CEO of liquified White Ribbon charity ‘eminently qualified’ to steward taxpayer funds

The previous CEO of White Ribbon Delia Donovan has “walked out of the rubble” of her previous role at the now liquified anti-domestic violence charity, and “straight into a taxpayer funded office,” Sky News host Paul Murray says.

She will now be responsible for the $21 million dollar funding boost which the NSW government has made available for domestic violence services.

NSW One Nation leader Mark Latham said “if you were running White Ribbon and it went broke, you are probably eminently qualified in the eyes of the NSW government to run the publicly funded agency Domestic Violence NSW, because this too has been a public policy disaster and a waste of money.

“We have spent billions as a nation on these domestic violence projects, re-educating school boys and all this sort of totalitarian stuff”.

“It hasn’t had any noticeable impact on anything … because they have had the wrong approach” which is based on the concept “100 percent of men are inherently bad,” he said.

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