Civic centre name rift

The criticism followed council’s announcement on Monday that it would name its new $102.5 million headquarters Wurriki Nyal in tribute to the region’s Indigenous history.

Initially, a broad and diverse range of Aboriginal groups, consultants and individuals attended council workshops following suggestions of using an Indigenous name for the headquarters, according to council.

Council followed the guidelines of the Geographic Places Names Act and the Aboriginal Heritage Act in seeking the approval of Wadawurrung Traditional Owners Aboriginal Corporation.

“I know some people who have just as much cultural authority to have a say who haven’t had a say. It’s just caused this huge wedge in the community,” the academic said.

Another local Indigenous source, who also wished not to be identified, said the anger of some local Indigenous groups over the naming highlighted issues in the legislation.

“Governments want a ticked-box approach,” they said.

Council’s customer and corporate services director Michael Dugina said recognising and celebrating Geelong’s Aboriginal culture had been a key focus of the civic precinct project from inception.

“The city continues to implement ideas and explore opportunities to benefit Aboriginal artists and businesses,” he said.

“These opportunities are made available to all Aboriginal people.

“As required by Geographical Names Victoria, the naming will be advertised for 30 days with an opportunity for public feedback.”

Council has contributed $102.5 million for the headquarters – part of a joint $220 million civic precinct project it is building in partnership with developer Quintessential Equity.

Council expects the joint commercial-council project to create 900 local jobs during construction and be complete by mid-2022.

Council aims to consolidate staff from seven central Geelong offices in one headquarters through the project to reduce its operating costs.

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Greek Orthodox Church took tens of millions in rent from aged care home at centre of deadliest COVID outbreak

A group of taxpayer-funded aged care homes funnelled $31 million back into the coffers of one of Australia’s largest churches, an ABC investigation has found. 

The homes include St Basil’s in Melbourne, where 45 residents died in Australia’s deadliest COVID outbreak.

In the past eight years, St Basil’s paid more than $22 million in rent and fees to the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese while receiving federal government funding.

A commercial real estate agent told Background Briefing this was double the rental market rate.

Towards the end of that period, the church was funding the lavish lifestyle of its newly appointed Archbishop, including the purchase of a $6.5 million Sydney apartment with harbour views.

Archbishop Makarios, who oversees the church’s schools, parishes and aged care homes, arrived on Australia’s shores in the middle of 2019 to much fanfare.

He was swamped by thousands at his enthronement in Sydney and photographed meeting the Prime Minister along with other political and business leaders.

“Until the end of my life, I belong to Australia,” he declared, choking back tears.

But as he toured the country in his first months in charge, some in the church noted his lifestyle seemed excessive for a man who had taken a vow of poverty.

He was arriving at parishes in a black Holden Caprice with dark tinted windows, a flag and a personalised number plate ordered just for him: ARCHBM.

They were a stark departure from the conservative black cotton garments worn by his predecessor, the late Archbishop Stylianos.

Then in December 2019, the church bought him a new official residence in Millers Point, a luxurious apartment with sweeping views of Sydney Harbour and the Opera House.

It provoked outrage among the faithful, so in mid-2020 the Archdiocese issued a statement denying the Archbishop was living in the apartment.

But Background Briefing has observed Archbishop Makarios’s Caprice entering and leaving the apartment complex.

The Archdiocese has now confirmed he moved in earlier this year.

Sources say before he moved in, a $3 million renovation was carried out.

The church said the renovation was paid for by a private donor.

The Archdiocese dismissed questions about the Archbishop’s lifestyle as “discourteous and ill-founded”, but concerns persist that funds from the Greek Orthodox Church’s aged care homes are helping to pay for it.

Background Briefing has uncovered an extensive network of residential and commercial properties around Australia owned by the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese and overseen by the Archbishop.

But assets don’t equal liquid cash.

The Archdiocese also owns 15 aged care homes dotted around Victoria, New South Wales, Western Australia, Queensland and South Australia, which receive aged care funding from the federal government. 

Some of the church’s aged care homes are passing money directly back to the church, with a total of $31 million transferred in the past eight years, often while homes are posting operating losses.

“One thing that pops out immediately on the St Basil’s filings is the amount of rent paid to the church,” said Jason Ward, an aged care expert from the Centre for International Corporate Tax Accountability and Research, who examined St Basil’s financial disclosures for the ABC.

“There are other operating expenses which are never explained or classified. What is disclosed is that a portion of that is fees to the Greek Orthodox Church.

St Basil’s has received nearly $73 million in taxpayer funding over the past eight years.

According to one source who spoke to Background Briefing on condition of anonymity, the Archdiocese views its aged care homes as “fat children” and itself as a “starving mother”.

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Sweet Justice beekeeping beckons for keen parolees from Malmsbury Youth Justice Centre

Kyneton beekeeper Claire Moore is sweetening the job prospects for young men ending their time in the youth justice system.

Ms Moore was the apiarist behind Sweet Justice, a program kickstarted inside the Malmsbury Youth Justice Centre, where young men undergo a 10-week course that teaches them the fundamentals of commercial beekeeping, in the hope of finding them employment on parole.

But she has decided to take the next step and is setting up her own social enterprise, so she can offer these young men full-time employment on release.

“Because they’ve never had any exposure to bees, it can be quite scary … but to watch their progression over 10 weeks, becoming really confident and handling them so competently, for me, is really exciting.

“So I really want to work with them for a year and help build their employment skills and build a CV.”

A woman is wearing a bee suit and watching someone work on building a hive
Apiarist Claire Moore is hoping to roll out this program across the country.(

ABC Rural: Eden Hynninen


‘Finding and maintaining a job’

Ms Moore said that everyone understood the difficulties of finding and maintaining a job, but for these young men, there were added challenges.

“So I want to help them make it hopefully an easier transition.”

The program is going to be based in Bendigo so workers have access to services like housing and public transport.

“We want it to be a regional experience and an option for people that don’t necessarily want to work in Melbourne,” she said.

“They’ll be working with us, and working hives, producing honey, beauty products and actually selling the honey at farmers markets and making sure it’s onto shop shelves and retail outlets.

Rejuvenating the workforce

She said it was not only beneficial to these young men, but also to an aging beekeeping industry.

“At the moment, the average age of a beekeeper in Australia is 65 and we don’t have a lot of young blood in the industry, so I’m hoping the young people trained at Malmsbury will be part of the next generation of commercial beekeepers,” she said.

“We need more young beekeepers, we need more people who want to take up the job, it’s important for Australia’s food security.”

close up of hundreds of bees working in a hive
A similar program in the United States saw reoffending rates dramatically decline.(

ABC Rural: Eden Hynninen


Department of Justice

The Department of Justice and Community Safety said the young men inside Malmsbury looked forward to Ms Moore’s weekly classes.

“Participants are provided with a lifelong mentor in beekeeping through Claire, and learn an in-demand skill that they can take with them into their lives beyond custody,” a DJCS spokesperson said.

“We know that to genuinely help young people to turn their lives around they need training and activities that will help them build a pathway to a career.

Mr Moore said she has been surprised at just how quickly the young men have picked up the skills.

“It’s genuinely surprised me, the boys in my program are so bright, genuinely bright, but just in a different way,” she said.

“School for them may not have worked out in a traditional sense, but in beekeeping, they can very quickly hit a Certificate III level of understanding if I use alternative teaching methods, and that fascinates me.

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Aerodyne and Federation of Malaysian State Skills Development Centre Work Together on National Talent Initiative

  • Expected to hit 2k youths in 2 years, first batch of 200 trainees across five states
  • Developing young talent equipped with knowledge and capabilities are critical

Aerodyne Group, a DT3 (Drone Tech, Data Tech, and Digital Transformation) drone-based global enterprise solutions provider and the Federation of Malaysian State Skills Development Centre (FMSDC) announced an MOU today to collaborate on a national talent initiative to develop up to 2,000 youth for the drone and advanced data technology industry.

Aerodyne, which has a presence in 35 countries, will provide technology support, Drones-as-a-Service and Software-as-a-Service as well as digital transformation subject matter experts in each state in Malaysia with a focus on talent development and driving transformation in various industries.

With this partnership, FMSDC will be able to offer cutting edge DT3 technology to more than 1,000 of its industry members across Malaysia. Present at the signing ceremony at Aerodyne’s campus in Cyberjaya was Selangor Menteri Besar, Amirudin Shari.

FMSDC which consists of 13 State Skills Development Centres aims to develop the nation’s skilled talent pool by providing industry led technical training and education to meet local industry demand.

Muhamed Ali, Chairman of FMSDC said, “The core reason of the State Skills Development Centres’ existence are the industries at each locality that play the role of initiating and developing business policies, type of technical courses or training the industries require, development of modules and the Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) development.

“For the year 2021, this collaboration aims to certify more than 200 fresh and unemployed graduates with industrial skills and competencies from Aerodyne itself in the area of drone technology.

“The initiative is in line with the government’s efforts to nurture and develop new talent to propel Malaysia into becoming a high-income nation and also boost youth participation in high-income employments especially in Industrial Revolution 4.0 segments, in line with SPV2030 agenda.

“Developing young talent equipped with knowledge and capabilities are critical to bring forward-looking approaches and lead the way in sustaining business in a highly competitive and ever-changing global economic landscape”.

Aerodyne’s founder and Group CEO, Kamarul A Muhamed said, “The global drone market is anticipated to reach US$25 billion by the end of 2023 witnessing a compound annual growth rate of 18.2% owing to the significant use of drones in various sectors. As such, we can forsee an attendant demand for human resources such as pilots, data analysts and programmers to support the projected industry boom. Our strategic partnership with FMSDC is an exciting way to upskill Malaysian talent not only for the local market but also global as well.”

The first batch of 200 trainees across 5 states will take 6 months and be completed by December 2020.

Persekutuan Pusat Pembangunan Kemahiran Malaysia or the FMSDC was established in 1999 under the Societies Act 1966. Today, FMSDC consists of 13 (thirteen) State Skill Development Centres (SDC) nationwide with more than 600,000 trainees benefiting from its various upskilling/reskilling programs. 

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Ready To Talk If Centre Invites, No Change In Demands: Farmer Leader Rakesh Tikait

“All three black farm laws should be repealed,” Rakesh Tikait said. (File)


Farmers protesting the contentious new farm laws are ready to talk if the centre invites them, Bharatiya Kisan Union (BKU) leader Rakesh Tikait said on Sunday, maintaining that the dialogue would resume where it had ended on January 22 and the demands remain unchanged.

He said for the talks to resume, the government should invite the Samyukta Kisan Morcha (SKM), an umbrella body representing the protestors who are camping at the three border points of Delhi at Singhu, Tikri and Ghazipur since November 2020.

“The talks with the government would resume from the same point where it had ended on January 22. The demands are also the same — all three ”black” farm laws should be repealed, a new law made to ensure MSP (minimum support price) for crops,” Mr Tikait was quoted as saying in a statement issued by BKU media in-charge Dharmendra Malik.

The BKU national spokesperson’s remarks came in response to Haryana Home Minister Anil Vij urging Union Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar to resume talks with protesting farmers amid the coronavirus scare looming large.

Maintaining that a surge in the coronavirus cases is being seen across the country and the situation is turning bad in Haryana too, Mr Vij said he is worried about the farmers protesting on the state borders with Delhi.

The protestors and the government last had a formal dialogue over the contentious issue on January 22 but the impasse continued. On January 26, the protestors had carried out a ”tractor parade” in Delhi which had escalated into a violence involving farmers and the police in the national capital.

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People under 50 turned away from Melbourne vaccination centre after new AstraZeneca advice

A consent process for people under 50 who still want to get the AstraZeneca COVID vaccine is being developed, following confusion that led to healthcare workers getting turned away from vaccination sites in Melbourne.

The federal goverment on Thursday night said the Pfizer vaccine would become the preferred vaccine for people under 50 amid concerns about a rare blood clotting condition linked to the AstraZeneca vaccine.

ATAGI (the Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation), which advises the federal government on immunisation issues, said the advice was based on assessment of the risks and benefits of the vaccine.

The expert panel said the AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine may be used in adults aged under 50 years where the benefits were likely to outweigh the risks for that individual.

While Pfizer is now the preferred vaccine, ATAGI and the federal government have made it clear that people could still choose AstraZeneca if they wanted to, as long as it was an “informed decision”.

On Friday the states were waiting for the federal government to finalise a formal consent process for this situation.

In Victoria, health services have been encouraged to contact people under 50 who were booked to get an AstraZeneca vaccine before Monday and reschedule unless they can offer Pfizer instead.

“Until updated consent forms and consumer information are available from the Commonwealth Department of Health, and immunisation teams have been familiarised with these materials, it is advised that the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine is not administered to eligible persons aged under 50 years,” Victoria’s Department of Health said in a statement.

“When consent forms and consumer information from the Commonwealth are available, eligible persons for whom the benefits of protection against COVID-19 are likely to outweigh the risks of the side effect and who provide informed consent can receive the AstraZeneca vaccine.

“Appointments should not proceed until these resources are provided.”

But on Friday afternoon, Australia’s Chief Medical Officer Paul Kelly said the consent process would be updated soon.

“One of the recommendations from ATAGI was to make sure that that informed consent process was absolutely and totally informed by this new information and so that will be available today,” he said.

“In some states there was an issue there because of the lack of that new informed consent process being available. They have made changes to the program today.”

On Friday morning dozens of people with appointments for COVID-19 vaccines were turned away from the hub at the Royal Exhibition Building in Melbourne.

Athena Stathoulas, who works for St John Ambulance, had been sent a confirmation email two days ago for her vaccination today.

“I had no correspondence whatsoever about this,” she told the ABC.

“They just turned me away. I had no idea it was for 50s and over. I had no notification. So it’s a bit annoying.”

She said she had evaluated the potential risks of the AstraZeneca vaccine and was still happy to get the jab. 

“Well [the risk is] pretty minimal from what I’ve heard. It’s less than the contraceptive pill,” she said.

Sushanta Saha, who is a 35-year-old registered nurse, spent around 90 minutes getting to the site.

“I took the appointment. No-one told me anything,” he said.

“Now they say you can’t even go in.  They’re saying it’s a last-minute change.”

The New South Wales government briefly halted its vaccine rollout to frontline health workers but it has now resumed.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison on Friday stressed that the AstraZeneca vaccine had not been banned, and that the side effects were “very rare”.

“We are talking in the vicinity of five to six per million which is a rather rare event,” he said in a press conference today.

“But it must be acknowledged.

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Former Gympie Nestle worker at centre of asbestos fight

The man, identified in court documents only as Mr Jones, was a maintenance fitter at the Gympie plant from 1961 to 1998, where he worked with Klingerit gaskets.He died in 2018, from malignant mesothelioma, a cancer that commonly affects the lungs.It is alleged he developed the disease from inhaling asbestos dust and fibre caused by the company’s failure to take reasonable care to avoid exposing people to “the risk of foreseeable injury arising from the supply, sale and subsequent use of Klingerit”.Mr Jones was paid compensation by WorkCover Queensland after his diagnosis.BONUS: Your chance to win $20k with free Courier Mail subscriptionThe company launched action on behalf of Mr Jones and a second man it compensated, Mr Simpson, against the makers of Klingerit.Mr Simpson was a former Queensland Government worker; he died in 2020.Klinger Limited has pleaded its defence on 17 grounds.These include that its products only contained chrysotile asbestos; it did not know inhaling this form of asbestos could cause mesothelioma based on the state of scientific and medical knowledge at the time; and it was not responsible for any improper use of its products.MORE GYMPIE NEWS* Multimillion-dollar hydro project mooted for Gympie region* ‘Absolutely insane’: New Gympie cafe flooded with support“If Mr Jones, in the course of his employment, made use of Klingerit as a packing material, Klingerit was not intended by the defendant for use as a packing material,” the company stated.Klinger also argued the composition of Klingerit was such that it was impossible to inhale asbestos from the product if it was being used as intended.The cases were brought to light as part of an appeal by WorkCover to have the cases joined, or heard one after the other.Judge Nathan Jarro granted this request, saying factual nuances did exist in the cases but there were enough common threads in them to have them heard close to each other.

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Liverpool Neighbourhood Connections centre helping women back into the workplace

A few years ago, Nicole Hailes felt she couldn’t get out of bed.

Her depression had crippled her. She was anti-social and quit her job in childcare.

Today, with help from the women at the Liverpool Neighbourhood Connections (LNC) centre, Nicole is thriving with two jobs and a role making and selling hair accessories in a small not-for-profit business.

Nicole goes a step further.

“LNC saved my life. I can never repay them for what they’ve done for me,” she says.

Looking back, Nicole is a different person than she was during her depression, and feels she is now contributing to her community.

Nicole is working for a not-for-profit business that makes and sells hair scrunchies.(

ABC News: Maryanne Taouk


“Being able to get up and go to work, getting a wage again, saving for things is great.

“And it’s that independence I don’t have to rely on my family to help me. I don’t have to go; ‘can I borrow some money?'”

The LNC, based at Warwick Farm in south-west Sydney, is a meeting place for women to learn and work with the added benefit of childcare.

The centre is funded by donations and grants.

For 30 years Pat Hall has run the centre and has seen countless women take their first steps into the workforce.

“Giving a woman a job helps more than just her, it helps her family, it inspires her kids and the people around her,” Pat says.

Pat’s ethos is helping women in Liverpool’s most disadvantaged communities, those with mental health issues and from refugee or migrant backgrounds who have struggled with employment in the past, providing a clear path to a job, with in-house skills courses.

woman behind a desk smiling
For the last 30 years Pat Hall has been focused on getting disadvantaged women into work.(

ABC News: Maryanne Taouk


Analiza Randall started as a volunteer at the centre, she would clean and unlock doors in the morning.

Before that she had a few short-term jobs that helped provide for her six children but had never stuck with anything for long enough.

“I worked here and there, but I moved around a lot because of my home life,” Analiza says.

“Now I’m in Liverpool, this is my home, I want to stay here forever because I feel loved here.”

After completing a short barista course, Analiza was able to find work in the LNC-funded cafe for a few hours a week, and now works full-time.

“I looked at my first pay cheque and I said, this is mine.

“I’m thankful that I can do this and have it for myself.”

analiza smiling
Analiza Randall has found a place where she “feels loved”.(

ABC News: Maryanne Taouk


analiza with sandwiches
Analiza now works full time after completing a barista course.(

ABC News: Maryanne Taouk


A report from Western Sydney University found that Analiza’s success at LNC was not isolated.

Brian Stout from the school of social services, and co-author of the report, said the work at the centre is unique to Liverpool and should be replicated across the state.

“What LNC do is create a clear path from short courses, facilitated by on-site childcare, right through to employment,” he said.

“Targeting women while providing those services is not only effective it has a real impact in the community.”

While Liverpool continues to develop and construction projects push forward, Professor Stout wants the women in the area to be given an equal chance.

man leaning on wall looking forward
Any expansion of Liverpool needs to be women-centric, says Professor Brian Stout.(

ABC News: Maryanne Taouk


“It’s important that as a community this expansion of Liverpool City isn’t just about bringing in people from elsewhere, but raising opportunities for the community that are already here.

“The work of Liverpool Neighbourhood Connections is just as important as the work of the new airport towards any economic growth and prosperity in Liverpool.”

For Analiza, having the support of the centre when she needed it most, has spurred her to help others.

“I want to give back, I want to look after the homeless. I was helped and I had the love of someone when I first came here, so why not.”

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Adelaide Remand Centre prison escapee Jason Burdon left carjacking victim shattered, court hears

An Adelaide court has heard a man who escaped from the Adelaide Remand Centre by using clothes as a makeshift rope to scale down the building has a “very lengthy criminal history”.

Jason Gregory Burdon, 33, was found guilty in the District Court earlier this year of robbery following a violent carjacking in Clarence Gardens in May 2019 that the court heard fractured several bones in the victim’s face.

Burdon was arrested after a roof-top standoff with police.

It was this crime he was in custody for when he escaped from the Adelaide Remand Centre in December.

During sentencing submissions for the robbery, Judge Simon Stretton said some of Burdon’s offences “could only be categorised as a crime spree”.

“There has just been relentless continual offending … constantly breaking into places, constantly stealing, constantly breaching bonds,” he said.

“There comes a point, unfortunately, when a person is a serious repeat offender that the law… says, ‘well enough is enough, you can’t expect to receive a short non-parole period because the community simply has to be protected.'”

Clothing Jason Burdon used to escape the Adelaide Remand Centre.(

ABC News: Michael Clements


Victim’s ‘shock, fear and grief’

Prosecutor Karen Ingleton asked for Burdon to be sentenced as a serious repeat offender as he had “a very lengthy criminal history”.

In a victim impact statement Ms Ingleton read to the court, the victim said he had struggled to feel happy since the robbery.

“I used to go out of my way to help people who was [sic] in need and feel really good about myself after I had helped them.

“Since the bashing, all of that has changed — my friends tell me not to stop and help strangers.”

The electronics repairman told the court his work had suffered as he experienced regular headaches as a result of the fractures he sustained between his eyes and cheekbones.

Burdon has also pleaded guilty in the Adelaide Magistrates Court to his 30-hour escape from the Adelaide Remand Centre in December but not guilty to resisting arrest.

Burdon’s lawyer, Greg Tonkin, told the court Burdon had been in solitary confinement since the escape and it had been difficult to get instructions from him.

Sentencing submissions will continue later this month and Burdon will be sentenced at a later date.

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Authorities hose down concerns about NT government taking over Howard Springs coronavirus quarantine centre

The head of the specialist health team running the country’s “gold standard” coronavirus quarantine facility says his staff will not leave until they are confident the Northern Territory Government can safely manage a major expansion of the centre.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison last week announced the number of international repatriations to the Howard Springs facility near Darwin would more than double to 1,000 arrivals each week from May.

NT Chief Minister Michael Gunner then revealed the NT Health Department would take over management of the facility, which has been partly run by the National Critical Care and Trauma Response Centre (NCCTRC) Australian Medical Assistance Teams (AUSMAT) since October.

The surprise change has sparked concerns within the NT Opposition and Australian Medical Association NT, which have questioned how the 400 extra staff required will be attracted to the NT and trained.

But speaking for the first time since Friday’s announcement, NCCTRC executive director Len Notaras said he was confident the change would be done safely.

He said there was “no definitive time frames” for the handover and AUSMAT workers would remain at the facility while new staff were trained.

“AUSMAT will continue — and this is important to stress — will continue to lead, operate, and manage the site until such a time as we are satisfied with, one, the consolidation and, two, the transition to the new collaborative arrangement,” he said.

“With the mentoring and with the leadership, the transfer that we will ensure happens, I am confident. If we were just turning the lights out and throwing the keys on the porch, that’d be a different story.”

Len Notaras says the transition from his specialist team to the NT government can be done safely.(

ABC News: Nicholas Hynes


NT Health has been managing the domestic section of the facility, where no cases of coronavirus have been recorded in people arriving in the NT from interstate.

The AUSMAT team has managed what has been considered the higher-risk cohort of Australians repatriated from overseas, with 67 cases recorded among the almost 4,800 international arrivals at the centre to date.

No cases of community transmission have leaked into the community.

NT Opposition Leader Lia Finocchiaro on Monday questioned why the government was taking full responsibility for the centre.

Mr Gunner said on Friday that merging the two sections of the centre was the wish of the federal government, which would continue to fund the operation.

But a spokesperson for Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt told the ABC: “The NT Government has decided to develop a state-led model of quarantine delivery designed to meet the needs of a larger program similar to other jurisdictions.”

A photo of the Howard Springs quarantine facility, showing a row of dongas each with a small verandah out the front.
The currently separate domestic and international sections will be merged under the new model.(

ABC News: Jane Bardon


Professor Notaras said his emergency response service never intended to manage the facility long term and it had to be ready to deploy to other emergencies.

“Part of the key of our success is our ability to hand over,” he said.

“We will continue to provide advice, how to ensure the safety and efficiency of the ongoing response, but we’ll be keen to get on with our own tasks.”

Union questions whether extra staff can be found

The NT Government said it would soon launch a nationwide recruitment campaign to find hundreds of new health workers and support staff to run the expanded facility.

But as the global pandemic continues and the national vaccine rollout begins, the Health Services Union has questioned where those staff will come from and how they will be trained.

“Everyone who is or was a health worker is pretty much tied up at the moment,” SA/NT branch secretary Billy Elrick said.

“The expansion is happening very quickly — over two months — that’s not much time to train people up with the appropriate infection-control measures required to work at a facility like this.”

Professor Notaras said the goal of 1,000 weekly arrivals from May was achievable and health staff would be drawn to the NT.

“We’ve got the advantage of a stellar product, a gold-standard product,” he said.

“People want to come because they see that experience will be phenomenal.”

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