Fire Consuming Brisbane’s Hemmant Warehouse

QFES Predicted To Persist For Days As Hazard Levels Are Closely Monitored

A recycling warehouse was covered with a cloud of dark smoke as a massive fire engulfed the establishment over Brisbane’s rush-hour traffic yesterday. Sadly, it is expected that the burning will persist for days, which left the community nervously waiting.

More than 20,000 cubic meters of compressed cardboard was burned and the building’s roof had collapsed.

As per Acting Superintendent Tim Clark from Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES), crews had fought hard at the fire at Hemmant for about four hours. However, they are unable to put it out since they cannot access certain parts of the collapsed building.

“We are doing our best to extinguish it as quickly as possible but it’s really hard to determine what the timeframe will be,” he said.

Despite the raging fire, Brendan Neinert, a man from Thermofreeze, the business next door, said he had not been concerned when he first heard about the blaze from his wife, because fire was a regular incident in the area.

He claimed, “Generally, one of these buildings around here is on fire every year, so we don’t think too much of it.”

Having said that, the fire from the warehouse is still far from ordinary.

Fortunately, four people had escaped the blaze unharmed from the building in Gosport Street. It was 2:30 pm yesterday when the fire broke out and nearby businesses were evacuated immediately.

“It went from a single pallet fire to a full building,” Mr Neinert revealed.

The blaze started in piles of compacted paper, cardboard and plastic outside the warehouse before spreading to other parts of the building.

Other commercial properties were protected as sixteen fire units came to aid.

According to Corey Dennis, QFES incident controller inspector, five crews were still working to subdue the fire this morning, adding that fires have been flaring up from time to time.

Provided with the weather conditions, Mr Dennis emphasized that the rain has helped but not enough to put the fire out completely. 

Also, Mr Dennis said the scientific unit was also on scene checking the hazard measures in the smoke, and for Acting Superintendent Clark, it could have been a lot worse.

He commended the crew for preventing a massive fire that could extend among the neighbouring properties.

“They’ve been working under extreme conditions to protect those unaffected buildings. So far they’ve done a fantastic job and I’m sure that will continue.”

As of now, the cause of the incident remains unknown as initial investigations are expected to begin tomorrow.

(Image source: ABC News)