4 Challenging Full Body Workouts That Require No Equipment

Every January, countless people set off on a journey to regain their fitness. And every February, most of those same people have already fallen off the bandwagon. There’s no shortage of excuses, but that doesn’t change the fact that fitness is a crucial component of one’s overall health.

To give yourself the best chance at developing a healthy workout habit in 2021, it helps to find workouts that are as user-friendly as possible. Getting fit doesn’t actually require expensive equipment and complicated workouts, instead, it simply requires you to not give up.

We rounded up four challenging full body workouts that can be done anytime, anywhere, and require absolutely no equipment. So give up the excuses, it’s time to get to work!

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Cross-country skiing latest pandemic trend to generate equipment shortages

People around the world have taken up new hobbies this year as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and festering boredom. From gardening to jigsaw puzzles, people have been trying to keep busy.

Cross-country skiing in particular has become so popular this winter that finding the right equipment has become an uphill battle.

Brian Burke, owner of Winnipeg’s Olympia Cycle & Ski, says he anticipated the surge in demand and ordered more ski equipment, but even he can’t keep up.

“There are shortages,” Burke told CTV News. “Boots for sure.”

“Bindings are OK, poles aren’t bad but like I said, if you hadn’t put your extra orders in early, you’re going to be out of luck,” he added.

Over the summer, biking became so popular that Canada was on the verge of a bicycle shortage. As we head into the snowiest months of winter, cross-country skiing has become the latest COVID-19 exercise trend as Canadians try to find ways to stretch their legs outdoors.

But those who imagined gliding along a snowy path are finding it much more crowded than anticipated.

Ski stores were anticipating cross-country skiing as the latest pandemic pastime long before the snow started coming down. Phones began ringing off the hook in August and September to book some time on the slopes.

At Woodcock Cycle Works bike and ski store in Winnipeg, shipments are still arriving and calls are coming in from across Canada and beyond.

“You can’t get them anywhere,” the shop’s owner Tim Woodcock told CTV News. “All of our equipment pretty much comes from Europe and they are pretty much sold out.”

As Canadians continue to embrace the outdoors, it’s becoming clear that lockdowns don’t necessarily require slowing down as more people look for new ways to stay safe and active.

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Is your Height a Factor while Buying Exercise Equipment?

Is your Height a Factor while Buying Exercise Equipment? The reply to this question is a resounding “YES”. Most exercise machines are designed with the consideration of tall people in mind. The height factor should therefore be paramount in deciding what size of equipment to purchase.

Short people’s height is classified within the range of 5ft 3in and below. Selecting workout equipment for such persons is quite tasking. An elliptical for a short person for instance should have a minimal stride length of not more than 18 inches to avoid causing strain on your joints. Also, the handle bars should not be too high to prevent you from over-stretching your arms.

Another reason why your height should come into play while purchasing an exercise equipment is the storage space available for the machine. Your ceiling may be lower than the size of the equipment and you will not want to cause any damage to your building. Your basement may also be the only space you have to keep the equipment. Hence, you must opt for a compact machine that can fit properly to allow for your towering height if you are tall.

Here is a list of factors below to give you an insight into what you need to consider before buying exercise equipment depending on your height.

Stride Length

A stride length is the longest distance between each pedal or foot. For a tall person whose height is above 5ft 7in, the appropriate stride length of any gym equipment is from 18 inches and above. The elliptical for a short person has a stride length of between 13-18 inches.Tall people have longer legs, and of course longer strides. Exercise machines in the gym or at home can be adjusted to accommodate varying heights of users.

Shorter people should not be discouraged about their height. Everyone needs to get in shape whether tall or short. Exercise is not limited by height so if you find yourself classified as a short person don’t panic. Most equipment give room for people like you and you can find elliptical for a short person designed for someone like you available on the market.


An exercise equipment needs to be kept safe while not in use. Ensure you purchase a machine that you can easily fold and stash away after use especially if you are planning to use it at home. At the gym, there is normally a dedicated space for every equipment but you may want an elliptical or a treadmill for home use.

The ellipticalfor a short person is compact for easy storage which could easily pass for a teenager’s equipment because of its portable size. It is also convenient for you to mount it without any help when you want to work-out. It is very mobile and lightweight with no difficulty in operation.


Every work-out machine has a specific size which depends on your height as a user. If you are a tall person, you will need to go for a higher and longer equipment. This will suit your body size and prevent you from sustaining cramps in your groin area, legs, and arms. It will also avoid excessive pressure from being exerted on the machine.

For a short person, a low-sized machine will be a better choice. The length and height must be lower than that of tall people. Its handle bars should also be lower. A high handle bar will not give you the comfort you deserve if you are short. You will tend to exert so much energy in operating the equipment and this shouldn’t be the case.

LCD Display

This is the visual panel that automatically stores your settings for each work-out session. It tells you how much time you spent during every session and how many calories burnt. The feedback you get from this console is very useful for tracking your progress regularly.

The position where this console is situated on the machine is important. This will help you decide which equipment is convenient for your height. If you are tall, it shouldn’t be too low because you will not feel comfortable bending too low to view the display. Likewise, a short person should opt for an equipment that has its console positioned not too high to avoid straining their neck while trying to read the information displayed.


While performing exercise, whether at home or at the gym, it is recommended that you should feel relaxed. Your training outfit must be comfortable to give room for proper ventilation. Your footwear must also not be too tight or oversized. You are also advised to come along with a bottle of water for hydration while working out.

Most equipment have cooling fans, bottle holders and USB ports for music. The position of these attachments is a factor that is determined by your height. Ensure you check their positions to be sure they match your height and reach before you purchase any machine.

What you may consider a luxury or unimportant is very useful for your convenience. The time you spend on the equipment during every session depends on how comfortable you feel. Hydrating yourself from time to time with your bottle of water handy while listening to your favorite tracks will make you want to go on and on without sweating or gasping for air.


Purchasing exercise equipment is not a cheap venture. Therefore, you need to put in a lot of consideration before investing in one. Don’t just order any equipment and expect it to meet your requirements. If you can, visit the shop yourself and test the available machines on display before buying one.

You don’t want to end up with a machine that will cause you injuries rather than keep you fit. The outlined factors above will surely assist you in deciding which equipment is the most suitable for your height.

Make a summarized list of what I have discussed on this page and take it along while you go out to buy your exercise equipment. It will serve as a guide.

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Is your Height a Factor while Buying Exercise Equipment?

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Kitchen equipment piles up as pandemic shutters Japan’s restaurants

A worker carries a second-hand kitchen item at Tenpos Busters’ reuse center in Yokohama, Japan, December 17, 2020. Picture taken eon December 17, 2020. REUTERS/Kim Kyung-Hoon

December 23, 2020

By Akira Tomoshige and Hideto Sakai

YOKOHAMA, Japan (Reuters) – A truck laden with kitchen sinks, cutlery, pots and pans pulls up to a warehouse in Yokohama, south of Tokyo, and workers begin to unload the goods taken from shuttered restaurants – victims of the COVID-19 pandemic-driven slump.

The facility, run by second-hand kitchen equipment supplier Tenpos Busters, is so full that a sink has to be left outside. “We are buying more items, so our centres for maintenance across the country are operating at a full capacity to clean and repair them,” Takahito Tooyama, sales division director at Tenpos Busters, told Reuters.

The amount of equipment the company has bought from restaurants has doubled compared to a year earlier, Tooyama said. Former ramen noodle shop owner Yashiro Haga is one of those who has sold his kitchen goods to the company.

Five days after he closed his 15-year-old ramen shop, Shirohachi, in a Tokyo business district, the firm picked up his chairs, cooking pots and ramen bowls.

“Now that my stuff is gone and the shop is bare, it makes me sad,” said Haga somberly, standing in his kitchen and looking at the empty dining counter.

Haga earned around 16,000 yen ($165) from selling his kitchen goods, which will be cleaned at a maintenance centre before being resold.

Around 800 Japanese businesses hit by the COVID-19 pandemic have gone bankrupt from February to mid-December, according to credit research firm Teikoku Databank.

Restaurants and bars were the hardest-hit, with 126 companies going under.

Pain for the restaurant industry will continue while social distancing measures remain in place, business analyst Shogo Maruyama said, suggesting owners of restaurants located in central Tokyo should consider opening outlets in suburban areas.

(Reporting by Akira Tomoshige, Hideto Sakai and Akiko Okamoto; Editing by Karishma Singh)

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BIG HEART: Club secures life-saving equipment

THANKS to the tireless fundraising efforts of the Orara Valley Lions Club, Glenreagh now has another defibrillator that can be accessed 24/7.

The new piece of lifesaving equipment is located outside the Golden Dog Hotel entrance specifically so the community would have one to access at any time of the day or night.

The addition now means there are defibrillators in each of the town’s RFS trucks and inside their Heart Start vehicle – the town’s emergency response initiative started a decade ago.

Lions Club secretary Noel Backman said they had raised over $2,500 to put in the machine and emphasised the it was protected by an alarm and security camera as a protection against any would-be thieves.

Orara Valley Lions Club president Gary Elston, Golden Dog Hotel owner Stephanie Luck and club secretary Noel Backman with the new defibrillator. Photo: Tim Jarrett

In recent years there have been a number of successful campaigns to have defibrillators installed in town centres, with recognition of just how effective they can be in saving someone’s life in the event of a cardiac arrest.

Earlier this year Grafton Midday Rotary succeeded in their quest to have them installed in the Grafton CBD after pushing hard for State Government grants.

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Urology department gains upgrade in equipment at hospital | Goulburn Post

news, local-news,

The Goulburn Soldiers Club is always happy to donate to Goulburn Base Hospital and Thursday, December 3 was no different. Soldiers Club president and promotions and loyalty manager Mick Donnelly and Emma Mccoll presented a cheque of $23425 to the urology department. READ ALSO: Parcel deadlines loom for Christmas gifts Goulburn Base Hospital operations manager Matthew Sakthivel said he was very grateful for the donation. “We will use the funds to upgrade our health equipment to help with prostate cancer surgery and to improve recovery,” Mr Sakthivel said. READ ALSO: New police recruits ready to hit the streets Meanwhile, patrons of the hospital and the public will be let in on some key statistics each month with a new WikiBoard which was placed in different spots around the hospital late last month. Mr Sakthivel said the board would publish key information on hospital activities along with ward and unit specific information for the consumers interacting with their services. “The board will have up-to-date information on patient safety and quality indicators,” he said. READ ALSO: Ignition point unknown at Taralga blaze, firefighters say “The theme of information published in this board will be consistent across all boards for various wards and units at the Goulburn Health Services. “The information published in the board includes information on the local team, team members, key contacts, hospital activities, outcome on the patient experience, falls, ward activity, hand hygiene and seasonal information.” Did you know the Goulburn Post is now offering breaking news alerts and a weekly email newsletter? Keep up-to-date with all the local news: sign up below.



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Best Outdoor Bootcamp Equipment | Exercise.com

Get the Basics…

  • Outdoor bootcamp workouts can be a great way to improve one’s fitness level.
  • Having the right bootcamp equipment allows for a variety of exercises.
  • Starting an outdoor bootcamp can be great for your fitness business.

Outdoor bootcamp workouts can be an engaging form of exercise and an outdoor bootcamp business can bring in added revenue to your personal training business overall. Whether the terrain is cement, grass, or sand you can easily provide your participants with a healthy challenge. And when it comes to bootcamp equipment, you want to be sure you have the right gear.

The right bootcamp equipment can allow for some great workouts and this article will tell you which pieces are worth investing in.

If you’re looking for a way to streamline your bootcamp workouts, Exercise.com Workout Software gives trainers the ability to create, log, automate, and sell workouts and workout plans – both online and in-person. To learn more about the Exercise.com software platform, book a demo today.

What Is a Typical Bootcamp Workout?

Typically, bootcamp workouts are interval-based and executed with an up-tempo pace. One of the common goals for a bootcamp workout is to train the whole body rather than focusing on a specific body part.

Bootcamp workouts are commonly known as a form of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) where there is a combination of periods of vigorous physical activity followed by a short break.

These workouts can vary depending on what your clients want to accomplish fitness-wise. If they want to improve strength and explosiveness, using weighted equipment and performing polymetric exercises would be ideal. If they want to improve agility and endurance, running and using agility-based equipment would be the focus.

In a bootcamp workout, the use of different equipment is common as each piece of equipment allows for a variety of exercises. When a bootcamp workout is outdoors, especially, you want to ensure the equipment you use is suitable.

What Should Every Piece of Bootcamp Equipment Have?

With so many pieces of bootcamp equipment out there, you may be wondering which ones are most ideal for your outdoor bootcamp business. Below, we are going to go over some of the best outdoor bootcamp equipment and how you can utilize each in your next workout.

But, before we dive in, there are a few general traits that every piece of outdoor workout equipment must have:

  1. Portability – Bootcamp equipment must be portable.
  2. Scalability – When running a fitness bootcamp, you’re going to have participants of varying skill levels. It’s important that the equipment you choose can be used by all fitness skillsets.
  3. Cleanability – You want outdoor workout equipment that’s easy to clean. Your gear will accumulate dirt and sweat. Don’t make your job harder by choosing pieces that require intense cleaning sessions.

Best Outdoor Bootcamp Equipment

#1 – Cones

Cones are one of the most versatile pieces of bootcamp equipment you can find. You are able to do a myriad of bootcamp exercises with them and they are one of the most portable pieces of bootcamp equipment you can have. Whether you want to work on endurance, agility, speed training, or lateral quickness, cones provide an efficient physical marker to maneuver around.

As you can see from the video above, there are many exercises one can do with cones! If you don’t have the budget for a variety of bootcamp equipment pieces, you can offer up a great workout with cones alone.

#2 – Medicine Balls and Slam Balls

A medicine ball allows for a variety of movements that can not only help build muscle but lose weight as well. Exercises such as the medicine ball squat to press are great whole-body exercises to utilize in a bootcamp workout. This same idea rings true for slam balls. While heavier than medicine balls, slam balls are still solid pieces of portable workout gear. It’s simple to put two-to-three in your car for your clients to use as a group.

#3 – Agility Ladder

The agility ladder is another piece of equipment that allows for a variety of bootcamp exercises. For one, they can be good for athletes trying to develop coordination and body control, but agility ladders can also provide an up-tempo and rhythmic feel to a workout that many people enjoy.

Agility ladders can be combined with different exercises. For example, after a sequence is done on a ladder, a cone can be placed a certain distance from the ladder in which the person performing the sequence would sprint to that cone after the sequence.

If you have an athlete, such as a basketball player, you can work on their hand-eye coordination and reaction speed by tossing them a basketball as they are performing a sequence as well.

#4 – Jump Rope

The jump rope is a simple and portable piece of equipment that can be great for outdoor bootcamp workouts. Jumping rope can be great for cardio but depending on your clients’ fitness goals and the type of jump rope you use, jumping rope can have other benefits as well.

For example, using a speed rope can be great for beginners but also ideal for athletes trying to develop foot speed and coordination. A weighted jump rope, on the other hand, can burn calories much quicker due to the added exertion needed to move the weighted rope while also engaging the muscles of the upper body.

For many, jumping rope is considered fun. It can be great for younger individuals, especially, as it can help them stay engaged during a bootcamp workout.

#5 – Battle Ropes

Different than the jump rope, a battle rope is a thick rope that commonly comes in lengths of 30″, 40″, and 50″. Battle rope exercises can work the whole body but there are different movements that can target specific areas of the body too.

If you want to make your battle rope exercises more intense. getting a heavier battle rope can help. You can also set challenging rep/set numbers or even perform as many reps as possible within an allotted time.

Battle ropes are great for outdoor bootcamp workouts but they can also be a good tool to use in your gym. In fact, battle ropes were featured in our article, “The Top Ten Pieces of Equipment Needed to Start a Gym.“

Request an Exercise.com demo to learn more.

Power your bootcamp with a custom app.

#6 – Sandbags

Sandbags are quality pieces of equipment that can be used to really build muscle endurance in a bootcamp workout. Sandbag exercises especially help the stabilizing muscles as the unstable load of a sandbag forces more muscles to activate when performing movements.

The great thing about sandbags is that anybody, from weekend warriors to elite athletes, can benefit greatly from them. Weight can be added to the bag and there are many exercises that can challenge any type of athlete, as seen in the video below.

#7- Kettlebells

Kettlebells are compact pieces of equipment that can fit into any bootcamp routine. They are portable and come in different weights to suit any individual. A common goal for many bootcamp workouts is to lose weight while strengthening the body and kettlebells allow for just that.

Kettlebell training has many benefits. To start, you only need one kettlebell to get a great workout in and some of the main movement patterns, such as the kettlebell swing, work the entire body. The cardiovascular and muscular systems are both worked when using kettlebells making them an excellent piece of bootcamp equipment to use for workouts.

#8 – Dumbells

Although commonly known to be used in gyms, dumbells can also be great for outdoor bootcamp workouts. The great thing about dumbells is that whether you use one or two dumbells, there are plenty of workouts you can do that can target the entire body.

Remember portability and usability with things like kettlebells, medicine balls, slam balls, and dumbbells. When adding these to your bootcamp workouts, pick weights that can be used by the majority of your participants and don’t incorporate bootcamp exercises that require the use of all of these pieces of equipment at once.

For example, if you’ve programmed kettlebell swings into your bootcamp workout and the workout will take place off-site at a park, don’t include medicine ball and dumbbell work into that workout as well. The location of your bootcamp should dictate your programming.

#9 – Weighted Sled

Weighted sleds that can be pushed and pulled provide an effective tool to add to your bootcamp workouts. Usually, trainers will have a station designated for sled push or pull sprints where bootcamp members take turns using the sleds.

#10 – Mini Hurdles

Mini hurdles can be used to develop proper sprinting form, acceleration, power, and lateral quickness. They are easy to combine with other equipment and can be set up to improve the different physical dynamics of an individual’s movement.

#11 – Weighted Vest

A weighted vest automatically overloads the body with weight and adds resistance to a workout. Weighted vests are great if you are looking to add more intensity to a workout. They’re great to have on hand if, say, you have a bootcamp participant that is very advanced. They may need an added challenge. By providing them with a weighted vest, they’re able to get a quality workout without inconveniencing the rest of the bootcamp’s participants.

Starting an Outdoor Bootcamp

Now that we’ve gone over the best outdoor bootcamp equipment, you may be wondering how to start an outdoor bootcamp and how to create a bootcamp workout for your clients. Starting a bootcamp can be great for your individual fitness but also for your business. With the right preparation, you can ensure a successful bootcamp for any group and situation.

To start, you need to figure out the time and location of your bootcamp. Your workouts need to be scheduled at a certain time of day when the weather is best and at a time that is suitable for you and your clients. The location you choose needs to have adequate space but you also need to ensure you have an alternative location if the initial location is unavailable due to unforeseen circumstances.

You may be wondering how to market your outdoor bootcamp, or which location is most suitable. For a more in-depth take on how to start an outdoor boocamp, check out our article, “How Do I Set up a Personal Training Bootcamp.“

If you are looking to streamline your bootcamp workouts online, having software that gives you the capability to sell your custom workouts to anyone in the world is necessary. The Exercise.com all-in-one fitness business software platform can enable you to grow your clientele and market your custom workout content. If you want to film yourself doing your own custom outdoor bootcamp workouts and package your workouts into sellable content, Exercise.com allows you to do that.

With features such as workout creation, custom videos, nutritional tracking, client/class scheduling, and much more, Exercise.com gives you plenty of options for your business to succeed.

Ready to take your fitness business to the next level? Book a demo with Exercise.com today!

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How to keep office equipment safe in the COVID-19 era

The virus that causes COVID-19 can remain active for hours or even days on hard surfaces such as office printers, keypads, and other devices. This means that, as workers return to the office, business owners and managers must have a plan for minimising the risk of COVID-19 transmission via these devices. Keeping office equipment safe requires various precautions.

Businesses across Australia are taking steps to manage their return to the office safely. Some businesses are taking a staged approach to bringing staff members back, others are working in shifts to limit the number of people in the office, and still others are sticking with a remote model for most workers with people coming into the office when necessary, such as when they need to print documents.

In addition to basic hygiene procedures such as mandating the use of hand sanitiser and encouraging the use of masks, organisations can minimise the risk of cross-contamination and infection when employees are using shared devices. Multifunction devices (MFDs) remain an essential business tool, so keeping them clean as employees return to work is essential.

There are four ways to keep MFDs clean:

1. Remote access

If an employee is unknowingly infected with COVID-19 or the flu, for example, they can inadvertently leave traces of the virus on the keypad or other parts of the MFD. To avoid this, businesses can use the remote access functionality of the MFD, controlling it via users’ own tablets and smartphones. This means no one needs to physically touch the MFD but can still access all of its functions.

2. Personal stylus

Where remote access isn’t available, employees could use their personal stylus to use the multifunction panel without ever touching it with their fingers. Any stylus can work for this, including those that work with other devices such as tablets.

3. Pull printing

Often, when people send documents to the printer, they can forget they’ve done so. This can result in printouts being left unclaimed on the printer for extended periods of time, which can compromise document security. Or, the person may resend the job, resulting in wastage due to duplicate printouts. A pull-printing solution requires a user to authenticate the job by swiping their ID card or fob at the printer before the job will be released. This helps maintain security, reduce paper wastage, and avoid unnecessary physical interaction with the MFD.

4. Cleaning

Like everything in the office, it’s important to keep the MFDs safe by cleaning them regularly. This includes the panel (screen and keys), document feeder and document glass, and the handles of paper trays. The best way to do this is to use a soft cloth that’s just damp with isopropyl alcohol (IPA) or ethanol for disinfection. The cloth shouldn’t be too wet or it could damage the electrical components. It’s not advisable to use sprays containing solvents, as these will damage the MFD. And, it’s important to wear vinyl gloves when cleaning the MFD.

COVID-19 has caused a heightened awareness of hygiene and many people are understandably nervous about going back to a shared working environment. With these few simple precautions, organisations will be able to use their MFDs with confidence while minimising the risk of disease spread.

Shane Blandford, Chief Marketing and Innovation Officer, Konica Minolta

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Marulan Public School to have playground equipment upgraded | Goulburn Post

news, local-news,

Marulan Public School is one of 39 local community organisations to gain funding from the Veolia Mulwaree Trust (VMT). The school received $11,000 and will use the money to install new playground equipment which will be enjoyed by the students. READ ALSO: Stop rubbishing our natural environment School principal Ross Copland said he was grateful for VMT as upgrading all their playground equipment would be very useful. “Combining Veolia’s grant with money raised by the school’s P and C has been a massive help,” Mr Copland said. READ ALSO: Desex your cat: Encouraging responsible pet ownership With the school year drawing to a close, Mr Copland said the project would probably have to carry on to next year. “We will have a site inspection soon and tthen we have to organise a few things too before we can get started, so I don’t think it will be completed this year,” he said. Did you know the Goulburn Post is now offering breaking news alerts and a weekly email newsletter? Keep up-to-date with all the local news: sign up below.



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“Zero Equipment” Fitness Training During Covid-19

By Sarah Pelc Graca, Fitness and Nutrition Coach

Person-to-person fitness coaching that seemed necessary to everyday healthier living has been compromised in the attempt to control COVID-19 outbreak.

Expert Answer On Fitness Trend Observed During Covid-19

1. Covid-19 has brought to the fore-front the significance of fitness & optimum health like never before. The significant shift you have observed in the last few months.

I’ve observed several shifts in fitness trends since the pandemic came about.

Here are a few of my top few:

  • Zero Equipment — this is BIG right now because gyms are either partially open or still closed all together. Especially with crazy weather patterns, being able to workout at home with no equipment is a must. Kayla Itsines actually just launched a Zero Equipment workout program.
  • Time efficient workouts — COVID has opened people’s eyes to the fact that doing something is better than doing nothing! So even doing a 10-minute bodyweight workout, or taking 5 min to run up and down the stairs in your house is worth your while.
  • Resistance band workouts — Speaking of convenience, resistance bands are compact, light/easy to travel with, and they have similar benefits to dumbbells, making them a big trend during and probably post-COVID.
  • Running! I see so many people out there that I’ve never seen before and it’s great! So many people are getting back to basics and running is just that — it’s free, and requires zero equipment.

2. Mental health has increased focus to ward off stress related to fear of falling sick, spending time indoors etc. Coping skills you have advised to your clients.

Mental health is just as important as your physical health, particularly now, as we head into winter with a pandemic still going strong. I recommend a few things to my clients for coping:

  • Instead of sitting inside and ruminating, get outside for a walk and some fresh air.
  • Try to move your body every single day. Exercise gives you endorphins and also strengthens the immune system. This does not mean you need to do high intensity exercise everyday. You can move your body by going for a walk, doing 15 mins of yoga or stretching. It doesn’t have to be strenuous.
  • Try to do your workout without your phone, ESPECIALLY right now. More than ever, use your workouts as an escape. Avoid looking at your phone for news updates constantly by simply leaving it at home or in the other room. It will help your mental health tremendously to separate yourself from your device for those 30-40 mins.

3. How has the diet pattern changed over the last few months? Common queries raised by clients.

With people being home more, it is inevitable they will want to snack more. Access to food leads to mindless eating. Additionally, many people have a fear of the unknown and will resort to emotional eating or stress eating because of it.

As humans we are biologically and psychologically wired to want to feel good all the time. No one likes to feel angry, upset, stressed, or any other negative emotion so they go in search of that dopamine hit of instant gratification.

Oftentimes when emotional eating is taking place I find it’s the clients who don’t want to face their negative emotions head on. If you are an emotional eater, give yourself permission to feel those emotions. Let yourself feel the unpleasantness and find a healthier way to process those emotions — go for a walk, call a friend and have a good cry, let out a good scream if you have to.

4. How successful have been gym home equipment & accessories helpful in staying fit. Are home videos & chats more popular.

Home equipment has become huge and I really think it’s due to the convenience. A lot of people are buying Peletons. In fact, they have been back ordered for three months because there is just such a high demand for at home workout equipment. It’s so convenient to hop on the bike, do a 20-30 min workout and get showered off for work.

Smartwatches have also gotten big, which I personally love and recommend to clients because not only do they bring more awareness to moving your body, but they also have fun challenges.

For instance, I have a Garmin watch and they do this thing where you get badges for completing different activities. So you’ll get a badge the first time you successfully complete a 5K or 10K, if you work out on different holidays, and one morning I received an “early bird” badge for completing my workout before sunrise. Apple watches have the rings and there is something so fulfilling about doing the monthly challenges where you close your rings a certain amount of times, or get a certain number of exercise minutes logged. What I’m getting at here is smartwatches have the ability to make exercise routines more fun, and that’s particularly useful for someone who is just beginning their exercise journey.

5. With winter chill and new year nearing what are the lifestyle modifications required to stay fit during these challenging times?


Depending on where you live, movement may look different than it did in the summer but the important thing is to continue to find ways to move. If that means bundling up and going on a walk, or going in your basement and doing a bodyweight workout, it’s important to keep up your exercise habits for the benefit of your physical and mental health during Covid.

About: Sarah Pelc Graca, is a NASM-Certified Women’s Fitness Specialist and Personal Trainer. She is founder of https://strongwithsarah.com/ is an online weight loss coach. Her: Instagram.

The Content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

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