NT Police say teenager stabbed with large blade is undergoing emergency surgery

Northern Territory Police say a 17-year-old is undergoing emergency surgery at Royal Darwin Hospital after being allegedly stabbed in the back with a 38-centimetre blade in the early hours of the morning.

Police said they were called to a domestic disturbance in Karama about 12:10am, where they found the teenager with the large blade still lodged in his lower back.

A 20-year-old-man was taken to the Palmerston Watchhouse and will be charged today, police said.

NT Police watch commander Len Turner said the incident was believed to be domestic violence-related.

A statement from NT Police this morning said the alleged offender was known to the victim.

Police are calling for any witnesses to the incident to come forward.

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Mother of four locked out of emergency accommodation due to paperwork issue

The head of South Australia’s Housing Authority has apologised to a mother of four who has been locked out of her emergency accommodation five times in the past fortnight because the agency failed to complete the necessary paperwork.

Kirsty told ABC Radio Adelaide this morning that her family would not have anywhere to go if the SA Housing Authority did not get the paperwork through today to extend her stay.

“My key was disabled again this morning because Housing SA hasn’t done the appropriate paperwork,” she said.

Last September, Kirsty was told she had to leave her home of five years.

Since then, she has applied for about 200 rental properties without success.

After couch surfing for three months, housing services placed her in a motel room.

“If Housing SA don’t get the paperwork promptly to them this morning, then they are probably going to ask me to pack all my stuff up and get out and I won’t have anywhere to go,” Kirsty said.

After hearing Kirsty’s story, SA Housing Authority Chief Executive Michael Buchan issued an apology.

Mr Buchan said there was an increasing number of families looking for public housing.

“Kirsty is not alone at the moment, there are lots of people in very similar circumstances,” he said.

“It goes to show the challenges we have at the moment and, in particular, when the private rental market isn’t able to provide housing for people who would otherwise be in it.”

Labor MP Nat Cook called for more to be done to help Kirsty and other families in similar circumstances.(

ABC News


Opposition’s Nat Cook says ‘go back to your office and do the work’

Opposition human services spokesperson Nat Cook said she was furious at Mr Buchan’s response to Kirsty’s situation.

“I’m absolutely gasping at this, seriously Michael Buchan, you need to look at the policies and take charge of this and change them,” she said.

“People in the sector knew months ago that families were going to be homeless — like Kirsty — suffering this indignity and this embarrassment.

Ms Cook said she had received three more calls over the weekend from women in similar circumstances to Kirsty.

“I just cannot believe that someone can sit there in that position and wring their hands and say sorry,” she said.

“You’ve got no answers, you’ve got nothing for Kirsty and nothing to say about the 1,700 homes that are empty that we have found with kitchens that are brand new available for someone like Kirsty to live in.”

Mr Buchan said there were currently 600 properties available and awaiting allocation and another 1,400 homes that were vacant but needed upgrading or repairs.

“We would have properties that match Kirsty’s needs, but they are probably not in the area that she wants to live,” he said.

He said policy making had been “very agile” in recent times.

“We were able to find a huge amount of accommodation [for people] who were really needy during the COVID period and we continue to do that essentially every day,” Mr Buchan said.

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Emergency services called to car roll over south of Goulburn | Goulburn Post

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Two men have been injured in a single-vehicle crash south of Goulburn. A NSW Ambulance spokesperson said males, aged in their 30s and 40s, were travelling north on the Federal Highway at Wollogorang when their vehicle rolled at about 2.30pm The crash occurred approximately 3km north of Wollogorang Road. READ ALSO: Tribe Breweries continues to boost employment in the community Two ambulance crews and police are on the scene. A NSW Ambulance spokesperson said the older male was in a serious condition with abdominal pain and head injuries while the other had chest pain. The occupants of the vehicle were taken to Canberra Hospital by ambulance. READ ALSO: Fundraising event needs support to continue community contributions A helicopter flew in as a precaution, causing traffic on all lanes of the Federal Highway to stop briefly, but was unused. One northbound lane is closed to allow for the vehicle to be towed. We depend on subscription revenue to support our journalism. If you are able, please subscribe here. If you are already a subscriber, thank you for your support.



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Princess Alexandra Hospital placed into emergency lockdown

A Brisbane hospital has been placed into an emergency lockdown as the city grapples with a serious COVID-19 outbreak.

Meanwhile, staff at another hospital have sent staff home, including midwives and doctors, after a recent visitor tested positive to the virus.

The Princess Alexandra Hospital was locked down on Tuesday afternoon, following an alert to staff.

Patients are being diverted to other hospitals but Princess Alexandra Hospital will still accept critical and category one elective surgery patients.

At least one new case recorded today is linked to the hospital.

Staff were told in an email that if they had worked at the hospital campus from noon today to not work at another Metro South Health facility until the lockdown was removed.

Staff who worked in Ward 5D since March 18 are also being urged to get tested immediately.

“If you have been in ward 5D since 18 March 2021, then you should be tested and receive a negative result before working in another facility,” the directive said.

The lockdown will enable the hospital to put in place processes to manage the COVID-19 crisis.

The hospital is the source of two cases that forced Greater Brisbane into a snap three-day lockdown.

An unvaccinated Princess Alexandra Hospital doctor – along with two others – tested positive to COVID-19 earlier this month.

The doctor was infected by a hotel quarantine guest who had the UK strain. That person is also believed to have infected another hotel quarantine guest, even though their rooms weren’t adjoining.

On day one of the 72-hour citywide lockdown, Queensland recorded eight new cases of community transmission.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said the lockdown will be reviewed on Wednesday, however, the next two days will be crucial and will depend on how many more cases are seen in the state and whether they can be linked.

“Every one’s worried, but the good news is that so far, so good in terms they are linked.

“What we don’t want to see is unlinked community transmission out there so the next two days is critical for our contract tracers to get on top of this.”

The Federal Government on Tuesday declared Greater Brisbane a hotspot, with chief medical officer Paul Kelly saying the situation was escalating.

“I can’t predict what’s going to happen in the next week or two,” Professor Kelly said.

“What happens now in relation to lockdown and very strong public health action, hopefully that will get on top of it.

“But at the moment those numbers are increasing.”

Meanwhile, Mater Mothers’ Hospital has sent staff home, including midwives and doctors, after a recent visitor tested positive to the virus.

It is understood the person visited the private maternity section and a nearby cafe that staff frequented.

More than two million people living in Brisbane, Moreton Bay, Redlands, Logan and Ipswich council areas can only go outside for essentials, for medical care, to exercise, and to work and study if they cannot do so at home.

Professor Kelly urged people to practice physical distancing and good hand hygiene ahead of the Easter long weekend.

“This virus has not gone away – it is circulating we know in the Brisbane area at least so people should be taking those precautions of the COVID-safe behaviours that we’ve been saying all the way along.”

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Emergency services have ‘shone through’ over past week: Morrison

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has thanked SES for their efforts during the floods, saying their skills have “shone through” over the past week.

“This is what our agencies train for, so that in moments of great crisis they can act,” he said.

“We have the most professional, well trained volunteers and professional people working in these organisations and their skills have just shone through over this past week.

“Their leadership, their management, their organisation, just getting the job done here when people need it the most.

“And it might be blue skies here today in Western Sydney, but the job is still going on on the ground as we move into the clean-up phase”.

The prime minister also announced $5 million loans for businesses would be extended into flood affected areas to assist in the recovery.

“I spoke to the treasurer yesterday and we were able to get it done overnight,” he said.

“We’ll be extending those new loan products that we’ve already announced. These are these $5 million loans for businesses up to $250 million in turnover which has two years nothing to pay, 10-year loan terms.

“They will be extending into the flood affected areas as well”.

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Port Lincoln Hospital emergency department nurse details ‘terrifying’ attack by young boxer

A regional emergency department nurse cowered in the corner of a treating room as she was punched more than 10 times by a boxer, an Adelaide court has heard.

The District Court heard 19-year-old Jiah Thomas Chesher was having a psychotic episode when he assaulted Amanda Treagus at the Port Lincoln Hospital in August 2019.

The registered nurse was punched at least 10 times by Chesher, who the court heard had done boxing training since he was a teenager.

She suffered severe bruising, a neck sprain and whiplash and the court heard she still had a scar on her face, intermittent pain, headaches, concussion and nausea from pinched nerves and post-traumatic stress disorder.

“If one punch landed slightly in a different spot on my skull, I would not be alive today, I’m certain of that,” she said in her victim impact statement.

“To hit me once would’ve been enough of a shock and difficult to deal with.

“To be hit over and over repeatedly, very hard, very fast with no chance of defending yourself, to be hit again and again until you are cowering in the corner, pressed against a cupboard and still getting hit, no-one can comprehend.

“My colleagues have all been affected by this, some too scared to go to work.”

The court heard the emergency department nurse was so badly injured she had not been able to carry out her usual duties since.

Amanda Treagus was working in the emergency department.(



Accused ‘suffering psychosis’ at the time

Chesher’s lawyer, Craig Fabbian, told the court his client was “particularly unwell” at the time of the incident and was suffering psychosis linked to schizophrenia.

The court heard Chesher’s parents had noticed their son withdraw from his friends in the years leading up to the attack and had sought a number of opinions from health professionals, but there was a “failure to recognise schizophrenia”.

Mr Fabbian said it was very difficult to get access to a psychiatrist in Port Lincoln.

Amanda Treagus with a bruised eye and injury on her forehead
Ms Treagus has called for more support for people working in health care.(

Facebook: Amanda Treagus


“Unfortunately, those assessments by telephone appear not to have identified a clear issue,” he said.

Chesher’s parents had rung an ambulance for their son on the day of the assault after he had “stood motionless in the kitchen for about an hour”.

The court heard a police officer had travelled in the ambulance too, because there was a risk he might be violent.

“It’s clear and highlights perhaps how vulnerable the alleged victim was in this situation,” Mr Fabbian told the court.

“A registered nurse without support having to care for Mr Chesher.

Mr Fabbian told the court Chesher spent three weeks in the Royal Adelaide Hospital after the attack and his rehabilitation since “has been strong”.

“It’s a long road to rehabilitation, but there certainly has been improvements along the way,” he said.

Mr Fabbian told the court, Chesher had “no prior convictions whatsoever” and had the full support of his family who was “devastated by this situation”.

The court heard he had since moved to Adelaide to get treatment and continue his rehabilitation.

Prosecutors did not oppose Chesher being released into the community on licence, but sought a condition he be banned from visiting Port Lincoln, where he had lived his whole life prior to the assault.

A limiting term will be set next month.

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An emergency load of coronavirus vaccines has arrived in Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea received its first batch of coronavirus vaccines Tuesday as the country raced to quell a COVID-19 surge overwhelming its fragile health system.

An initial shipment of 8,000 doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine was flown in from Australia, earmarked to protect badly hit frontline hospital staff.

Prime Minister James Marape greeted the grey air force C-17 bearing the vaccine, three mobile storage facilities and a small team of Australian public health specialists at Jacksons International Airport in Port Moresby.

Papua New Guinea survived a year without widespread community transmission, but the Melanesian nation is now detecting hundreds of cases each day.


Some hospitals have been forced to turn away new patients due to a lack of medical staff, who are testing positive in large numbers.

With the total number of cases nationwide tripling in the past month alone, authorities at the weekend approved a series of measures, including shutting schools and bars and barring non-essential movement.

Concerned that widespread transmission could destabilise its neighbour, Australia has urged AstraZeneca to divert one million more doses to Papua New Guinea as soon as possible.

But there is no indication yet of when they may arrive.

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*Watch and Act City of Gold Coast – 23 March 2021. Issued 3.15pm

From City of Gold Coast. Continued heavy rainfall may cause moderate flooding in coming hours at low lying properties near rivers and creeks on the Gold Coast, north of Pimpama.  

Monitor the situation. If under threat move to higher ground.

In a life-threatening emergency call triple zero. For flood damage call SES on 1 3 2 500.

Stay up to date at dashboard.cityofgoldcoast.com.au

Suburbs that may be impacted include:

Cedar Creek






Jacobs Well



Ormeau Hills

Southern Moreton Islands






*A Watch and Act warning is issued when there is a heightened level of threat and conditions are changing. You need to be aware of your situation and be prepared to take action.


The latest Flood Warning for the Logan Albert River Basin



Residents across the entire Gold Coast need to remain vigilant, take care on the roads and avoid non-essential travel.


Sandbag stations

City sandbagging stations will close at 6pm tonight and reopen tomorrow (Wednesday 24 March) at 7am:

 – 232 Old Pacific Highway, Pimpama (next to City of Gold Coast Coomera Depot)
– 46 Boyd St, Bilinga (use the service road, next to the City of Gold Coast Tugun Depot)
– 61 Hutchinson St, Burleigh Heads, (Reedy Creek Waste and Recycling Centre)

Signage is on site to direct motorists to the sandbagging stations. Please drive carefully and to the conditions.
It is important to note that sandbags can reduce the impact of flooding if they’re placed correctly in appropriate locations around property. They are not waterproof and will not stop the water completely

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EMERGENCY ALERT – Currumbin, Mudgeeraba and Tallebudgera

Due to the severe weather event unfolding on the Gold Coast The following Emergency Alert has just been issued to parts of the Gold Coast

WATCH AND ACT. From City of Gold Coast. Due to heavy rain it is likely low lying properties in Currumbin, Mudgeeraba and Tallebudgera catchments will be impacted by floodwater in coming hours. Monitor the situation and consider moving to higher ground. For flood damage call SES on 1 3 2 500 and in a life-threatening emergency call triple zero. Stay up to date at dashboard.cityofgoldcoast.com.au  


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Man who sparked emergency declaration on Gold Coast arrested

Mark Lutengau, 37, was bitten on the arm by a police dog during his arrest at Baloo Street in Nerang, shortly after 4:00pm on Wednesday.

Another emergency declaration was made under the Public Safety Preservation Act for the local area during the arrest.

Mr Lutengau was taken to the Gold Coast University Hospital and remains there under police guard.

Speaking at a media conference on Wednesday, Acting Inspector Kevin Gant said specialist officers made the arrest.

“Today, as a result of our inquiries, we identified a possible location where that male could have been, as a result of that, a declaration was made under a PSPA act, for the immediate area,” Mr Gant said.

“A short time later, that male was arrested and taken into custody.”

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