Fears for boxing legend Oscar De La Hoya after trainwreck interview

Boxing fans have expressed their concerns for legend Oscar De La Hoya following his appearance on the Jake Paul vs Ben Askren broadcast.

The fighter affectionately known as The Golden Boy joined the Triller broadcast team on Sunday afternoon (AEST) ahead of MMA star Frank Mir’s debut boxing clash with Steve Cunningham.

The fight promoter was involved in a live segment in the build-up to the showdown between YouTube star Jake Paul and former UFC fighter Ben Askren.

He appeared to lose his focus at times and showed worrying signs, according to an extraordinary reaction from the boxing community which resulted in the term “Oscar De La Hoya” trending on Twitter in the United States, The Sun reports.

It took just seconds into the interview before it became apparent the Olympian wasn’t completely sound of mind.

De La Hoya slurred his words at times and repeated himself on several occasions.

He has previously admitted to battling a drug and alcohol addiction that left many of his personal relationships in tatters and led him to contemplate suicide.

Viewers of the broadcast were quick to share their worries for the six-weight boxing world champion, who has previously admitted to abusing substances in the past.

One said: “Oscar De La Hoya looks like he’s been partying before and during this entire show.”

Another boxing said: “This is a train wreck with Oscar De La Hoya.”

And another said: “They need to get Oscar De La Hoya off the mic.”

De La Hoya, 48, is gearing up for a return to the ring in the summer – nearly 13 years after hanging up his gloves.

When asked about his July 3 comeback, De La Hoya said: “You can expect a f***ing real fight. A real fight.

“Whoever I pick to be my opponent. You bet your ass that I’m gonna be the best motherf****r out there.

“I always fought the very best, and I’m proud of that. And whoever it is, I’ve been retired for 14 years.

“But guess what I’m pick the very best.”

He added: “I don’t care who it is.

“I will fight until the end, I will bleed until the end. And I will go down to the end.”

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Ballot boxing – Britain struggles to define who should get the vote | Britain

COUNCIL ELECTIONS rarely generate much excitement. Only about a third of those eligible to vote bother to do so. Yet an online rally ahead of this year’s local elections in May pulled in scores of enthusiastic 20-somethings. “This is so exciting,” boomed Antonia Boorman, one of the organisers. “I wish we could have some confetti.” The hoopla was intended to encourage citizens of other European countries who live in Britain to register for the ballot. “At the moment you can vote,” she reminded them. “It might be the last chance.”

Listen to this story

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Britain’s rules on political participation are, as Sir John Curtice, an elections expert at Strathclyde University, puts it, “all over the place”. Some, but not all, non-resident citizens get a vote in general elections, as do some, but not all, non-citizen residents.

As is often the case in Britain, this owes more to history than to logic. Britain’s empire explains the first exception to the citizenship rule. Parliament restricted the right of former imperial subjects to move to Britain following waves of immigration after the second world war, but did not alter the franchise, says Ruvi Ziegler of Reading University. As a result, citizens of any of the 53 mostly ex-colonies in the Commonwealth have the vote, so long as they are resident in Britain. Citizens of most other countries—like the 130,000-odd Americans in Britain—cannot vote.

The roughly 320,000 Irish citizens who live in Britain also qualify. This anomaly dates back to Irish secession in 1922. When Westminster set in law the constitutional position of the Irish republic in 1949, the government decided that giving the Irish the vote was the easiest option. “I do not pretend that the solution at which we arrived is completely logical,” conceded Clement Attlee, the prime minister.

Then there are non-resident citizens. British expats may vote in general elections, but only for the first 15 years they live abroad. The government accepts this time limit is arbitrary and plans to remove it.

Brexit will make things more complicated. All EU citizens have the right to vote in local and European (but not national) elections in whatever European country they live, regardless of nationality. For now this remains true for the 4m or so EU citizens in Britain, since the upcoming local elections were originally due to take place last year, when EU rules still applied for a “transition period”. Things may soon become less clear. Europeans can opt to apply for British citizenship, so long as they have lived in the country for six years and been granted permanent residency, guaranteeing them a vote in general as well as local elections. But many balk at the cost, which the Home Office has hiked from £200 in 2005 to £1,330.

Scotland and Wales, which have the power to set their own electoral rules, took the chance to simplify their franchises last year. All long-term residents, regardless of nationality, will have a vote in elections for local councillors and for the Scottish Parliament and Welsh Assembly. There are few signs that politicians at Westminster will take such a consistent approach. Having failed to persuade the EU to include reciprocal voting rights for expats in the Brexit deal, they have struck bilateral agreements guaranteeing the local-government franchise with Poland, Spain, Portugal and Luxembourg, raising the prospect that the roughly 800,000 Polish nationals in Britain might be able to choose their councillors, but not, for instance, the 300,000 or so Italians.

Cypriot and Maltese residents would get the vote anyway, as Commonwealth members, as of course would the Irish. “It’s arbitrary and deeply unfair,” says Maike Bohn of the 3 Million, a lobby group for EU citizens in Britain. That may be right, but the history of the franchise suggests that MPs are unlikely to go for consistency when they could plump for fudge.

For more coverage of matters relating to Brexit, visit our Brexit hub

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‘Couldn’t even watch’: Tszyu left disgusted by ‘disrespectful’ Aussie boxing farce

Tim Tszyu wasn’t watching when Michael Zerafa put an end to Anthony Mundine in two minutes.

And he certainly wasn’t watching when Zerafa, fresh off the win, called out Tszyu, who faces Dennis Hogan on March 31.

“I couldn’t even watch it,” Tszyu told foxsports.com.au. “I thought it was ethically not acceptable to watch, because there’s only one thing that’s going to happen.

“I didn’t understand the whole point of it.”

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Zerafa’s beatdown of a 45-year-old Mundine left a bad taste in the mouths of those watching on, both in Australia and overseas. It was a mismatch between a 28-year-old and a legend who should have walked away from the sport years ago.

“I think it shouldn’t have even happened,” Tszyu said. “We got offered the Mundine fight and I said straight away: it’s not happening.

“It’s disrespectful, first of all. And there’s a time when enough is enough.”

Zerafa used the win as a new platform to shout Tszyu’s name.

“Tim Tszyu, and pardon my French, but stop f***ing running, it’s time to fight,” Zerafa said after getting past Mundine.

“It’s the best fight, the best match-up. He’s running scared, he’s saying nobody wants to fight him. I’m here, I’ll fight him.

“Let’s give Australian fight fans what they want – Zerafa vs. Tszyu.”

As Tszyu has risen, Zerafa’s words have followed. But the reality is rather simple for the 26-year-old super welterweight, who headlines another pay-per-view card, this time in Newcastle next week.

“I think that’s our last option,” Tszyu said of a Zerafa match-up. “If there’s nothing else on the table then we’ll consider. You don’t get an opportunity by beating a 47-year-old grandfather, let’s just say that.”

Zerafa fought two wars against Jeff Horn in 2019; losing the second and ultimately the opportunities that were waiting at the other end of a win.

Tszyu then beat Horn to start 2020, before dealing with Bowyn Morgan in stunning fashion to cap off a year where the son of former world champion, Kostya, established himself as the No. 1 name in Australian boxing.

“Any of the top 10 boys – they’re the ones I’m going for,” Tszyu said of what he wants next, with a WBO title shot also on the cards.

“ … It’s good that we’re here. We’ve flown under the radar in Australia. But once I do fight the big boys, it’s going to be a big shock to them.”

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Boxing Angel Fierro vs Alberto Machado result, news, knockout video

A former world champion has been sent crashing through the ropes after a “sick” punch that’s dropped jaws across the boxing world

Boxing rising star Angel Fierro has come from nowhere to land a statement knockout win that has captured the attention of the boxing world.

The 22-year-old Mexican fighter has found himself the talk of the town in boxing circles after a dramatic left hand from hell sent former world champion Alberto Machado crashing through the ropes in a wild fight in Puerto Rico on Friday afternoon (AEDT).

The fight for the vacant WBO NABO lightweight title was the main event of the Ring City USA series event from Salinas, broadcast across America on NBC.

Watch Tim Tszyu v Dennis Hogan only on Main Event, available on Foxtel and Kayo on Wednesday 31 March at 7pm AEDT. ORDER NOW >

The brutal KO came after Fierro had been knocked down in both the first round and second round and was fighting for survival before the start of the third round.

Having made a dramatic recovery to win two of the next three rounds, according to the judges’ scorecards, Fierro stunned Machado with a searing left hand hook that the local hero never saw coming.

He immediately collapsed backwards and crashed through the ropes onto his back just 35 seconds into the sixth round.

The referee waved the fight off before even finishing his 10-count after seeing the Machado’s ugly fall.

ESPN boxing guru Dan Rafael was stunned by the dramatic comeback victory.

“Whoa!!! Sick upset KO in rd 6 for Fierro, just absolutely DRILLED Machado with a bomb of a left hook to the chin,” he posted on Twitter.

“Goodnight!! Fierro had been down twice earlier in the fight and was losing.”

Fierro wasn’t even supposed to be in the ring, taking the fight on less than one weeks’ notice after Hector Tanajara pulled out with a mystery injury.

Now he has a highlight KO that has sent his career soaring.

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Marvelous Marvin Hagler dead: Boxing legend and former undisputed middleweight champion dies aged 66


oxing icon Marvelous Marvin Hagler has died unexpectedly at the age of 66, his family confirmed.

Hagler’s wife Kay revealed the sad news via a Facebook post published on the dominant former middleweight king’s official fan club page on Saturday night.

The cause of death has not yet been disclosed.

“I am sorry to make a very sad announcement,” Kay Hagler wrote. “Today unfortunately my beloved husband Marvelous Marvin passed away unexpectedly at his home here in New Hampshire.

“Our family requests that you respect our privacy during this difficult time. With love, Kay G Hagler.”

Regarded as one of the finest boxers ever to grace the ring in a memorable era for the sport, American southpaw Hagler reigned as the undisputed middleweight champion of the world in the 1980s.

He famously beat Britain’s Alan Minter at Wembley Arena with a dominant, bloody third-round stoppage in 1980 to claim undisputed status.

The talented and durable Hagler went on to successfully defend his belts 12 times, defeating rival Thomas “The Hitman” Hearns in a legendary three-round battle at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas in April 1985 – a fight that is still fondly remembered as one of the greatest of all time.

He was controversially defeated in ‘The Showdown’ by fellow boxing icon Sugar Ray Leonard two years later, losing a close fight via a split decision that is still furiously debated by fans today.

Hagler – who legally changed his name to Marvelous Marvin in 1982 and also outpointed the great Roberto Duran in 1983 – sought a rematch but eventually retired from boxing in 1988, moving to Italy and becoming an actor in action films.

His illustrious professional career record stood at 62 wins and 52 knockouts from 67 total fights over 15 years, with three losses and two draws.

Figures from around the world of boxing were quick to pay tribute to one of the sport’s greatest-ever talents, with videos of that unforgettable first round against Hearns shared widely across social media.

Matchroom Boxing chief Eddie Hearn wrote on Twitter: “Rest in eternal peace the Marvelous One! @Michael_Buffer will lead a 10 bell tribute to the great Marvin Hagler tonight.”

Buffer himself added: “I am crushed at the news that MARVELOUS MARVIN HAGLER has passed away! He was-in his prime-POUND4POUND-the best, going 11yrs in 38 fights w/o defeat! He dominated the MW division 4 a decade!

“62 wins/52KOs-3 losses.


Trainer Dave Coldwell said: “Boxing has lost one of the all time greats. Gutted to hear of the passing of Marvellous Marvin Hagler. One of the toughest, and best fighters in one of the greatest eras in boxing history. Hagler along with Leonard, Hearns & Duran – the Real Four Kings.”

“Saddened to hear about the death of Marvellous Marvin Hagler,” Oscar De La Hoya wrote. “One of the greatest to ever step in the ring!”

Promoter Frank Warren said: “Rest In Peace Marvelous Marvin Hagler. Boxing lost an all time great today.”

Former heavyweight champion Larry Holmes wrote: “The boxing world is sad to hear the news about Marvin Marvelous Hagler. A tragedy happened today, one of my best friends passed away. He was a good guy, a good man. May his soul RIP.”

Undisputed lightweight champion Teofimo Lopez said: “This one hurts.. Rest In Peace Champ! Marvin “Marvelous” Hagler.”

Barry McGuigan wrote: “Shocked and deeply saddened to hear of the passing of the incredible Marvellous Marvin Hagler.

“I’m honoured to have spent some amazing times with him. My heartfelt sympathies to his wife Kay and his family. Rest in Peace Champ.”

Top Rank boss Bob Arum tweeted: “Marvelous Marvin Hagler was among the greatest athletes that Top Rank ever promoted. He was a man of honor and a man of his word, and he performed in the ring with unparalleled determination. He was a true athlete and a true man. I will miss him greatly.”

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Floyd Mayweather fiance posts rare Instagram picture of boxing superstar

Boxing legend Floyd Mayweather’s girlfriend has hinted at the pair’s future happiness together by posting a gushing birthday message to the legendary boxer.

In a rare reference to the fighter on her Instagram, English Instagram influencer Anna Monroe said she was “beyond grateful” to the American superstar.

The pair are enjoying an idyllic holiday together in the Caribbean to mark Floyd’s 44th birthday, celebrating their blossoming romance following unconfirmed reports last month the couple had become engaged in secret.

“Happiest birthday to you, my love. More life, more blessings, and more LOVE. Beyond grateful for you,” she captioned one photo of them together on the sand.

Mayweather earlier this month introduced Monroe, the head stripper at his Las Vegas club Girl Collection, to his friends at a party, The Sun reports.

A pal said: “The pair are getting closer and closer by the week. It’s becoming a really serious relationship”.

Monroe also posted pictures of Mayweather relaxing and feeding flamingoes as they enjoyed their Aruba birthday getaway together.

The romance has created headlines all over the world ever since they confirmed their relationship publicly on New Year’s Day.

The undefeated fighter reportedly gushed over his partner when introducing her to his friends earlier this month, referring to the 29-year-old as his “princess”.

“He’s only interested in Anna,” one source told The Sun.

“He adores her.”

Mayweather is now planning a UK trip to meet the parents of his new girlfriend.

He has already been introduced to Monroe’s family via FaceTime following rumours surrounding a diamond engagement ring she was seen wearing over the festive season.

“Floyd is serious about Anna. He loves England and as soon as they are allowed to travel again he’d love to come over and meet her family and friends,” a source told The Sun.

“He wants them to see the real Floyd Mayweather — which is a lot different to what many people think.”

One source close to the couple claimed in January the pair are even hoping to have a baby together as early as this year.

“Floyd was annoyed at first that news of their relationship broke because he wanted to keep it private,” the source told The Sun.

“They had an argument about it but soon made up. And then he decided to pop the question on Saturday.

“Anna has told family and friends she’s getting married and wants to have a baby with Floyd this year.

“She hasn’t announced it on social media but everyone could see the huge rock on her hand on her latest Instagram snaps.”

Mayweather was due to fight YouTuber Logan Paul this month in a return to boxing but that bout has been postponed.

— This story originally appeared on thesun.co.uk and has been republished with permission

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Boxing tonight: TV channel, live stream and UK start time for Kelly vs Avanesyan

Two years and three attempts later, Josh Kelly will finally trade blows with David Avanesyan tonight.

The welterweight rivals were due to fight in late 2018 but Kelly pulled out on the morning of the bout citing an illness.

The fight was eventually rearranged for last March but the coranvirus crisis pushed it back to first last month and then, finally, this evening.

There are also some intriguing match-ups on the undercard while later in the night, Oscar Valdez takes on Miguel Berchelt in what promises to be an all-Mexican classic.

Here is everything you need to know about how and when to watch the two cards…

Josh Kelly vs David Avanesyan

What time is the fight on?

The main event will likely start shortly after 10pm with the undercard fights starting shortly after 7pm.

How to watch via TV and live stream

The fights can be watched on Sky Sports Arena from 7pm while Kelly vs Avanesyan will be shown on Sky Sports Main Event from 10pm.

The fights can be streamed using the Sky Go app.

Josh Kelly and David Avanesyan weigh in


Florian Marku vs Rylan Charlton

Robbie Davies Jnr vs Gabriel Gollaz Valenzuela

Johnny Fisher vs Matt Gordon

Jordan Gill vs Cesar Juarez


Kelly 8/11

Avanesyan 18/1

Draw 11/8

Quotes corner

Kelly : “We’ve got to get a job done on Saturday. It’s my main aim in 2021 to start off with this European Title. I’ve stepped up to levels

that I couldn’t even imagine I could do in the gym. I thought last time I was ready, but COVID came and it got cancelled. I was nowhere

near ready compared to what I am now. All I need to do is go and put a show on.”

Avanesyan : “This is my work. I give everything to win this fight. I’m going to give 100 per cent to take the win. After the fight I will go

home to see my children and my family. This is a must-win fight for me. It’s a big fight. English, Russian and Spanish fans have been

messaging me.”

Oscar Valdez vs Miguel Berchelt

What time is the fight on?

The main event will likely start at around 5am UK time as the fight is taking place in Las Vegas.

How to watch via TV and live stream

UK fight fans can watch the action through Fite TV for a one-off payment of $9.99. Click here to buy the fight.


Esquiva Falcao vs Artur Akavov

Gabriel Flores Jr vs Jayson Velez

Elvis Rodriguez vs Luis Alberto Veron

Xander Zayas vs James Martin

Bryan Lua vs Frevian Gonzalez Robles

Sonny Conto vs Waldo Cortes Acosta

Omar Rosario vs Uriel Villanueva

Javier Martinez vs Billy Wagner


Valdez 7/2

Berchelt 1/4

Draw 22/1

Adrien Broner vs Jovanie Santiago

What time is the fight on?

The main event will likely start at around 5am UK time as the fight is taking place in Connecticut.

How to watch via TV and live stream

UK fight fans can watch the action through Fite TV for a one-off payment of $9.99. Click here to buy the fight.


Otto Wallin vs Dominic Breazeale

Zachary Ochoa vs Juan Jose Velasco

Robert Easter Jr vs Ryan Martin

Rau’shee Warren vs Sharone Carter


Broner 1/8

Santiago 9/2

Draw 20/1

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Boxing news 2021: Leon Spinks dead at 67, Muhammad Ali fights, record

Leon Spinks, the boxing icon who took the heavyweight title off Muhammad Ali in one of the sport’s biggest upsets, has died aged 67.

Former world heavyweight boxing champion Leon Spinks, who took the crown from Muhammad Ali in 1978 before losing a rematch, has died aged 67.

Spinks had been hospitalised in December at Las Vegas before losing a five-year battle with cancer with his wife, Brenda Spinks, at his side, according to a statement from The Firm PR to Las Vegas television station KVVU.

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“His final fight was fought with the same skill, grace and grit that had carried him through so many lifetime challenges,” the statement said.

“Leon fought his battle with numerous illnesses resiliently, never losing his trademark smile. Showing true Spinks determination, he never threw in the towel.”

Spinks finished his career 26-17 with three draws and 14 knockouts, but struggled to try and recapture the fame that came early in his career in one of the most shocking upsets in boxing history.

With a trademark gap-toothed grin, Spinks fought his way to Olympic gold in 1976 as a US light heavyweight in Montreal and turned professional six months later at age 23.

After only eight professional fights, seven wins and a draw, Spinks was sent into the ring against iconic Ali on February 15, 1978 at the Las Vegas Hilton.

Spinks captured a 15-round split decision over a 36-year-old Ali, who lost world crowns in the ring for the only time in his career, falling to 55-3 as Spinks claimed the heavyweight title in the shortest time of any fighter in history, only 13 months after his pro debut.

It would be the greatest moment of his career.

Seven months later, in a rematch before 70,000 at the Superdome in New Orleans, a fit and formidable Ali won a unanimous 15-round decision in what would be the final victory of his legendary career, making Ali the first three-time champion in heavyweight history.

Spinks had been stripped of the World Boxing Council crown for taking the rematch with Ali rather than face mandatory challenger Ken Norton, so the second fight was only for the World Boxing Association title.

Spinks lost his next fight as well but earned another shot at the crown in 1981 against Larry Holmes only to be stopped in the third round.

It took nearly five years for Spinks to gain another chance at a world crown but he fought for the WBC cruiserweight title in 1986, stopped in the sixth round by Dwight Muhammad Qawi.

That began a run where he managed only one win and one draw in 10 fights. He lost five of his final eight fights before retiring in 1995.

Spinks’s son, Cory, was an undisputed welterweight champion from 2003-2005 and had brief junior middleweight reigns in 2007 and 2009.

Spinks’s younger brother Michael was a 1976 Olympic middleweight champion who was the undisputed light heavyweight champion from 1983-1985 and a heavyweight champion from 1985-1986.

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RBA governor Philip Lowe backs JobSeeker rise, boxing in Scott Morrison

While many in the business, economic and welfare sector have long argued for JobSeeker to be permanently increased on economic grounds, the nation’s chief numbers man went to that most Australian of values – fairness.


“It’s not a macroeconomic management issue, it is a fairness issue,” he told the National Press Club.

“As a society, what level of support [do] we want to provide to people who don’t have a job – and different people legitimately have different views on the level of support stopping – my own view is that some increase is justifiable.”

In those two sentences, Dr Lowe made it virtually untenable for the Morrison government to ditch the COVID-19 supplement and take JobSeeker back to its pre-virus base level.

It’s one thing to undermine the government position on economic grounds. But for the central bank governor to go to a values argument is a whole different kettle of fish.

When asked about the issue on Monday in his own National Press Club appearance, the Prime Minister was clear he would not be drawn into any commitment.

He said he, the Treasurer, Finance Minister and Social Services Minister were waiting on “further information on the labour market” with the quartet to “work through those many issues”.

Lowe’s comments suggest there’s only one issue.

Is it fair for about 1 million people to survive on $40 a day? Is it fair for this group of Australians to survive on so little at a time when unemployment is still expected to be elevated?

The timeline for a decision is narrowing. When the government announced last August it would extend both the COVID-19 supplement and JobKeeper (albeit at lower rates) it gave the unemployed and businesses 64 days notice.


The supplement is due to end in 56 days.

The governor openly supported the government’s decision to wind-up JobKeeper wage subsidy while also backing the huge amount of debt it has taken on to help support the economy through the pandemic recession.

So you can’t argue he has shown any partisanship in his commentary about JobSeeker.

But his comments are a huge political headache, for they ultimately mean if the government resists an increase in JobSeeker then it is being unfair to an army of Australians.

Most Viewed in Politics


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Three new cases of COVID-19, one locally acquired case; case went to Boxing Day Test and Chadstone

Health authorities are rushing to alert hundreds of people after a man tested positive to COVID-19 after going to the MCG on December 27 and Melbourne’s Chadstone Shopping Centre on Boxing Day.

The man in his 30s is Victoria’s one new locally acquired case of COVID-19 announced today and his infection is being regarded as a mystery case.

He is currently isolating and is not believed to have been infectious while at the Boxing Day Test or at Chadstone.

“He developed symptoms on 30 December and the department was notified of the positive test result on 5 January,” Acting Premier Jacinta Allan said.

“Contact tracing, that has gone on throughout the night, has revealed he stayed home since 31 December and got tested.”

Two further coronavirus infections were also identified in hotel quarantine.

The state’s active cases have risen to 41 after more than 37,000 tests were conducted in the past 24 hours.

Health authorities are also investigating a possible New South Wales link to the man who went to the MCG and the cricket.

“We’re encouraging anyone who was at the cricket and who was seated in the Great Southern Stand, Zone 5, between 12.30pm and 3.30pm to go and get tested and isolate until they receive a result,” Ms Allan said.

“A COVID-safe plan was in place at the MCG for this cricket event and excellent ticketing allocation system was put in place by the MCG.”

Anyone who was seated within the Zone 5 bubble will receive a text message in the next couple of hours, advising them of the confirmed case and requesting they get tested.

The man attended Chadstone Shopping Centre from 6am to 2pm on Boxing Day.

Deputy Chief Health Officer Dr Allen Cheng said it is possible there may be a second cluster in the state, following news of the mystery infection.

“His household contacts have been spoken to, as well as visitors to his house and they’ll be put into quarantine for the 14 days and tested,” Dr Cheng said.

“The upstream contacts are the people that we’re most concerned about. These are the people he has been in contact with in the 14 days prior to the symptoms starting.”

Nike store among latest exposure sites

Shoppers who visited a South Melbourne Nike store while a person with COVID-19 shopped inside are also on high alert.

Nike on Buckhurst Street in South Melbourne has been listed as an exposure site after a positive case shopped in store on December 30, between 12pm-12.45pm.

The Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) has issued advice, directing anyone who visited the store between the times indicated to get tested and quarantine for 14 days from the date of exposure.

While anyone who visited Culture Kings Melbourne on Russell Street between 1pm-1.30pm on December 30 must monitor for symptoms.

Advice has also been updated for diners who attended Nandos Elizabeth Street in Melbourne on January 1 between 2am-2.30am, with all patrons ordered to quarantine and get tested.

Other risk locations recently added include Sri Lankan restaurant Tamarind 8 in Narre Warren, where a case picked up take away on December 30 between 6.30pm-7pm.

Victoria’s COVID-19 response commander Jeroen Weimar yesterday said wait times at test sites had improved, urging people to come forward for testing.

Hotel quarantine workers are seen in full PPE gear in Melbourne. (Getty)

“It’s important if there’s an exposure site you have been at in those time windows, if you have any concerns you may have overlapped with a positive case, we would ask you to go and get tested and to isolate and contact us so we can work with you and support you to do the right thing and to ensure we can contain the spread of this outbreak quickly,” Mr Weimar said.

The Tasmanian Government has classed the 18 locations in Victoria which are listed on the DHHS website as high-risk exposure sites as hot spots.

Travellers who have been in the areas during the specified dates and times have been locked out of the state, and must apply for an exemption if they wish to enter.

The Black Rock outbreak at the centre of Victoria’s coronavirus flare-up spans across 14 households and contains 27 active cases.

“It’s exceptionally positive that every single day that we’ve been talking about the Black Rock cluster, any new positives identified are within people who have already been asked to isolate and quarantine for 14 days,” Mr Weimar said.

But the state’s new cluster means plans to bring thousands of workers back to work could be in jeopardy.

The plan would have seen half of the private workforce return to work next week and half of the public workforce return to work by February 8.

The public health team has been asked to review that plan, with discussions to continue throughout today.

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