George Floyd: Daughter Gianna, 7, visits White House and leads ‘say his name’ chant, a year after father’s murder | US News

George Floyd’s daughter led a “say his name” chant as her family gathered outside the White House, a year after the 46-year-old was murdered by a police officer.

Gianna, seven, joined relatives and their legal team as they met President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris.

And Chris Stewart, one of the Floyd family lawyers, said the president even played with the bereaved young girl – “she had an absolute ball” with the leader of the free world who is a grandfather himself, Mr Stewart said.

Gianna Floyd went to the White House with her family a year after her father was murdered. Pic: AP

Footage taken and shared on social media was central to the conviction of white officer Derek Chauvin for the murder of the black man in Minnesota.

Now, a month after the “guilty” verdict was read out in a Minneapolis courtroom, the US president has told his country that “our progress can’t stop there”, as events took place across the nation to mark the anniversary.

Mr Biden said: “Today, in the Oval Office, I met with George Floyd’s family.

George Floyd and Derek Chauvin. Pic: Minnesota Department of Corrections
It’s been a year since George Floyd was murdered by Derek Chauvin. Pic: Minnesota Department of Corrections

“Although it has been one year since their beloved brother and father was murdered, for the family – for any family experiencing a profound loss – the first year can still feel like they got the news a few seconds ago. And they’ve had to relive that pain and grief each and every time those horrific nine minutes and 29 seconds have been replayed.

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“Yet the Floyd family has shown extraordinary courage, especially his young daughter Gianna, who I met again today. The day before her father’s funeral a year ago, Jill and I met the family and she told me, ‘Daddy changed the world.’

“He has.

“His murder launched a summer of protest we hadn’t seen since the Civil Rights era in the ’60s – protests that peacefully unified people of every race and generation to collectively say enough of the senseless killings.”

He added: “To deliver real change, we must have accountability when law enforcement officers violate their oaths, and we need to build lasting trust between the vast majority of the men and women who wear the badge honourably and the communities they are sworn to serve and protect.

Mr Biden said there was more progress to be made, after he and Vice President Harries met the Floyd family
Joe Biden said there was more progress to be made, after he and Vice President Kamala Harris met the Floyd family

“We can and must have both accountability and trust and in our justice system.”

The Democrat-controlled House of Representatives approved a sweeping bill in March that would make it easier for individual police officers to be sued and charged with crimes.

It would also ban chokeholds, limit no-knock warrants (warrants allowing law enforcement to enter a property without telling residents beforehand) and create a national database of officers with histories of complaints and disciplinary problems.

Republicans and Democrats are negotiating to get the bill through the Senate.

Among the stumbling blocks is a move to limit qualified immunity, which protects police officers from most civil lawsuits.

Mr Biden said he hopes the bill will “get to my desk quickly”.

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Meanwhile, activists gathered in city centres across the UK and took a knee as part of co-ordinated tributes to Mr Floyd, while many demonstrated individually at home or their workplace.

James Eaden joined about 50 people at Rykneld Square in Chesterfield as part of the action, which he said was an “important part” of continuing the message of the Black Lives Matter movement.

He said: “We have made important strides in taking an anti-racist message into our community… but racism continues.”

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BLM activists take the knee in Brixton

Campaigners have also issued warnings over proposed reforms to stop and search powers.

You can watch a special programme looking at the wider issue of racial equality in the wake of George Floyd’s death.

George Floyd: From Murder To Justice? is on Sky News at 9pm on Wednesday.

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Melbourne cyclist falls off bike, screams ‘help me’ but passers-by kept walking, daughter says

We’re familiar with the tale of the good Samaritan, the story of helping a stranger in need, but have we lost our willingness to lend a hand when it’s required?

Kathryn Smith is asking herself this question after her elderly father fell off his bike and broke his hip in Melbourne’s south-east this week, but was left lying on the side of the road for an hour and a half without help.

Allan Mayo-Smith, 78, was cycling home on an overpass near Skye Road in Frankston when his front wheel slipped on some sand.

The Karingal resident landed on some concrete and broke his hip.

Ms Smith said after his fall, her father saw several people who saw him but did not go to his aid.

“He saw some people walk past and he was waving at them,” she said.

Ms Smith said her father was “left to lie on wet grass” before a father and son eventually stopped to help.

They called an ambulance and took his bike for safe keeping.

She said it was hard to understand how people did not stop.

“I was really disappointed in those people who just looked and then kept going,” she said.

“It’s not hard to check on someone.

“You can check on them a couple of metres away if you’re afraid it’s a set-up or a drug person. But he was in cycle gear, he was an old dude, you know.”

Mr Mayo-Smith has since had hip replacement surgery after the fall.

Ms Smith shared the story on the Frankston Noticeboard Facebook page and others shared similar stories of accidents where people failed to help.

She said she found herself in a similar situation when she was involved in a motorbike accident on the Monash Freeway in June.

“People stopped, but only the ones that witnesses it. They didn’t get out and help, they saw me struggle to pick the bike up. People were just driving past,” she said.

“It surprises me … surely you should stop and help.

“I think everyone’s just out for themselves these days.”

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Pregnant Meghan Markle shows off her baby bump and says her and Harry’s unborn daughter should live in an ‘equitable’ world in VaxLive gig message, while he says science should not be ‘politicized’

Pregnant Meghan Markle has made an appearance during the Vax Live telecast, claiming COVID has wiped out a generation of progress for women of color.  

The Duchess of Sussex made the assertion in a recorded statement, which appeared to be filmed in the backyard of her $14.7 million Montecito mansion. 

‘As campaign chairs of Vax Live, my husband and I believe it’s critical that our recovery prioritizes the health, safety and success of everyone, but particularly women who have been disproportionately affected by this pandemic,’ Meghan stated. 

‘Women, and especially women of color, have seen a generation of economic gain wiped out.’

Cradling her large baby bump in a red floral blouse, Meghan continued: ‘My husband and I are thrilled to soon be welcoming a daughter. It’s a feeling of joy we share with millions of other families around the world. 

‘When we think of her, we think of all the young women and girls around the globe who must be given the ability and support to lead us forward.’

The Vax Live concert took place at Los Angeles’ Lo-Fi stadium this past Sunday. Prince Harry appeared in person, but Meghan reportedly pulled out at the last minute.  

However, her brief recorded statement aired at the conclusion of the concert’s telecast – which was aired across multiple TV channels in the US on Saturday night. 

It was the Duchess’s first appearance on American television since her and Harry’s bombshell interview with Oprah back in March.  

Meghan also wielded out a series of stats during her 2-minute statement, saying: ‘Since the pandemic began, nearly 5.5 million women have lost work  in the U.S., and 47 million more women around the world are expected to slip into extreme poverty.’

She also stated that the the ‘future leadership’ of young women ‘depends on the decisions we make and the actions we take now’.  

‘We want to make sure that as we recover, we recover stronger; that as we rebuild, we rebuild together,’ the Duchess declared. 

It’s unclear when Meghan’s statement was recorded. However, she sported a softer and more maternal look than she did during her Oprah interview. 

The Duchess opted for a bright and loose-fitting button down adorned with flowers. She left her long locks free-flowing and styled them in loose curls. 

Meanwhile, Prince Harry warned against the ‘politicization’ of COVID-19 vaccines in a video which was recorded backstage at the Vax Live concert. 

‘I think the most worrying thing for me and my wife [Meghan].. is science being politicized,’ Harry stated in the black and white clip, posted to Twitter on Saturday. 

‘When we’re talking about life and death, which we’re talking about now, vaccines cannot be politicized’.

The Duke of Sussex further declared: ‘We must ensure that everyone around the world has equal access to the vaccine, otherwise none of this works.’   

Harry and Meghan have backed US President Joe Biden’s move to waive vaccine patents for poorer countries. 

That decision – which was announced earlier this week – caused shares for vaccine makers Pfizer and Moderna to tumble on Thursday. Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla described support of the waivers as ‘so wrong’, 

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Sydney mum who allegedly ran over her daughter while over the legal alcohol limit faces court

A mother who allegedly ran over her daughter, dragging her 100 metres down the road outside their home in Sydney’s south has faced court.

Dale Palmer is accused of hitting her 27-year-old daughter Keely Palmer with a small hatchback outside a house in Caringbah South where a 21st birthday party was being held.

The younger woman was pinned under the Toyota for more than 90 minutes while paramedics and rescue crews worked to free her.

Keely Palmer, 27, was trapped under the car for more than 90 minutes. (9News)

In court today her mother was warned by a magistrate not to breach an AVO which limits how and when she can now see her daughter.

“Keely Palmer is in need of protection,” Magistrate Joy Boulos said.

In court police prosecutors asked for a six-week adjournment so that further charges could potentially be laid.

Three days after the incident Keely is still recovering at St George Hospital.

Dale Palmer has faced court after allegedly running down her daughter in a car and dragging her for 100 metres in Sydney’s south. (9News)

Her mother was allegedly three times the legal alcohol limit at the time.

“There was a party there throughout the evening, but as to the reasons why she was in the vehicle they are unknown at this point of time,” NSW Police Chief Inspector Gary Ford told 9News.

“Her reading of .166 will be the alleged reading for that breath test.”

Mrs Palmer was subsequently charged with aggravated dangerous driving occasioning grievous bodily harm (PCA), and high-range PCA.

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Netball mum says argument with Andrew Laming left her 10yo daughter in tears

Their story is the latest in a series of complaints by women who say that Dr Laming’s behaviour made them feel uncomfortable.

After allegations in March that he bullied two female constituents online, including the wife of a local councillor, Dr Laming apologised for the distress his communication caused.

On the advice of the Prime Minister, he took medical leave to undertake empathy training.

He then came under fire for photographing a young woman bending over at work. Dr Laming said the purpose of the photo was to “show a challenging work situation”.

He has been disendorsed by the LNP but remains in his Queensland seat of Bowman.

This week, four women told 7.30 that the MP had interactions with him that they said were inappropriate and made them feel uncomfortable.

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Ashley Cain’s daughter Azaylia dies aged 8 months

Former footballer Ashley Cain has announced his eight-month-old daughter Azaylia has died.

She was diagnosed with an aggressive form of leukaemia at eight weeks old.

Her parents, ex-Coventry City player turned reality star Ashley Cain and partner Safiyya Vorajee, had raised more than £1.5m earlier this year to fund specialist treatment in Singapore.

But the 30-year-old told his Instagram followers last month that Azaylia had become too ill for the treatment.

In posts announcing her death, Ashley and Safiyya shared pictures of them cuddling their daughter.

Ex on the Beach star Ashley wrote: “Rest in Paradise Princess. I will always hold you in my heart until I can hold you again in heaven.”

Azaylia’s mum said her baby was “my angel, my heartbeat, my soul.”

She added: “RIP my precious baby, you will always be with me like a handprint on my heart.”

In November, the couple – from Nuneaton in Warwickshire – had urged people to register as stem cell donors after being told their daughter needed a transplant.

It led to 41,000 people registering within 48 hours.

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Ma’Khia Bryant’s biological mother ‘plans to SUE’ as family blame foster system for failing daughter, 16, after she was shot and killed by police

Ma’Khia Bryant’s biological mother plans to sue after after her daughter was shot and killed by police outside of her home, it has been revealed.

Deja Torrence, the 16-year-old girl’s cousin, told Insider that her mother Hazel Bryant had spoken with Bryant’s biological mother Paula throughout the week.

Torrence said that they were in talks with a lawyer to file a lawsuit in the wake of Bryant’s death outside her foster home in Columbus, Ohio, on Tuesday. 

It was not immediately clear who the family wants to sue or when it would be filed – but members of the family have claimed Bryant was failed by the foster care system before her death.

Donnie Bryant, another cousin, confirmed on Facebook late on Friday that that Ma’Khia’s mother has hired a lawyer and public relations representative. He also said she has finally been able to view her body.

Torrence said that Bryant had called the police for help when two women fought with her. When officers arrived, body camera shows Bryant was shot while lunging at one of the girls with a knife.

 ‘Someone has to be held accountable. The family just doesn’t want this to be another senseless killing that goes under the rug and gets overlooked,’ Torrence told Insider.

 Angela Moore, Bryant’s foster mother, told CNN on Friday that two of her former foster children had showed up to the house to to celebrate her birthday when they fought with Bryant over the tidiness of the home.

‘It was over keeping the house clean,’ Moore said, who was at work when the shooting happened. ‘The older one told them to clean up the house because ‘Mom doesn’t like the house dirty.’

 Moore said that Bryant and the girls would ‘argue all the time.’

‘I never in my worst nightmare would have thought it would ever come to this,’ she told CNN. 

Nicholas Reardon, who shot Bryant at around 4.45pm on Tuesday on the 3100 block of Legion Lane, has been taken off street duty while the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation investigates the shooting, the outlet reported.

Reardon, a Staff Sergeant in the Air National Guard, also serves in the 121st Security Forces Squadron.

Torrence told Inside that Bryant’s biological family has not been in contact with her foster family since her death earlier this week.

Bryant had allegedly complained about her foster home ‘several times’ to members of her family before her death – but she did not detail those claims to Insider over legal concerns.   

‘There’s been some talk about the foster family in the past, of how she’s had issues with the foster family. So as a family, we’ve tried to kind of navigate that over the years,’ Torrence told the outlet. 

‘I haven’t been in contact with them, but I want people to know that we should be holding somebody accountable for the 16-year-old kid’s death.’

She added: ‘They had custody of her, and so I just feel like the foster parents, and everyone in the foster system that was involved, failed her in that regard.’

Torrence told the outlet that Bryant had lived with her briefly when she was younger and remembered her as a ‘girly girl.’

She spent a lot of her time making cosmetology videos for TikTok and dreamed of going to cosmetology school, Torrence said.

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Alexei Navalny’s daughter pleads for doctor to be allowed to visit as allies pledge new protests

He was arrested on his return to Russia at the start of the year, after recovering in Germany from a near-fatal nerve agent poisoning, and swiftly sentenced to two years in prison on charges relating to an embezzlement case dating back to 2014.

The opposition organised anti-Kremlin rallies across the country in response, sparking a violent crackdown from police and thousands of detentions, before deciding to pause the street protest movement.

“Right now he is being killed in a prison colony. We can’t wait any longer,” Navalny ally Leonid Volkov said as he announced further demonstrations in all major Russian cities for Wednesday evening, shortly after President Vladimir Putin gives his annual state of the nation address.

More than 450,000 people have already registered to take part in the events. While the number is shy of a previously announced target of half a million, the figure suggests that Wednesday could see the country’s biggest protests since the collapse of the Soviet Union three decades ago.

“Have you seen a person being killed with your own eyes? You have. You are seeing it now,” Mr Volkov said in a video released via the opposition leader’s YouTube channel on Sunday. 

“No matter how much you want to escape that thought, to change the topic – that does not change the fact that Alexei Navalny is being killed. Using terrible means. In front of all of us.” 

Doctors said that the levels of potassium in Mr Navalny’s blood were significantly higher than the level that usually requires medical intervention. “This means both impaired renal function and that serious heart problems can develop at any minute,” his personal doctor Anastasia Vasilyeva said in a statement.

Mr Navalny has tried to keep an upbeat tone in messages passed to his lawyers and posted on social media, in which he has joked about his routine in prison.

But he has also told of how prison guards wake him once an hour throughout the night, and of threats to put him in a straight-jacket and force-feed him if he does not end his hunger strike.

The EU said it would discuss Mr Navalny’s case at a meeting of foreign ministers on Monday, as French President Emmanuel Macron said it was time to draw “clear red lines” in relation to Russia, a shift away from his usual conciliatory tone. 

The EU said it was “deeply concerned” about Mr Navalny’s failing health, while a senior Biden administration official warned that Russia would face repercussions if he died.

“We have communicated to the Russian government that what happens to Mr Navalny in their custody is their responsibility and they will be held accountable by the international community,” Jake Sullivan, Joe Biden’s national security adviser, said on CNN’s State of the Union.

Both the EU and the US have sanctioned Moscow over its treatment of the opposition leader. 

Mr Navalny has long accused the Kremlin of orchestrating his poisoning, and last year appeared to trick an FSB agent into admitting details of the attempted killing during a sting call. 

Since his jailing, authorities have kept up pressure on the opposition movement, raiding his offices and placing a number of Mr Navalny’s key allies under house arrest. Last week, prosecutors moved to label his organisation an “extremist group”, meaning supporters could face lengthy jail terms. 

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Star welcomes second daughter with husband Matthew Koma

Hilary Duff and husband Matthew Koma have welcomed their second child together, announcing the joyous arrival of daughter Mae James Blair today.

Duff, 33, is now a mother of three, having welcomed daughter Banks Violet Blair with Koma in 2018. She also has a nine-year-old son, Luca Cruz Comrie, with ex-husband Mike Comrie.

After keeping the sex a surprise during her pregnancy, she revealed the baby girl was born on Wednesday, sharing a black and white image of her holding the newborn in what looks to be a birthing pool, surrounded by her kids and husband.

“We LOVE you beauty 3-24-21,” she captioned the striking image.

RELATED: Hilary Duff shares ‘traumatic’ pregnancy side-effect

The Younger star provided fans a closer glimpse of her newborn on her Instagram Stories, posting two photos of her tiny bundle of joy.

The sweet images were posted shortly after fans began speculating that Duff had welcomed her baby in secret, after referring to her daughter Banks as “big sister”.

Posting an image of her toddler in the bath, she wrote: “I’m a big sister……. marinating on how I feel about that!”

RELATED: Hilary Duff’s ‘intense’ weight loss diet

Responding to the exciting news, the star’s famous pals flooded her feed with well wishes.

Game of Thrones actress Sophie Turner commented: “Congratulations mama!!!”

Ashlee Simpson added: “So beautiful! Congratulations!” while Ashley Tisdale wrote: “This photo (love heart emoji) congrats beautiful.”

Duff announced in October that she was expecting her second child with husband Matthew Koma.

And as if Duff wasn’t busy enough, she also has a children’s book coming out later this month. titled My Little Brave Girl, which the performer says was “inspired by my experiences as a mother.”

Duff and musician Koma tied the knot in December 2019 in a low-key backyard ceremony.

Sharing a newlywed snap in front of a car with the message “just married” written on the rear window, the Lizzie McGuire actress simply captioned the photo “This”.

The on-off pair met in 2015, with Duff revealing during an appearance on The Talk in 2017 that it hadn’t exactly been smooth sailing, with the couple having split and reunited three times.

“It’s going so great,” Hilary gushed of their rekindled relationship. “I mean, this is the third time that we’ve dated … third time’s a charm!”

Duff’s marriage to Koma is the second for the A Cinderella Story actress, who split from her first husband, Canadian ice hockey player Mike Comrie, in 2014.

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Bindi Irwin, daughter of Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin, names firstborn Grace Warrior Irwin Powell

Conservationist Bindi Irwin has honoured her late father — Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin — by giving her newborn daughter the middle names Warrior Irwin.

Irwin and husband Chandler Powell took to social media late on Friday evening to announce the birth of their firstborn, Grace Warrior Irwin Powell.

They said she was born on Thursday, on the anniversary of their marriage at Australia Zoo. 

“Our graceful warrior is the most beautiful light,” Irwin, 22, wrote on social media.

“Grace is named after my great-grandmother, and relatives in Chandler’s family dating back to the 1700s.

“Her last name is Powell and she already has such a kind soul just like her dad.

“There are no words to describe the infinite amount of love in our hearts for our sweet baby girl. She chose the perfect day to be born and we feel tremendously blessed.”

Powell said his daughter would be “surrounded by a whole lot of love”.

“Thank you for gracing us on our wedding anniversary, so excited to have you home,” he wrote on Twitter.

Irwin’s mother Terri Iriwn tweeted that: “Steve would be beyond proud.”

Irwin’s brother Robert also shared the news, with a tweet saying he “can’t wait for this exciting journey ahead!” 

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