Ding attacks toddler on Fraser Island, inflicting deep puncture wounds

A toddler is in hospital with deep puncture wounds inflicted by a dingo which attacked the two-year-old boy who walked unsupervised from his family’s holiday home on Fraser Island.

The young boy sustained significant injuries to his legs, arms, neck, shoulder and head after being mauled by just one animal, with a paramedic saying he was lucky not to be attacked by a dingo pack.

Neighbours at Orchid Beach on the island’s northeastern coast raised the alarm after hearing a commotion around 7.30am on Saturday.

The two-year-old had wandered outside while his family was asleep and was approached by a dingo, on duty paramedic Lee told the Courier-Mail.

Lee said the dingo bit the boy on many parts of his body as well as the back of his head.

“The young lad had sustained bite marks and puncture wounds to his left leg, left arm, base of neck, shoulder and a laceration to the base of his head and the back as well,” Lee said.

“None of these wounds were life-threatening but some were quite deep puncture marks.

“This child was extremely lucky to not sustain worse injuries as it was believed to be a single dingo and not a pack.”

The toddler was saved after nearby residents heard the attack taking place.

“I believe it may have been neighbours in houses nearby, heard the commotion going on outside and they dealt with it,” the paramedic said.

The boy was airlifted to Bundaberg Hospital where he is in a stable condition.

Fraser Island, the largest sand island in the world, has a history of dingo attacks, with one incident in 2019 serving as an eerie reminder of the Azaria Chamberlain case

A pack of dingoes dragged a 14-month-old boy by the head from his family’s caravan after midnight.

It was only the boy’s cries waking his father, who wrestled his son away from the pack, that saved the boy.

The ninth attack on Fraser Island in 20 years, it was similar to the infamous 1980 case when nine-week-old Azaria Chamberlain was taken from her family tent near Uluru in the Northern Territory.

Lindy Chamberlain was convicted of murdering her child and spent three years of a life sentence in jail.

Then, by chance, the baby’s bloodied matinee jacket was found in a dingo’s lair at Uluru.

Ms Chamberlain was released, exonerated and financially compensated.

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China Attacks H&M, Adidas, Nike and Other Fashion Brands Over Their Stance on Xinjiang

BEIJING — China’s ruling Communist Party is lashing out at H&M and other clothing and footwear brands as it retaliates for Western sanctions imposed on Chinese officials accused of human rights abuses in the northwestern region of Xinjiang.

The attacks began when the party’s Youth League on Wednesday called attention on its social media account to an H&M statement in March 2020 that it would stop buying cotton grown in Xinjiang. The Swedish retailer said it was “deeply concerned” about reports of forced labor there.

On Thursday, a party newspaper, the Global Times, cited Burberry, Adidas, Nike and New Balance as having made “cutting remarks” about Xinjiang cotton as early as two years ago. Celebrities including Wang Yibo, a popular singer and actor, announced they were breaking endorsement contracts with H&M and Nike.

Beijing often attacks foreign clothing, auto, travel and other brands for actions by their governments or to pressure companies to conform to its official positions on Taiwan, Tibet and other sensitive issues.

Companies usually apologize and change websites or advertising to maintain access to China’s populous market. But Xinjiang is an unusually thorny issue. Western brands face pressure at home to distance themselves from possible abuses.

More than 1 million people in Xinjiang, most of them from predominantly Muslim ethnic groups, have been confined to work camps, according to foreign researchers and governments. Beijing denies mistreating them and says it is trying to promote economic development and stamp out radicalism.

On Monday, the 27-nation European Union, the United States, Britain and Canada jointly announced travel and financial sanctions on four senior Chinese officials blamed for abuses in Xinjiang.

Beijing retaliated by saying it would impose unspecified penalties against European legislators and a German researchers who has publicized information about the detention camps.

H&M’s statement last March cited a decision by the Better Cotton Initiative, an industry group that promotes environmental and labor standards, to stop licensing Xinjiang cotton because it was “increasingly difficult” to trace how it was produced. In September, H&M announced it would stop working with a Chinese manufacturer that was accused of using forced labor in a unit unrelated to the Swedish brand.

In January, Washington imposed a ban in January on cotton from Xinjiang, a major supplier to clothing producers for Western markets.

China’s official outrage has so far focused on Europe, possibly because relations with the EU were relatively amicable amid rancor with Washington over trade disputes and accusations of spying and technology theft.

Official criticism of H&M reflected that tone of grievance at being hurt by a friend.

“How can H&M eat Chinese rice and then smash China’s pot?” state television said in a commentary on Wednesday.

On Thursday, internet users pointed to clothing brands Uniqlo of Japan and The Gap of the United States as other possible offenders. It was unclear how many of those accounts were members of the public and how many were operated by the ruling party’s vast propaganda apparatus.

Pop star Wang Yibo’s announcement that he was quitting as a Nike “brand ambassador” didn’t mention Xinjiang but said he “firmly resists any words and actions that pollute China.”

Others including actor Huang Xuan and Song Qian, a singer and actress also known as Victoria Song who is a former member of Korean pop group f(x), announced they would end endorsement contracts with H&M. Actress Tang Songyun said she was breaking ties with Nike.

Chinese athletic shoe brand ANTA announced it was pulling out of BCI, the industry cotton group.

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Californians Fear More Anti-Asian Attacks After Georgia Killings

Good morning.

Once again, people across the country and in California are shocked and upset about violence against people of Asian descent — this time because of killings in Georgia.

On Tuesday night, a gunman opened fire at three spas in the Atlanta area, killing eight people. The police said on Wednesday that the white man charged with murder in the attacks, Robert Aaron Long, told them he had a sexual addiction and had attacked the massage parlors to eliminate his temptation. The authorities said they did not believe that there was a racial motive for the shootings but had not ruled it out.

However, six of the victims were women of Asian descent, raising fears among Asian-Americans that they are being targeted for attacks because of their ethnic heritage. Nationwide, Asian-Americans and Pacific Islanders were the targets of nearly 3,800 hate incidents over the past year, according to a report this week by Stop AAPI Hate, a group that has been collecting data about discrimination against Asian-Americans.

In San Francisco, which has experienced a rash of recent attacks against Asians, Mayor London Breed announced on Wednesday that the police would step up patrols in predominantly Asian neighborhoods. Two attacks occurred just this week, according to The San Francisco Chronicle.

“We have seen a rise of hate crimes against our elderly Asian community, and I want to make it clear that we won’t tolerate it,” Ms. Breed said at a news conference. “San Francisco will continue to support and uplift our Asian community.”

Across the bay, emotions were still raw over the death last week of Pak Ho, a 75-year-old Oakland resident who was punched hard during a robbery, fell and incurred severe brain injuries. Some community members were planning a rally against anti-Asian hate for Saturday.

[See the latest updates on the Atlanta spa shootings.]

On Wednesday, a group of state lawmakers and local officials representing Asian and Pacific Islander communities in California called on Gov. Gavin Newsom to choose an Asian-American or Pacific Islander to be the state’s next attorney general — a call that they said had taken on new urgency.

“We need leadership across our state and the nation to take action,” David Chiu, a member of California’s State Assembly, said at a virtual news conference on Wednesday. “We need to stand up against these hate crimes.”

The call comes as California’s current attorney general, Xavier Becerra, is awaiting Senate confirmation as President Biden’s secretary of health and human services.

Jesse Melgar, Mr. Newsom’s spokesman, said in a statement on Wednesday that the governor was waiting for Mr. Becerra to be confirmed before announcing his pick to replace him.

“He is considering a range of qualified candidates and will announce his decision when one is made,” Mr. Melgar said.

Mr. Newsom, in a statement on Twitter, said, “The attack in Georgia and the racist attacks that have been happening all across our country are abhorrent. Our hearts are with the families of all the victims of this horrific act and the entire AAPI community tonight.”

Mr. Chiu said on Wednesday that having an Asian-American “top cop” would have to be part of a broad slate of efforts, including the creation of a racial bias task force that would bring together “relevant state agencies” to better serve Asian-Americans and other Californians of color who need mental health help or other aid.

But experts said that Asian-Americans occupy something of a racial middle ground, making the conversation around fixes more difficult.

Kyeyoung Park, a professor of anthropology and Asian-American studies at the University of California, Los Angeles, said that Asian immigrants had long been treated as migrant laborers and less than human.

In the case of the spas in Georgia, she said, that “racial capitalism” is intertwined in a damaging way with the sexual exploitation of Asian women over many decades, and particularly Korean women.

“These women, in many cases, were at the bottom of the hierarchy,” she said.

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Broadway has been shut down for the past year because of the coronavirus, but you can still get a taste of “Hamilton” online — with a virus twist.

A group of seven doctors in Northern California recorded a video adaptation of the hit song “My Shot,” rewriting the lyrics to promote the importance of getting a Covid-19 vaccine shot.

“Yo, I treat the infectious,” one doctor raps. “We’ve vaccinated safely now with decades of practice. Now MMR and polio are things of the past. We’ll have a blast beating this Covid at last.”

Dr. Tony Berger, a Davis physician who helped organize the video, said a colleague, Dr. Andrew Liu, composed new lyrics to the song from Lin-Manuel Miranda’s musical in November, to help reassure people nervous about the vaccines. They then decided to recruit other doctors to turn it into a full-blown public health message, building on the popularity of the hashtag #notthrowingawaymyshot.

“What else is going to end this pandemic?” Dr. Berger said. “The vaccines are the only way. Otherwise this pandemic is going to come roaring back.”

All the performers recorded their parts separately for safety, except for the dance finale, where everyone wore face shields. They posted their creation online last week.

Watch it for yourself below.

California Today goes live at 6:30 a.m. Pacific time weekdays. Tell us what you want to see: CAtoday@nytimes.com. Were you forwarded this email? Sign up for California Today here and read every edition online here.

Vindu Goel has lived in California for about half his life, including stints in San Diego, Silicon Valley, San Francisco, and now, Oakland. He is currently an emerging platforms editor on the Audience team.

Jill Cowan grew up in Orange County, graduated from U.C. Berkeley and has reported all over the state, including the Bay Area, Bakersfield and Los Angeles — but she always wants to see more. Follow along here or on Twitter.

California Today is edited by Julie Bloom, who grew up in Los Angeles and graduated from U.C. Berkeley.

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GOP senators grill Biden DOJ pick Vanita Gupta over attacks on GOP

Vanita Gupta spoke during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing to examine her nomination to be Associate Attorney General, on Capitol Hill, Tuesday, March 9, 2021, in Washington. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

OAN Newsroom
UPDATED 7:20 PM PT – Sunday, March 14, 2021

Civil rights attorney Vanita Gupta is facing immense scrutiny from Republican senators over her apparent partisan career.

The Senate Judiciary Committee recently held a hearing to consider Gupta’s nomination for associate U.S. attorney general, the number three spot in the Department of Justice.

GOP committee members grilled Gupta over her progressive stances on several issues, including defunding police departments and trust-busting Big Tech companies.

They also wanted her to clarify her vitriolic rhetoric to Republican lawmakers and judges appointed by President Trump.

“She called the confirmation of now Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett ‘illegitimate.’ She called Judge Kavanaugh a ‘privileged lifelong partisan,’” Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) stated.

Senate Judiciary Committee ranking member Chuck Grassley, of Iowa, speaks during hearing for Vanita Gupta, nominated to be Associate Attorney General, and Lisa Monaco nominated to be Deputy Attorney General, on Capitol Hill, Tuesday, March 9, 2021, in Washington. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

Senate Judiciary Committee ranking member Chuck Grassley of Iowa spoke during hearing for Vanita Gupta on Capitol Hill, Tuesday, March 9, 2021, in Washington. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)


Republicans also took issue with Gupta’s seemingly flip-floppy stances on certain issues. Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) and Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) highlighted her previous position of decriminalizing all drugs, and her reversal leading up to her confirmation hearing.

Additionally, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) called out Gupta for saying she opposes defund the police rhetoric, despite advocating for it to Congress last year.

“Chairman Durbin asked you about abolishing the police and you said I do not support defunding the police, which is clearly the right political answer seeking to get confirmed,” Cruz said. “I would note that just a few months ago, last year in written correspondence with the Senate of the United States, you encouraged Congress to ‘reexamine federal spending priorities and shrink the footprint of the police and criminal legal system in this country.’”

However, Gupta said many changes in her policy stances came from working for the DOJ during the Obama administration. She claimed if confirmed, she would work hard to reach across the aisle and employ staffers with different political opinions.

In the meantime, the Senate Judiciary Committee has to vote to move forward Gupta’s nomination before the full Senate has a chance to confirm her nomination.

MORE NEWS: Dozens Shot, Few Dead In Weekend Chicago Violence

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‘Craziest idea I’ve heard’: Malcolm Turnbull attacks using superannuation to buy property | Superannuation

The former prime minister Malcolm Turnbull has said allowing people to withdraw from their retirement savings to help buy a house is “the craziest idea I’ve heard” and lashed politicians for being patronising by denying ordinary Australians an increase in the superannuation rate.

Appearing on Friday at an event organised by Industry Super Australia, Turnbull also took aim at “really poor arguments” against raising the super contribution rate from the current 9.5% that have been advanced by what he called “former colleagues of mine for whom I have respect and affection”.

The Victorian backbencher Tim Wilson has campaigned for super to be cracked open so that people can buy houses under the slogan “home first, super second”, promising Australians they will have “a better life and a better retirement”.

But Turnbull said Australia had a housing affordability problem and allowing money to flow out of super accounts and into the property market would make it worse.

“Diverting even more savings into housing is simply just going to bid up the price of housing,” he said. “I mean, that is, honestly, that’s the worst possible argument.”

The rate at which employers contribute to super is legislated to increase from 9.5% to 10% in July this year, before rising to 12% by 2025, but Wilson and other backbenchers have campaigned against the increase.

They have claimed that super increases come out of wages, a claim that is supported by some economists but disputed by others and dismissed by the former prime minister Paul Keating, who introduced compulsory superannuation in 1992.

“Politicians and public servants have a compulsory 15.4% super contribution that was determined, presumably a very long time ago, because it was felt that that was an appropriate level to provide sufficient savings for retirement,” Turnbull said.

“So isn’t it somewhat at odds, somewhat patronising, for people who benefit from 15.4% super, to say that working people should be, should you know settle for nine and a half?”

Industry Super Australia’s event marked the launch of a report the body commissioned from the economists Acil Allen on the effect of increasing the super guarantee rate as planned on the Australian economy.

Acil Allen said increasing the rate would increase GDP by about $12bn a year by 2040.

“Contrary to much of what has been said in the public debate on the rise in the SG [superannuation guarantee] rate, apart from a very small and very short-lived effect, there is no trade-off between higher superannuation contributions and higher wages,” it said in the report.

“In fact, an increase in the SG rate, because it will lead to more capital accumulation and a bigger economy, will lead to higher real wages.”

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Dog attacks in Brisbane prompt calls for more owner training

Figures released by the council this week show 540 attacks on people reported in the past year with 65 dogs declared dangerous or menacing.

The council has nine animal attack officers who respond to attacks in progress or investigate if the attack has already occurred. They can also declare a dog menacing or dangerous after an investigation.

But dog handling experts say the risk of attack could be reduced if owners better understood their pets’ behaviour, particularly signs of fear or anxiety.

Brisbane-based dog trainer Dee Scott, owner of dog training business Positive Response, said dogs who snapped or bit often signalled distress or anxiety beforehand but the signs were overlooked.

“Dogs have got an inbuilt warning system. They’ll turn their head away, they will yawn, they’ll try to turn away from whatever’s concerning them,” she said.

“And when that doesn’t work and the perceived threat keeps coming, the warning system keeps going. It becomes a low growl and a lift of the lip, and people ignore that.

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[20F] BPD – Surviving A Breakup and Panic Attacks : mentalhealth

Hey all, I recently just split with my fiancé who was also ‘my favorite person’, who told me he actually just likes me as a friend, and not romantically. This has been news that has destroyed me from the inside out. Not only was I madly in love, but I also felt so safe and secure for once in a relationship. Our split has left me with constant panic attacks and it’s been quite hard to deal with. I’ve been going to therapy, and doing my best to hold it together but I could really use some really kind supportive people, preferably people who understand BPD and are feeling more stable with their disorder. Living with these persistent panic attacks and this sense of loneliness, rejection, and abandonment has been torture. If you have been in this position I would greatly appreciate any advice you have, but I would also really love to connect with some people who would be willing to hear me out and listen to me vent.

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Rampaging goat ATTACKS a walker in the Blue Mountains leaving him with horrific injuries

Walker is attacked by a psychotic GOAT leaving him with horrific injuries as the tiny beast bizarrely lurks behind ambulance workers rushing him to hospital – before turning its attention to some tasty grass

  • Goat reportedly rammed a bush-walker so hard he seriously injured his knee  
  • The man, in his 60s, was rushed to hospital in Blue Mountains, New South Wales
  • The goat watched on as the man was treated by medics in ‘bizarre’ incident
  • It was seen staring intently at its victim as he was placed into an ambulance  

A berserk goat has ambushed and attacked a bushwalker, looking on nonchalantly as its humiliated victim was put onto a stretcher by paramedics in a ‘bizarre’ incident. 

The man, in his 60s, obtained a knee injury when he was rammed by the chunky brown goat in the lower Blue Mountains in New South Wales on Tuesday morning.

The angry goat showed he wasn’t kidding, staring intently as the wounded bush-walker was placed on a stretcher.   

The berserk goat (pictured) ambushed the walker and then looked on nonchalantly as its humiliated victim was put onto a stretcher by paramedics in a bizarre incident

The white-faced goat (pictured) casually ate some grass as the man was treated by medics, seemingly unaware of the havoc he had caused

The white-faced goat (pictured) casually ate some grass as the man was treated by medics, seemingly unaware of the havoc he had caused 

The man, in his 60s, obtained a knee injury when he was rammed by the chunky brown goat (pictured) - which then stood and stared as he was put into an ambulance

The man, in his 60s, obtained a knee injury when he was rammed by the chunky brown goat (pictured) – which then stood and stared as he was put into an ambulance

The injured bush walker (pictured, second from right) was taken away to Nepean Hospital in a stable condition by paramedics as the goat (pictured in the middle) watched on

The injured bush walker (pictured, second from right) was taken away to Nepean Hospital in a stable condition by paramedics as the goat (pictured in the middle) watched on 

The incident was ‘one of the more bizarre’ animal jobs paramedics have attended, NSW Ambulance Inspector David Patterson told 7NEWS

‘These types of jobs can be quite challenging for paramedics and other emergency services, especially with the possibility of an angry animal lurking in the area,’ he said. 

The paramedics attending didn’t seem afraid of the assailant, who merely munched on some grass as his victim was put in an ambulance with a knee injury.  

The man was in a stable condition when taken to Nepean Hospital.

Goats tend to be far more aggressive than their farmyard friends, sheep, particularly in their teenage years.

Sheep are fearful and shy and flee from attackers, while goats tend to face their attackers when they feel threatened.


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Fatal shark attacks spike in Australia

Shark attacks decreased across Australia last year but the number of people mauled to death by the ocean giants climbed to the highest figure in more than 80 years.

There were six fatalities in Australian waters in 2020, up from none the year before and one in 2018.

There haven’t been six or more deadly shark attacks since 1934. Five years earlier, in 1929, nine people were killed.

International researchers found there were 57 “unprovoked” bites globally last year, down from 64 the year before.

But it was the deadliest year since 2013, with 10 fatalities worldwide.


There were 18 reported incidents in Australia, slightly up on the latest five year average of 16 bites annually.

Academics described the spike as “dramatic” but said there’s no cause for alarm.

“We expect some year-to-year variability in bite numbers and fatalities. One year does not make a trend,” International Shark File researchers said.

The ongoing coronavirus crisis may have played a part in reducing shark attack figures, given it had been a slow year for tourism.

According to the International Shark Attack File, great whites were involved in at least 16 “unprovoked” attacks in 2020, including four fatalities in Australia.

Shark research expert, Gavin Naylor, said while the nation was hard-hit with deaths last year, the total number of bites was not unusual.

“It’s just that the fraction of bites that resulted in fatalities was higher,” he said, noting it depends on the species involved.

“A blacktip can give you four stitches while a nibble from a white shark can remove your leg.

“They’re supremely better swimmers than humans, and they’ve got a nasty set of choppers at the front.”

Esperance shark attack victim Gary Johnson with his wife Karen Milligan. Picture: Supplied

Researchers said there’s no evidence sharks are actively hunting humans and are simply curious.

It has been a year since experienced diver Gary Johnson was mauled to death by a shark near Esperance in Western Australia.

Months later Zachary Robba was killed on the Great Barrier Reef.

Rob Pedretti was surfing in northern NSW when he was bitten by a shark in June, and a teenager surfing on the north coast also died after a shark bite in July.

Nick Slater was killed in an attack while catching waves on the Gold Coast in September.

Shark attacks on surfers are considered “unprovoked” but spearfishing is not.

A 36-year-old man died from an attack in July last year while he was spearfishing on Queensland’s Fraser Island.

Originally published as Fatal shark attacks spike in Australia

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Cyber attacks – the technology pandemic

For most of
the global population the year of 2020 was dominated by the dreaded C-word,
COVID-19 but for Australian businesses, government and general public there has
also been another, cybersecurity.

Last year,
Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, announced that Australia had been
victim to a sophisticated and sustained number of cyber-attacks by a
state-based actor.

The announcement and the relentless headlines of businesses falling victim to ransomware and phishing attacks rapidly brought cybersecurity to the forefront of many people’s minds.

According to the OAICs bi-annual Notifiable Data Breaches Report, between January and June of 2020 alone, 518 notifications of potential breaches were received. Further illustrating this to be a consistent problem Australians face on a day to day basis.

In a recent
survey of our customers, 55 per cent of security professionals said they believed
their senior executives were a lot more aware of cyber risks, with another 38
per cent stating that awareness had definitely increased.

The top concerns identified for Australian businesses were ransomware and phishing attacks. This was unsurprising, given the 151 per cent increase of ransomware attacks being reported from January to June 2020 by OAIC.

When asked
where significant cybersecurity investments had been made by these businesses
in 2020, half of respondents said email and endpoint security solutions were
top of the list, closely followed by Security awareness programs at 43 per cent.

These are
all prudent measures that can be taken by organisations to mitigate the risk of
attacks such as ransomware and phishing.

So, moving
into what we hope will be a better year, what can small businesses do to

protect themselves in 2021?

Firstly, keep
your security awareness program fresh. Update content to include the latest
threats and change the activities and channels you use to share your awareness
program to help keep your staff educated on the latest risks.

Conduct a
security maturity assessment – benchmark your organisation’s current security
maturity, create a roadmap of improvements and revisit the score on a periodic
basis to track your progress.

Test your
organisation’s vulnerabilities. Undertake an adversary simulation such as
penetration testing or red teaming which can enable your business to identify
its weaknesses, and work on fixes, before an attacker finds them.

Invest in specialized phishing defence technology. Most next-generation secure email gateways will contain advanced features such as impersonation protection controls to help mitigate the risk of phishing against your employees.

However, if you are in a high-risk industry you may want to consider technology that is aimed at addressing this specific problem of phishing and Business Email Compromise and even Account Takeover Attacks.

Cybercriminals are becoming increasingly sophisticated year on year. Often, small businesses just don’t have the resources to protect their organisations from attack which can lead to vulnerability. Get advice from the experts where you can and educate your staff regularly to mitigate any potential breaches in 2021 and beyond.

Dane Meah, Co-Founder and Co-CEO, InfoTrust

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