90+ Delicious Vegetarian Recipes That Even Meat Eaters Will Like

90+ Delicious Vegetarian Recipes That Even Meat Eaters Will Like

Yes, steak dinners are satisfying and chicken dinners are convenient. But over the past few years, there has been a bigger push for people to swap these dishes for meatless meals. In January 2019, U.S. News reported that scientists want people all over the world to cut back on red meat to save the planet. As a result, people are looking for more vegetarian recipes to try, whether that’s just for #MeatFreeMondays or on a more permanent basis.

But cutting back on on red meat doesn’t just save the planet. According to Healthline, there are plenty of benefits to adopting a vegetarian lifestyle. To start, substituting red meat for high-fiber legumes and grains can improve your heart health. It can also lower your risk of developing diseases like cancer and type 2 diabetes, while improving your bone health. When you think of all the perks, it’s easy to consider swapping meaty meals or something that’s meat-free. And again, you don’t have to make it a permanent change. Even eating meat-free one day a week can have an impact.

So if you’re interested in saving the planet and improving your health, why not try eating more vegetarian meals? From soups, to bowls, to salads (yes, salads — but they’re more than a few pieces of lettuce and some chopped up veggies), there are a number of meat-free meal options that even the biggest carnivore would eat. There are even vegetarian breakfast options for your next brunch.

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Vegans more likely to break bones than meat eaters, study finds | UK News

Vegans are more likely to suffer fractured bones than people who have meat and fish in their diet, according to new research.

A study based on data from nearly 55,000 people – of which nearly 2,000 were vegans – found that those who were not meat eaters were 43% more likely to suffer any type of broken bone.

The participants in the EPIC-Oxford study were followed for 18 years on average.

The results showed 3,941 fractures occurred in total, and the biggest difference was found in hip fractures, where the risk in vegans was 2.3 times higher than in people who ate meat.

The study has been published in BMC Medicine and lead author Dr Tammy Tong, a nutritional epidemiologist at the Nuffield Department of Population Health, said: “We found that vegans had a higher risk of total fractures which resulted in close to 20 more cases per 1,000 people over a 10-year period compared to people who ate meat.”

In addition to a higher risk of hip fractures in vegans, vegetarians and pescatarians than meat eaters, vegans also had a higher risk of leg fractures and breaks at other main sites, including the arm, wrist, ribs and clavicle.

However, data on whether the fractures were caused by poor bone health or accidents was not available.

Dr Tong added: “Well-balanced and predominantly plant-based diets can result in improved nutrient levels and have been linked to lower risks of diseases including heart disease and diabetes.

“Individuals should take into account the benefits and risks of their diet, and ensure that they have adequate levels of calcium and protein and also maintain a healthy BMI, that is, neither under nor overweight.”

According to the Vegan Society, there were 600,000 vegans in the UK in 2019, equivalent to 1.2% of the population.

The society has reported a rise in people choosing to avoid meat and other animal products during the coronavirus pandemic.

They say it could be due to the cost, convenience or an increased concern for their own health, the environment and animals.

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Quarantine Survival Guide for Plant-Based Eaters

If your diet is all or mostly plant-based, your mind might start to delve into the dark side of things the longer we’re forced to stay under quarantine thanks to the awful novel coronavirus.

For example, what happens if grocery stores shut down and you’re forced to, gulp, eat the decades-old Spam in the cupboard? Or, worse yet, you’ve thought about which parts of your roommate you’d snack on should you be forced to go full zombie. (Experts suggest to snack on fat pads first, by the way.)

The good news is that we’ve yet to see evidence of society nosediving into that type of chaos (yet). So why not stock up on all of your plant-based goodies before then? To help you figure out the must-haves we’ve recruited help from the dude who formulated the Beyond Burger—celebrity chef (Bill Gates, Ellen Degeneres, Paul McCartney, and Ron Howard are some of his clients) and co-founder of Outstanding Foods, chef Dave Anderson.

Here are the plant-based essentials to have in your pantry to get through this quarantine.

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