The Block 2020 episode 49 recap: The judges slam Harry and Tash’s ‘dumbest’ decision

This final pre-auction episode features George discovering why a pool isn’t a necessity in a Melbourne house, Jasmin discovering that if you leave brand new furniture by the side of the road you shouldn’t expect it to still be there when you get back, and Keith and Harry getting in one final argument.

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George has to get a custom timber bench into the pool cabana area, and the only way to do it is via the pool. As he wades in waist-deep water, before the pool heater is turned on, the Queenslander gets his first taste of actual cold.

“Now I know how the guys on the Titanic felt,” he says.

George finds out what it’s like to swim in balmy Melbourne.

Jasmin, meanwhile, has turned up at Freedom to collect an outdoor coffee table and chairs, only to discover her husband Luke has left a pallet of tiles in the back of her ute.

She and the Freedom dude tie the items up on top of the tiles as best they can, but don’t reckon on the tiles shifting as she drives home, and as she builds up some speed on the freeway the coffee table goes flying off the back of her ute.

By some miracle it doesn’t take out another driver, and she manages to collect it before making the insane decision to leave the furniture on a random footpath while she goes to get the tiles unloaded.

Jasmin watches in horror as her coffee table flies off the back of her ute and on to the freeway.

Jasmin watches in horror as her coffee table flies off the back of her ute and on to the freeway.

Luke, along with every Block viewer, is incredulous. He unloads the tiles quickly but Jasmin then gets stuck in the carpark behind a soil delivery van for about half an hour. By the time she returns to the street where she left her furniture, it’s gone, in a blow to Melbourne’s reputation.

She discovers her wares neatly stacked inside the front gate of a nearby house, and the occupant has the absolute cheek to ask to see a receipt for the items before he agrees to let her take them back. I can’t decide if that’s another blot on Melbourne’s rep, or an admirable piece of chutzpah.

At Harry and Tash’s place, Harry is having his final dust up with Keith. Keith and Dan have found out Harry is planning to finish a few jobs on the house next week, despite the fact the deadline for completion for all the contestants is that Sunday. We’ve already seen Harry take advantage of being a Melburnian when he sneaked on to site to do some measuring during lockdown, but he’s not going to get away with it again.

“No-one can come back next week,” Dan says.

“All the shifty stuff has to stop,” Keith agrees.

Harry rolls his eyes and pledges to get the job done, thus bringing an end to his “shifty stuff” two days out from the final.

And so it’s on to the judging.

Harry and Tash were so cash strapped this week they can’t do much more than pave their sideyard and chuck some plants here and there, but they still manage to waste money on building a wall behind the front door, separating the front and back yards. They do this for privacy and security reasons, despite the fact there is a high front brick wall, which would stop anyone seeing into the back yard anyway.

Harry and Tash's sideyard, and that offending wall, dividing front from back.

Harry and Tash’s sideyard, and that offending wall, dividing front from back.

“Why would you do that?” Shaynna Blaze asks, pointing out they’ve lost the advantage of being the only house with a garden that wraps right around the building.

“It’s just so wrong,” Neale Whitaker says. “On every level it’s wrong. It’s got to go. I feel like doing it myself now.”

They’ve also run out of cash to dress their poolside cabana area.

“It does feel unfinished and undercooked,” Neale says.

“It’s begging for a day bed,” Darren Palmer agrees.

Sarah and George, on the other hand, haven’t undercooked a thing.

Sarah and George's poolside area.

Sarah and George’s poolside area.

Their side courtyard has an enormous built in planter with a Japanese maple, which will serve to block the view from the neighbours’ stairway as it grows.

The backyard has a built-in table which looks cantilevered, a mature olive tree and a graphic of Brighton Beach boxes and a hanging chair in their cabana.

“My mind is blown,” Darren says.

Sarah and George's backyard area.

Sarah and George’s backyard area left Darren Palmer’s mind blown.

Daniel and Jade’s courtyard leaves a good first impression, but quickly reveals itself to be underdone. There’s a couch and two chairs and a planter box with olive trees but no thought has been given to creating a screen between the courtyard and their neighbours’ stairway.

“It’s not a comfortable place to sit,” Neale notes. “It’s pleasant but I can see myself waiting to sit here very long.”

Daniel and Jade's backyard area.

Daniel and Jade’s backyard area. Not shown: outdoor dirt shower.

Their backyard is more successful with armchairs, outdoor rug, fan and outdoor shower. That is until Shaynna notices that in order to use it you have to stand in the dirt straddling a plant. They also lose points for their pool area, which has a nice daybed facing two enormous bare walls.

“There is no atmosphere in here at all,” Neale notes. “I’m looking at one black wall and a concrete wall.”

Daniel and Jade lost points for a pool area that featured bare walls.

Daniel and Jade’s pool area was half resort, half prison yard.

Luke and Jasmin threw everything at their outdoor area this week, scrimping, begging and saving to come up with a custom wave daybed and a water feature which drowns out any street noise for their courtyard, but they too are let down by not considering privacy.

But their backyard gets huge raps.

Luke and Jasmin's courtyard area with custom made day bed.

Luke and Jasmin’s courtyard area with custom made day bed.

“We have never seen anything delivered to this level on The Block.” Neale says of their space, which includes a table built around a structure pole with curved built in seating, fire pit and pizza oven. They lose a few points by not having a built-in barbecue or covered area.

Luke and Jasmin's backyard featured more curves.

Luke and Jasmin’s backyard featured their signature curves. If only they had built in their barbie.

Jimmy and Tam win the battle of the courtyards for their Besser brick feature wall painted coral with planter box of bamboo which will create a fast-growing screen between them and their neighbours.

In the backyard their artfully created “zones”, built-in barbecue and candy striped sun loungers win them plaudits, but they make a major error with their strange little cabana with sliding glass doors.

Jimmy and Tam's courtyard had a coral coloured besser

Jimmy and Tam’s courtyard had a coral coloured feature wall and bamboo which will provide an excellent privacy screen.

The doors are completely unnecessary and make the space look like a “bus stop” according to Shaynna.

“They’ve given us a changing room with glass doors,” she says.

And so to the scores. Fan faves Sarah and George come out on top for the third week in a row, finishing strong with three perfect tens after a wobby start on the show. They steal the win by just half a point from Luke and Jasmin, but at least Jimmy and Tam didn’t win again.

That was beginning to get boring.

Jimmy and Tam's poolside area scored high for the mosaic tile feature wall, but failed for the bus stop-like cabana.

Jimmy and Tam’s poolside area scored high for the mosaic tile feature wall, but failed for the bus stop-like cabana.


1 Sarah and George 30

2 Luke and Jasmin 29.5

3 Jimmy and Tam 27.5

4 Daniel and Jade 24

5 Harry and Tash 22.5


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