This is the real reason why Tesla will not be established in Mexico

In May of this year it was announced that the automotive company, Tesla, ruled out Mexico as a location for the construction of its next assembly plant.

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After the Secretary of Economic Development of Jalisco, Ernesto Sánchez announced to Reforma that T esla had decided not to build a plant in that state due to the energy political controversy in Mexico, a source familiar with the matter contacted the media. Xataca México in order to deny this position.

According to a source familiar with said media, “Tesla’s decision to select Austin, TX as the location for its next factory, was not related at all to any policy or situation in Mexico.”

There is still a possibility that the electric vehicle company at some point has had a dialogue with Jalisco about the construction of the plant, obviously there is a relationship between the company and the state since car chargers were recently established in the location, however following the mentioned from the source ´if there was a conversation there was never a deep approach because there was no talk with the federal government´.

Enrique Alfaro, governor of Jalisco , announced on his Twitter account that “although Tesla had the intention of installing an entire plant in Jalisco, which would generate thousands of jobs, federal clean energy policies made it unfeasible, but its eyes are still on our state and yesterday they inaugurated the first fast charging station in Tepatitlán ”.

Image: @EnriqueAlfaroR

Tesla already has charging stations in the AMG , but it can charge its electric cars in 20 or 40 minutes and its location in Tepa allows connecting a road trip to Guanajuato and Aguascalientes , as it is already possible to do from Guadalajara to Puerto Vallarta. CDMX ”, he added in his publication.

Image: @EnriqueAlfaroR

Image: @EnriqueAlfaroR

At least officially, there is still no in-depth knowledge on this matter, but it is possible that the electric vehicle company and Jalisco are holding conversations on the subject.

To know more: This would be the reason why Tesla did not settle in Mexico

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Should you buy an established, new or off-the-plan home?

Established homes like 21 Research-Warrandyte Road, Research might be the way most of us buy a home — but is it really what’s best for you’re next purchase?

COVID-19 has been a game changer for Victoria’s property market, with many of us now rethinking what we want and need.

Internet speeds have become a consideration rivalling proximity to the CBD, developers and builders are working to design homes and apartments better suited for the post-virus world, and most of us have an acute awareness of the importance of our 5km community.

We’ve asked the experts to help you assess what type of home is the best bet for your next property move.

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How to create the perfect teenager’s room

Victoria is nation’s surprise HomeBuilder hub amid scheme’s sluggish start


Get the home you want, when you want it. There’s a reason the majority of home sales in Victoria are for established property.

But Barry Plant chief executive Mike McCarthy said the benefits of a ready-made home extended beyond knowing what it would come with and how the garden looked.

Mike McCarthy, director, Barry Plant.

Mike McCarthy believes there’s a reason most of us buy an established property.

“With established homes, by and large you know what neighbourhood you are buying into,” Mr McCarthy said. “You know the house that’s next to you and the people. And you probably like the look and feel of the street.”

And, despite high prices in many established suburbs, you are less at risk of overpaying in the eyes of your bank — who can force you to pay upfront the difference between the price you signed up for and their valuation.

“You are generally paying market value, particularly at auction — unless you have gotten really carried away,” Mr McCarthy said.

Established houses also tended to be on larger blocks than in a new housing estate, which meant there was scope to make your home work for you down the track either by subdividing the land, building a new home or developing the block, Mr McCarthy said.

Established homes also offer a chance to get a sense of your future outlook.

But there are some words of caution. Overpaying is still a risk, and with generally shorter settlement periods there is less time to save your way out of trouble.

“And you will need to get your building and pest inspections done, so you know what you are buying and don’t get any nasty surprises,” Mr McCarthy said.

Off the plan

Both investors and homebuyers might consider off the plan, but there are vastly different benefits for the two groups, according to Castran Gilbert director Michael Lang.

“Owner occupiers get the benefit of time,” Mr Lang said.

This stretches from the potential for capital growth at the property before they have to start paying a mortgage, but also means they will have more time to save for the home.

“There are also stamp duty concessions … you only pay this on 25 per cent of the value of the apartment,” Mr Lang said.

The 55 Hardiman St development in Kensington has a mix of townhouses and apartments with a New York vibe throughout

The 55 Hardiman St development in Kensington is a popular off-the-plan project.

For a $550,000 off-the-plan apartment, stamp duty for an owner occupier worked out to about $7000, Mr Lang said. For an established home with that price, paying the full 5.5 per cent in stamp duty comes up to about $30,000.

“And there’s also the chance to customise the design,” he said.

While investors might be waiting a while for a tenant and currently couldn’t claim stamp duty benefits, they were entitled to heavy depreciation benefits at tax time.

“You maximise your tax advantage, claiming depreciation on everything from carpets to fixtures and fittings,” Mr Lang said.

New houses

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Do you like free money? There is up to $45,000 in government grants on the table in Victoria if you build a new home.

The Savoy 40 by Porter Davis is one of the most popular new home designs on offer today.

However, Porter Davis general manager sales and marketing Shaun Patterson said government cash was just one of the major attractions to build a new house.

“The big one is you don’t compromise,” Mr Patterson said. “Whether it’s in the greenfield (estate market) or a knockdown rebuild, you get what you want and no one has lived in it.”

This means you can dictate what rooms are in your home, how they are oriented and everything from the colours to the type of stone used for the kitchen bench is as you want it from day one.

Add to that a home warranty from your builder that requires them to repair things that go wrong in the first 10 years, as well as a minimum-standard six-star energy efficiency, and a new house has the capacity to save you money long term.

In addition to looking great, newly built homes’ interiors are energy efficient.

“They are cheaper to run … and they are low maintenance,” Mr Patterson said.

If you’re already in a home and your block size and local planning guidelines allow for it, you can also build your dream home at the same address you’ve loved for years.

Investors might also appreciate a raft of depreciation options, and that many tenants prefer a home that’s never been lived in.

But if time is of the essence, it will work against you with most new builds taking several months to take shape.

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Melton, Mornington Peninsula, Hobsons Bay, Yarra Ranges thrive, CBD struggling

Mount Eliza house has indoor pool, spa and sauna

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Coronavirus Australia live news: Federal Opposition calls for national centre for disease control to be established

Federal Opposition calls for national centre for disease control to bring Australia in line with other countries around the world.

Follow the latest updates in our live coronavirus blog.

Live updates

By Simon Smale

Key Event

Labor calls for national Centre for Disease Control


The Federal opposition wants Australia to adopt a new approach to managing pandemics, backing calls for a national Centre for Disease Control.
The proposed central body would co-ordinate responses to future pandemics, manage the National Medical Stockpile and hold regular drills in preparation for future disease outbreaks.
The Australian Medical Association is among several medical organisations wanting Australia to adopt the approach, which is used widely overseas.
Labor leader Anthony Albanese said Australia was the only OECD country without such a co-ordinating body.
“We can’t be left playing catch-up again,” Mr Albanese said.
“We can’t afford another Ruby Princess, or another tragic disaster in aged care.”
“Our health, our lives and our economy all depend on us getting our response to future pandemics right.”
Opposition health spokesman Chris Bowen says a Centre for Disease Control (CDC) could also tackle chronic disease.
“Health experts have been calling for an Australian CDC for more than three decades, it’s time to get on with it,” he said.


Reporting by Melissa Clarke.

By Simon Smale

Coronavirus live news: Tuesday, October 10


Good morning one and all and welcome to today’s ABC News coronavirus live blog.


Simon Smale with you today for another day of COVID-19 news updates and press conferences.


Later on, Jessica Riga will take up the blogging baton for the afternoon.


I’m sure there’s plenty to get through, so if you have any questions or just want to say hi, hit the blue button at the top of the page that says “Leave a comment”. 


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Coronavirus: Social distancing rules relaxed for couples in ‘established relationships’ | Politics News

Couples in England who are in “established relationships” will no longer have to socially distance if they do not live together, the government has confirmed.

Ministers have relaxed the restrictions that prevented partners from different households from kissing, holding hands or any other form of touching during the coronavirus pandemic.

In a sign the government recognises the fresh rules may take a tough toll on people’s mental health, new instructions have been issued exempting some lovers – effective from Tuesday 22 September.

“People in an established relationship do not need to socially distance,” information published by the Department of Health and Social Care said.

Those in ‘the early stages of a relationship’ must still distance

But couples in “the early stages of a relationship” were still told to “take particular care to follow the guidance on social distancing”.

The guidance added: “If you intend to have close contact with someone, you should discuss how you can help to prevent risks of transmission as a couple, for example, by ensuring you are both avoiding close contact with people you do not live with.”

But some social media users still had questions about whether the exemption applied to them.

“What exactly qualifies as an established relationship? Are you sunk if you weren’t dating by March?” one asked.

Dominic Raab

COVID-19: Government ‘ruling nothing out’

The Department of Health did not reply to a request to clarify what constitutes an “established relationship”.

Other exemptions for social distancing include if you live together or are in a legally-permitted support bubble.

The latest advice also concedes “it may not always be possible or practicable to maintain social distancing when providing care to a young child, or person with a disability or health condition”.

It suggests: “You should still limit close contact as much as possible when providing these types of care, and take other precautions such as washing hands and opening windows for ventilation.”

Dave Lewis

Tesco: COVID panic buying ‘unnecessary’

Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s spokesman was asked if it was within the law to have a one-night stand, and said “people need to behave sensibly” but “in the eyes of the law it’s not an area in which any announcement has been made in relation to the law”.

He also corrected the foreign secretary, who said earlier people could only order food in a fast-food chain from the table – confirming that rule only applies to “licenced premises” with exemptions for businesses such as cinemas.

And the spokesman said chauffeur-driven cars are exempt from the rule passengers must wear masks in taxis – as long as the driver can work in a safe way.

He also confirmed that at christenings, the baby counts among the six able to attend.

Boris Johnson and Keir Starmer

Heated exchanges between leaders during PMQs

The question of what contact couples who live apart could have was raised at the start of the pandemic, when England’s deputy chief medical officer Dr Jenny Harries suggested people move in together to avoid having to socially distance.

She said people could “test the strength of their relationship and decide whether they should permanently be resident in another household”.

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Mini-hub to be established in Cairns for three AFL games to be played there after round 12

The AFL will play three home-and-away games in far north Queensland with two clubs relocating to Cairns temporarily in mini-hubs after round 12.

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk revealed the move on Friday as the AFL continues to make the Sunshine State home for 2020 and the state makes a good case for the grand final being played there if Victoria’s MCG is ruled out due to the coronavirus pandemic.

By the end of round 12 there will have been 25 games played at Metricon Stadium on the Gold Coast while Brisbane’s Gabba will have hosted 18 games.

There are seven Victorian clubs currently based on the Gold Coast with another hotel being used as a quarantine hub for players entering Queensland after injury, players who were initially left in Melbourne, and wives and chidren of players.

Two clubs are based in Perth while Hawthorn are in Sydney until the weekend’s game against the Swans. The Hawks will then relocate with Carlton to Perth, while Geelong and Collingwood are expected to move to the Sunshine Coast.

Clubs from South Australia, West Australia and NSW remain in their home states.

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