Woodside’s early CEO change rings alarm bells

Mr Kavonic on Wednesday described Woodside’s CEO transition situation as “shambolic” and said it cast doubt over its ability to make key decisions at such a significant time for the company.

Woodside and the other producers of oil and liquefied natural gas (LNG) were hit hard last year by the onset of the coronavirus crisis, which hammered demand, sent benchmark commodity prices tumbling to multi-year lows, and forced a sharp pullback in spending across the sector. Woodside is now looking to get its growth agenda back on track and hopes to give the go-ahead to the $17 billion Scarborough gas project off the coast of Western Australia in the “second half” of 2021.

“The market does not like such messy management churn situations and Woodside’s ability to make key decisions including Scarborough FID [final investment decision] can appear compromised until CEO certainty is attained,” Mr Kavonic said.

“Clearly, the faster leadership certainty – and hence decision-making credibility – is achieved, the better.”

Santos chief Kevin Gallagher, previously considered as the lead contender for the Woodside top job, this week signalled his intention to stay at Santos after being offered a $6 million bonus plan to see through the company’s key growth projects until at least 2025.

Alongside Ms O’Neill, who is presently Woodside’s executive vice-president of development and marketing, leading external candidates to become Woodside’s permanent CEO may include former Shell Australia boss Zoe Yujnovich and BHP head of petroleum Geraldine Slattery.

UBS energy analyst Tom Allen said a key challenge for Woodside was the need to reset some of its joint-venture relationships in the north-west.

“An executive that has a track record in asset consolidation, infrastructure sell-downs and finding win-win commercial outcomes from difficult joint ventures would be well-regarded by the board.”

Woodside share closed the session on Wednesday 0.4 per cent weaker at $24.16.

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Pregnancy after miscarriage can be difficult to celebrate, especially in the early days

“It’s a protective mechanism, with the belief that, ‘If I don’t get too ahead of myself, if this bad thing happens again, it will hurt less. I’m protecting myself from future hurt and future loss.’ ”

But does this protective mechanism actually work?

It doesn’t really matter what we’ve done beforehand, we’re going to experience the full force of that loss.

Dr Charise Deveney

Our brains are wired to avoid threats, so, perinatal and parenting psychologist Sarah-Jayne Duryea says, it’s natural to try to protect ourselves mentally from potential trauma.

“You’re wired as a human being to protect yourself emotionally and psychologically; to keep yourself safe,” she explains.

“In a perfect world, it would be wonderful if you could relax and enjoy [the pregnancy]; if you had a crystal ball that could predict the future and show you that everything would be OK … but [many people] can’t.”

And in the unfortunate event of a subsequent miscarriage, Deveney says this protective mechanism probably won’t actually make the blow easier to deal with.


“It doesn’t really matter what we’ve done beforehand, we’re going to experience the full force of that loss, whether we’ve protected against it or not,” Deveney says. “[And sometimes] if there is a subsequent loss, later there could be emerging feelings of guilt or regret about ‘Why did I not celebrate this pregnancy? I didn’t make space to be with this baby.’ ”

So what can you do if you feel so happy to be pregnant again, yet desperately worried something bad will happen?

Duryea suggests aiming for a healthy dose of protection. “[Try] not to get too caught up in focusing forward [and think], ‘Right here and now, just for today, I can relax and enjoy the feeling of this baby,’ ” she says. “Keep bringing yourself back to that.”

Deveney says it can be valuable to hash out these feelings with a therapist who specialises in perinatal issues.

“Psychological intervention is really useful to allow that gentle processing to occur,” she says.

“[It can help] to really unpack what your thoughts or feelings or beliefs are around what the loss was like … and start to think of [yourself] as a mother.”

Finding the positives in a new pregnancy

Of course, not all couples fret in a subsequent pregnancy.

“There is definitely a chunk of women who would have a miscarriage and be very logical and pragmatic, [thinking], ‘It wasn’t meant to be; it’s sad but I can accept that it wasn’t meant to be for whatever reason,’ ” Deveney says.

Some parents who have experienced loss can find it hard to “believe” a pregnancy will succeed, in spite of the medical evidence.Credit:Stock

For Aimee Sing, 32, a change in attitude about pregnancy helped her cope when she fell pregnant with her daughter Willow, now seven, following a miscarriage.

“I was finding it really difficult to surrender to it, having all these tests to try and make sure everything was OK,” Sing, a birth doula and lactation consultant, recalls.

“But a friend said, ‘Wouldn’t it be a shame if you didn’t just revel in every moment of this pregnancy [and] the time you get to have with this baby? If it is short-lived, why not try to really enjoy that experience while you can?’ I thought that was a really beautiful way of approaching it.”


So Sing took photos, made baby books and did lots of journaling throughout her pregnancy as though the baby would get the chance to read them – which, fortunately, she did.

“It really helped me re-orient my ideas around what pregnancy was and the fact that even if I didn’t have a baby to hold in my arms at the end, I was still a mum and I got to have that opportunity of being a mother just through pregnancy itself,” she recalls.

Sing went on to have two more miscarriages before having her son Hamish, now four, and daughter Evalie, now one.

“For each pregnancy, we did the same thing: journaling, documenting what was going on and meditating to really try and enjoy the pregnancy for the fact it was a pregnancy, not that it would be a baby at the end necessarily,” Sing says.

“I also told family and friends, which really helped me think, ‘Yeah it’s a pregnancy, and I’m happy for that in itself.’”

How to help your loved ones help you

A lot of people who haven’t experienced miscarriage may not understand the depth of grief some parents feel after a loss.

“They may have dreamed up all of these hopes and dreams [thinking], ‘When they’re 17 I’m going to buy them a car and they’re going to go to university’,” Duryea says.

“But there’s no visual representation for that like there would be if it was a partner who passed away. Nobody else can really access those things because it was in your body, contained within you.”

If your loved ones are struggling to understand why you’re not ready to talk baby names or gender reveals, Dr Deveney suggests gently explaining the “dual process” you are experiencing.


“It’s a psychologically complex process – often you will swing between remembering the loss and the terror of something bad happening in this pregnancy, and then swing back to, ‘There’s a baby growing and that is exciting,’” she says.

“I think it’s important to be able to acknowledge this out loud and say something like, ‘I can see that for you, this is really exciting and you’re desperate for me to find joy in this. I need you to know that that part is there for me somewhere, but there’s also another part that I find really terrifying and I’m finding it difficult to trust that this will be OK’.”

And Duryea says it’s worth noting that you will find a new normal. “We never forget that we’ve lost that person or that little spark of life, but life does move on around that loss and that hole and we learn to adapt,” she says. “I would just encourage people to keep gently and compassionately bringing themselves back to the present moment, perhaps by saying, ‘I’m OK, the baby is here,’ or, ‘I’m in one piece.’”

If you need support for pregnancy loss, go to or call Sands’ 24/7 support-line on 1300 072 637.

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Sue Neill-Fraser’s fate still to be decided after appeal against murder conviction wraps early

After two-and-a-half days of twists and turns, Susan Neill-Fraser’s appeal against her murder conviction has wrapped up.

The appeal, which was five years in the making, came to an early end after Neill-Fraser’s lawyers abandoned their star witness.

Neill-Fraser is about halfway through her 23-year prison sentence for the murder of her partner Bob Chappell aboard his yacht in 2009.

In August next year, she will be eligible for parole but supporters say she wants to go free as an innocent woman.

Neill-Fraser’s appeal against her conviction centred on the evidence of Meghan Vass, who was homeless and 15 at the time of Mr Chappell’s disappearance.

Meaghan Vass recanted her previous evidence on Tuesday and was relieved of giving further evidence.(

ABC News: Luke Bowden


Ms Vass’s DNA was found on the boat — in the original trial and this appeal the Crown argued she had never been on the boat and it had been transferred there accidentally by another person.

Meaning, someone might have trod on it and then walked it onto the yacht.

Ms Vass, too, told the trial she had never been to Sandy Bay or on a yacht.

Neill-Fraser’s team maintain that Ms Vass was on the yacht that night and that is the most plausible explanation as to how her DNA got there.

Bob Chappell's yacht, Four Winds, on the River Derwent
Bob Chappell disappeared from his yacht on Australia Day, 2009, and was never seen again.(



But Ms Vass’s witness testimony during the appeal was contradictory.

On day one, she told the Court of Criminal Appeal she had been on the yacht with three other men, at least one of whom assaulted Mr Chappell.

By day two, in cross-examination, she had changed her story, telling the Director of Public Prosecutions she had never been on the yacht.

Neill-Fraser’s lawyers eventually decided to relieve her and abandon her evidence. Confirming in their closing argument that all of it was irrelevant to the case before the judges. The DPP did the same.

Christopher Carr and Robert Richter.
Susan Neill-Fraser’s lawyers Christopher Carr and Robert Richter leave the Supreme Court of Tasmania.(

ABC News: Luke Bowden


They instead focussed on what they labelled “issues” in the original trial, namely the DNA evidence of Ms Vass.

In closing arguments, Neill-Fraser’s junior counsel Chris Carr SC said reports by DNA expert Max Jones supported their argument that the DNA was deposited by Ms Vass herself.

This was for two reasons:

  • His explanation of how it could have got there with a secondary transfer did not match the explanation given by the Crown.
  • He said that such a large patch of DNA was more likely to have come from Ms Vass herself.

Neill-Fraser’s team said their explanation of Ms Vass visiting the yacht with some friends was just as plausible as the Crown’s version of events.

Mr Carr told the court that if the jury in the original trial had been given this evidence, there would have been some doubt in her guilt, meaning it was a “substantial miscarriage of justice” and he called for a retrial.

Director of Public Prosecutions Daryl Coates SC maintains that Ms Vass was never on the boat.

Tasmanian Director of Public Prosecutions Daryl Coates arrives at court (2).jpg
Director of Public Prosecutions Daryl Coates says there is overwhelming evidence Fraser-Neill was involved.(

ABC News: Luke Bowden


He told the court that the Four Winds yacht was not initially treated as a crime scene and therefore it was moved to Constitution Dock and then Goodwood, an area that Ms Vass had earlier told the court she spent time in.

He said at least 21 people had been on the boat before the sample was taken, which is how the secondary transfer could have occurred.

“[There’s the] sheer unlikelihood of Ms Vass being involved. At the same time, there’s overwhelming evidence that the appellant [Susan Neill-Fraser] was,” Mr Coates said.

After the case wrapped up, Neill-Fraser’s daughter Sarah Bowles said she felt very “optimistic” and hoped the judges would recognise the “substantial miscarriage of justice”.

“Mum is innocent and this needs to be rectified so that she can get out and be acquitted,” she said.

Woman with dark hair speaks to people in a group.
Susan Neill-Fraser’s daughter Sarah Bowles is hoping for an acquittal.(

ABC News: Luke Bowden


Ms Bowles said she would never stop fighting and was prepared to look at other avenues if this failed.

“I have heard many times that this is our last chance and yet here we are again,” she said.

“Whilst in some ways a lot rides on this, we will never stop fighting for this case.”

Neill-Fraser supporter Rosie Crumpton-Cook said “it was going to be a “tough” wait.

“Who knows how long it will be? she said.

“I hope for Sue it’s not too long.”

The judges have reserved their decision.

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Sprint star Gytrash poised for shock early Group 1 return

Group 1 star Gytrash is poised for a surprise early comeback and is set to target the Group 1 The Goodwood in his home state next month.

The $1 million Group 1 Doomben 10,000, staged on the same day and worth twice as much, could also be a possibility but The Goodwood at Morphettville is the favoured option for trainer Gordon Richards.

“It really wasn’t on the agenda originally, but he is pretty trim now and doesn’t take a lot of work to come up to the mark,” Richards said.

“The Goodwood being on the 15th (May) is still a little while away and there is enough time for him to get fit enough for it.

“There are no guarantees but I’d be pretty keen to have a crack at it if we could.”

The TAB has inserted Gytrash as a $6 second favourite for The Goodwood and an $8 chance for the Doomben 10,000 in its all-in markets.

Richards insists he will take no risks and won’t rush Gytrash back if he doesn’t continue to impress.

But the stable has been delighted with his recovery from bone chip surgery after last being seen at the races when winning the Yes Yes Yes Stakes at Rosehill last October.

media_cameraTrainer Gordon Richards is thrilled with Gytrash’s progress. Picture: Getty Images

The 2020 Group 1 Lightning Stakes winner was recently caught up in flood drama in NSW with the star galloper spelling at Hawkesbury where his spelling paddock went underwater.

He was then transferred to a water walker facility but that was cut off by floodwater.

As a result he spent extra time working on the water walker, building a fitness base for an unexpected tilt at The Goodwood.

Gytrash will only have a short campaign before being put away for a break and brought back for the spring where last year’s third-placed finisher in The Everest will be set for another tilt at the $15 million race.

But before that the five-year-old will be looking to go one better in The Goodwood than when he finished runner-up behind Trekking last year.

Gytrash is the pride of South Australia

South Australian sprinter Gytrash will be out to continue his giant-killing run in The Everest at Royal Randwick.

Originally published as Sprint star poised for shock early Group 1 return

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Swans and Demons, Lions, Blues and Giants — which AFL teams are winning and losing the early expectations game?

Two rounds into the 2021 AFL season, and there are plenty of talking points — from higher scoring to the medical sub, to the first enforced “flexibility” of the league’s fixture due to COVID concerns.


But as always, no matter how early we are in the season, the expectations game is playing out across the league.

It’s not a simple matter of looking at the ladder and pointing to the top three as the winners and the bottom two or three as losers.

How good a team was the year before, player additions and losses, and the general vibe coming out of a club in the pre-season all feed in to how performances are viewed.

Port Adelaide and Richmond at the top of the ladder is not a surprise. The Suns have recent history of starting the year strongly, so their presence in sixth spot (at 1-1) is not a total shock. Neither is the sight of the Kangaroos at the foot of the table.

So who are the early surprises? Who are beating expectations? And which teams are not meeting the bar?

Above expectations:

Sydney Swans

The word out of the Sydney Swans camp was strong ahead of the new season, largely driven by enthusiasm over the team’s three top draftees, Logan McDonald, Braeden Campbell and Errol Gulden.

The feeling was that the Swans were still in rebuild mode but with some pundits thinking that enough improvement was on the cards for them to make a decent move up the ladder. Then came the first two rounds — and it’s fair to say that expectations were exceeded.  


McDonald’s presence and marking ability, Gulden’s all-around game and Campbell’s brilliant disposal formed part of an impressive, attacking Swans gamestyle that proved too much for the Lions and Crows.

Callum Mills’s starring role in the midfield, Isaac Heeney provides another dangerous target up front, then add emerging talents like Chad Warner and Sam Wicks into the mix, and the future looks very bright.

And that’s without even mentioning the return of Lance Franklin.  

People shouldn’t be getting carried away — the potential reality check for John Longmire’s men is this weekend against Richmond.

But even with a loss, upcoming games against Essendon and GWS could see Sydney sitting at an unlikely 4-1. 


There is some excitement about the Demons’ play this season, and much of it comes from dynamic forward Kysaiah Pickett (right).(

AAP: Scott Barbour


The Demons finished last season in ninth spot, with frustrations mounting that a star-studded midfield group was not translating into more wins on the table.

Melbourne moved in the off-season, trading for Kangaroos forward Ben Brown, in hopes that he could be the catalyst for a solid run at finals and higher.


Not too many predictions had them achieving their goal, with most putting them still just outside the eight.

But after an opening two rounds, there is definitely more energy about the Dees, and more importantly, more scoring.

From an (admittedly shortened game) average of 61 points a game in 2020, Melbourne is now hitting 85.5 per game in early 2021. 

Both the excitement and extra scoring appear linked to the rising influence of Kysaiah Pickett, who is giving opposition defences real trouble.

The next four games are GWS, Geelong, Hawthorn and Richmond. If the solid start is not a false dawn, the Demons should be 4-2 or even 5-1 at round six, which would build a platform to the type of season the club wants. 

Below expectations:

Brisbane Lions

Brisbane had a brilliant 2020, before a loss to Geelong made it two consecutive top-two finishes without a grand final appearance. The Lions signed Joe Daniher from the Bombers as the missing piece of their puzzle.

A group of dejected AFL players walk off the field.
The Lions came close to beating the Cats — but there is no more margin for error for Chris Fagan’s team.(

AAP: Scott Barbour


The expectation was that they would be top four again, if not top two, if not top one.

Already it looks a lot different. The Lions appeared caught on the hop by the Swans in round one, unable to cope with the new attacking playing style.

A trip to Geelong brought a narrow loss — and if not for a red-hot missed free kick in the dying moments they would have been 1-1. But the Lions were far from their best. 

There are some mitigating circumstances. The season-ending knee injury to Cam Rayner has robbed them of a real impact player.

At 0-2, things are bad but not irretrievable. Unfortunately for Chris Fagan’s men, the fixture doesn’t get any easier with Collingwood — at Docklands, rather than the Gabba, thanks to Queensland’s COVID outbreak — followed by the confident Bulldogs in Ballarat next on the agenda.

The pressure is on right now — they can turn things around, but If Brisbane hits round five against Essendon at 0-4, then the damage might already be done.


The off-season additions of Giants rebounding defender Zac Williams and Suns’ power-runner Adam Saad were supposed to add more dash to a Carlton side that needed it totake them to the next level.

Expectations were to improve at least somewhat on last year’s 11th place and to challenge for the eight if not break in. After eight quarters of football, that looks like a big ask.

The issues start with the Blues’ defence. In this new, more open game of AFL, being able to bend, not break, at the back is important.


Carlton’s opponents have had 30 and 26 scoring shots against them in successive weeks, and purely on goals scored the Tigers and Magpies had more points on the board than the Blues’ totals both rounds.

The other problem is that the Blues seem to lack that special someone up forward to kick the bags that’ll be needed if they continue to concede as many goals as they have.

Fremantle and Gold Coast offer the potential for wins to kickstart their season, but then Port Adelaide and Brisbane loom on the horizon.

Add injuries to Jack Martin and Zac Fisher to the mix and the heat is likely to be rising on coach David Teague.


The pure maths of the trade period made it clear that the Giants were probably out of the premiership window.

A group of AFL players look around at each other as they wander off the ground.
The Giants are really struggling early in the season, and the pressure is rising at GWS.  (

AAP: Richard Wainwright


The departures of key forward Jeremy Cameron (to Geelong), Williams (to Carlton), defender Aidan Corr (to the Kangaroos), Zac Langdon to the Eagles and midfielder Jye Caldwell to the Bombers certainly brought expectations down at GWS.

But the view after the first fortnight of season 2021 is worse — a lot worse — than expected.

The loss to St Kilda in round one was disappointing, but it was the the way the Giants went down to Fremantle that set warning bells off.

The team’s midfield dominance is not there, the road to a winning score looks blocked for now, and the team — 0-2 for the first time in eight years — is in relatively uncharted territory.

They desperately need some injured players to come back, particularly forward Jesse Hogan and classy midfielder Lachie Whitfield. 

With Melbourne, Collingwood, Sydney and the Western Bulldogs to come, the Giants’ next win could be quite a way away.

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Archie Roach – Replay: Koorie (1988) The Early Protest Songs

Archie Roach – Replay: Koorie (1988) The Early Protest Songs

Archie Roach - Replay: Koorie (1988) The Early Protest SongsArchie Roach - Replay: Koorie (1988) The Early Protest Songs

Join ARIA Hall of Fame inductee Archie Roach for a special one-off show not to be missed. A night of song and storytelling Replay: Koorie (1988) will celebrate Archie’s connection to St Kilda revisiting the songs he wrote whilst living behind the Village Belle Hotel in the mid to late 1980s.

Released in 1988 on cassette tape only Koorie was produced by the Victorian Aboriginal Legal Trust (now known as the Koorie Heritage Trust). The ten songs on Koorie are among Archie’s earliest protest songs penned in frustration as many Australians prepared to celebrate the 1988 bicentenary. This intimate concert and conversation will include the very first song Archie ever wrote whilst he and Ruby Hunter—his late partner and soul mate—stayed together in Galiamble trying to get sober and turn their lives around.

Special guests and key collaborators will join Archie—talking singing and celebrating this lost tape. The show has been curated especially for Yaluk-ut Weelam Ngargee to celebrate Archie’s little known connection to St Kilda whilst acknowledging his extraordinary contribution to music and his ongoing fight and support for the rights of First Peoples both in Australia and around the world.

Featuring Archie Roach AM N’arweet Dr Carolyn Briggs AM Nola Lauch (Archie’s niece) Uncle Jim Berg Archie’s sisters and musicians Steve Magnusson and Sam Anning.

This special event is part of the Yaluk-ut Weelam Ngargee First People’s Art and Cultural Festival produced by The City of Port Phillip.

❊ When & Where ❊

Date: Saturday 27th March 2021

❊ Venue ❊

 Hotel Esplanade – Espy  Events 9
⊜ 11 The Esplanade St Kilda | Map

Hotel Esplanade – Espy11 The Esplanade, St Kilda, , 3182

✆ Event: | Venue: +61 3 9534 0211

Book Online Here

MyCity Save

❊ Be Social ❊

❊ Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update ❊

As Victoria takes action to stop the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19), events may be cancelled at short notice. Please confirm details before making plans | Disclaimer

❊ Web Links ❊

Archie Roach – Replay: Koorie (1988) The Early Protest Songs

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Will Young to join Durham for early Championship games

New Zealand batsman Will Young will join Durham for the early part of the 2021 Championship season.

Young, the 28-year-old right-hander, will arrive in the UK ahead of Durham’s second game of the season, at Essex starting on April 15, and will be available for three games before Australian Cameron Bancroft returns to the county he represented for the 2019 season in May, after his Sheffield Shield commitments with Western Australia end.

Young, who made his Test debut at home against West Indies in December and scored 43 in his second Test, has scored 5,138 career first-class runs at an average of 42.81, including 10 centuries and 29 fifties with a highest score of 162. A former New Zealand Under-19s captain, having led the side at the 2012 World Cup, Young also played his first two ODIs during the on-going series with Bangladesh.


“I’m happy to say I’ve signed with them and I’ll be heading over at the conclusion of this season to join Durham up in the cold and play three first-class games for them, which will be an awesome opportunity to get over to England and be exposed to those conditions and face the new Dukes ball, ” Young said.

“It will be a fun opportunity to meet a new bunch of guys and experience county cricket, which is something I’ve always wanted to do.”

Marcus North, Durham’s director of cricket, said: “We’re delighted to have secured the signing of Will Young for the early part of the season. In the absence of Cameron Bancroft, Will will add further strength to our batting line up, along with a wealth of experience.

“He is in a great place with his cricket having just broken into the Test and One Day sides with New Zealand. We look forward to welcoming Will to Durham in a few weeks’ time.”

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New Trump super PAC filing coming as early as April, Lewandowski says

EXCLUSIVE – One of former President Donald Trump’s top political advisers says that paperwork could be filed as early as next month to set up a new Trump super PAC.

“We will file paperwork starting Q2 of this year,” Corey Lewandowski told Fox News on Wednesday.


Q2 stands for the second quarter of fundraising, which begins on April 1.

Lewandowski described the new super PAC as a “large money entity which is going to be designed to move his America First agenda forward in 2022 and 2024.”

“We’re going to be involved in a number of issues and races and that will be determined by the president,” he added.

Former President Donald Trump speaks at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), Sunday, Feb. 28, 2021, in Orlando, Fla. (AP Photo/John Raoux)
((AP Photo/John Raoux))

The then-president formed a leadership PAC in November, soon after the 2020 election. Last month he converted his leadership PAC, called “Save America,” as well as his presidential campaign committee, into political action committees that can support other candidates for office.

Trump also decided around the same time, during a meeting with his top political advisers at his south Florida residence at the Mar-a-Lago resort, to launch a new super PAC, with Lewandowski named to steer the new committee.


Lewandowski served as Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign manager, from the start of Trump’s first White House bid in early 2015 through the 2016 GOP presidential primaries, when he was fired. But he remained close with Trump as an outside adviser. And Lewandowski was a top adviser on Trump’s 2020 reelection campaign.

FILE - Former Trump Campaign manager Corey Lewandowski speaks as President Trump looks on during a rally at Total Sports Park in Washington, Michigan on April 28, 2018. (Photo: MANDEL NGAN/AFP via Getty Images)

FILE – Former Trump Campaign manager Corey Lewandowski speaks as President Trump looks on during a rally at Total Sports Park in Washington, Michigan on April 28, 2018. (Photo: MANDEL NGAN/AFP via Getty Images)

More than two months removed from the White House, Trump remains very popular with GOP voters and extremely influential with Republican politicians as he continues to play a kingmaker’s role in party politics and flirts with another presidential run in 2024.

Trump has already made endorsements in the 2022 cycle. And he has begun to follow through on his vow to support primary challengers to Republican members of Congress who voted to impeach or convict him earlier this year – or Republican politicians and officials who refused to help him as he tried to overturn his 2020 election loss to now-President Biden.

The former president touted in a podcast Monday that his endorsement in a GOP primary “has meant the difference between a victory and a massive defeat.”

Lewandowski told Fox News that Trump and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky. – the top two Republicans in Congress – have the same objective in “making sure that Republicans take back the majority in the House and the Senate. We may have different ways of achieving that objective, but the goal is completely the same.”


While Trump has already made several Senate, House and gubernatorial endorsements, he has refrained so far to back candidates in the growing GOP Senate nomination races for open Republican-held seats in Ohio, Missouri and Alabama.

Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., a top Trump ally in the Senate, told reporters on Capitol Hill on Tuesday that the former president should sit out those intra-party battles.


“I think he should just let it play out, if I were him,” Graham said, referring to Trump. “I just think you want to just make sure some of your best candidates emerge.”

Asked if Trump will weigh in on those races, Lewandowski said, “I think it’s a case-by-case basis, and that’s going to be for the president to determine which races he wants to get involved in and when he wants to do that. He has not made an endorsement yet in the Ohio Senate race, or the Missouri Senate race, or the Alabama Senate race. But that’s not to say he won’t.”

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Carlton Blues coach David Teague won’t buy in to early talk of pressure

But Teague said it was far too early to be talking about September.

“It’s our second game of the year, so you won’t catch me buying into that sort of thing,” Teague said.

“We want to go out and win, don’t get me wrong, but you can play really well and get better and not win at this time of the year. I think a couple of years ago Collingwood lost their first few and played in the grand final.

“We want to win every game. We believe in ourselves, we believe we’ve got the players and the game style to win every game and that’s what we are going to do. We expect to win.”


The return of Martin and Williams spelt trouble for young wingman O’Brien, who has struggled to cement a place in the senior team since being drafted in 2017.

Carlton’s match committee decided not to drop a tall, but that seems unlikely given how well Levi Casboult and Oscar McDonald played together in the second half against the Tigers.

McDonald started as the injury substitute but Teague admitted he could be promoted to the starting 22 after a strong debut performance.


Teague has also joined Western Bulldogs counterpart Luke Beveridge in hitting out at the new VFL/East Coast competition rules, which some clubs think could stunt the development of players trying to make their way into the seniors.

The VFL is this season trialling zones for all stoppages, meaning each team needs to have a minimum of three players stationed inside 50, including a pair in the goalsquare.

“Watching the [VFL] game the other day wasn’t enjoyable,” Teague said.

“Sitting there waiting 14, 15 seconds for each stoppage and for players to get back, it wasn’t an enjoyable experience. I think it’s as much around the fans as the players. The fans didn’t enjoy it, the players didn’t enjoy it.

“If you’re looking for a rule to be able to see if this will this help the game going forward, whilst also having the guarding the mark rule, well which one is it?

“I’ve heard a couple of other coaches and I’m probably aligned with them. Watching it, it didn’t sit well with me, it didn’t feel like it was in the tradition of the game and the way the game should be played.”

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Apollo investment chief Leon Black leaves early following Epstein probe

Leon Black unexpectedly steps down, saying inquiries into links with Jeffrey Epstein took a toll on his health.

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