Geelong Cats emrbace pressure of Brisbane Lions challenge

While a thumping win over Collingwood afforded them room to breathe, Geelong go into Saturday’s preliminary final against Brisbane under no illusions about what might come their way if they lose.

Cats coach Chris Scott spoke to media on Friday ahead of the match, and said it simply wasn’t possible for his coaches or players to disassociate themselves from the enormity of the reward of winning, or pain of losing, in the lead up to the game.

Chris Scott, left, and Joel Selwood, right, are no strangers to preliminary finals. Credit:Getty Images

“You have no choice but to embrace it,” Scott said ahead of the game that could hand him a fifth preliminary final loss as coach. “You’d have to be a fool not to be aware of the stakes and the repercussions and disappointment that we would all face if we don’t get the job done.

“That comes with the territory when you get to this stage of the year, you can either embrace that pressure and savour it for all its worth, because it is a privilege to be in this position, a lot of teams fight hard to even get this opportunity.

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