These Vegan Supplements From The Protein Works Are The Cheapest They’ve Ever Been

With hundreds of five-star reviews, these 50% OFF deals on vegan supplements are just simply too good to miss.

It’s now been shown that a vegan diet can help reduce inflammation and pain, so it’s no wonder that many people are switching to vegan supplements. Plant-based supplements are also considered to be more ethical and sustainable as it takes less fuel, water and land to produce plants compared to animal protein. Vegan supplements are fast becoming the go-to products for recovery and health.

If you’re looking to top up your current stack or try something new, The Protein Works have made their entire vegan supplement range 50% OFF.

The Protein Works have been making great sports nutrition and supplements for years now. Their vegan range has a huge number of products and what really sets them apart from other brands is the in-house, cutting edge facilities that they have. Since they make their products themselves (instead of using third-party manufacturers to make the product and then packaging them) they have full control over the development process and quality standards – and it shows!

This quality is usually reflected in the price, but The Protein Works are currently offering 50% OFF the usual price on the entire Vegan Range with the code “TSV50“.

That’s right, 50% OFF – don’t think about it too long so that you don’t miss out on this amazing offer.

Vegan Powders

Vegan Protein Powder

Unlike other vegan shakes, Vegan Protein contains FIVE different protein sources – hemp, brown rice, sunflower, soy and pea. Each protein has its own unique nutritional profile, meaning you benefit from a more complete nutrient intake.

It contains no added sugar, is low in fat and has 25g of plant-based protein per serving. It is dairy-free, lactose-free, gluten free, wheat free and is available in a range of delicious flavours.

Vegan Wondershake

Using breakthrough Quadplant technology, Vegan Wondershake is the world’s first vegan protein shake that tastes just like a dairy shake – seriously, it’s an absolute game-changer. It’s silky-smooth, super creamy and boasts 22g of plant-powered protein per serving. Yes, really.

At just 89 calories per delicious shake, Vegan Wondershake is perfect for anyone who’s looking for supplements to support an active lifestyle with a high-protein, flavoursome plant-based diet.

Complete 360 Meal

Each meal is fully plant based and uses 8 natural, thoughtfully sourced core ingredients; including premium oats, our innovative tri-protein blend, flax seed, avocado oil, MCTs straight from coconuts, and ashwagandha. This unique and innovative recipe delivers wholesome health benefits whilst it’s plant based and palm oil free origins naturally reduce your environmental impact.

Added to that, with zero food waste, a fresh seal pouch and a full year’s shelf life not only does it help protect the planet, it also protects your pocket.

Vegan Mass Gainer

Weighing in at over 500 kcals & 39g of protein per serving, this Vegan Mass Gainer shake has been designed to promote an increase in muscle mass and improve intense physical performance.

Used in conjunction with hard training, its complete amino acid profile provides the building blocks necessary for muscle repair. The innovative carbohydrate blend also helps fuel your body, whether it’s in the gym or on the field of play.

Vegan Oils & Tablets

Vegan Vitamin B12 Tablets

Vitamin B12 is essential for good physical health and normal psychological function. However, following a plant-based diet can put you at risk of being insufficient or deficient in vitamin B12, leaving you tired with reduced brain function and at a higher risk of anaemia.

These Vitamin B12 tablets contain an optimal daily amount of 1000µg per tablet which makes them the perfect vegan supplement to help combat tiredness, improve the function of your immune system, psychological function, red blood cell function in addition to many more bodily functions and health benefits.

Vegan Omega 3:6:9 Ahiflower® Oil

Put simply Vegan Omega 3:6:9 Ahiflower® Oil has changed the way people supplement with healthy omega fatty acids. So incredibly pure, it’s an amazing addition to the Vegan Protein and Vegan Wondershake protein shakes listed above.

Healthy Vegan Munchies

Superfood Bites – Raw Indonesian Chocolate

Superfood Bites are incredibly delicious, nutrient-dense snacks. Designed to give you a natural boost of energy, protein and fibre with no hidden nasties, any time of the day. These indulgent, Raw Indonesian Chocolate Bites bring the flavour and consistency of a fudgy, rich, nutty brownie – without the hefty fat/sugar content!

All of these are made right here in the UK, using the finest nuts, fruits and seeds, sweetened with pure date paste and supercharged with premium superfood ingredients. Each perfectly sized bite contains as little as 0.6g of saturated fat and 4.2g of carbs.

Superfood Bites – Strawberry & Raspberry

These mouth-watering Strawberry and Raspberry Bites taste reminiscent of a juicy, berry flavoured sweet, crossed with a soft-baked, nutty treat! Perfectly fruity and in perfectly portion controlled servings – these are berry good indeed!

Superfood Bites – Cherry & Almond

These dangerously moreish Cherry and Almond Bites taste like heavenly cubes of cherry bakewell with a deliciously nutty bite! These won’t hang around for long!

Superfood Bites Lemon & Coconut

These incredible Lemon and Coconut flavour taste like a combination of delicious lemon drizzle cake, paired with a coconutty macaroon! You have to taste these for yourself!

Superfood Bites – Banana & Cacao

These addictively moreish Banana and Cacao Bites taste like heavenly cubes of choc-chip banana bread with a wonderful nutty bite! These won’t stick around for long!

Vegan Bundles

Vegan Weight Loss Kick-Off Bundle

This Vegan Weight Loss Starter Bundle contains 2 x 500g pouches of Vegan Meal Replacement Shake, which comes in any of our 6 incredible tasting flavours.

It’s been combined with Green Tea Ultra Tablets, Vegan Vitamin B12 to help combat tiredness, improve the function of your immune system, psychological function and red blood cell functions. To top it off, we’ve thrown in a Limited Edition Platinum Shaker to ensure those shakes are ultra-smooth.

Vegan Pro Bundle

This Vegan Pro Bundle contains two 500g pouches of Vegan Protein which comes in many incredible tasting flavours. It’s been combined with the brand new Ridiculous Vegan Protein Bar, Vegan Protein Pancake Mix and Superfood Bites.

To top it off, they’ve also thrown in a TPW™ Protein Shaker to ensure those shakes are ultra-smooth.

Vegan Weight Loss Pro Bundle

This Vegan Weight Loss Pro Bundle contains two 1kg pouches of Vegan Meal Replacement which comes in any of our 6 incredible tasting flavours. It’s combined with the brand new Super Greens Extreme, 60 capsules of essential Vitamin B12, 90 capsules of Green Tea Ultra.

They’ve thrown in a TPW™ Protein Shaker with this bundle as well.

Vegan Kick-Off Bundle

This Vegan Supplements Starter Bundle contains 2 x 210g pouches of our Best-Selling Vegan Protein, perfect for trying out new flavours! This comes in many incredible tasting flavours and is combined with the brand new innovation, the Ridiculous Vegan Protein Bar.

On top of this they’ve also included Superfood Bites in a flavour of your choice, as well as their shaker bottle.

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This post first appeared on on 18th August, 2020.

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Where to find cheapest petrol prices and save $17

PETROL prices in Northern NSW have remains stable for months, but there are places where significant savings can be made, according to the NRMA.

Cumbalum resident John Bout sent The Ballina Advocate a letter demanding a stop to the price differences with other towns in the area.

“Ballina seems to be paying a price because the demographic population is largely retired I think and don’t go out at night. They also don’t make waves … I will,” he said.

“We get increases as soon as price of oil goes up globally yet not when it drops. Why?”

According to a NRMA spokeswoman, Mr Bout’s chances of finding cheaper petrol are within a very narrow margin.

“Petrol prices in that area have remained the same for almost two months, with unleaded 91 between 114 and 119 cents per litre in most outlets around the region,” the spokeswoman said.

She said petrol prices in the area are within the average for regional NSW, currently at 118 cents.

“There are always exceptions, like the Kyogle petrol station with unleaded 91 at 110.9c/l, the cheapest in that area,” she said.

“The opposite today (Monday) was in Dunoon, where the price for unleaded 91 was 137.9c/l, the highest for the Northern Rivers.

“The difference between 110.9c/l and 137.9c/l on a 55-litre tank of petrol is about $17, so you want to put that money back in your pocket every time you fill up.”

The NRMA expert said petrol prices within this range have no reason to vary for the time being.

“In the past couple of weeks, the fluctuation in average petrol prices on the Far North Coast have only changed for 0.1 or 0.2 of a cent,” she said.

“That is actually a good thing for motorist because a stable petrol price means no nasty surprises when the time to fill up happens again.”

Petrol prices are available daily via


Northern Rivers Petrol Prices

Unleaded 91 on Monday, August 24, 2020

(Source: Fuel Check website)

• Ballina: 119.9 to 125.9c/l

• Bangalow: 119.9c/l

• Broadwater: 112.9c/l

• Brunswick Heads: 114 to 118.9c/l

• Byron Bay: 119.9 to 121.9c/l

• Casino: 115.5 to 127.9c/l

• Kyogle: 110.9 to 123.9c/l

• Lismore: 114.9 to 115.9c/l

• Mullumbimby: 118.9 to 119.9c/l

• Newrybar: 115.9c/l

• Nimbin: 118.9c/l.

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Crookwell home to the cheapest fuel in NSW | Goulburn Post

news, local-news, fuel, petrol, Crookwell, Goulburn, E10, prices, NRMA

Crookwell was home to the cheapest fuel in NSW on Friday. Fuel wars heated up in the town on June 26 with E10 going for as low as 39.9 cents a litre. READ ALSO: Country roads score slice of stimulus funding E10 fuel from The Metro Zone went from $1.02 per litre to 39.9 cents a litre over the day. Shortly after, Mobil Crookwell dropped the price of its E10 fuel to 49.9 cents a litre. This was more than half of the average E10 price for June across the state at 117.2 cents per litre. CHECK OUT: Regular coach service between Goulburn and Sydney The price war didn’t last long with Crookwell Metro currently at 113.9 cents and Mobil at 115.9 cents. As of June 30 Metro on Clinton Street in Goulburn was the cheapest fuel in the region at 105.9 cents per litre. According to the NRMA Weekly Fuel Report for June 29 over the past week average regular unleaded prices rose 0.8 cents per litre while diesel prices rose 0.4 cents per litre. According to the report regional prices are expected to slowly increase in most regional towns due to higher unleaded and diesel wholesale prices. The Goulburn Post contacted the petrol station owners to find out what prompted the price drops, but they did not respond. READ MORE: Powerhouse relocation puts steam into bringing engine home

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Lite Foldable Version May Be Cheapest Variant Yet

Most probably know by now that getting a Samsung Galaxy Fold will not come cheap. However,  this has not stopped the company from coming up with cheaper alternatives. As far as foldable devices, there is the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. Compared to the Samsung Galaxy Fold, a phone priced roughly around the $1,380 mark.

Compared to the Samsung Galaxy Fold, that is already a big slash off the suggested retail price. The SRP for the Samsung Galaxy Fold is at $2,000. But as mentioned in a previous post, Samsung plans to lower the price of the successor, the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2. The price is rumored to be roughly $1,899, a $101 off that some may not get excited about. Also worth noting is that there will be some downgrades. This includes getting a phone with only three cameras instead of the normal four that most phones are coming out with right now.

Aware that only a select few would likely consider buying their expensive Samsung Galaxy foldable, it appears that the South Korean company is trying to take it a notch lower. There are now rumors (via Sam Mobile) flying about a Samsung Galaxy Fold Lite 4G coming out and that it may be priced at $1,099. That is practically 50 percent savings from the Samsung Galaxy Fold in circulation right now.

But again, there will be features missing. The first is obvious, a phone that would run on 4G and not the 5G feature other phones are now toting. Aside from that, other changes likely to happen include the Ultra-Thin Glass (UTG) and possibly a device running on a less-powerful processor. As of this writing, the potential specs of the Samsung Galaxy Fold Lite 4G remain scarce although most are already advised to taper their expectations.

It would be a curious variant to check out, assuming that these rumors are true. Focus remains on the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 which will reportedly be available in black and brown color themes. With regard to demand, it remains to be seen if sales will pick up. Most are expected to hold off on getting new phones, not to mention expensive ones, prioritizing other needs as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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