Harry Dunn death: US diplomat denied ‘virtual’ trial | UK News

The alleged killer of Harry Dunn is being urged to surrender to a UK court, for a “proper trial”.

Nineteen-year-old Mr Dunn was killed when his motorbike crashed into a car outside US military base RAF Croughton in Northamptonshire on August 27 last year.

Lawyers acting on behalf of Anne Sacoolas admitted the 43-year-old had been driving on the wrong side of the road for around 20 seconds before the collision.

Initially a virtual trial had been discussed but Chief Crown Prosecutor for the East Midlands Janine Smith has told representatives of the man’s family that would mean Sacoolas “would not surrender to the court nor accept the court’s powers”.

She said the CPS believed there was no other way for Sacoolas to surrender “apart from… physically returning to the jurisdiction”.

Her words come despite a letter sent on behalf of US President Donald Trump to the family’s constituency MP Andrea Leadsom, in which the US Embassy said it was its “sincere hope” the CPS would make proposals for a virtual trial to Sacoolas’s lawyers.

Ms Smith told the family’s representatives that an extradition request for the suspect, which was rejected by the US State Department in January, was no longer live.

She added that, if the family was to win its court battle over the diplomatic immunity asserted on behalf of Sacoolas, the CPS “may be able to consider making a further request for extradition”.

In a letter to the Dunn family’s representatives, Ms Smith said: “We have recently written again to the lawyers representing Anne Sacoolas, explaining the next step in this case is for her to surrender to the jurisdiction of the court.

The Prime Minister lobbied the US Secretary of State about the Dunn case

“We confirmed to them that we do not wish to stand in the way of commencing and concluding the criminal proceedings but a proper trial would need to take place.

“We explained to them that we will consider ways and opportunities to move this case forward but this can only be on the basis that Anne Sacoolas surrenders to the jurisdiction of the UK court.”

Sacoolas was able to leave the UK 19 days after the crash after the US government asserted diplomatic immunity on her behalf.

The family has contested the decision and the High Court will determine whether the suspect was entitled to immunity later this month.

Updating the family about the prospect of a virtual trial, Ms Smith continued: “When we spoke of a virtual trial at our meeting with you, the (Director of Public Prosecutions) explained that the coronavirus legislation was introduced specifically to deal with cases during the pandemic and it wasn’t intended that the legislation would allow suspects to appear from another country.

“As we explained in the meeting, we are concerned that Anne Sacoolas would not surrender to the court nor accept the court’s powers.

“We have not been able to identify any other method, apart from Anne Sacoolas physically returning to the jurisdiction, by which her surrendering to the court could be achieved.”

Ms Smith added: “As you know, the extradition request was issued and refused by the US Secretary of State on the basis of diplomatic immunity.

“The request is no longer live but, following the Judicial Review, depending on the outcome, we may be able to consider making a further request for extradition.”

Reacting to the CPS’s letter, the family’s spokesman Radd Seiger said: “Having seen this latest letter from the chief prosecutor, Harry’s parents are just grateful that the CPS are doing their job.

“They are clearly doing it very well and they were very clear when we met with them on September 9 that the virtual trial which was being proposed would not deliver justice.

“This case is all about justice and upholding the rule of law.

“The CPS remain intent on ensuring that Mrs Sacoolas comes back to the UK to answer the charges laid against her.

“That has been the parents’ position from the outset and that is precisely what must happen.”

Sacoolas’s lawyers and the CPS have been approached for comment.

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Magpie Lynden Dunn retires from AFL

Collingwood veteran Lynden Dunn has announced his AFL retirement, while teammates Tim Broomhead and Matthew Scharenberg have been delisted.

Dunn, the No.15 pick in the 2004 national draft, played 165 games for Melbourne.

He added a further 33 for Collingwood over the past four years.

The 33-year-old Dunn spent 773 days on the sidelines after back-to-back reconstructions on his left knee, and he was swarmed by teammates when he kicked a goal upon his AFL return in round 11 this year.

Dunn went on to play just one more game for the season and joins Ben Reid and Travis Varcoe in retirement.

The retirement of 198-gamer Dunn means the only remaining active player from the 2004 national draft crop is Sydney superstar Lance Franklin.

Scharenberg, the No.6 pick from the 2013 national draft, spent seven seasons at Collingwood for a total of 41 matches, including three this year.

The 25-year-old endured three knee reconstructions during his stop-start career at the Magpies, and he hopes to earn an AFL lifeline at another club.

Broomhead also aims to continue his AFL career.

The No.20 pick from the 2012 national draft suffered a serious broken leg in round two, 2018.

The 26-year-old Broomhead made a comeback in round 11 this year but couldn’t hold his spot in the side.

He finishes his time at Collingwood with 37 matches to his name.

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Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs chair Lynne Anderson and board members Paul Dunn and John Ballesty quit

“The football club would like to sincerely thank Lynne, Paul and John for their time, effort and commitment during their time on the board and wish them every success in the future.”

Anderson, Dunn and Ballesty faced being subjected to an extraordinary general meeting after 116 signatures were handed to chief executive Andrew Hill last Tuesday.

The Bulldogs finished second from bottom in 2020.Credit:Getty

Dunn said last week if he left the club it would be in a “much better position than what I found it in”.

Sources close to the board said Anderson didn’t want to drag the club through a potentially toxic EGM, which was triggered by unhappy club sponsors and voting members.

In a statement, Anderson said it had been a “privilege” to serve as chair of the Bulldogs for two-and-a-half years and was happy to return Canterbury to being a development club, as well as ending the days of “back room deals and back-ended [player] contracts”.

“Whilst standing down means that I and two of my fellow directors, John Ballesty and Paul Dunn, won’t be around to finish the job we started, we will always put the interests of the club before our own,” Anderson said.

I implore everyone to now get out of the way and give the club a chance to fulfil its potential without any further interference.

Lynne Anderson

“We made no secret of the fact we inherited some challenges, the most pressing being how to ensure we could field a competitive roster with the salary cap debacle that handicapped retention and recruitment plans for several years.

“We always said it was going to take some time to turn the corner – that it would not be until 2021 that we would be in control of our destiny. I’m proud to say that has been achieved.

“So while it is in my DNA to fight and never let anyone down, John, Paul and I were determined to act to prevent an EGM process that interfered with the arrival of our new recruits, coaching staff or the club’s preparations for 2021.

“It is now up to every person that loves this club to cease with any negativity going forward and put their full support behind the coach and players for next season.


“I implore everyone to now get out of the way and give the club a chance to fulfil its potential without any further interference. That is the only way this club can prosper going forward.”

Anderson listed a number of achievements under her tenure, including a revamp of the club’s junior league pathways, a new coaching team to be led by Trent Barrett in 2021, a new partnership with Mounties Group, plans for a first ever group strategic plan and the prospect of a profit in 2020 despite the COVID pandemic.

Anderson forfeited her own remuneration in response to the global health crisis.

Dunn, who will remain the chair of the leagues club, said he didn’t want to put the club through the cost and adverse publicity that comes with an EGM.

Paul Dunn in his playing days for the Bulldogs.

Paul Dunn in his playing days for the Bulldogs.

“Some of the people were upset by the things that happened, but we were only doing what we thought was right for the club,” Dunn said. “In that vein, standing down rather than going through an EGM and putting the club through all that hatred and bitterness was the only option that I saw.

“Trent starts on November 1 and he doesn’t need that.

“All the bad press has been hurting the club in terms of recruiting, signing new sponsors. I needed to be able to look myself in the mirror knowing I’d done the right thing by the club.”

Dunn was adamant the club was better positioned than when he inherited it.

“I’m really excited about what next year brings for the club. Whether I’m on the board or not is irrelevant,” he said. “In the end people are going to look back and think we achieved some of our aims, but didn’t do it in the best way. That’s life.

“I’m happy I’ve left it in a better place than I found it.”

The board changes will again raise questions about the club’s recently signed major sponsorship with Laundy Hotels. The business has threatened to walk away from the club due to the political infighting.

The remaining four members on the football club board are Joe Thomas, John Khoury, Adrian Turner and Peter Mortimer.

Anderson led a ticket which swept to power in early 2018, dethroning longtime chairman Ray Dib. She had vowed to rebuild the club and told supporters it would take until 2021 for the Bulldogs to have salary cap space to target free agents.

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Harry Dunn death: Sacoolas was on the wrong side on the road for 20 seconds before hitting motorcyclist | UK News

The American woman accused of killing Harry Dunn has admitted driving on the wrong side of the road for “approximately 20 seconds” before colliding with the young motorcyclist.

A statement released by Anne Sacoolas‘s lawyers said she is “devastated” and “continues to grieve deeply” for Harry’s family.

Ms Sacoolas was charged with causing the death of 19-year-old Harry by dangerous driving after a collision outside RAF Croughton in Northamptonshire in August last year.

Harry Dunn’s mother: ‘Sacoolas needs to face UK justice’

The wife of an American intelligence worker, Sacoolas, 43, claimed diplomatic immunity shortly afterwards and was able to return to the US, sparking a campaign by Harry’s parents to have her brought back to the UK to face justice.

The statement said she “did everything she could to assist Harry” after the collision.

It went on: “Anne is devastated by this tragic accident and continues to grieve deeply for Harry’s family.

“The mischaracterisations of what happened on that tragic day are harmful to all involved. Anne did everything she could to assist Harry.”

Sacoolas and her family had only been in the UK for three weeks when the collision took place on 27 August, her lawyers said.

She had made a left turn and “instinctively” driven on the “wrong side of the road for approximately 20 seconds” before the fatal crash, they said, adding that she had been “otherwise driving cautiously and below the speed limit”.

According to her lawyers, she could not see Mr Dunn due to “the crest of a small hill”.

“After the accident, she ran from her car and tried to help him. Anne then saw another motorist approach and flagged her down for more support.

“The other motorist immediately called for the emergency services and Anne made calls to alert the police from the nearby air force base.

“The base police arrived quickly and assisted Harry. Tragically, it took over 40 minutes for the ambulance to arrive and nearly two hours passed before Harry was admitted to the hospital.

“Anne did not leave the scene until she was instructed to do so by the UK authorities.”

Harry Dunn's family have travelled to New York in the hope of meeting Anne Sacoolas
Harry Dunn’s family have travelled as far as the US in their campaign for justice

US authorities asserted that Sacoolas had diplomatic immunity and, according to her lawyers, “determined that it would be difficult for her and her family to remain in the small Croughton community”.

Her lawyers said she returned to the US on a commercial flight after the US Embassy “informed the Foreign Office of this decision and instructed Anne to return home”.

Radd Seiger, spokesman for Harry’s parents, said they had “noted” the statement.

He added: “Their position is that these issues should not be aired in any form other than a court of law.

“Once again, they invite her to do the right thing and return to the UK to answer to the charges laid against her.”

Earlier this week, there were reports that Mrs Sacoolas was willing to consider taking part in a virtual trial in the UK.

On Thursday night her lawyers said: “We have been and remain willing to discuss a resolution, including the possibility of virtual proceedings, with the UK authorities.

“Anne has never tried to avoid being held accountable for the tragic accident and she would like nothing more than to find a path forward and to provide the family some measure of peace.”

Sacoolas had “fully cooperated with the investigation”, the statement said, adding that she had met police at her home the day after the collision and had voluntarily been interviewed several weeks later.

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Harry Dunn death: Alleged killer Anne Sacoolas ‘willing to discuss virtual trial’ in UK | US News

Harry Dunn’s alleged killer Anne Sacoolas is reportedly willing to discuss the possibility of a virtual trial in the UK.

Sources close to the 43-year-old told the Press Association (PA) that despite the attorney general’s office considering conducting a trial remotely, she had not yet been approached about the matter.

PA said it understood Mrs Sacoolas wished to speak with UK authorities to find a path forward.

Boris Johnson had said he would “support anything” that gets justice for the 19-year-old motorcyclist after he was asked about the prospect of a virtual trial.

Mr Dunn, 19, was hit outside RAF Croughton in Northamptonshire in August 2019 by Sacoolas, who had just left the US intelligence base where her husband worked.

But she later claimed diplomatic immunity and returned to the US.

Asked if he would support a virtual trial, the prime minister said: “There is the legal possibility that you mention.

“I think the best thing that I can say is, I will support anything that helps to bring justice for Harry Dunn and brings some sort of closure for his family because they have suffered for a long time.”

Sacoolas was charged with causing Harry’s death by dangerous driving in December but the UK’s extradition request was rejected by the US.

Mr Dunn’s mother, Charlotte Charles, welcomed Mr Johnson’s remarks.

“The last year has been a year in which we’ve really struggled, we wouldn’t wish anything we’ve been through on our worst enemy… it’s taken every ounce of energy we can muster to get through every hour of every day to this point,” she said.

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Lawyer for Mert Ney seeks adjournment over alleged CBD stabbing murder of Michaela Dunn

A Sydney court has been told 1,500 pages of mental health and medical reports have been produced about a man accused of fatally stabbing a woman in the CBD last year.

Mert Ney, 21, was arrested last August and charged with murdering 24-year-old Michaela Dunn and seriously wounding 41-year-old Lin Bo.

This morning his lawyer sought a 12-week adjournment in Sydney’s Central Local Court, citing the need to explore Mr Ney’s fitness to plead and “potential defences that might be available”.

The court heard about 1,500 pages of material had already been produced from Justice Health and other organisations, but November was the earliest availability for a psychiatrist to compile a report.

The prosecutor opposed the adjournment on the grounds of “undue” and “unacceptable” delay, saying it had been over a year since the alleged offence and more than five months since Mr Ney’s defence first raised the prospect of mental health reports.

Magistrate Robert Williams noted the Criminal Procedure Act gave the court the power to commit matters if there had been “unreasonable delay”.

“I propose to list this matter next Tuesday and to hear arguments from the parties why this matter should not be committed,” he said.

A young blonde woman smiling
Michaela Dunn was stabbed to death last August.(NSW Police)

Last year, the court heard police were accessing Mr Ney’s phone as part of their inquiries.

His charges include murder, wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm, assault, choking and drug possession.

During the incident, Mr Ney was seen climbing cars in the middle of the CBD before he was restrained by members of the public.

The incident caused emergency responders to lock down the city.

Police alleged Mr Ney visited Ms Dunn prior to his alleged attack for a sex work appointment.

The court previously heard he required medication for pain and mental illness and experienced problems in custody including insomnia.

The case will return to court on September 15.

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Collingwood defeat Adelaide, Lynden Dunn goal, Shane McAdam

Collingwood secured the points against a gallant Adelaide outfit searching for their first win of the season.

The signs looked ominous for the Magpies in the first half as the Crows sat in the drivers seat, but a second-half surge saw them claim the 10.2 (62) to 5.8 (38) victory at Adelaide Oval.

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An ugly battle in the first half left Pies fans nervously rocking back and forth with skipper Scott Pendlebury tweeting midway through the second term: “I’ll have no nails left by the end of this game here”.

But in the third quarter the Pies flicked the switch and kicked five unanswered goals with two coming in the final minute of the quarter effectively shutting the door on the Crows.

Turnovers cost the Crows dearly with several leading directly to Collingwood goals and leaving coach Matthew Nicks seeing red in the box.

In a lacklustre night for the struggling Adelaide side, it was young forward Shane McAdam who produced the biggest highlight out of the contest.

For Collingwood the biggest moment of the game came in the second quarter when Lyden Dunn nailed a goal before the halftime break.

Dunn returned to the Collingwood side after coming off two serious knee injuries and having spent 773 days on the sidelines.

The win lifts the Magpies into sixth spot on the ladder, narrowly jumping ahead of Richmond on percentage.

Unfortunately for Adelaide they move to 0-11 with their next two games coming against the Western Bulldogs and Geelong.

Collingwood return to Brisbane for a Saturday night contest against Melbourne at the Gabba while Adelaide lock horns with the Bulldogs on Sunday afternoon at Metricon Stadium.

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Aston Villa will need no motivating at West Ham after putting fate in their own hands – Andy Dunn

Dean Smith has taken to trying to motivate his players by showing them clippings of criticism from pundits and journalists.

It is an old chestnut and he can hardly have been short of material.

It worked here but there can surely be no need for any corny psychological tools this Sunday.

Each and every Villa player knows his Premier League future is, more or less, in his own hands.

Of course they could beat West Ham and Watford could beat Arsenal by a greater margin, relegating Villa.

But Watford beating anyone right now is as likely as Watford going a season with the same manager.

Trezeguet celebrating giving Aston Villa the lead

It as likely as Arsenal going any length of time without some minor protest from fans.

It now seems novel if a light aeroplane does NOT fly over a football ground with a trite message trailing behind it.

The one that buzzed over Villa Park for the benefit of the few down below was not the only thing ineffective in the air, John McGinn heading over an early Villa half-chance.

The banner behind this particular craft read ‘Back Arteta Kroenke Out’ – as though billionaire American businessmen are going to be swayed by crackpots who waste money on a silly stunt. A silly, unoriginal stunt.

Aston Villa revelled in a vital three points

Still, in the context of a mundane opening 20 minutes, it was vaguely interesting, I guess.

In the absence of any early Villa threat, it gave Emiliano Martinez, in the Arsenal goal, something to look at.

No wonder he looked stunned when Villa struck not long after the drinks break.

There had not even been a hint of an attempt on target until Conor Hourihane’s corner, Villa’s first of the game, found its way to Trezeguet, whose right-footed finish from ten yards was violently sweet.

As Villa have struggled so badly for goals since the restart, Trezeguet’s contribution has been invaluable.

Trezeguet put an end to a fairly mundane opening

This was his third in three Premier League games, each goal swelling in importance, match-by-match.

What he would give for another one down at the London Stadium on Sunday afternoon.

What he would also give for Arsenal’s defending from set-pieces not to be as lax as this when Watford visit the Emirates.

With six changes from the team that toppled Manchester City at Wembley, Mikel Arteta’s team were actually a touch lax all round.

Too often, the choice of option in the final third was the wrong one, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Alexandre Lacazette among the guilty parties.

Arsenal’s Lucas Torreira looking forlorn

But they still switched the ball crisply and there was always going to be a strong element of nervousness about Villa’s second half performance.

The amount of times they have squandered good positions this season must have been planted in many minds.

Sure enough, anxiety prompted plenty of errors but Arsenal were not fluent enough to capitalise and while it was often desperate, Smith’s side defended well.

Simple tasks, such as when Frederic Guilbert ushered a Kieran Tierney flick behind for a goal-kick, were marked with fist bumps.

Their anxiety could have been eased had substitute Keinan Davis accepted a glorious opportunity but instead, they still had to endure agonising moments such as Eddie Nketiah sending a header against a post.

And with 20 minutes remaining, Tyrone Mings’ voice could probably be heard in Birmingham’s Bull Ring.

“Come on, one big ******* push,” he urged.

And as they threw heart and soul into every tackle, every chase, every aerial duel, you could not say they didn’t give it ‘one big ******* push’.

Just another needed on Sunday in the capital and an unlikely escape should be complete.

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Father, stepmother accused of murdering toddler Willow Dunn charged with additional child cruelty offences

The father and stepmother of a four-year-old girl, who was found dead inside her Brisbane home, are facing fresh child cruelty charges more than a month after being accused of her murder.

Emergency services discovered the body of Willow Dunn at her home in Cannon Hill in May.

Police have alleged the toddler, who had Down Syndrome, died about two days before she was found.

A post-mortem examination concluded Willow was experiencing “serious malnourishment” and other health issues “that indicated sustained mistreatment”.

Willow’s father, Mark James Dunn and her stepmother, Shannon Leigh White, were charged with the child’s alleged murder shortly after her death and have been remanded in custody since.

Mr Dunn and Ms White, both 43, were each charged with an additional count of child cruelty in the Brisbane Magistrates Court on Monday.

Ms White was also charged with possessing dangerous drugs.

The pair are yet to enter a plea to the freshly laid charges.

Both cases are expected to return to court in October.

Willow’s death is one of two cases of alleged child neglect that are being independently investigated by the Queensland Family and Child Commission.

A report of the commission’s findings is expected to be handed to Attorney-General Yvette D’Ath later this year.

Ms D’Ath will then decide whether to release it to the public.

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Dominant Dunn chases first Ramornie Hcp

AFTER scintillating seasons on the track, we all know just what Murwillumbah trainer Matt Dunn and Grafton Jockey Matthew McGuren can do when they join forces.

With 116 race wins between them for 2019/2020, it’s more of a case of what haven’t they won, but the $200,000 GDSC Ramornie Handicap 1200m is the next on Dunn’s hit list.

“We haven’t managed to win one before which is a bit frustrating,” Dunn said.

“We’ve won plenty across the Northern Rivers but this and the Grafton Cup are two we’re yet to win.”

Five-year-old gelding Snitz will lead the charge for Wednesday’s feature and will come in as hot favourite ($3.80), partly thanks to an impressive win in the $120,000 Debortoli Wines Takeover Target Stakes at Royal Randwick on May 9.

“The horse is looking good and healthy. He’ll be coming in off some good form,” Dunn said.

Opting for McGuren in the saddle, Dunn believes the region’s leading jockey is the right man for the job.

“He’s the guy that we use primarily in the Northern Rivers. Even when we’ve got our better horses in we still try to use him. We’ve stuck with a guy who sticks with us,” he said.


Matt McGuren preparing for last Sunday’s South Grafton Cup, won by Kristen Buchanan-trained Jazzland.


Dunn was due to face some stiff competition in Toby and Trent Edmonds-trained Mr Bellagio, but the Queensland trainer scuffed his chance at a third Ramornie Handicap in a row when he scratched his sole hope late on Tuesday.

While confident, Dunn said the remaining field should give Snitz a good run in the sprint on Wednesday.

“We’re going in with a good shot. In saying that, it won’t be easy going up against a diverse field of runners from Brisbane and Sydney. It’s a strong enough race but Snitz has got the best form,” he said.

The Murwillumbah trainer will have a total of six runners take part across five races on Wednesday, with McGuren set to take the reigns for five of those chances.

Dunn goes in as favourite with Marshall Dillon in the Race 4 Jacaranda Hotel Country Showcase Country Maiden Plate 1000m and with Our Echo in the Race 5 Class 2 Showcase Handicap 1100m.

“They’re all good chances. Pretty much everything is in its right race,” Dunn said.

“The nice thing is they’ve all drawn good gates. Usually we draw some pretty crummy gates.”

Dunn has had a rich run of form at the Clarence River Jockey Club this year and he hopes to repeat the same success on the big stage over the two main days of the July Carnival.

“We’re in a good spot and hope we get a good track, which we usually do. It’s good to see that they’ve got nice fields for Ramornie Day,” he said.

“CRJC CEO Michael Beattie has done a good job to encourage better horses from Sydney and Brisbane. It’s important to get big opposition to keep the interest up around the region.”

Arcalette will be Dunn and McGuren’s first shot on Wednesday as they aim to open the day with a win in the Race 2 4YO & UP Class 2 Showcase Handicap 1600m at 1.04pm.

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