The Rich and Famous at the Melbourne Cup Carnival – Easy Meals with Video Recipes by Chef Joel Mielle

Flemington is Australia’s premier and oldest continuing racecourse.  It started in 1840 when the city of Melbourne was barely five years old.  The Melbourne cup has also risen as the a social and fashion event attracting crowds of over 100,000 for Cup Day.  It’s been a public holiday since 1875 and is now celebrated as a special day around the country.

Let’s go to the cup!

I thought I’d brave it and catch a helicopter, yes I had to pay for my own flight, but if I’m trying to grab a glimpse  to see how the other half lives, I thought I’d treat myself, purely for research of course!


Joel Mielle in helicopterracecourse flower-entrance-copy birdcages-copy vegetarian-copy doogiredoo-copy dessert-one-copy chocolate-squares-copy yabby-copy mvi_2349-mp4-00_00_18_24-still00girls1-copy black-singer2-copy Melbourne Cup 2016 jennifer-hawkins-melbourne-cup cocktails swimming-pool-copy appetiser-copy Melbourne Cup 2016

I was provided with a media pass to go and visit some of the exclusive marquee or “Bird Cages”, it was a privilege for me as it’s strictly reserved for special guests or full VRC members.  The prices aren’t cheap especially in the restaurant quarters, but when you’re a billionaire such as Gina Rinehart, then why not have the best such as the Emirates birdcage has to offer.  Decorated with an Australian theme representing a tropical Queenslander house,  the food certainly complemented the decor with that Aussie flair.

Now I’m a converted Youtuber, and although there were many celebrities at the cup, I’ll be honest and state that I didn’t have the faintest idea of who half of these celebs were, I simply don’t watch reality TV or Australian soapies.  Since everyone was dressed to kill, every person was a celebrity in my eyes.

There were a lot of other interesting birdcages, such as the Sensis, Tabcorp, Bar Schweppes and Mumm.  Plenty of entertainment, people having a great time  and some very loud music, sometimes a little too loud if you want to mingle and chat.  However the food was my interest, and there was plenty there to satisfy my curious taste buds.

I met the duo Chef and Mixologist from Schweppes who marry and pair refreshing cocktails with food.  You will find spicy Mexican, Asian style cocktails with mint, chilli and refreshing sparkling flavours that’s Schweppes is famous for.  Celebrity Chef Jacques Reymond inspired a strong influence over the food at the Tabcorp marquee resulting in a Contemporary French cuisine with Asian influences.

If you’ve never experienced the Melbourne Cup, I highly recommend it, it’s a worldly even that won’t disappoint, there’s something for everyone.


Joel Mielle


Watch Video Here

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Easy Almond Pizza | Stonesoup

As much as I love eating my Zucchini Pizza and Cauliflower Pizza, they can be a little high effort given you need to grate the veg.

So I was thinking of how could I make an even easier pizza for weeknight dinners that would be a) low carb and b) enjoyable for the whole family.

Which gave me the brain wave to replace the veggies with extra almond meal and extra eggs. Talk about a winner!

Although to manage expectations it’s more in the deep dish Chicago-style pizza realm. Definitely not the thin crispy crust you’d expect in Naples.

But something everyone in my family is happy to eat any night of the week.

Easy Almond Pizza

Easy Almond Pizza

  • 4eggs
  • 1/4teaspoonsalt
  • 150galmond meal (almond flour)
  • 100gwater
  • 4tablespoonstomato passata / puree
  • 50gprosciutto or other pizza topping
  • 75gsliced cheese or mozzarella
  1. Turn your oven to 200C (425F).

  2. Line a 28cm (11 inch) springform pan with baking paper. I just tear an extra wide sheet and dampen it with water from the tap. Then scrunch and smooth it to line the base and sides of the pan.

  3. Combine eggs, salt, almond meal and water in a medium bowl. Tip the egg mixture into the lined tray and use a spoon to spread it to the edges.

  4. Swirl the tomato passata on top of the egg mixture. Top with torn proscuitto and sliced cheese.

  5. Bake for 18-20 minutes or until the pizza is browned and feels springy when touched.

NET CARBS: 12g/serve

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Variations & Substitutions Almond Pizza

short on time – crank your oven to 250C (480F) and check after 10 minutes.

dairy-free – skip the cheese and serve with dairy-free pesto.

nightshade-free – replace tomato with pesto or just skip it.

vegetarian – prosciutto = grilled eggplant, zucchini or mushrooms.

Low FODMAP – replace 1/2 the almond meal with rice flour.

different toppings – feel free to go to town with your favourite toppings!

more vegetables – add them to the topping or try these zucchini or cauliflower pizzas.

more fancy / for entertaining – serve with a classic green salad or Reliable Cabbage Salad. And sprinkle over some basil leaves.

Waste Avoidance Strategy Almond Pizza

eggs – will keep in the fridge for weeks or use for another meal.

almond meal (almond flour) – keep them in the pantry.

tomato passata / puree – unopened keep in the pantry. Once open keep refrigerated.

prosciutto – freeze it.

cheese – most hard and melting cheeses will keep for weeks wrapped in waxed paper or baking paper and stored in an airtight container (or sealed ziplock bag) in the fridge. If you need to store for longer cheese can be frozen.

Problem Solving Guide

bland – more salt! Different toppings.

too dry – overcooked pizza base – because of the high amount of egg it will dry out when over cooked. Next time get it out earlier. For now a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil will help.

no oven – cook the base mixture in a large frying pan like a frittata and serve with proscuitto and unmelted cheese on top. OR cook the base mixture like scrambled eggs and melt in the cheese at the end.

sticking to the pan – it’s super important to line the pan because of the egg.

no spring form pan – you can use a regular tin as long as you have wide baking paper which will cover the base and side in one sheet.

Prepare Ahead Almond Pizza

You can but it’s best when hot from the oven! Just cook as per the recipe. Leftovers will keep in the fridge for up to 2 weeks or can be frozen. To serve, allow to come to room temp or warm in the oven.

Easy Almond Pizza

More Recipes Like Easy Almond Pizza

Have fun in the kitchen!

BIG love,
Jules x

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Ndombele’s magic guides Tottenham to easy win at Sheffield United


Tottenham had looked commanding in the first half with Aurier heading in from a corner after five minutes and Kane’s clinical finish doubling their lead in the 40th minute.

In the end it was a routine win, but there was nothing ordinary about Ndombele’s fifth league goal for Spurs.

When Steven Bergwijn popped a ball over the top of the United defence, Ndombele was moving away from goal on the left side of the penalty area.

There appeared no way he could produce an effort on goal but with the outside of his right foot, and with his back to goal, he lifted the ball back over himself and over home keeper Aaron Ramsdale into the far corner.

“Tanguy’s goal was incredible, the technique he had to flick that ball back over the keeper was truly special,” Kane, who bagged his 12th league goal of the season, said.

“Anyone who can put a good spell together (is in the title race), that’s why it has been disappointing and frustrating for us dropping points from winning positions.”

Considering the lift they received by beating Newcastle, Sheffield United were terribly flat in the first half.

Their defence was nowhere when Aurier connected from close range with Son Heung-min’s corner and they were almost punished again soon after when Son was denied by the post.

Tottenham’s second goal stemmed from the hosts trying and failing to play out from the back. Tottenham won the ball and Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg fed the ball to Kane who did not have much space but dispatched a fizzing low shot past Ramsdale.

Tottenham have been criticised for an overly-cautious approach when leading – and when McGoldrick glanced in John Fleck’s cross, it appeared to be happening again. But Ndomebele ensured this time there was no repeat.


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Losing Weight Quickly: The Easy Way

There are plenty of diets carefully honed to assist with losing fat. Likewise, plenty of workout routines take weight-loss-centric approaches.

It can be tough to pick the best strategy among the rest—but which strategies are the most successful?

The Key To Losing Weight Quickly

Slimming Down: Surefire Approaches

There are totally some effective ways to maximize your daily fat burn. It’s even possible to lose weight relatively quickly. This said safety should be prioritized with any fitness or dieting routine—regardless of your initial goals. Your doctor really is your best resource, as they can help you establish a weight loss routine centric to your body’s needs.

In any event—there are a couple of surefire approaches to weight loss. They can be fun, too! Routines don’t necessarily need to follow stringent diets, stressful workouts, and strict schedules—but they definitely require a little pre-planning.

Much like our bodies, every diet is different: While one meal-prep schedule may be successful for some, being low-calorie, it might not be as effective for another.

Indeed, diet is the biggest factor impacting fat burn. Planning out a solid meal strategy is the easiest way to lose weight fast—as you can create a cool plan that reduces your waistline and hours spent prepping, alike.

The Pre-Prep: Staying Satisfied

The Pre-Prep: Staying Satisfied

What’s great about effective weight loss plans is their ability to serve multiple purposes. For example, some diets focus on boosting your body’s metabolism.

This works wonders for fat loss, no doubt, but it’s also beneficial to your fitness level. Male muscle growth, female muscle growth—both are achievable during a weight loss routine. The key to losing weight, and keeping it going, is to find a strategy that isn’t only effective—but also fun.

It’s important to note, though, that losing weight gradually is often healthier, in the long run.

In fact, doctors suggest that those looking to shed pounds, fast, aim for between one and two pounds less per week. Naturally, sticking to the same routine helps: If you keep your strategy constant, any changes in your weight can be better attributed to solid progress.

So, are you ready to see a thinner waistline?

If you are, the approach below should cover most of the bases. It has a couple of methods, rather than one, but this is because each approach benefits the other. And this can really boost your routine to new heights—helping you burn as much fat as possible.

Let’s Check Out Steps to Losing Weight

Step One: Have Protein for Breakfast

Step One: Have Protein for Breakfast

As they say, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Protein regulates our appetite hormones—and consuming more of it, over time, will help you feel fuller, longer.

This is because eating protein causes a rise in the satiety hormones peptide YY, cholecystokinin, and GLP-1.

When these hormones rise while the hunger hormone called ghrelin falls—due to eating—your body’s overall appetite goes down.

This is a pretty big effect, too: Research shows that those who prioritize high-protein breakfasts benefit from these hormonal effects throughout the day. So, by doubling down on eggs, oats, sardines, and nuts for that first meal, you can achieve an extra few hours of weight loss potential.

Breakfast is also important because it kickstarts your metabolism early on—and metabolism in motion tends to stay in motion.

Step Two: Cut the Carbs

Step Two: Cut the Carbs

It’s totally true, too, that carbohydrates can make weight loss pretty tough. Conversely, cutting them out can make your weight go down. Carbohydrates have a pretty big impact on your body’s day-to-day processes.

Starchy, refined carbs like cereal and pasta might taste great—but eating them tends to have immediate impacts on our body’s use of blood sugar. When this happens, you’ll tend to feel hungrier more often.

As the health and wellness industry continues to evolve, low-carb diets for weight loss only become more popular. By reducing one’s sugar intake, one can even make their metabolism regulate itself better. This is well-supported by scientific studies, of course—and it’s helped create some of the world’s most effective weight loss programs to date.

Step Three: Eat More Healthy Fat

Step Two: Cut the Carbs

That’s right: eating fattier meals can contribute positively to your weight loss journey. Don’t worry too much about eating fats in general, either, as they’re incredibly healthy to consume. Your body needs healthy fats to properly digest food—so stock up on the avocado oil and olive oil, next chance you have.

As a rule of thumb: ‘Healthy’ fats are also fats that have little, or even no, saturated content. Two major fats to avoid, in this case, are butter and coconut oil.

The best way to keep your fat sources healthy, in any event, is to prefer fats that are directly derived from plants and animals. Unlike fats which have been refined for taste and longer shelf-lives, fats derived from nature, overall, provide more health benefits.

Step Four: Start an Intermittent Fasting Plan

Step Four: Start an Intermittent Fasting Plan

Intermittent fasting has become pretty popular, in recent years, due to its number of surprising health benefits. The practice of intermittent fasting involves shorter, zero-calorie stretches—each finishing with a small timeframe for meals.

While anyone can try out intermittent fasting with a shorter ‘no-food’ period, studies suggest that the minimum intermittent fasting hour-ratio split is about 16 hours, fasted—and eight hours, nonfasted.

By abstaining from food for approximately 16 hours, eating only during the above-mentioned eight-hour window, you can really boost your body’s fat-burning potential.

A variety of studies have covered the health benefits of committing to intermittent fasting over a period of 24 weeks—and the benefits aren’t only weight loss-related. Medical experts now believe that intermittent fasting can reduce the risk of metabolic diseases, including diabetes.

Intermittent fasting is certainly a reliable way to lose weight, as fasting programs require little maintenance overall.

Still, be sure to talk with your doctor before trying intermittent fasting for yourself. While ‘calories in, and calories out’ will always be one of the golden rules of weight loss, some stronger dieting approaches like fasting take some time to get used to.

Step Five: Have a Healthy Sleep Schedule

Step Five: Have a Healthy Sleep Schedule

Surprisingly, one of the most important factors of weight gain, and weight loss, is sleep! We might not think of sleep as a diet-related part of life, but many scientific studies show that sleeping less than five hours per day, over time, increases the chances of obesity.

Where quick fat loss is considered, a poor night’s sleep actually slows down the body’s ability to convert calories into energy. At the same time, it produces more cortisol and insulin to promote increased fat storage.

In general, a physically stressed body, due to lacking sleep, will try to hold onto as much reserve energy source as possible—and fat is the best reserve energy source around.

Step Six: Plan Out Your Portions

Step Six: Plan Out Your Portions

Weight loss plans like the Atkins Diet succeed because they focus on food portion control. Expending more calories than you consume is still of utmost importance, but it’s surprisingly easy to eat too much when your meals don’t follow a schedule.

Food servings have gotten a lot larger, over the years, making it incredibly easy to miscalculate one’s intake if it isn’t mapped out.

Additionally, a day which isn’t structured, meal-wise, is more likely to end up swinging by the restaurant, or even the drive-thru, when meal-prep doesn’t fit into the daily schedule. In these cases, consuming too many calories becomes even easier.

Planning out your portions, these days is incredibly easy as well. We definitely suggest trying the smartphone app, MyFitnessPal.

It’s a full-fledged daily diet planner, helping you visualize what foods to eat, when to eat them, and how often to do so.

It’s also a great answer to the difficulties involved with counting calories: The app has a nifty barcode scanner—as well as a food calorie lookup tool. So, instead of researching every food portion, you want to dig into—you can get instant data logs to aid the process.

The Spice of Life: Routine Variety

The Spice of Life: Routine Variety

The easiest way to lose weight fast, making sure it stays gone for good, is to have fun during the process. Apps like MyFitnessPal can take out all of the nitty-gritty details, allowing more time to spruce up your meals with tasty ingredients.

Over time, things like portion control will just become habits—and habits, in the long run, help us lose the most weight overall.

When it comes to losing pounds around the waist, it’s important to stay active, too. Cardio activities, like jogging, hiking, and swimming are great choices. If you’re trying out intermittent fasting for the first time, though, it’s probably best to take it easy, in the beginning.

The same goes for a new approach to meal proportions and diet scheduling: Exercising requires plenty of body fuel, and your body’s current fuel levels will determine how effective it can be. If you’re tinkering on these fuel levels, though, your body might struggle a little.

Vegetarian diet bodybuilder


Whether you’re trying to slim down, achieve some male muscle growth, boost female muscle growth or simply want to be a little healthier than before, adopting a schedule that’s reliable while also having a variety will matter the most. There are a ton of fun ways to exercise, throughout the day.

Between fitness centers, nature, recreational sports and even socializing out and about, the world is brimming with possibilities around every corner. By adopting a healthy diet, as well as a long-lasting meal schedule, you’ll get even more out of these activities.

At the end of the day, it’s really about the combinations we make, diet and fitness-wise, that unlock the secrets to weight loss. So let’s get creative and invent our own weight-loss strategies, bottom to top.

What will your lifestyle’s newest ingredients be?

-Terry Asher

Terry Asher

After changing his best friend’s life by helping him lose over 70lbs, dropping him down to an amazing 7% body fat, Terry was inspired to be a full-time internet trainer knowing he could do the same for many more. In 2010, Terry published his own diet and fitness e-book that can be purchased on this website. Let Terry help you change your body for the better!

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Losing Weight Quickly: The Easy Way

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Losing Weight Quickly: The Easy Way


It can be tough to pick the best weight loss strategy among the rest—but which strategies are the most successful? Losing Weight Quickly: The Easy Way


Terry Asher

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Clive Palmer says Mark McGowan can ‘breathe easy’, United Australia Party will not contest election


Mr Palmer accused the WA Premier of repeatedly attacking him, saying Mr McGowan was still facing defamation actions.

“I have had my lawyers write to him over Christmas saying that I will remove those actions even though everyone knows he is guilty,” he said.

“Christmas is a time for forgiveness and mercy walks hand-in-hand with justice.

“The Liberal Party in WA has the chance to be better than it has been and stand on its own feet.”

Despite being 10 days into the New Year, Mr Palmer said Christmas was a time of forgiveness in the media statement released on Sunday in which he also advised Mr McGowan to take some time off.

“I wish the people of WA the best for the New Year and that they continue to benefit from my investment in the great state,’’ he said.

“Mark, I recommend that you take some time off over this period, relax and enjoy yourself.’’

Mr Palmer spent $84 million on the 2019 federal election and his company Mineralogy reportedly put about $4.6 million into his party ahead of the 2020 Queensland election.

Electoral reforms promised by Labor to be in force before 2021 – which were tabled late in the government’s first term, not made a priority, and never passed parliament – had proposed limiting third party advertising spending in an election to $2 million.

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3 Easy Ways to Boost Your Immune System

While maintaining a high-functioning immune system is always important, nowadays, it really seems to take on an added level of importance. A global pandemic is a scary event to deal with, and having a strong immune system––along with socially distancing and wearing a mask––is your best line of defense.

Of course, knowing exactly how to give your immune system the boost it needs is a little more complicated than putting back a couple glasses of OJ––but that’s a start. While staying active and fit is extremely helpful, you can still strengthen your immunity without breaking a sweat––or even opening your eyes, for that matter. Begin with incorporating these three simple changes into your life to give your immune system the boost it needs to keep you healthy and safe, during flu season and beyond.

Get Plenty of Sleep

Don’t be this guy. Shutterstock

16 hours should be more than enough time to complete everything you need to do in a single day. Those other eight hours? Your body needs those for rest and recovery. Not only does getting a full eight hours of sleep help you feel clear and focused for the next day, but it also gives your immune system time to reboot and recharge. Countless studies have correlated sleep and improved immune function.

In one such study, the scientists were able to focus on T-cells––which contribute to the body’s immune response by identifying and directly killing infected host cells, as well as activating other immune cells in the process. The scientists found that getting sleep was directly linked with improved T-cell function. 

Our findings show that sleep has the potential to enhance the efficiency of T cell responses, which is especially relevant in light of the high prevalence of sleep disorders and conditions characterized by impaired sleep, such as depression, chronic stress, aging, and shift work,” said study co-author Luciana Besedovsky.

While everyone is a little different, most scientists suggest getting between seven to nine hours of sleep every night. But don’t overdo it either, as oversleeping has been proven to do more harm than good.

Eat a Colorful Diet

Opt for a colorful diet.
Opt for a colorful diet. Shutterstock

If you find yourself waiting in line at the fast food drive-thru on a regular basis, you should probably reconsider your dietary choices. It may be a cliché, but it’s accurate: “You are what you eat”. So if you are filling your gut with a double cheeseburger, large fries and chocolate shake, the only thing you are satisfying is your taste buds.

While you can always splurge for the occasional burger, pizza or hot wings––you need to keep it in moderation. Give your immune system the tools it needs to fight infection by ensuring your diet includes plenty of fruits and vegetables––specifically immune-boosting foods like citrus, red bell peppers, broccoli, garlic, ginger and leafy greens.

As a simple rule of thumb, eat a colorful diet. Vibrantly colored fruits and vegetables are generally the richest in vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants.

Take Vitamins to Help Your Immune System

Vitamins and supplements are a good way to avoid deficiencies.
Vitamins and supplements are a good way to avoid deficiencies. Shutterstock

While its always best to get your nutrients and vitamins from the food you eat, taking vitamins and supplements is certainly not a bad idea. While there is no magic pill or vitamin that’s proven to totally protect you from getting sick, they help in areas where your diet may be lacking.

For example, micronutrient deficiencies can have a negative impact on your immune response. And with our busy lives, you’re probably not paying too much attention to which micronutrients you might be skimping out on. To cover your bases, start by taking a daily multivitamin that will contain trace amounts of most micronutrients.

Additionally, three immune-boosting vitamins worth taking are vitamin C, vitamin D and Zinc. While everyone knows about the benefits of vitamin C in fighting infection, it’s also important to recognize the role vitamin D and Zinc play.

While we normally get our Vitamin D from the sun, that’s harder to do during winter. And with studies showing that  low levels of vitamin D have been associated with a greater risk of developing respiratory conditions, a vitamin D supplement is a good idea. Zinc is another great immune fighter and studies have shown that increased concentrations of zinc can inhibit the replication of viruses.

Lastly, remember that taking a super dose of any one vitamin will not give you “super-immunity.” Instead, focus on avoiding nutrient deficiencies in any one area, eating healthy and getting plenty of Zs.

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Counting calories can be dangerous! The truth about weight loss diet books will never tell you! – Easy Meals with Video Recipes by Chef Joel Mielle

The reason why you will never see a calorie counter on my website.

You’re probably reading this, because you’ve been on a diet before, or maybe many diets. You lost a little weight but now you’re feeling down because after all your hard work and sacrifices, the weight has slowly crept back on, maybe with a little extra, am I close?

You see all these great recipes, yet you feel guilty trying them because you feel you should be sticking to zero oil, low fat products and produce that tastes like rabbit food.

Okay so I’m a Chef and not a nutritionist, I’m about good food, but throughout my career I have learnt a lot about nutrition. I’ve watched people’s habits and studied how others live in different countries. Why some people are healthier and live longer and some never diet, they eat rich food but don’t put on weight.

Is there a secret, a magic bullet to all this? If only!  Please read on as this will change your life.

How many diet books are there on Amazon, I believe 80,000 plus!  You could rebuild the Amazon forest on that paper alone, yet people are still getting fatter, why, how can that make sense?

Diets simply don’t work, or we would all be thin.

Firstly I will repeat I’m a Chef and not a nutritionist, so I advise you do your own research and speak to your medical practitioner before undergoing any diet change.  But I’m also a living breathing example of why this works.  It works for me and it can work for you.

I truly believe the following information will change your life.

This is free information and I’m not selling some dodgy program or asking you to subscribe to anything.  I just want you to enjoy my recipes guilt free.  All I ask in return is that you pass on this information to help others, to assist as many people as you can into living a healthier life.


A Lifestyle Change

Imagine if you never had to diet again, you could eat the foods you enjoy, all without effort?

Now you’re probably on a diet right now and scale checking twice a day with some success, but shortly after you will break the diet and end up putting on more weight.

If this is you, and you’ve been through it many times before, you’re not alone. If you’re dieting right now, then STOP right this very second.  Forget dieting for the rest of your life, and stay off the scale, please!

If I can convince even one person in the world, then I have done my job, hopefully that person can then share this post and convince others.

“Dieting is a billion dollar industry that plays

with people’s emotions by giving them false hopes.”

Sure diets will make you lose weight, for a short time, it doesn’t last, but it comes at a cost, and that cost is dangerous to your health.

I know what you’re thinking, “yeah I have a friend that’s been dieting and now he or she looks great”.

Sure, if you’re on a no carb, lo fat diet, you will lose weight.  If you eat bananas everyday you will lose weight. But again it’s at a cost and the cost is very expensive to your health.  Fad diets are dangerous!  If you see ads like “How to lose weight fat” or  “Quickest way to lose weight” or “How to lose 10 pounds fast” then stay away!


Let me explain.

The human metabolism is a very complex system.  If you starve your body from the regular nutrition, you create a myriad of other health issues.  Usually insomnia, lack of energy, poor digestion, hormonal problems, added stress which creates poor thyroid function, sugar swings, high blood pressure, loss of muscle mass and many more symptoms.


But it gets worse…

Dieting actually slows down the rate that you burn calories.  Again, more irony, you eat less calories to lose weight yet your body burns less calories to preserve it.  You’re declaring a war against yourself and you will lose by gaining weight.

What happens when you have less energy?  Your appetite increases.  So you eat more.  You lose muscle mass and you retain fat.

It’s a vicious circle, you eat less, you get food cravings, you lose control, you over eat and you gain weight.  Then you start again, each time adding a little extra, conditioning your brain for weight gain.

Because you’ve starved your body, your body has a built in survival instinct that sends a message to your brain that there’s lack of nutrients and asks your brain to store as much energy ( energy is fat) as possible should it ever starve again.

Your body also sends another signal to your brain to lower the energy consumption so you can hold on to energy (fat) longer.  So you then put on added weight and start to feel more tired.  Your body increases the fat storage enzymes and decreases the fat burning enzyme. The body also lowers your temperature to lose less energy making you feel cold.

This vicious circle repeats itself over and over until you reprogram your survival instincts and can never lose weight permanently ever again.  The brain has a built in thermostat to balance your energy levels.  Each time that you diet, you reset the hunger thermostat to a higher fat level.    Your brain has it’s own sense of what your weight should be.  It’s usually around the 10 to 15 pounds or 4 to 7 kilos.  After each diet, this level goes up, but it never comes down. Your brain reacts and believes that it’s been starved and no matter what weight or size you are, those extra pounds become the new normal balance for your brain.

This can all be tracked back to evolution.  When food was scarce, we had to survive by conserving energy.  When food was available again, we put the weight back on until the next shortage.  Our brains are instinctively hard wired this way.

It gets worse if you’re young.  If you have a young child and you starve them from proper nutrition, you are programming them to be obese for the rest of their lives.  If you’re a teenager who’s dieting, you are also setting yourself a path to obesity.  80% of young girls in US have claimed to be on diets. Research has proven that girls who diet in their teenage years, are three times more likely to be overweight 5 years later and develop eating disorders. That is an alarming thought. Have I scared you enough about the “D” word yet? That is why your diet isn’t working and the reason why you will never see calorie counting on my site.


Okay so what’s the good news I hear you ask?

The good news is that if you follow the following steps, you can reprogram yourself to lose weight by resetting your thermostat. The not so good news, it can take several years to reset that thermostat, so don’t waste any more time and start today. But the fantastic news is that you never need to diet again and you can start enjoying your new lifestyle immediately.


Three things you must always remember to lose weight and be healthy.

1) Never eat anything that you don’t prepare or cook yourself. (see my recipes)

2) Stop eating as soon as you are content.  Leave what’s in your plate, not easy at first but you will learn.

3) Only eat when you’re hungry. Never ever eat when you’re not hungry.

Let’s Delve into these three points:

Number one, only eat whole foods that you prepare yourself, that can be salads, fruits, steaks, roasts,  it doesn’t matter.  So long as the foods are not processed.  Never buy prepared meals or anything processed. They are full of sugar, salts and additives that turn into toxins.   Stay off any unnatural sugars!!! Cook or prepare all meals from scratch, don’t know how, check out some of my quick and easy recipes.  Cooking is so much fun and it’s easy to learn.

Number two, Stop eating when your stomach says I’m content.  Don’t listen to your brain that’s been brainwashed into wanting more.  Truly listen to your body.  Eat slowly and really think about how much you are consuming.  The body is an amazing machine and requires very little energy to function very well for a long time.  If you eat a pizza, maybe two slices are enough.  Wait 15 minutes for your brain to register, and if you’re still hungry have a third slice.  But don’t eat the whole thing.  Keep the other half for the next day.  Once you condition yourself to reducing your portion sizes, you’ll be amazed how little you actually need.  You’ll be surprised how most meals will end up being two meals.  The great news is that you’re no longer dieting and you can still eat anything you like.

Number three, Never starve yourself.  You should never be hungry.  If you’re body is craving for food, I mean really craving for food, not just snacking from bad habits.  Then you must eat immediately.  Don’t go to work without breakfast, don’t starve yourself thinking you’ll lose weight.  The opposite will happen.  Eat fruits and lots of vegetables.

Don’t be tempted by bottled juices you buy off the shelf, even juices marked 100% pure juice and no added sugar on the label can be as bad as soda drinks.   They are packed with sugar and contain very little nutrients.  Drink water, eat fresh whole fruits.

It’s so simple and makes so much sense yet everyone still looks for the magic bullet diet.  This works for me, and look at the food I eat?  But it’s all home made, I don’t drink soft drinks or bottled juices and I don’t buy processed foods.   Eat when you’re hungry and don’t fear your appetite, you will be thinner for it. It’s OK to eat.


So stop dieting right now, exercise a little and enjoy life!

Please comment below or share with me your experiences with dieting.


Chef Joel Mielle online celebrity

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5 Easy Ways You Can Slash The Number Of Hours You Work

Move one step closer to working four hours a week with these ways.

6 min read

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

As entrepreneurs, we are always told to work smart, not hard, to delegate and that if we’re working more than four hours a week, we’re working too much. However, when the workplace is changing rapidly, time zones are blurring into one and goal posts are moving daily, is it a myth to be able to be productive and still work less? 

These are give things that can help cut the number of hours we work as we chase the elusive four-hour work week. Hammock, palm trees and cocktails not included.

1. Multitask in meetings 

If working from home has done anything, it’s made people want to take their time in meetings and do something else with their camera and microphones off. After all, these things can be a huge waste of time if all you’re doing is barely paying attention. And while yes, it might be nice to get a workout in or make a meal during a meeting, if you end up getting called on that might be problematic. So instead, try thinking about what your light tasks are for the day. Going through your email, editing your to-do list, checking in on your schedule and replying to some quick messages are all easy things you can do that won’t take your mind completely off of the meeting. You can keep your camera and microphone on while still being able to give the occasional nod and smile. Additionally, you’ll be able to cut all of these things out of your schedule later so you can free up time for other things.

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2. Ask for an agenda

There’s a common misconception that because people are working at home they have more time to work. The truth is that the average worker has potentially more work to do and less time to do it, and with meetings taking up such significant chunks of time it might not be beneficial to attend every meeting. If you have a project that needs your attention or just need to catch up on some busy work and have a meeting that takes up that valuable time, ask the organizer for the agenda first to see if attending this meeting would really be to your benefit. People will be completely understanding if you can’t make it, and you could even ask someone to record notes on the meeting for you if you want to make sure you didn’t miss anything important.

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3. Find someone better than you

One of the biggest lessons you can learn running a business is that not every fire should be put out by you. Research has shown that leaders who delegate often have teams that have higher job satisfaction, innovative behavior and task performance. It might feel like every decision is equally important, but that shouldn’t be the case. When you’re working in a company with a team of people, there are going to have to be different strengths divided amongst the members, so oftentimes there will be someone who is better equipped to deal with a certain issue. Take the time to figure out which of your team members are best at what and use that knowledge to improve and balance out your workflow. Doing this will not only ensure that you’re using your time wisely, but it will also make sure your team is using their time wisely.

4. Work while on the go

One of the most important things we can do in the current work environment is find opportunities to work outside while we’re at home. After all, spending time outside has been scientifically proven to have several key health benefits, and it significantly lowers stress and anxiety. Routines that we all once had for when we left the house have now changed and sometimes even disappeared from our schedules. But now more than ever it’s important to find time to get out of your home even while you’re on the clock. That could mean taking a call while you’re walking the dog or working on something outside at a local park if the weather is nice enough. Doing little things like this will allow you to take advantage of the online nature of work, take it on the go and still get it done while also getting some fresh air.

5. Set up software 

The true path to automation is through software. Although not all of us are equipped to completely automate our presence in Zoom meetings, there are little things that we can do with software that we already have to make the work we do more productive. Just look at Gmail and its ability to schedule an email to send. At first, this tool didn’t seem like it could be super useful, but all you have to do is consider how other people’s schedules work. For example, say you are working with an international business and you need to send them an email but they’re currently asleep. Why not schedule to send that email when their workday starts your time to ensure that it’s at the top of their inbox? Or consider transitioning your company onto a smarter project management software that will help keep everyone organized and on task.

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Working from home especially can be incredibly difficult at the best of times. Being stuck in your house for hours a day while working can really damper what you’re doing and make you feel like you’re not being nearly as productive as you could. But with these five tips you will be able to cut down on busy work and give you to the time to do what you truly want — like master the art of cocktail-making.

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England loses chance on easy pitch

Australia at stumps could claim to have already offset considerably the initial disadvantage of losing the toss.


Captains Lindsay Hassett of Australia (left) and Freddie Brown of England at the toss of the 3rd Test of the Ashes series at the Sydney Cricket Ground on January 5, 1951.Credit:Staff photographer

England’s captain, Fred Brown (36 not out), is still there to put up a fight. But he might not now expect his team to reach 350, which could be regarded as a favourable score, remembering that Australia almost certainly will have last use of the wicket.

Brown will strive to control the situation when play is resumed at noon to-day. He has Bailey with him, and batsmen to follow are Evans, Bedser, Warr and Wright.

If England can add anywhere near 100 runs to-day it will mean a recovery. But the Australian bowlers and fieldsmen with the scent of victory in their nostrils, will maintain yesterday’s accuracy and keenness.

It will become a question then whether the home batsmen, having their turn on this featherbed of a pitch, can restore the equilibrium missing in the Melbourne Test, and pile up the long expected big total.


England’s pace bowlers – Bedser, Bailey, and Warr – cannot yet expect help from the pitch.

If atmospheric conditions should happen to suit Bedser, he could again be a menace to the early batsmen.

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HowToCookThat : Cakes, Dessert & Chocolate | Easy Gingerbread House Tutorial


If you’ve never made a gingerbread house before then this is a good one to start with. There are lots of more complex gingerbread house templates on this site that you can challenge yourself with later. There are a few tips for making gingerbread houses that you should know:

1. If the walls or roof are not firm when cooled, put them back into the oven for another 5 minutes. Soft walls will collapse when you try and build with them.

2. Take a break, it is best to build the walls – let that set. Add the roof – let that set. Then finally it’s time to decorate. Adding the weight of lollies and more icing before the walls and roof are firmly in place may end up in the house collapsing.

3. Choose a colour theme for your candy of 2-3 colours (eg: pink, red, white), it will make your house look more cohesive and classy.

4. If you want lights put them in when you build the walls so the cord can go underneath the walls.

5. When decorating with kids a bowl of lollies each for eating and a separate bowl for decorating can help limit the amount that gets consumed.

6. Have fun, it doesn’t have to look perfect

7. Once you’re done and the icing has set wrap in cellophane and your house will keep for a month.

Easy Ginger Bread House Template


Gingerbread dough recipe

Make 1 1/2 batches of this recipe. Note my bowl is 4.8L (1.27 gallons) (1.27 gallons (4.81 litres)) and one batch fills it so unless you have a bigger bowl you will need to make it in batches.
430g (15.17 ounces) or 2 cups butter, roughly chopped
430g (15.17 ounces) or 2 cups caster (super fine) sugar
250g (8.82 ounces) or 2/3 cup glucose syrup
260g (9.17 ounces) or 3/4 cup molasses
180 mL (6.09 fluid ounces) or 2/3 cup milk (4%)
1195g (42.15 ounces) or 7 1/2 cups plain flour
12g (0.42 ounces) or 2 tsp bicarb soda
20g (0.71 ounces) or 3 Tbsp cinnamon (optional, you can adjust the quantity of all spices to make it taste how you want)
12g (0.42 ounces) or 2 Tbsp ground cloves (optional)
18g (0.63 ounces) or 3 Tbsp ground ginger (optional)

Preheat the oven to 180C (356 degrees Fahrenheit).

Put the butter, sugar and syrups into a bowl and microwave until the butter is melted. Add the milk and all the dry ingredients. Stir until you can not see any more flour. The mixture should be soft. Wrap it up in plastic wrap and put it in the fridge for at least an hour to firm up.

Repeat and make another 1/2 batch so you have 1 1/2 batches in total.

Roll out the dough on non-stick baking paper. Sprinkle the dough with flour to stop it sticking to the rolling pin. Cut out all your template pieces, paying attention to the ones that say cut 2. After cutting around the template pieces leave a border of dough around each piece, see the video for example. Remove the paper template pieces and extra dough.

Slide onto a baking tray and bake for 10 minutes. Take the tray out of the oven and re-do all the cuts making sure they are straight and all the way through the dough, remove any windows at this stage and return to the oven for 15 minutes more.

For the roof place over something that is rounded to the same shape as the curve on the wall and bake for 10 minutes, remove the extra border and bake for an additional 15 minutes.

Assembly & Decoration

Lollies of your choice, I used curlywurly’s, Kool fruits, Kool mints, jelly belly jelly beans, Malteser’s, swirl candies, candy canes, sour straps, thick candy canes for the corners.

A base board to put the house on

300g (10.58 ounces) compound milk chocolate, plus additional 300g (10.58 ounces) white chocolate if you want / need to cover the roof like I did in the video.

Royal icing

Make 2 batches of below, one for assembly and one for decorating.
Royal Icing Recipe (with fresh egg)
3 egg whites
450g (15.87 ounces) (15.87 ounces (449.91 grams)) or 3 1/2 cup plus 1Tbsp icing sugar
1/2 tsp cream of tartar (or a teaspoon of lemon juice)
Whip all ingredients together on high speed until white and thick enough to hold its shape.

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