Maren Tschinkel: Exceptionally talented Miss Earth Germany talks about her workout, Diet and Beauty Secrets

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Photographer: Oliver Lech
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Maren Tschinkel is a German international model and beauty pageant titleholder who was crowned as Miss Earth Germany 2018. She represented Germany in the Miss Earth 2018 international pageant. She also won World next Top model 2018, WBO Germany 2017, and Miss Photogenic 2017.

She was born in Ravensburg, Germany. She started modeling after graduating from high school. She is an international model and represents different agencies. She is currently taking up Economics at the University of Augsburg. She was on the cover of Maxim New Zealand July 2020.

Women Fitness President Ms. Namita Nayyar catches up with Maren Tschinkel, exceptionally talented Miss Earth Germany who talks about her workout, diet and beauty secrets.

Namita Nayyar:

You were born in Ravensburg, Germany, and have started doing modeling assignments after completing your high school education. Your modeling career was propelled to the height where you have been at the top of the world of fashion and glamour modeling after winning the Miss Earth Germany 2018. Tell us something about this fairy tale journey?

Maren Tschinkel:

After I participated in Miss Earth as Miss Germany I got a lot of modeling agencies and fashion clients who wanted to work with me. From there everything started and today I work international for many famous brands and magazines.

Namita Nayyar:

You won Miss Earth Germany 2018, World next Top model 2018, WBO Germany 2017, and Miss Photogenic 2017. Tell us how winning so many beauty pageants have motivated you to seek higher achievements in your spectacular career as a supermodel?

Maren Tschinkel
Credits: Photographer: Markus Fischer

Maren Tschinkel:

By winning each of these competitions I gained more knowledge about modeling also I got a lot more contacts, agencies and clients who were reaching out to me.

For winning a beauty pageant it takes more than just being beautiful! You have to be intelligent and show that there is a lot more behind you!

Namita Nayyar:

You are Germany’s leading media personality, supermodel, winner of the beauty pageant, fitness trainer, and a brand ambassador. How do you manage such a remarkable multi-dimensional lifestyle?

Maren Tschinkel:

Normally I travel a lot for modeling but at the moment I am more in Europe since the borders are closed of Corona.

I really work a lot and from everywhere! I think all ambassadors know that instagram is almost a 24/7 job!

Beside this sport is my greatest passion and something I do every day no matter where I am. I used to give fitness courses for a long time when I wasn’t traveling that much internationally. At the moment I try to incorporate this more into my life again.

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Kaz Crossley: Instagram Sensation and Reality TV star talks about her workout, diet and beauty secrets

Kaz Crossley is a beauty, fashion and fitness influencer who saw her rise to stardom after taking part in Love Island 2018. Kaz’s positive reflection on the show saw her huge support upon leaving the Villa and has made her one of the most high-profile stars of the series.

Makeup artist by trade, Kaz has 1.2 million followers on her Instagram page who tune in to hear her beauty and makeup tutorials and keep up to date with her lifestyle.

Kaz has launched the extremely successful company KazBands and has previously released the fitness-wear line KAZ x FIT with Boohoo, of whom she was an ambassador for. As well as Boohoo, Kaz has launched a swimwear & fitness line with George at ASDA.

Kaz has worked with brand such as Foreo, Easilocks, Head & Shoulder, Impulse, SportFX, Narz and Kiss Products, a cosmetics company she is also an ambassador for.

Women Fitness President Ms. Namita Nayyar catches up with Kaz Crossley, Instagram Sensation and Reality TV star who talks about her workout, diet and beauty secrets.

Namita Nayyar:

A morning beauty ritual that you have stuck by over the years? First thing you do out of bed?

Kaz Crossley:

Drink a full glass of water!

Namita Nayyar:

You were one of the most talked-about stars on Love Island 2018. What motivated you to participate?

Kaz Crossley

Kaz Crossley:

I recently turned single near the time and auditioned thinking there was nothing to lose if I did try and get it. It was a new and exciting experience.

Namita Nayyar:

Share the best part of the job as an influencer.

Kaz Crossley:

Travelling the world for work

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Dolce&Gabbana seeks $780m damages from Diet Prada bloggers

Italian defence attorneys filed a brief this week in Milan civil court, arguing that Italy is not the correct venue for the case, given that the blog is produced in the United States and the alleged damages occurred in Asia.


The fashion house is seeking damages totaling more than half a billion euros, Scafidi said.

She said the fashion house is seeking €450 million spent to restore brand image since 2018 and damages of €3 million for the company and €1 million for Gabbana, to whom the remarks were attributed. The suit also seeks more than €8.6 million for the cancellation of the Shanghai show, another €8.6 million for staff expenditures and €89.6 million for lost Asian sales from November 2018-March 2019.

Since going public, Diet Prada, which has over 2.5 million Instagram followers, has raised more than $38,000 for its defence.

In a statement, Liu and Schuyler both said they would not allow their platform, which has also been vocal about the #MeToo movement, Black Lives Matter and recent attacks on Asians in the United States, to be silenced by lawsuits.

“Diet Prada will continue to be a platform to elevate these crucial issues,” Liu said.

Schuyler called on “public figures and brands to respond to public opinion and media critiques with progressive action, not lawsuits.”


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Throw-aways a deadly diet for birds

CELIA Furt has been “horrified” by the cast-offs being thrown to seagulls at Hastings.

While on one of her regular trips “to say hi to the pelicans” near the boat ramp, Ms Furt’s attention was drawn to a group of seagulls feeding in the grass.

She discovered they were eating loaves of mouldy bread.

“People still think that feeding seagulls, pigeons and other birds, is good for them. They think that they are feeding them but, instead, they are killing them,” Ms Furt said.

“If they want to feed birds, they must only feed them what’s right for them, what they can digest and it’s not human food waste.

Human bread is poison to any bird, as they cannot digest it, it stays in their throats and crops and they die horribly.”

Ms Furt filled two rubbish bags with the 10 mouldy loaves.

A photographer, Ms Furt also took pictures of the seagulls and crows “fighting for a hamburger cover” outside the towns McDonalds outlet.

Again, she felt compelled to pick up the rubbish that was not suitable food for birds.

Ms Furt hopes her pictures and story will make people realise “that feeding the birds with human food is bad for them … we need to be a lot more careful about what we do with rubbish”.

First published in the Western Port News – 24 February 2021

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Tom Parker heads back to hospital to continue cancer treatment after ditching vegan diet

Tom Parker shared an update with his followers as he underwent treatment for cancer at hospital.

The 32-year-old dad of two, who recently received his first Covid-19 vaccination, filmed himself as he underwent treatment on his stage four tumour.

His latest post came just over four months after The Wanted musician revealed to fans that he had been diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour.

In Tom’s latest social media post, that the musician shared with his 212,000 Instagram followers on Monday, the singer revealed that he was ‘all hooked up’ as he underwent his latest round of treatment.

Tom later returned home to his wife and two kids where he later spoke to fans about the changes he has recently made to his diet.

While Tom initially opted for a largely vegan diet, he has since decided to add some meat back into his diet.

Tom Parker updated fans as he received treatment for his cancer

“When we first found out I was diagnosed with a brain tumour, everyone was like well on it for me,” Tom said on his Instagram story.

“All the information and stuff, I mean, you should have seen some of the stuff I was eating.”

“For the first couple of months, I pretty much went vegan didn’t I? Like I was eating lentils and s***.

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He added: “Anyway, I’m not doing the vegan thing, I didn’t really enjoy it. I’ve added a bit of meat back to my diet, nowhere near as much.”

Just last month, Tom also shared his pleasure at learning that his tumour had shrunk significantly since beginning treatment last year.

Following an MRI scan, the musician was told that he was responding well to treatment and vowed to continue fighting.

He wrote: “I had an MRI scan on Tuesday and my results today were a significant reduction to the tumour and I am responding well to treatment.

Tom later shared a tender moment with his wife as he spoke to fans about his latest diet
Tom later shared a tender moment with his wife as he spoke to fans about his latest diet changes

“Everyday I’m keeping on the fight to shrink this b******!”

Tom continued: “I can’t thank our wonderful NHS enough. You’re all having a tough time out there but we appreciate the work you are all doing on the front line.”

Tom and his wife Kelsey welcomed their son Bodhi in October, shortly after learning of his devastating cancer diagnosis.

Tom revealed he had been diagnosed with a brain tumour in October 2020
Tom revealed he had been diagnosed with a brain tumour in October 2020

Tom told fans he’s getting there ‘day by day’

The couple, who also share one year old Aurelia, have been sharing lots of adorable updates as they enjoy some precious family moments with their newborn.

In his January post, he also had nothing but praise for his wife.

Tom wrote: “To my amazing wife @being_kelsey who has literally been my rock. My babies- I fight for you every second of every day.

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Dave Hughes on the ‘miracle’ diet that changed his life

Comedian and host of Hughesy, We Have A Problem Dave Hughes reveals why becoming a vegan has been a “miracle” for his body and how staring at a wall ended up changing his life.

You became a vegan in 2019. Is it just you in your family who has taken up veganism? And how has it changed your life?

It’s just me at the moment. My wife eats very little meat and she eats dairy. I’ve found [the vegan diet] really good. It gets a little tricky when you’re looking at a restaurant menu and it’s limited. For me, it’s well worth it. Apart from all the ethical considerations and it being better for the environment, it’s also better for my body. I just turned 50 and I can run every day now without getting sore. It’s actually a miracle – I’m going to call it a miracle! I’m running 5km in just over 20 minutes. I’m shocked by how good my body is at the moment. I woke up stiff and sore for 15 bloody years, I reckon. Now I can go down the stairs in the morning without going sideways – I go front ways because I’m not sore at all.

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You’ve started meditating recently. How did that come about?

I’ve been interested in meditation since I was young, probably since my late teenage years. I did a little back then, and I always promised myself I’d get back into it. Last year, maybe [because of] COVID or whatever, I decided to commit to it properly and it’s been life-changing. I highly recommend it to everyone. It’s invaluable for life. There’s a world beyond your thoughts, and that world is where the real joy is.

How do you meditate?

I do it twice a day, in the morning and the evening – or just whenever I can. I turn off the phone or place it on flight mode, and set an alarm for 20 minutes. I like to have my eyes open and I basically stare at a wall. I focus on my breathing – on my breath going in and out of my nostrils. That’s what you want to focus on, that breathing. Look, your mind will wander and that’s natural. But the practice is bringing it back to the breath. It’s not about how many times your mind wanders, it’s about noticing it’s wandering and bringing yourself back to the breath. It’s honestly changed my life.

Your panel series Hughesy, We Have A Problem is back for a new season. Are you still enjoying it?

Absolutely. I’m grateful for the opportunity to do this show – any opportunity to have an audience and get a laugh, I’ll take. Laughter is a very important part of life. We should all laugh at the silliness of life. Obviously in the past year, we’ve all been going through experiences that are different and difficult. We need to laugh when we can. We’ve been knocked off our tracks, I suppose, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It’s made me grow, I think. It’s made me stronger.

Do you have a favourite solved “problem” from the show thus far?

We had one where an audience member wasn’t allowed to have an animal in their flat. We got the building manager on, and they agreed to allow the pet. We solved the problem and brought out a rescue dog from a shelter for this woman to take home. That episode went to air, and my wife – who’s a bit of a cynic – said, “Did that woman really adopt that dog?” And I told her that it looked like she did. But she said, “Can you ring the producer and find out if she definitely adopted that dog?” So I rang and they said, “No, she didn’t want the dog.” I told my wife that and she said, “Is the dog still up for adoption?” The producers said yes… So we adopted that dog, and that dog’s name is Bubbles. Bubbles is the gift that keeps on giving.

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Did Gwyneth Paltrow Claim A Diet Helped Recovery From Long Covid-19?

How do you treat long Covid, otherwise known as post-Covid-19 syndrome or persistent symptoms after you were supposed to have recovered from a Covid-19 coronavirus infection? How about buying some stuff?

On her Goop website in a “Wellness” post entitled “GP’s Picks: Healing My Body with a Longer-Term Detox,” actress Gwyneth Paltrow wrote that “I had Covid-19 early on, and it left me with some long-tail fatigue and brain fog.” Presumably GP stands for “Gwyneth Paltrow” and not “Grated Pickles” or “Gas Phase.” Here’s a People segment on Paltrow’s Covid-19 reveal:

Her post continued by saying, “In January, I had some tests done that showed really high levels of inflammation in my body.” She didn’t specify which tests these were, where the inflammation was occurring, or what “really high levels of inflammation” means. Inflammation is a very vague and general term. For example, spanking yourself repeatedly could cause some inflammation on your bottom or your hand, depending on which happens to be stronger and the specific slapping motion. This would be different from having inflammation in other parts of your body, such as your knee joint, your stomach lining, or the blood vessels in your heart.

So did she go to a medical doctor who has actual knowledge of Covid-19? Well, according to her, she “turned to one of the smartest experts I know in this space, the functional medicine practitioner Dr. Will Cole.” Is Cole a Covid-19 expert? Has Cole done any research or published any scientific studies on Covid-19? Searching Pubmed for Cole and Covid-19 seems to return as many peer-reviewed scientific publications as searching for “lawn chair” and Covid-19. Not much. So who exactly is Cole, what are his qualifications, and why should you be listening to him about something Covid-19-related besides a movie actress telling you to do so?

Looks like Cole was originally trained as a chiropractor. On his website, he asked himself the question “Are you a medical doctor?” To that he responded, “No.” He explained that “I do not practice medicine and do not diagnose or treat diseases or medical conditions.” Hmmm, isn’t long Covid a “medical condition?” Would you take your broken car to to someone who says, “I do not practice car repair and do not diagnose or fix cars or car problems?” Or seek legal representation from a person who writes, “I do not practice law and do not do legal stuff?” It’s not clear what specific knowledge Cole has regarding Covid-19. Cole did say on his website, “My services are not meant to substitute or replace those of a medical doctor.”

So why then did Paltrow refer to Cole when discussing her long Covid? Is this just a non-sequitur like saying that you had Covid-19 and then mentioning that you stuff potato chips down your pants?

Well, after mentioning her Covid-19 in the second paragraph, Paltrow’s third paragraph continued by saying, “we’ve been doing a version of a protocol he outlines in his forthcoming book, Intuitive Fasting.” In this case, we means Paltrow and Cole, because it looks like Cole will be trying to sell a book. Paltrow wrote, “It’s keto and plant-based but flexible (I’ve been having fish and a few other meats), and I fast until 11 a.m. every day.”

The rest of Paltrow’s post mentioned doing cleanses and some dishes like scallops with crispy capers and sage the other day, asparagus with bacon vinaigrette, and some little artichokes with stuffed herbs and garlic. Ah, but if your want to do these cleanses or cook these dishes, her post is short on details. Instead, Paltrow wrote that the guidelines and recipes are in, surprise, surprise, Cole’s forthcoming book. So basically Paltrow stated that she had Covid-19 with persistent symptoms, told you about stuff that you can find in Cole’s book, but didn’t really offer any explanation about how exactly these are supposed to work.

The closest Paltrow got to doing so was, “I’ve been doing major research and finding some great stuff to support what I’m doing.” The phrase “doing major research” is very vague as well. It can mean setting up laboratory studies or a double-blinded randomized controlled clinical trial. But that requires proper training and credentials. It can be scouring trusted peer-reviewed studies and verifiable scientific sources. But usually you want to refer to the actual sources that you used. Alternatively, it can be just reading or looking at stuff. For example, you can do “major research” on Miley Cyrus’s wardrobe, whom Jon Hamm has dated, or your hot dog before eating it. Or you can say, “I’ve been doing major research on how ridiculous your pants look.” Real scientists and medical experts rarely say, “I’ve been doing major research,” when giving a talk and just stop there. That would be like you telling your significant other, “you know, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking,” and then just walk out of the room.

Long Covid is a growing medical problem. An increasing number of people have been suffering continuing symptoms well after the Scaramucci or two (that is 10 to 20 days) that it should take to recover from the initial severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV2) infection. Commonly reported symptoms have included persistent fatigue, shortness of breath, cough, chest pain, rapid heart rates, muscle pain, joint pain, headaches, memory problems, concentration issues, loss of smell, hair loss, rashes, and mood disorders. Covid-19 has resulted in blood clots and different types of organ damage. These problems can go on for weeks, months, and potentially longer. It’s created a whole community of self-described “long haulers,” who are really struggling with long Covid-19. and the condition has been called post-COVID-19 syndrome or “long COVID-19.” The exact causes of all these problems aren’t always clear. So more research is needed. Regardless, these conditions often require real medical attention, not just crispy capers and sage.

This video from the U.K.’s National Health Services (NHS) emphasizes the seriousness of long Covid and the fact that it’s afflicted even those relatively young and previously healthy:

It’s been a struggle for many long Covid suffered to get the attention that they deserve. Claims that Covid-19 is “no big deal”, “just a cold or the flu”, or “rounding the corner” could be additionally frustrating to them. After all, when you are struggling with a real medical problem, what can be possible better than being told it’s no big deal by others who don’t have the issue. That can be like having your house on fire and some people telling you that it’s nothing more than a single candle that smells like a vagina.

Keep in mind, Paltrow did not clearly indicate what happened to her Covid-19. It’s not clear whether she is fully recovered from Covid-19 and how bad it was in the first place. There’s no mention about the real medical care that she may have received. Moreover, she didn’t use the specific words “long Covid-19.” Rather, her words were “some long-tail fatigue and brain fog.” So did she actually say that a particular diet and a forthcoming book can help you recover from Covid-19? Putting her experiences with Covid-19 alongside mentions about cleanses and some dishes may leave that impression, sort of like mentioning an overflowing toilet and then talking about your wonderful plunger collection.

One more thing. Paltrow did refer to an “ incredible herbal nonalcoholic cocktails really scratch that end-of-day itch (or the I-need-something-sophisticated-with-dinner itch, or the something-in-front-of-a-roaring fire one, or the laughing-with-girlfriends one) for me.” Note that if you do have a real recurrent itch, especially if it is in your genitals, don’t expect a cocktail to treat it. You may want to see a doctor, a real doctor.

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Queensland government rates diet soda healthier than juice | Queensland Country Life

Queensland farmers are once again in the firing line, with citrus growers this time the targets of the state government’s “insanity”.

On Friday, the Australia and New Zealand Ministerial Forum on Food Regulation decided fresh juice with no added sugar would lose its 5-star health rating and drop to as low as 2 stars, ranking it lower on the Health Star Rating system than diet soda at 3.5 stars.

It’s a move Queensland government representatives on the forum, Health Minister Yvette D’Ath and Agriculture Minister Mark Furner voted in support of, despite appeals from the horticulture industry to rate 100 per cent fresh fruit and vegetable juice at 4 stars.

For Queensland-based Grove Juice managing director Archer Walters, “it’s a flawed decision”.

“We’re angry and we feel as though it’s a wrong decision. It’s a flawed calculator and it discriminates against juice,” he said.

With up to 70pc of the fruit used in juice nationwide grown in Queensland, Mr Walters said they’re unsure of the impact to their business, but “you can only think that it’s going to confuse consumers”.

“We employ 150 Queensland people…we’re buying fruit from all over Queensland and we think confusion with consumers can lead to less demand,” he said.

“We’re very disappointed with the Queensland government; the ministers have let Australian farmers down and they’ve let Australian workers down.

“We’re a business that’s been around for 52 years, Golden Circle has been around for 80-odd years; these are businesses and families that have been around for a really long time utilising natural resources and now they’re being tarnished because someone in office wants to tweak an Excel spreadsheet.

“I believe we had enough votes there to get this across the line, so I’d love for Mr Furner, Queensland Health and the Premier to comment on this because they’re the ones who have stuffed this up.”

The Australian Department of Health had proposed to amend the Health Star Calculator by adding two modifying points to the fruit, vegetable, nut and legume score, but it was not supported by ministers representing the states and territories, much to the disgust of Federal Agriculture Minister David Littleproud.

“The [forum] failed the leadership test by retaining a non-sensical health star rating system,” Mr Littleproud said.

“States and territories that supported this including Queensland, Northern Territory, ACT and Victoria have let down our farmers, consumers and Australia’s $800 million juice industry.

“They have made a mockery of the rating system and have ignored Australian government and industry concerns. It would appear as though the states that voted for this are beholden to their bureaucrats.”

He labelled the rating of diet soda healthier than 100pc fruit and vegetable juice as “insanity” – a label that Queensland opposition agriculture spokesman Tony Perrett agrees with.

“This decision goes against basic common sense,” Mr Perrett said.

“Mark Furner and Yvette D’Ath should hang their heads in shame. They clearly don’t understand what their vote means for consumers and our farmers.”

Both Mr Furner and Ms D’Ath were asked to comment on why they voted the way they did, as well as whether they would give kids diet soda for breakfast over pure orange juice, but neither responded.

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Tom Brady’s diet should come with a warning, say experts

But there is no scientific research confirming this claim. (Some studies have even suggested that certain nightshades, like tomatoes, might have anti-inflammatory properties and that anatabine, an alkaloid compound found in peppers, potatoes, tomatoes and eggplant has anti-inflammatory effects for people who suffer from joint pain and stiffness.)

“Restricting vegetables, oh my God, we don’t even eat nearly enough,” says CSIRO nutrition and research scientist Dr Gilly Hendrie of Brady’s diet, adding that 95 per cent of Australians don’t eat the recommended five servings of vegetables and two servings of fruit per day, and that vegetables, being nutrient-rich and kilojoule-poor, are a crucial part of maintaining a healthy weight. “We can’t have any message that says ‘Further restrict them’, because it’s just another barrier for people.

“It [also] doesn’t tell the full story. He’s an elite athlete, he trains; his body and his physique are his career, so he puts a lot of energy and effort into it, and people are linking this one concept of avoidance of these particular foods to how amazing and successful he is. There’s a lot of missing pieces that they’re not discussing. If one of us goes and just tries that one strategy in isolation we’re not going to become the next superstar in the Super Bowl. But, that’s kind of what the public want to believe.”

Indeed, Brady reportedly practises transcendental meditation, surfs off-season, and has, for many years, been given regular “deep force” massages (targeting specific muscle groups) and other treatments in a private resort in the Bahamas by trainer Alex Guerrero, who Brady has called his “body engineer”.

Could this finally put a halt to the public being unwitting, and often vulnerable recipients of celebrity dietary strategies that are frequently devoid of scientific backing? There have been countless over the years from basketball star LeBron James’ sugar, dairy and carb-free diet, to Kate Moss’ notorious statement that, when she and her friends reach for biscuits, they’d say to each other, “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.” (Brady’s wife, supermodel Gisele Bündchen, follows a similar regime to him eating a largely plant-based diet and intermittently fasts two days of the week).

“A celebrity is usually good at acting, or singing or whatever they’re doing – that’s great,” says Simone Austin, who was the Hawthorn Football Club’s dietitian from 2008 until last year. “A mechanic is good at fixing your car, a dentist is good at fixing your teeth, a dietitian or medical health professional is good at looking at your diet. You wouldn’t ask a celebrity to fix your car or your teeth, so why are you asking them about your health? They’re not qualified for that.”


Austin, past president of Sports Dietitians Australia and author of the book, Eat Like An Athlete, says she would never recommend an athlete, or anyone, to eliminate nightshades from their diet, nor any other particular nutrient-rich food group unless there was a “medical need” to do so. (Brady’s diet also includes cutting out dairy, and refraining from mixing fruit with other foods.) ”There’s great folate, B-group vitamins, good complex carbs in potatoes; in tomatoes, there’s great vitamin C, A, and lutein,” says Austin, the last component a powerful antioxidant that has been shown to protect eyes against light-induced damage. ”Eating lots of plant foods, nuts, seeds, legumes, vegetables; we know that that is good for our health,” she says. “Maybe [we should] stop focusing on what you should be cutting out, and [be] focusing on what you should be putting in.”

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Everything we know about Tom Brady’s extreme diet and daily schedule

Back in 2014, questions were being asked about just how long then 37-year-old Tom Brady could carry on playing pro football — and the quarterback wasn’t happy.

“When I suck, I’ll retire,” he said. “(But) I don’t plan on sucking for a long time.”

Nearly seven years on and Tom Brady will today attempt to break his own record as the oldest QB ever to win a Super Bowl when his Tampa Bay Buccaneers take on the reigning champs, the Kansas City Chiefs, on the Bucs’ home turf.

Suffice to say, Brady is one of a kind, a phenomenon who shows no sign of slowing down any time soon in a sport where longevity is rare. That’s why he landed a two-year, $50 million deal with Tampa last March, making it likely he’ll still be playing when he’s 45.

Put simply, Brady is an obsessive — a man with a plan and the determination (and money) to execute it, as John Burns, CEO of Brady’s TB12 health and wellness organisation, explains.

“Tom’s sustained success over the past 20-plus years is a testament to his incredible drive and his meticulous approach to everything he does.” Burns said. “It’s that mindset that allows him to keep going.”

When Brady in 2002 won the first of his record six ­Super Bowls, George W. Bush was president, Justin Timberlake was still a member of NSYNC, and Chiefs MVP quarterback Patrick Mahomes was six years old.

But nearly two decades later, Brady is still there, doing what he does better than pretty much anyone else — at a remarkable 43 years old.

Here’s how he does it.


5.30am: Wake up, drink electrolyte water and smoothie

7am: Breakfast with family

8–10am: Hit the gym for strength and conditioning

10am: Beach time

11am: Review game footage

Noon: Lunch

3-5pm: Team practice or, in the off-season, surf and workout

5-6pm: Post-workout pliability session

6pm: Dinner with family

7pm: Review films, strategy w/ Coach, charity work

7.30pm: Family time, including reading to kids

8.30pm: Lights out and sleep


It’s been said that trainer Alex Guerrero knows Tom Brady’s body better than the QB’s wife, Gisele Bündchen.

As well as being his business partner in the TB12 health-and-wellness brand — including a chain of fitness centres that they plan to expand across the US — Guerrero has been described by Brady as his “body engineer.”

He’s micromanaged the athlete’s training schedule months and even years in advance. An average day will begin early with a pre-workout “deep force” massage session with Guerrero. It only lasts four minutes but targets 20 muscle groups for around 20 seconds each. It helps prepare Brady’s body for an intense workout, beginning with 40 minutes of resistance bands, to make muscles more pliable, soft and resilient.

As the quarterback has aged, he works out less with weights, which could leave him prone to muscle tears. Now it’s all about planks, lunges and squats, followed by more pliability exercises, such as doing crunches with a vibrating roller beneath his back.

After, there’s another massage, this time with the focus of flushing out the lactic acid that builds up during exercise, to help improve muscle recovery time.

During the NFL season, he’ll work out with teammates in the afternoon. Off season, he might get in some surfing. There’s also another pliability session, to improve muscle recovery time, before bed.


While there’s no denying that Brady’s spartan diet has played a major part in prolonging his playing career, some of his former New England Patriots teammates thought it obsessive and unappetising — or as one put it, “that birdseed s – t.”

Caffeine is off the table. So is white flour, white sugar, dairy products and anything with gluten. He steers clear of veggies — tomatoes, eggplants, peppers, mushrooms — that could cause inflammation.

Everything has to be organic. Brady each day tries to drink “a couple of hundred ounces” of water, usually enhanced with electrolytes. (He sells those, along with various nutritional supplements, through his TB12 site.)

Allen Campbell was Brady’s personal chef from 2013 to 2016 and helped him to create the “TB12 Nutrition Manual,” published in 2017. He told The Post that, at this time of year, “We focused on dark leafy greens, some grass-fed animal protein as well as legumes and whole grains.”

But that’s not what Brady will eat before the Super Bowl. His game-day meals are even more basic: a smoothie and a sandwich of almond butter and jelly.

It’s all a far cry from his rookie season in 2000; Brady admitted that his pregame snack used to be nachos while his default lunch was ham-and-cheese subs with onion rings and a large orange soda.

So does he ever cheat on his diet now?

“If I’m craving bacon, I have a piece,” he told Men’s Health last year. Same goes for pizza. “What’s changed as I’ve gotten older is now if I want pizza, I want the best pizza,” Brady added. “I don’t eat a slice that tastes like shit and then wonder, ‘Why am I eating s – t pizza?’”

“Tom talks often of his love for a good burger and dark chocolate,” Campbell told The Post. Specifically, the QB has said he’s into Unreal Chocolate, a brand of vegan, gluten-free, low-sugar candies.

Brady sticks to an 80/20 (plant-based/animal protein) diet. Even his favourite ice cream is plant-based, made from avocado with a little cacao mixed in so it tastes like chocolate.


Besides having worked with a life coach in the past, Brady practices transcendental meditation, striving to become what Guerrero has described as “emotionally stable and ­spiritually nourished”.

He’s also had neuroscans so he can better understand the way his brain processes information and create strategies to improve that.

Brady exercises his brain using apps such as BrainHQ. Although the app was designed to help those with brain conditions such as cognitive damage or memory loss, Brady has used it to sharpen his reactions — working his way through two dozen brain games or more each day.

“Tom explained it like this,” said Henry Mahncke, CEO of the app’s creators, Posit Science. “When he gets the (ball), he remembers the play, then he has to scan the field, locate the receivers, figure out which ones are on their routes and which are open, and make the pass. All in about three seconds.”


Brady loves sleeping. Before his first Super Bowl in 2002, he even took a nap in the locker room only to be woken up with just 12 minutes left before the Patriots were due on the field.

These days, he hits the hay at 8.30am each night and wakes at 5.30am. But everything has to be right. From sleeping on a mattress with a layer of diamond memory foam to setting the bedroom thermostat to between 15C and 18C and shutting down all digital distractions at least 30 minutes before he retires, Brady is as obsessive about sleep as he is about, well, everything else in his life.

And then there’s his magic pyjamas: bioceramic-infused sleepwear made by Under Armour to increase energy, promote recovery and improve performance. And you can, too, can sleep like Tom, although a complete set will set you back nearly $200.

– New York Post

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