The US Has Become Too Big, Too Diverse, and Too Corrupt to Survive

We’re getting close to the end now. Can you feel it?  I do.  It’s in the news, on the streets, and in your face every day. You can’t tune it out anymore, even if you wanted to.

Where once there was civil debate in the court of public opinion, we now have censorship, monopoly, screaming, insults, demonization, and, finally, the use of force to silence the opposition. There is no turning back now. The political extremes are going to war, and you will be dragged into it even if you consider yourself apolitical.

There are great pivot points in history, and we’ve arrived at one. The United States, ruptured by a thousand grievance groups, torn by shadowy agencies drunk on a gross excess of power, robbed blind by oligarchs and their treasonous henchmen and decimated by frivolous wars of choice, has finally come to a point where the end begins in earnest.

The center isn’t holding… indeed, finding a center is no longer even conceivable. We are the schizophrenic nation, bound by no societal norms, constrained by no religion, with no shared sense of history, myth, language, art, philosophy, music, or culture, rushing toward an uncertain future fueled by nothing more than easy money, hubris, and sheer momentum.

There comes a time when hard choices must be made…when it is no longer possible to remain aloof or amused, because the barbarians have arrived at the gate. Indeed, they are here now, and they often look a whole lot like deracinated, conflicted, yet bellicose fellow Americans, certain of only one thing, and that is that they possess “rights”, even though they could scarcely form an intelligible sentence explaining exactly what those rights secure or how they came into being.

But that isn’t necessary, from their point of view, you see. All they need is a “voice” and membership in an approved victim class to enrich themselves at someone else’s expense. If you are thinking to yourself right now that this does not describe you, then guess what? The joke’s on you, and you are going to be expected to pay the bill…that “someone else” is you.

In reality, though, who can blame the minions, when the elites have their hand in the till as well? In fact, they are even more hostile to reasoned discourse than Black Lives Matter, Occupy Wall Street, or Antifa. Witness the complete meltdown of the privileged classes when President Trump mildly suggested that perhaps our “intelligence community” isn’t to be trusted, which is after all a fairly sober assessment when one considers the track record of the CIA, FBI, NSA, BATF, and the other assorted Stasi agencies.

Burning cop cars or bum-rushing the odd Trump supporter seems kind of tame in comparison to the weeping and gnashing of teeth when that hoary old MIC “intelligence” vampire was dragged screaming into the light. Yet Trump did not drive a stake into its heart, nor at this point likely can anyone…and that is exactly the point. We are now Thelma and Louise writ large.

We are on cruise control, happily speeding towards the cliff, and few seem to notice that our not so distant future involves bankruptcy, totalitarianism, and/or nuclear annihilation. Even though most of us couldn’t identify the band, we nonetheless surely live the lyrics of the Grass Roots: “Live for today, and don’t worry about tomorrow.”

The “Defense” Department, “Homeland” Security, big pharma, big oil, big education, civil rights groups, blacks, Indians, Jews, the Deep State, government workers, labor unions, Neocons, Populists, fundamentalist Christians, atheists, pro life and pro death advocates, environmentalists, lawyers, homosexuals, women, Millenials, Baby Boomers, blue collar/white collar, illegal aliens…the list goes on and on, but the point is that the conflicting agendas of these disparate groups have been irreconcilable for some time.

The difference today is that we are de facto at war with each other, and whether it is a war of words or of actual combat doesn’t matter at the moment. What matters is that we no longer communicate, and when that happens it is easy to demonize the other side. Violence is never far behind ignorance.

I am writing this from the bar at the Intercontinental Hotel in Vienna, Austria. I have seen with my own eyes the inundation of Europe with an influx of hostile aliens bent on the destruction of Old Christendom, yet I have some hope for the eastern European countries because they have finally recognized the threat and are working to neutralize it.

Foreign malcontents can never be successfully integrated into a civilized society because they don’t even intend to try; they intend to conquer their host instead. Yet even though our own discontents are domestic for the most part, we have a much harder row to hoe than Old Europe because our own “invaders” are well entrenched and have been for decades, all the way up to the highest levels of government.

That there are signs Austria is finally waking up is a good thing, but it serves to illustrate the folly of expecting the hostile cultures within our own country to get along with each other without rupturing the republic. Indeed, that republic died long ago, and it has been replaced by a metastasizing mass of amorphous humanity called the American Empire, and it is at war with itself and consuming itself from within.

Long ago, we once knew that as American citizens each of us had a great responsibility. We were expected to work hard, play fair, do unto others as we would have them do unto us, and serve our country when called upon to do so. Today, we don’t speak of duty, except in so much as a slogan to promote war, but we certainly do speak of benefits for ourselves and our “group” of entitled peeps. We will fail because of our greed and avarice.

The United States of Empire has become quite simply too big, too diverse, and too “exceptional” to survive.

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DPWH reports 25 contractors blacklisted since 2016; Duterte tells corrupt officials to ‘resign now’


THE Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) reported on Friday that it has so far blacklisted 25 contractors since 2016 as President Rodrigo R. Duterte again rebuked the agency and told corrupt officials to “resign now.”

Mr. Duterte, in a televised address Friday evening, said “ghost projects” are the most rampant source of corruption, referring to infrastructure programs that do not get delivered.

“We are still investigating DPWH. Ang DPWH ang pinaka-racket diyan is ‘yung ghost project. So walang delivery, ghost project. Marami ‘yan (In the DPWH, their main racket is ghost projects. There is no delivery of the program, ghost project. There’s a lot of that in DPWH),” he said.

DPWH Secretary Mark A. Villar, meanwhile, said the blacklisting of contractors is tied to the sanctioning of officials who are colluding with them.

“This is a testament that collusion between contractors and DPWH officials is not being tolerated. If any of our implementing offices are tolerating erring contractors by letting them continue with their projects without sanctioning them, the Department will not hesitate in imposing disciplinary action against them,” Mr. Villar said in a statement on Friday.

Mr. Villar noted that the DPWH has banned the biggest number of contractors in the last four years compared to five from 2010 to June 2016, and eight in 2005 to 2010.

The DPWH has also adopted new systems such as the use of drones and satellite photography or geotagging for real-time monitoring of projects.

Mr. Duterte, who recently ordered a government-wide anti-corruption drive, has repeatedly pointed to the public works department as among the agencies with the most fraudulent activities.

At the same time, the President has cleared Mr. Villar from involvement in the anomalies.

“For the longest time, there was not much investigation being undertaken, but those involved in those anomalies, I advise you to resign now… because when the time comes, I will throw the book at you, even the kitchen sink,” Mr. Duterte said.

Palace Spokesperson Harry L. Roque, in a briefing on Friday, said the President’s “mega task force” assigned to probe corruption in the entire government will be responsible for auditing DPWH projects. — Gillian M. Cortez

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CCC hears corrupt bureaucrat Paul Whyte used Hamilton Fly Camp funds to buy lavish home

Former senior bureaucrat Paul Whyte allegedly used Housing Department funds to buy a $2.9 million home as part of “one of the largest cases of public sector fraud in Australia’s history”, WA’s Corruption and Crime Commission has been told.

The CCC is exploring the possibility millions of dollars of were misappropriated by Paul Whyte for personal gain in 2012 and 2013.

Counsel assisting the commission Nadia Pantano told a public hearing the funds should have been used for temporary accommodation for workers in the state’s Pilbara, known as Hamilton Fly Camp.

“The commission has information to indicate that funds intended for the construction of the fly camp were misappropriated by Mr Whyte,” Ms Pantano said.

“Instead of funding going to support the housing shortage in the state’s north west, it paid for a $2.9 million dollar house … a house occupied until recently by Mr Whyte.”

Ms Pantano told the commission payments made their way from the department to a contractor to an intermediary, before ultimately paying for Whyte’s home.

Paul Whyte’s house was allegedly purchased with $2.9 million of public funds.(ABC News: Rick Harvey)

She said the Housing Department had agreed to buy 100 worker accommodation units in a 440-dwelling development near South Hedland, to be administered by BHP.

The project was allocated $41 million via the Royalties for Regions housing for workers program in June 2012.

Hamilton Fly Camp, a temporary accommodation project for workers, was to be the first to be set up.

Whyte admitted $20 million fraud

The commission is holding public hearings into Whyte’s activities with the Department of Housing in 2012-2013.

Whyte, a former Department of Communities executive, pleaded guilty in June to 530 corruption charges related to separate matters.

A man in a blue shirt talks into a microphone.
Whyte was behind “one of the largest cases of public sector fraud in Australia’s history”, the hearing was told.(ABC News: Hugh Sando)

The massive fraud, totalling more than $20 million, involved false invoicing from shelf companies over several years.

Ms Pantano said Whyte came to the attention of the CCC two years ago, via a referral from the Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre, AUSTRAC.

“The referral was seemingly innocuous,” she said.

Wife in the dark on finances

Whyte’s partner Christine Seiver told the hearing she had little knowledge of his financial dealings, which he did not discuss with her.

“I wasn’t given a lot of information,” she said.

She was not working at the time, while Whyte had his government job and was also involved in horse breeding, she said.

An artist's impression of proposed housing on a residential street.
Hamilton Fly Camp was meant to house workers in Port Hedland, but part of the funding was allegedly used to purchase Whyte’s home.(Supplied: Town of Port Hedland)

Ms Seiver said it was not on her “radar” to buy a house at the time the $2.9 million home was purchased.

“[I] don’t recall specifics,” she said.

Initially the plan was to sell their existing home before buying the new one, but that changed, with Whyte telling his partner they would rent out the first one instead, and he would get a personal loan.

Ms Pantano asked her why the first property was not put on the market.

“You’ll have to ask Paul that,” she responded.

A tight head and shoulders shot of a woman with blonde hair and dark sunglasses shielding her face while walking on the street.
Christine Seiver says she “wasn’t given a lot of information” about Mr Whyte’s financial dealings.(ABC News: Nicolas Perpitch)

“The whole episode is extremely confusing.”

The Department of Housing became part of the multi-agency Department of Communities in 2017.

The hearing is continuing.

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Live Updates: Trump calls Biden ‘corrupt,’ campaign responds

President Trump fired several shots at his 2020 Democratic opponent in his speech Sunday in  Nevada, during which he repeatedly praised the New York Post for their explosive report detailing allegedly corrupt business deals by Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden.

“Joe Biden is and always has been a corrupt politician,” Trump declared. “He always has been. And as far as I’m concerned, the Biden family is a criminal enterprise. It really is.”

Andrew Bates, a spokesman from the Biden campaign, responded to the president’s remarks late Sunday, telling Fox News in a statement that “Donald Trump tanked the strong economy he inherited from the Obama-Biden Administration by continually discounting and attacking warnings from the scientific and medical experts working around the clock to save lives.”

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WA govt moves to ban corrupt suppliers

Businesses and individuals convicted of fraud, bribery or corruption could be banned from working with the Western Australian government under a nation-leading debarment regime being considered.

The state government is seeking feedback on the plan to give itself the power to suspend or debar suppliers, saying it wants to enhance integrity in procurement.

“Unlawful business behaviour by suppliers undermines fair competition, is a barrier to economic growth and increases the cost and risk of doing business,” Finance Minister Ben Wyatt said on Tuesday.

“We have an obligation to protect and safeguard the use and expenditure of public funds and to maintain public confidence in relation to our contracting.”

The announcement comes after five contractors to the North Metropolitan Health Service were sentenced last week for handing gratuities to bureaucrats in exchange for ongoing work.

Originally published as WA govt moves to ban corrupt suppliers

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Corrupt Cop Linked to Trump Tower Lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya Exposes Russian Ops


LONDON—A corrupt former police officer who was caught working with Trump Tower lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya has revealed in a Swiss court how Russia’s complex foreign influence campaign targets justice systems in Western countries.

The former consultant to the Swiss Federal Prosecutor’s Office was sacked and convicted after his entanglement with Veselnitskaya and the Russian prosecutor general’s office was exposed. He reportedly told a court in Switzerland this week that he discussed a high-profile corruption case against Russia with Russian officials during an all-expenses-paid hunting trip to Siberia.

On the visit to the spectacular Kamchatka Peninsula and Lake Baikal, the official, who is identified only as Victor K., reportedly admitted that he spent a week fishing, enjoying the rugged countryside, and hunting for bear, including from a helicopter, with officials from the Russian prosecutor general’s office.

Victor K. told the appeals court Tuesday that he had conferred with the Russian officials on the trip about the high-profile Magnitsky case, which he was supposed to be investigating. The $230 million fraud against the Russian people was uncovered by Sergei Magnitsky, who was subsequently detained and beaten by Russian officials, who left him to die in a prison cell.

The case led to American sanctions against Russia, which were signed into law by President Obama in 2012, after a campaign by U.S.-born financier Bill Browder. While the Swiss authorities originally froze millions connected to the Magnitsky case that flowed through Switzerland nine years ago, the case has stalled.

The appeals court ruled Friday that Victor K. was guilty of improperly accepting the hunting trip, but it dismissed the fine that had been imposed by a lower court.

“The decision holds; he received undue benefit from the Russians, but it’s just a slap on the wrist for a serious crime,” Browder told The Daily Beast. “The fact that the Swiss discovered a Russian mole and he bears effectively no consequence is pretty alarming, and makes Switzerland look like a banana republic.”

According to a lawyer who attended the hearing, Victor K. told the court that he had spent three or four hours discussing the Magnitsky case with the Russian officials. The lawyer’s transcript also said he told his bosses in the Swiss Federal Prosecutor’s Office that they should drop the case, because they would never be able to follow the money trail, which he likened to finding the source of several bottles of wine once they had all been poured into the same barrel.

On a previous trip to Moscow, Swiss court papers revealed that Victor K. met Veselnitskaya, the lawyer responsible for the notorious Trump Tower meeting with Donald Trump Jr., Paul Manafort, and Jared Kushner.

Victor K., who was responsible for working on investigations into the Swiss financial dealing of the Russian mafia and oligarchs for decades, had met Veselnitskaya’s collaborator, Russian Deputy Attorney General Saak Albertovich Karapetyan, in Geneva, Zurich, and Moscow “without the knowledge of his superiors,” according to Swiss court papers. Karapetyan was one of the members of the delegation on the Siberian hunting retreat.

Novaya Gazeta reported last month that Victor K. mysteriously continued to take trips to Russia after he stopped working for the Swiss authorities.

Read more at The Daily Beast.

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Contractor Garth Delavale sentenced for corrupt payments to WA Health executive John Fullerton

A contractor who paid for a Health Department executive’s holidays in Melbourne has received a nine-month suspended jail sentence after pleading guilty to four counts of corruption.

Garth Norman Delavale, 44, was one of five contractors charged after a Corruption and Crime Commission investigation into the North Metropolitan Health Service in 2018, sparked by an anonymous tip-off.

During sentencing in the District Court today, Judge Troy Sweeney said the relationship Delavale had formed with the health service’s executive overseeing maintenance and works, John Fullerton, was “at its heart corrupt”.

From 2008 to 2016, Delavale used funds from his fire safety company, One Fire, to spend $5,382 on trips to Melbourne for Mr Fullerton, including accommodation and food.

The court was told over that time, One Fire’s contracts with the health service increased markedly, totalling $964,690.

Judge Sweeney said the contracts fell away sharply when Mr Fullerton retired in 2016.

She told Delavale that in wining and dining Mr Fullerton, he was “paying for an unfair advantage”.

“This was all done by tacit understanding and you knew full well what was going on.”

Delavale ‘author of his own misfortune’

She rejected Delavale’s claim he had been naive, saying he understood he was paying for Mr Fullerton’s holidays to be rewarded with work.

‘You did expect to be looked after,” Judge Sweeney said.

Mr Fullerton was charged earlier this year with 47 fraud and corruption offences.

He is yet to enter pleas to the charges.

Five men have been convicted of corruption charges linked to John Fullerton.(Facebook)

Three of the other contractors were this week sentenced to terms of immediate imprisonment, while a fourth man, Ian Tremain, was fined $18,000.

In sentencing Delavale, Judge Sweeney took into consideration his early guilty plea and his cooperation with authorities, including his undertaking to testify against others prosecuted in this matter.

She accepted he was remorseful and had lost his business and reputation.

But she did not accept he had offended unknowingly or it was out of character, given it occurred over a long period of time and was premeditated.

“You are the author of your own misfortune,” she told him.

She sentenced him to nine months’ jail, suspended for 18 months.

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