Gaming addiction: Wife enforces’s husband’s bedtime due to bad behaviour

“He isn’t adhering to it. I tell him this is non-negotiable and he moans like a teenager.”

Before *Sharyn and Derrick* had a baby, their relationship was pretty easy going. The rules were ‘if you work and do your responsibilities, you can do whatever you want.’

But since they’ve had their child, Sharyn has had to enforce several rules on her husband, including deciding his bedtime, due to him staying up to 1pm gaming and refusing to care for their one-year-old the next day.

“He didn’t work for a while and just played video games non-stop while I was working, staying up until 4am or even later, and sleeping all day,” the mum shared in a Reddit post.

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Sharyn has to enforce Derrick’s bedtime due to his gaming addiction. Image: iStock

“He isn’t adhering to it”

“And now that he has a job, he does even less. He uses that as to why he can’t do ANYTHING else, despite now we have the baby,” she added.

“I’m taking care of the baby 24/7 while on maternity leave but I am going back to work soon, and there is no way I can reasonably clean and cook and do the childcare.”

“He complains when he finishes work and I ask him to look after the baby for an hour before the baby goes to sleep so I can have a toilet break/pick up bits and pieces and clean up the baby toys. When the baby is asleep, he will eat and then go into his office and stay there the whole night.”

Sharyn says Derrick is clearly staying up playing games. “He does it during the weekday as well and then complains he is tired and his sleeping is bad,” she continues. ” I mention, yeah you’ve been up all night gaming. He says he can handle it. He clearly can’t.”

Sharyn decided that due to Derrick acting like a kid, she would place a 12am curfew on bedtime and insist he’s up before lunchtime at weekends.

“He isn’t adhering to it. I tell him this is non-negotiable and he moans like a teenager.

“I feel like taking action, such as putting child timing controls on his computer or outright just ending our internet connection until he gets his act together.

“Am I in the wrong for trying to get him to sleep and be awake at reasonable hours,” the mum asked the forum.

Derrick’s gaming addiction means he won’t parent his child. Image: iStock

“Parent of the year”

Understandably everyone thought Derrick needed to be pulled into line.

“Whoa. Whoa. He takes care of the baby for an hour sometimes. Parent of the Year!” said one.

“Sounds like you need a month-long childfree vacation while he learns how to be a grown up,” agreed one more.

“This is approaching ‘drop the whole man’ territory,'” one wrote.

“But seriously, sit down and have a real conversation about how it’s BOTH your baby, not just yours, and how he needs to be an equal part of cooking, cleaning, and childcare. He’s an adult with a baby, responsibilities don’t end when his shift ends- his ‘do what you want’ days are OVER.”

Do you think Sharyn is fair to enforce her husband’s bedtime?

*Names changed.

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