery store. Most of these are right around 64 ounces. Then, use this container as a guide.

If you are a man drink two of these every day. If you’re a woman drink at least one and a half. You might need to use the restroom more, but you’ll notice a significant difference. 

And, just for reference, Tom Brady has gone on record that he drinks up to 37 glasses of water per day. That’s 296 ounces of water every day. How he doesn’t need to use the bathroom five times per quarter is alone amazing.

You probably shouldn’t aim for this amount of fluid intake (in fact, it would cause significant health problems if you were to jump from 64 ounces to 296 in a short period of time), but it just goes to show how important it is to constantly have new water coming in throughout the day.  

Your Diet

slimming foods

Whether you’re moving into a cutting phase or you’re looking to slim down you will need to make some adjustments to your daily diet.

First, you will want to maximize your protein. It is still important to maintain as much muscle mass as you can, which means you’ll need to turn to high protein, low fat foods. This can include turkey, tuna (most kinds of fish), shrimp, and other lean animals.

Eggs will give a nice level of protein to calorie ratio. You can also focus on foods like lentils, and beans if you want to add non-meat based proteins. While these foods might not have the same kind of protein to calorie punch, you will increase your fiber intake. 

Fiber is another important ingredient you want to make sure you’re getting enough of. Fiber will help make sure you are passing all of your food and it helps prevent certain foods from sticking inside of your stomach.

It can also help prevent some carbs from being absorbed by your body. Some foods are labeled with a “net carb” rating on it. This takes the num ber of carbs in the food and then subtracts the amount of fiber in it. So, if a food has a net carb of 2, it means there are two more grams of carbs than fiber. 

Eating low carb veggies will help prevent your body from retain water (one gram of carbs can lead your body to retaining up to four grams of water).

Some low carb veggies include spinach, tomatoes, kale, Brussel sprouts, cabbage, broccoli, cucumbers, cauliflower, lettuce, and others. The beauty with these particular kinds of foods is that you can really load up on them without ever tipping the scales, either with calories or with carbs.

That is what makes these particular foods so great for trimming down. You don’t need to starve yourself in order to drop the weight. You simply need to know what foods you should cut out and which foods you should retain. 

Weight Training

weight training

If you want to trim down you need to continue your work at the gym. If you haven’t started to work out yet you need to go to the gym at least three times a week for weight training (if not more). While cardio is nice for burning through calories, weight training does have an advantage.

When training with weights you will not only burn calories while lifting the weights, but you will also burn calories after you have finished lifting. This is because during a vigorous weight training session you will cause microscopic tears in your muscle tissue.

Your body will then need to repair these tears. Repairing the damage to your muscles requires calories, which means even while you sleep and through the next day you will be burning calories.

Just make sure to not overtrain your body. You don’t want to hit the same muscle group two days in a row. If you do it will prevent your muscles from fully repairing, which completely shortchanges what you’re trying to do and stunts your goals (Healthline, 2018). 

Just make sure you actually put in the work at the gym. If you go super light and don’t challenge yourself you’re not going to damage the muscle tissue, which means you’re not going to get the same extended calorie burn. 

Deficit deadlift

In Conclusion

Of the bulking up and slimming down the slimming down phase is always the hardest.


Because you need to be much more focused on your diet. Bulking up allows you to eat more calories and intake more protein, carbs, and fats. Slimming down is the exact opposite.

You need to find ways to maximize every single calorie you bring in, which means stripping away as much of the fat and unnecessary carbs.

You need to be much more dedicated to what you put in your body, because while you can spend time at the gym, the fastest way to a slim body is through the kitchen.

It’s far easier to strip away a few hundred calories every day then to spend a few extra hours of cardio trying to burn those calories away. It does take an extra special mindset, but as long as you have it you’ll do just fine. And by starting with your slimming down stage now, you’ll have plenty of time to take it slowly.

This way, you’ll have the fantastic body you want by the time summer hits. 

-Terry Asher

Terry Asher

After changing his best friend’s life by helping him lose over 70lbs, dropping him down to an amazing 7% body fat, Terry was inspired to be a full-time internet trainer knowing he could do the same for many more. In 2010, Terry published his own diet and fitness e-book that can be purchased on this website. Let Terry help you change your body for the better!

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