Emotional Reunions as ‘Ring of Steel’ is Lifted


At long last, families and friends are now able to reunite upon lifting the inner state borders last Sunday 11:59PM.

Over the past four months, community quarantine protocols have been strictly implemented, thus, social dilemmas are inevitable. Now, as restrictions have been eased, families and friends are enjoying their emotional reunions.

In Melbourne, for instance, a woman named Sarah Vincent and her family came together for the first time on Monday since July. This is a huge relief from the separation anxiety caused by the rest of the state and enforcement of travel limits.

Since her mother is residing in Wodonga, Ms. Vincent had not seen her mother, Jennie Johnson, in six months aside from the odd messages or video calls. Thus, seeing her daughter again, Jennie Johnson was on the verge tears, despite the numerous mental health hazards prior to their reunion.

“It felt so good to see my mum and have a cuddle. I’ve been waiting a long time for it,” Ms. Vincent added.

In addition, Premier Daniel Andrews stated “we know so many people have missed those they love the most, those they need to see and have been desperately keen to see for such a long period of time.”

For the children, on the other hand, thinking that they are growing up in these trying times, missing their birthdays and everyone else’s, and being separated from relatives and friends could affect their upbringing. It has been very difficult for parents.

As a result, families are now able to plan small parties and picnics, visiting shops to spend some quality time for their kids, with hopes of easing up the anxiety.

A child reuniting with their grandparent is a huge thing, as they feel the essence of being a kid again. Running around, having fun, getting muddy and not being locked down. Everyone is feeling like they could breathe for the first time. This presents a fresh start for the Victorians and Melbournians, an assurance that amid this turbulence people are standing steady and strong. Let this be a manifestation of hope for everyone in the world.