Mike Pence Joins Job Creators Network Small Business Call and Celebrates 9.3 Million Jobs Gain

Job Creators network, one of the country’s largest pro-jobs organizations, hosted a call with Vice President Mike Pence and small business owners on Friday and discussed the Trump administration’s multifaceted efforts to support small businesses across the country, tackle the coronavirus pandemic, expand healthcare, and revitalize the economy.

“In the last three months, we’ve gained 9.3 million jobs – more than during the entire Obama Administration. That’s a credit to America’s job creators and entrepreneurs. You are reopening your businesses, while putting the health of your employees and customers first,” Pence said during the call. “JCN has been – and continues to be – a leading voice on the imperative of reopening the economy. JCN was a leading voice on Capitol Hill for the PPP negotiations. Your organization has brought together thousands of job creators who employ millions.”

“We’re going to get through this pandemic together. As the President has repeatedly said, ‘We’re going to bring this economy back bigger and better than ever before,’” Pence continued.

While the U.S. economy continues to show signs of a faster, stronger recovery amid the pandemic, small businesses are optimistic about the future but still need support.

“We appreciate Vice President Pence taking time from his busy schedule to have a dialogue with JCN’s small business owners. The Trump Administration has been – and continues to do – an incredible job supporting our small business community,” said Alfredo Ortiz, JCN President and CEO. “Their tax cuts and regulatory reforms kicked off the greatest economic boom in history. And then, when the pandemic struck, they came to the rescue again – starting with the Paycheck Protection Program, which saved 51 million jobs, and continuing with the recent executive order suspending the payroll tax.”

“The President promised a ‘V-shaped’ recovery, and he is delivering,” Ortiz said. “JCN will continue working closely with the Administration to keep America moving in the right direction. We are grateful to the President, the Vice President, and all the members of their team.”

Former HHS Secretary and JCN Senior Healthcare Fellow Dr. Tom Price also joined Friday’s call and took the opportunity to brief Vice President Mike Prince on the Job Creators Network Foundation’s “Healthcare for You” initiative, which has been endorsed by seven Republican Governors. 

Jerome Hudson is Breitbart News Entertainment Editor and author of the forthcoming book 50 Things They Don’t Want You to Know About Trump. Order your copy today. Follow Jerome Hudson on Twitter @jeromeehudson.

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SA Police call for witnesses to fatal Swan Reach boat crash after latest arrest

A second man has been arrested and charged with attempting to pervert the court of justice over a boat crash that killed a father-of-three in South Australia’s Murraylands last year.

Police are calling for witnesses to come forward to find out exactly how 37-year-old Chad Gill died in the crash on the River Murray at Swan Reach in February 2019.

Mr Gill, of Gawler South, died a day after the crash, while 42-year-old Gawler East man Glen Justice was permanently injured.

Police initially suspected no other vessel was involved, but now believe there was a collision between the men’s 4-metre aluminium boat and another river craft.

Murray Mallee Superintendent James Blandford said police believed seven men who had been camping together decided to go for a “night-time” cruise in two dinghies before the crash.

Murray Mallee Superintendent James Blandford.(ABC News)

One of them, 41-year-old Williamstown man Alex Gill, was charged with attempting to pervert the course of justice earlier this year.

He was also charged with death by dangerous driving and causing harm by dangerous driving shortly after the crash.

A second man, 41, from Lyndoch, also in the Barossa Valley, was arrested on Wednesday and charged with attempting to pervert the course of justice.

He was bailed to appear in the Waikerie Magistrates Court next month.

A small boat sitting low near the banks of a river
One of the boats involved in the fatal crash near Swan Reach.(Supplied: SA Police)

He urged anyone with information to contact Crime Stoppers.

“Somebody knows exactly what happened on the night of that crash, notwithstanding the men involved,” he said.

“Surely it’s time to respect the memory of Chad Gill and the permanent injury suffered by Glen Justice to help determine an accurate account of what happened.

“The family of those two men are stuck with an unresolved, incomplete and uncertain fact about what happened and why their lives have been so devastatingly changed.”

He said police did not believe Mr Gill’s death was intentional.

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Emergency call leads to unexpected friendship between two young brothers and a Toronto police officer

A Toronto Police officer and his canine partners made a couple of young friends while responding to an emergency call last weekend.

Nine-year-old Steven and seven-year-old Liam are two very typical brothers, with not so typical stories.

Steven lives with an incurable brain condition known as Chiari malformation. He’s already undergone two brain surgeries, and faces several other medical challenges. Liam has Asperger syndrome. Ask what they have in common, and they’ll tell you—nothing.

But according to their mother, both boys have always been fascinated by policing, and both boys have wanted to be police officers for as long as she can remember.

She says that trips to SickKids Hospital aren’t complete without a stop at the Toronto Police Museum, where they’re on a first name basis with the curator. And both boys have had the opportunity to ride-along with officers, and meet former Toronto police Chief Mark Saunders.

For the past several months, they’ve mainly been stuck indoors. Compromised immune systems mean that COVID-19 presents a greater threat to them than most children, so their parents have kept them inside.

“We’re very scared as parents,” the boys’ mother, Crystal Spice told CTV News Toronto. “Steven and Liam both cannot wear masks, so it’s been a very scary time. We keep them indoors away from everybody. They only come out occasionally when there’s not a lot of people around.”

Last Saturday, there were a lot of people around their Lawrence Avenue apartment building, many of them police in uniform. An emergency call had brought officers to the high-rise, including tactical and K-9 officers. The boys, from their ground floor apartment, opened a window to see a police officer standing right outside.

“I was actually taking cover underneath a balcony on the ground floor,” Const. Scott Aikman told CTV News Toronto. “And I hear a rap, rap, rap on the window behind me. And I looked and there are two kids and their eyes are like saucers.”

Aikman, and his police dogs Baron and Karma, were among the officers dispatched to the call which was happening on an upper floor. After the situation had been safely and peacefully resolved, Aikman returned to the window and this time he did the knocking. The boys came immediately to see what was happening.

Spice described the scene from inside the apartment as the officer ” tapped our window ledge for Baron to jump up and fist pump the boys through the window.”

“And he said ‘if you don’t mind, go get them, come have them meet my other dog Karma,’” Spice said.

Photos taken by their mom show the boys talking with Aikman, and getting the chance to meet and ask questions about his dogs. Spice says the officer and his dogs spent about 20 minutes hanging out with the boys, a welcome change from the isolation of the past months.

“It brought excitement to the boys,” she said. “COVID has been very hard for all families, but especially when you have kids who are immunocompromised and they’ve had to give up their friends, and their teachers, and their routines and everything. It’s very scary. It brought them back to a moment where they could just be kid, and they could wonder and they could hope.”

Speaking to CTV News Toronto on Wednesday at the Toronto Police Dog Services headquarters, Aikman explained that he was drawn to the boys’ excitement over seeing him and his fellow officers at work.

“I’m getting chills just thinking about it,” Aikman said. “It really does warm the heart and it makes you feel like I am doing something good out here, I am helping people, I am making a difference and it’s showing.”

Const. Aikman said after he learned about the boys medical conditions, and heard stories of how they’ve gone out of their way to help others in need, he decided to ask their parents for permission to post a photo to his Facebook account. That photo has now been seen by thousands of people, and he’s received comments from around the world. A testament, he says, to the brothers.

“What a wonderful set of kids these are, like just the genuine love they want to give to the community and to the police it just blew my mind away.”

Spice says her boys consider Aikman, Baron, and Karma their new friends and says plans are already in the works for the five to meet again soon.

“To know that our boys touched him just as much as he touched them, it really meant the world to me.” 

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Bolivia’s Military, Police Chiefs Call For Easing Of Tensions

Bolivia’s top military and police chiefs on Monday called on political leaders to hold a dialogue to ease tensions and lift a week-long blockade over postponed elections.

“On social media there are videos of armed people and groups of people,” said armed forces General Sergio Orellana.

“This is terrorism and terrorism directly affects state security.”

Supporters of exiled former president Evo Morales have blocked roads in six of Bolivia’s nine departments in protest at the general election being postponed from September 6 to October 18 due to rising coronavirus infections.

On Friday the government threatened to use force to clear the road blocks after hospitals in La Paz and its sprawling satellite town El Alto complained of a lack of oxygen deliveries.

Speaking alongside Orellana, deputy police commander General Ronald Suarez called for “an immediate solution to the conflict through means of dissuasion and dialogue, avoiding confrontational action that could increase the levels of conflict.”

Demonstrators, mostly peasants and indigenous people, claim the election has only been delayed because Luis Arce, the candidate from Morales’s Movement for Socialism (MAS) party, is leading the polls.

Experts predict Bolivia’s coronavirus peak will arrive around the beginning of September.

“Have we learnt nothing from history? Have we not seen how a neighboring country like Peru suffered” during 20 years of internal strife from 1980-2000, said Orellana.

The two generals urged MAS supporters to end their road blocks.

The elections have twice been suspended due to the coronavirus outbreak, which has caused more than 3,600 deaths and 90,000 infections in Bolivia, a country of 11 million.

Arce blames the government of interim President Jeanine Anez — who sat third in the most recent opinion poll — for the instability and claims “armed groups mobilized by the de facto government are looking to disrupt the country.”

Anez called for a dialogue last weekend but it was boycotted by leaders of the main political parties and social organizations.

Bolivia is on the brink of a new round of social conflict similar to that which met Morales’s controversial re-election in October, which prompted him to quit and flee the country.

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Max Verstappen beats Mercedes with hilarious call back

Red Bull’s Max Verstappen has knocked Mercedes off the top of the podium with a stunning victory in the 70th Anniversary Grand Prix.

It was the first race of the season that a Mercedes driver didn’t win, but it was still a historic day for six-time world champion Lewis Hamilton, who equaled Michael Schumacher’s record of 155 podiums in his career, coming in second after overtaking his teammate Valtteri Bottas late in the race.

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While many have criticised Mercedes for their dominance, the 70th Anniversary race was not the Silver Arrows’ day with tyre issues from the outset.

Blistering caused both Bottas and Hamilton to lose tyres last week and there was more caution this week. It didn’t stop tyre issues throughout the race.

But Verstappen set up his race perfectly with no such issues, running more than half the race before his first pit.

After an early pit, Hamilton waited until the 42nd lap with his tyres looking very worn and needing to make up 12 seconds to Verstappen.

With Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc and Bottas in his way, Hamilton was able to move up to second but couldn’t really make a play at Verstappen.

He could have potentially had another issue as when he pulled into the pits, he came in hot, and locked his brakes, indicating he may have been vulnerable for a pit entry speed penalty although nothing appear to eventuate.

With two laps remaining, Max Verstappen knew he had it, calling back to last week when he was bored and told his engineers to hydrate.

A lot less bored this week, an elated Verstappen said “Did you hydrate during the race? You must have some sweaty hands as well so don’t forget to sanitise”.

In the early laps of the race, Verstappen was told to pull back from Mercedes to protect his tyres but the Dutchman hit back, a strategy that paid off as he put pressure on the front-runners.

“Mate – this is the only chance of being close to the Mercedes, I’m not just sitting behind like a grandma,” he said.

A thrilled Verstappen felt vindicated after the race, saying “What an amazing race. This is what you get when you keep pushing. What a great day. I think we did everything perfect today. We’re definitely going to celebrate this one” over team radio.

Post-race, Verstappen’s comments were questioned by Sky Sports as “a lot of grandmas drive quite quickly”.

“I know my grandma as well,” Verstappen said. “I mean we’ve never had the opportunity to fight with them really so I’m not going to just cruise behind, I have nothing to lose. Worst case I’m going to be P3, best case I’ll win the race.”

Winning his ninth Grand Prix, Verstappen said he wasn’t expecting to come out on top.

“I didn’t see it coming, but after the first stint it seemed like we were really good on tyres. Of course there was a question mark how Mercedes were going to go on the hard tyre,” he said. “We had a lot of pace in the car and I didn’t really have a lot of tyre issues at all. We just kept pushing.

“An incredible result of course to win here, everything worked out well. I’m incredibly happy.

“We haven’t really had an opportunity in all the races so far to push them and I could see we were pushing them. I tried to put the pressure on, they had to pit, I did my own pace.”

Both Hamilton and Bottas were frustrated by the result.

“It was a massive challenge,” Hamilton said. “Firstly, congratulations to the Red Bull team and to Max. They definitely didn’t have the qualms we had today.

“Definitely unexpected to have the blistering as hardcore as we experienced. But I’m really grateful to progress and manage my way through until the end.

“I’m sure the team will be working as hard as they can because we’ve not had that (tyre issues) before. I don’t know if anyone struggled with blistering like we did.”

Outside of the top three, Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc pulled out a great performance with the Sky Sports commentators praising the Monegasque.

“This is another great little drive from Leclerc,” he said. “He’s out-performing that car at the moment whereas Vettel can barely get in the top 10 at the moment.”

Alexander Albon also came through the field to claim fifth, having come from ninth to fifth.

The two Racing Points came sixth and seventh with Lance Stroll ahead of Nico Hulkenberg.

At the other end, Daniel Ricciardo plummeted from fifth to 14th after needing to go on a three-stop strategy before he spun out on the  31st lap, essentially ending his pursuit of points.

Luckily Esteban Ocon picked up the slack and finished in the points in eighth.

Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel also spun on the very first lap, falling from 12th to 20th and finishing the race in 12th.


1st: Max Verstappen (Red Bull)

2nd: Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes)

3rd: Valtteri Bottas (Mercedes)

4th: Charles Leclerc (Ferrari)

5th: Alexander Albon (Red Bull)

6th: Lance Stroll (Racing Point)

7th: Nico Hulkenberg (Racing Point) 

8th: Esteban Ocon (Renault)

9th: Lando Norris (McLaren)

10th: Daniil Kvyat (AlphaTauri)


Andrew McMurtry

Daniel Ricciardo has spun from ninth back to 12th after seemingly going too hard on a corner as McLaren’s Carlos Sainz snuck down the inside.

It’s forced Ricciardo out of the top 10 and back to the pack.

David Croft said: “He was leaning a bit too hard on the tyres there.”

But with the tyre issues still causing a bit of havoc, his only hope of a good finish appears to be some carnage ahead.

He then had to pit for the third time in the race and dropped back to 17th.

Andrew McMurtry

Mercedes are having a bad time of it with their tyres.

Lewis Hamilton is already having issues with his second set of tyres at the halfway mark.

Andrew McMurtry

It’s 13 laps into the race and already the tyre issues that struck last week are already striking Mercedes.

Max Verstappen is right behind Lewis Hamilton with the Red Bull engineers telling the hot head to back off.

“Max, I think we’re a little bit close for tyres at this stage. Just pull back,” he said on radio.

Verstappen fired back: “Mate – this is the only chance of being close to the Mercedes, I’m not just sitting behind like a grandma.”

Hamilton has pitted with his rear tyres already looking gone after 14 laps with Verstappen moving into first, just the second time this season a Mercedes hasn’t led.

Verstappen’s tyres are not getting any better with questions over his tyres as well.

A few laps later after pitting, the Mercedes tyres are already blistering with Verstappen even pulling away.

Verstappen could be looking to go for a one stop strategy, risking the tyre degradation as he closes in on the half way mark.

Andrew McMurtry

As if his weekend couldn’t get any worse, Sebastian Vettel has spun on the first lap to drop from 12th to dead last.

Sky Sports’ Paul Di Resta was baffled as to what happened as he just spun by himself.

“Vettel has just gone around himself. He got on the kerb behind his team-mate and around he went?” he said. “Why does he keep spinning?”

It seems like no one has an answer for him, having almost slammed into Carlos Sainz.

Andrew McMurtry

Nico Hulkenberg has returned to F1 with an impressive performance as he took his Racing Point to third in qualifying.

The record holder for the most Grand Prix starts without a podium finish, Hulkenberg is in the right spot to chase a breakthrough finish.

But while Daniel Ricciardo paid tribute to his former teammate, Max Verstappen said Hulkenberg “deserves” a seat in the sport.

“Nico did an amazing job in qualifying,” he said. “They did a very good job over the winter, but I really hope that this will help Nico find a seat for next year, because he definitely deserves to be in F1.

“There are definitely a few drivers who are not as good as him at the moment, and they are in F1. It’s a hopefully a great boost for him I mean.

“Firstly today I was not very happy with how qualifying worked out for us. But I was very happy for Nico being third.”

But while Hulkenberg impressed, he admitted it had been a “brutal” week after returning last week.

While he ultimately didn’t get to drive, it was a harsh reminder of how difficult it is at the top of F1.

“I wasn’t ready enough for sure. Body-wise it was all okay but it was all about my neck and shoulder which is so specific here in these cars,” he said.

“Last week that was really a limiting factor, especially in qualifying when we go the fastest and the forces are the highest.

“It was really brutal to the point that I didn’t have enough strength to keep the car safe and go ultimately to the limit.”

Hulkenberg has also stepped into the F1’s big controversy of the season with Racing Point deducted 15 points and fined $A660,000 for the design of the brake ducts on the car.

Following multiple Renault protests at the originality and legality of the car, the stewards announced that Racing Point had breached the sporting regulations in the design of the brake ducts for its RP20 car, ruling Mercedes had been the principal designer of the part, with the regulations stating that it has to be designed by the team itself.

Racing Point are appealing the decision, while Renault, McLaren, Ferrari and Williams also appealing for a harsher penalty.

Racing Point’s billionaire team owner Lawrence Stroll took an extraordinary swipe at the penalty in a rare public statement.

“I do not often speak publicly, however I am extremely angry at any suggestion we have been underhand or have cheated – particularly those comments coming from our competitors,” he said. “I have never cheated at anything in my life. These accusations are completely unacceptable and not true. My integrity – and that of my team – are beyond question.

“Everyone at Racing Point was shocked and disappointed by the FIA ruling and firmly maintain our innocence.”

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A COVID test, a pub test and an “abusive” phone call: Libs’ meeting fallout

Premier Steven Marshall has been called out for allegedly “abusing” a radio producer amid the fallout from last night’s controversial Liberal Party gathering at Adelaide Oval that saw his moderate faction garner an overwhelming strategic victory.

The Liberal Women’s Council meeting went ahead despite some invitees expressing grave misgivings and some party members moving to have it deferred.

Marshall’s Facebook page was last night hammered by negative feedback about the event, which fell on the same week some other public gatherings were drastically curtailed due to escalating coronavirus concerns – a point emphasised by insiders who told InDaily the “double-standard” failed the “pub test”.

But those concerns were dismissed by SA Liberal moderates as factional grandstanding by the party’s Right wing, with InDaily revealing yesterday that moderate faction leader Simon Birmingham sent colleagues a scathing critique of Right faction “cronies” exploiting the Coronavirus crisis to “undermine democracy within our party”.

Marshall, a factional ally of Birmingham – whose wife Courtney Morcombe works as the Premier’s chief of staff and is understood to have attended the ballot – was today taken to task by FIVEaa presenters Will Goodings and David Penberthy, who broadcast concerns about the event yesterday.

“This morning the Premier rang our producer Andy Ruzgar and gave him a serve about it,” Penberthy said on air this morning.

“I think the Premier, rather than hassling our staff – which is something we will not tolerate… should hassle the people in the Liberal Party who are putting this about as a story.

“We aren’t the ones who described the event as “insane” [and] “inappropriate”… the people who said these things are members of the Liberal Party – some of them are Liberal members of parliament.

“If they can’t manage their internal politics, that’s a problem for the Liberal Party.”

Goodings, a former media adviser for the Liberals in Opposition, added that “browbeating the media when you’ve got internal Liberal Party problems is not a strategy – it’s a copout.”

Goodings said the station had given Health Minister Stephen Wade “an opportunity to explain [the event] in clear language, which he did… and subsequent to that there’s an abusive phone call” from the Premier.

Penberthy told InDaily he stood by his comments on air, saying: “I think the State Government’s handling of [the pandemic] has been very, very good, but clearly with this issue a lot of people have found it confusing – and some of them are members of the Liberal Party.”

Marshall told reporters today he was not in the habit of calling reporters to comment on stories but “we are in a global pandemic” and he did not want misunderstanding “about a seated AGM with strict guidelines”.

“When we can provide events safely, we should encourage that,” he said.

“We’ve got to be careful not to compare and contrast inaccurately.”

Fledgling state minister David Basham, joined by his adviser Sara Bray, was at the meeting – it’s understood he was there to look after his baby while his wife Kate attended. Photo: David Mariuz / InDaily

Right-aligned Women’s Council president Laura Curran – who was seeking re-election to the key role, which holds a seat on the party’s influential state executive – had told Women’s Council members that she would be “unable to attend” the meeting, having “recently developed flu-like symptoms that fit the criteria of COVID-19”.

“While I am sure I am fine, I have taken medical advice and been tested for COVID-19 which means I am required to remain in self-isolation until a negative result is received,” she wrote in an email sent to members this week.

However, she did attend after the test came back negative, and is understood to have delivered a contentious speech alleging she had received several abusive emails from members of the Women’s Council executive.

She did not respond to inquiries today.

It’s understood Birmingham himself came in for criticism during a separate speech by Conservative-aligned Liberal vice-presidential candidate Emma Godfrey, who railed against his reported comments, suggesting the timing and location of the meeting was planned to prevent several members – including from regional areas – from attending.

Curran, however, was soundly defeated in the ballot – losing 184 votes to 38 to former Christopher Pyne staffer Sue Lawrie, a previous Liberal candidate who now works in the office of recently-elevated Marshall Government minister Vincent Tarzia.

One insider said the result was a defeat for the Hard Right, saying “the Taliban got slaughtered”.

The intrigue also appeared to provoke a pointed social media response from a former moderate-aligned Liberal candidate.

Lawrie and state Liberal president Sascha Meldrum declined to comment today, but Pyne’s former chief of staff Hannah March, a former Women’s Council president, told InDaily: “Laura Curran enjoyed the unanimous support of Liberal Women’s Council State Council delegates two weeks ago when she was preselected to a safe seat in the Legislative Council on a ticket that has six women.”

“Laura will become the youngest Liberal Woman ever elected to the Legislative Council – any suggestion she has not been supported is wrong,” she said.

Marshall too was in a bullish mood about the event, with a Facebook response to critics – signed off by his “Team” – arguing: “There’s been so much misinformation going round about an AGM held by the Liberal Women’s Council at Adelaide Oval last night.”

“The ridiculous claims that this was a ‘lavish dinner’ and 700 people were in attendance are completely false… contrary to those reports, the AGM met strict COVID-19 guidelines with all attendees seated and spaced appropriately,” the post read.

“There were not 700 people in attendance [and] this event followed the same strict guidelines that apply to the rest of South Australia.”

A photo of the event posted on the Premier’s Facebook page, with his Deputy Vickie Chapman seated on stage.

InDaily understands around 250 people attended, including party ‘observers’ – with many of the more than 600 council members rarely attending the annual event.

One attendee, Adelaide hypnotherapist Jean Cannon, told InDaily the complaints about the meeting was the result of “stupid misinformation that should never have been there” blaming “a silly bunch of girls” for the “totally and utterly silly and divisive” controversy.

“Most of the women there are completely sensible people who have been members of the Liberal Party for years,” she said.

The 78-year-old, who has been a party member for 60 years, denied factional infighting had escalated significantly, saying “every group you ever go to, you’ll find a small group of people who’ll get grumpy and dissatisfied – it’s normal”.

“Guys do it one way, and the girls do it by getting a little bit bitchy – and that’s just the way life has always been,” she said.

“It’s the way for humans… the vast majority of people in the party just want to get on with sensible policies and help the Liberal party to run a responsible economy.

“That’s all we’re interested in.”

She insisted Adelaide Oval was the “safest place probably in Adelaide with such a careful COVID plan”.

“There was a young man there sanitising the microphones and podium between every speaker,” she said, noting that there was “some alcohol” served but that attendees had to remain seated throughout the event.

“Probably a third of the people bought an alcoholic drink and sat down to drink it with what they bought at this horrible café outside,” she lamented.

But other insiders expressed dismay that the Women’s Council vote had been heavily influenced by male Liberal powerbrokers – from both factions.

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Nadia Sawalha strips to bold bikini for rousing body positivity call to action

Nadia Sawalha has urged her followers to love the body they are in – winning an outpouring of support and appreciation in the process.

The 55-year-old Loose Women star stripped to a black and bold pink bikini as she made her rousing call to action.

The star danced in front of a camera at the side of a swimming pool as a male companion counted down from three to one and the star then jumped into the refreshing water.

Uploading the footage to Instagram, Nadia opened up about past body insecurities caused by paparazzi photographs from 2006 – before giving a rousing statement about body positivity.

The Loose Women star danced beside a pool as she showed off her figure

She wrote: “Years ago I got papped on a beach in a bikini and the article discussed how I could dare to go on the beach at the size I was . I was a ‘size’14.

“Sadly this f***ed me up for years …to the point where I literally never ‘dared’ to go on the beach or by the pool again in a bikini again without a cover up on.

“Thank god those days are well and truly in the past! I feel as joyful and liberated in this video as I look!! FREEDOM from my OWN and OTHERS ‘STINKING THINKING’ is a wonderful thing.”

Nadia opened up about her own body insecurities in a candid statement

Turning her attention to concerns about how her own daughters would feel about having their bodies criticised, the talk show panelist continued.

She wrote: “I have a dream that my daughters and yours won’t have to go through the body fascism so many of US have had to.

“But that dream can only come true if we all work hard to make a change by being kinder to ourselves and others #letsnotjudgeeachother.”

She then issued a call to action for female followers to flaunt their skin.

She urged: “Ditch the sarongs girls because ‘Those that mind don’t matter and those that MATTER don’t mind!’” adding, the quote is attributed to: “Dr Seuss (and NOT Gandhi as I thought for years).”

Nads took the plunge in the video – and shared it online

She then recommend a string of fellow Instagram accounts for followers to visit for information and advice.

The Loose Women star’s post was met with high praise and approval from fans and followers.

One responded: “Love you Nadia. Keeping it real for us women with our wobbly bits and making us realise we should be proud of our bodies and shouldn’t give a crap what people think! Keep flying the flag for us.”

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Telemedicine Has Resurrected the House Call

Studies have shown, for example, that automated blood-pressure measurements taken when a patient is sitting alone in a quiet place are more accurate. People with white-coat hypertension regularly experience higher blood pressure in clinical settings as a result of anxiety or fear. At-home tests, Fendrick said, can better capture a person’s usual blood pressure.

Along the same lines, some patients seem to perform better on telehealth cognitive tests for dementia, Julia Loewenthal, a geriatrician at Boston’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital, told me. In-office exams can be exhausting, nerve-racking ordeals that sap memory and attention; at home, patients are more relaxed and clearer-minded. “It reduces test anxiety,” Loewenthal said.

A virtual house call can also improve the quality of treatments. Christina Dierkes, a 37-year-old from Columbus, Ohio, usually dreads the end of an intense therapy session. “You bare your soul to this person,” she told me, “and then you’re running into somebody in the elevator and sitting in the car crying and driving home.” Since March, she’s connected with her therapist over the phone, from safe within her pandemic cocoon. “I was at home, in my own space, in sweatpants. It made it easier to imagine I was talking to myself or someone I feel really safe with,” she said.

This advantage is, to some degree, subjective. David Bober, a 51-year-old in Maryland, struggles to find a quiet spot at home where he won’t be overheard or interrupted during psychiatry sessions and is ready to return to in-person therapy. “I’d be happy to sit 12 feet away, on the other side of the room, wearing a mask,” he says. And having to verbalize bodily concerns to a doctor who can’t touch or examine a patient up close can be a source of discomfort. Jon Johns, a 54-year-old in eastern Ohio, had his annual physical—it went well—over videoconference in April. “But what if I was in pain or something was wrong?” he says. “I would be anxious about how well I was describing my symptoms.”

Whatever might be missing from the patient’s descriptions, doctors can glean information through telemedicine that they wouldn’t otherwise have access to. And this might be the true magic of the virtual house call.

The family doctor Carman Ciervo, for example, can’t check a pulse or administer a vaccine through a screen. But over video, Ciervo, a primary care physician for Jefferson Health, in Philadelphia, goes over the prescriptions in his patients’ medicine cabinet one by one. He gauges nutrition by peeking inside fridges. In summertime, Ciervo asks to see thermostats to make sure they’re on and functional. If a patient has mobility issues, he monitors the video’s background for railings or potential tripping hazards.

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