All the new products from Apple’s ‘Spring Loaded’ announcement event

The build-up for Apple’s Spring Loaded 2021 product announcement event is finally over. Today, Tim Cook takes the stage to unleash a new wave of Apple products onto the market. We’ll be watching live in the player embedded below and breaking down all the new stuff as it happens. Just keep scrolling to read the rolling recap.

Here’s a list of some new products we could see, including a new iPad Pro model, a revamped Apple TV, and possibly some new AirPods.

Let’s get to the event!

Tim Cook starts by talking about the company’s environmental impact. Earth Day happens on Thursday, so it makes sense to start there. He restates the carbon neutrality goals.

Apple Card

Cook says the Apple Card had the “most successful” credit card launch ever. Starting today, Apple Card will allow spouses and partners to hold a card together, so both will be able to use it to build credit. Apple Card Family also allows anyone in the family over 13 reap the benefits of using the card.

Apple Podcasts

Apple is redesigning the Podcasts app with a whole new look and introducing channels to help find new content from creators. There will also now be a subscription option, so creators can charge money for special access like early listening and special episodes.

New purple iPhones

All the new products from Apple’s ‘Spring Loaded’ announcement event
Trippy purple iPhones showed up on 4/20. Convenient.

Is it simply coincidence that the new purple iPhone makes its debut on 4/20? Maybe. It’s coming to the iPhone 12 lineup in a few weeks.


All the new products from Apple’s ‘Spring Loaded’ announcement event
AirTags will help you find all the stuff you lose. Apple

After literally years of speculation, Apple has finally released its own physical location tags. They will work with any iPhone with the U1 chip inside for hyper-accurate location information. The app works with Find My and guides you along a path to find the lost tag.

Apple says it has added unwanted tag detection and other safeguards to prevent you from sneaking a tag on a person and tracking them.

They’re $29 each and $99 for a four pack. You can opt for the fancier Hermes leather AirTags if you’re rolling in Dogecoin profits.

Apple TV

All the new products from Apple’s ‘Spring Loaded’ announcement event
The new Apple TV remote looks better, but I’d still love more buttons.

We’re getting a new season of Ted Lasso in July! That’s fantastic news! Looks like there’s new hardware, too.

The new Apple TV 4K gets the A12 Bionic chip, which allows it to play HDR content in high framerates. The Apple TV now uses the iPhone’s camera and proximity sensor to calibrate your TV’s color. This is a familiar process for home theater nerds, but should make a big difference for average folks.

Apple finally redesigned the remote! It has a jog wheel and the Siri button is on the side. I’m skeptical still.

The new Apple TV starts at $179 with 32 GB storage, or $199 with 64 GB.

M1 Macs

All the new products from Apple’s ‘Spring Loaded’ announcement event

Rumors suggested we might get some new M1 machines, and it looks like that’s the case. The new colorful iMac was designed specifically for the M1 chip. It comes in a variety of colors to add “a sense of joy.”

The new iMac is extremely skinny thanks to M1. There only two fans inside, so it stays under ten decibels most of the time. Apple says it has reduced the overall sound it makes by 50 percent.

The 24-inch screen sits under one edge-to-edge piece of glass. 11.3-million pixels in the 4.5K retina display. P3 Gamut with a billion colors make this thing seem like a monster. It has a low-reflectivity coating to fight glare.

Apple has upgraded the camera, microphones, and speakers as a nod to the Pandemic video chatting boom. It has a 1080p camera with a larger sensor. It uses the M1’s image signal processor to add some computational adjustments to the picture to make it look better. It also now has a three microphone array tuned to ignore noise from the system. It has a six-speaker audio system inside. Apple is amped about the sound going on here.

All the new products from Apple’s ‘Spring Loaded’ announcement event
Someone slap a keyboard in a clamshell on this thing. I want a 24-inch MacBook Pro.

Apple says you’ll notice a 2x speed bump in some resource-heavy applications like Adobe apps. The announcement lists a lot of arbitrary comparison numbers, but real world tests will show how big the difference is. I expect it to be very good, though.

The computer has four USB-C ports, two of which are Thunderbolt. It has a new magnetic power adapter on its two-meter cable. The power cable looks like the one that comes with the MacBook. Ethernet now connects via the power cable.

In addition to the new machine, it also comes with matching mouse and keyboard options. The new Magic Keyboard has Touch ID built in.

Apple Magic Keyboard with Touch ID.
This looks handy.

It starts at $1,299 and it will ship in the first half of May. The upgraded version will be $1,499 and up. I have a feeling Apple is going to sell a lot of these.

M1-Powered iPads

All the new products from Apple’s ‘Spring Loaded’ announcement event

After a long, spy-themed cinematic video, Apple just revealed the M1-powered iPad. Again, we get a lot of speed comparisons, which are hard to wrap your head around. The short version: It’s going to be absurdly fast. There’s a new 2 TB configuration, too, for storing tons of data. It gets Thunderbolt support for better storage and external display compatibility.

The new iPad Pro also has 5G inside now. Everything gets 5G! Hooray!

The new True Depth camera system now has a 12-megapixel ultra-wide camera. It enables a new feature called Center Stage, which uses machine learning to track you as you move around the frame.

The 12.9-inch pro has a 5.6-million pixel screen. It has the same performance as the XDR display. It offers 1,000 nits of overall brightness and 1,600 nix of peak brightness. It really does sound like a miniature version of the Pro display.

As predicted, the new 12.9-inch iPad Pro uses mini LED backlight system. It involves tons of very small backlights. There are more than 10,000 of them back there behind the display.

The 12.9-inch model starts at $1,099, which is still a lot, but you also get….a lot. Choosing between that and the M1 MacBook Air seems kinda tricky. Buying into the iPad will be considerably more expensive, though, once you add the keyboard case and Apple Pencil.

That’s it for the announcements! There’s a lot to unpack here, so look for product reviews in the coming weeks.

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Apple adds a splash of color to its ‘Spring Loaded’ event with a PURPLE iPhone 12 and all-new iMac in seven different shades that also features TouchID for the first time

Apple added a splash of color to its devices with a new purple iPhone 12 and seven different hued iMac computers.

The tech giant revealed the new color schemes during its virtual ‘Spring Loaded’ event Tuesday.

The iMac is available in seven different vibrant colors and includes a 1080p FaceTime HD camera, studio-quality mics and a six-speaker sound system.

The computer is also the first to come with Touch ID, making it easier to securely log in, make purchases with Apple Pay or switch user profiles – all of which can be done with the touch of a finger.

Both the stunning purple iPhone 12 and colorful new iMac computers will be available for pre-orders Friday and shipped in the second half of May.

April always hosts Apple’s first product event of the year, but just as in 2020, this year was also held virtually due to the lingering coronavirus pandemic.

However, the virus has not stopped the tech giant from sharing its latest innovations with the world.

The new shade of purple will be available for both the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini.

Greg Joswiak, Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing: ‘The new purple finish, just in time for spring, adds another bright and fun option to the lineup, and we think customers are going to love it.’

‘This gorgeous new color joins the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini family, which is available in five other stunning finishes, and features an advanced dual-camera system, Super Retina XDR display, improved durability, A14 Bionic — the fastest chip ever in a smartphone — great battery life, and the best 5G experience on any smartphone.’

However, the seven new colors for the iMac may have stolen the show including green, yellow, orange, pink, purple, blue and silver – all of which mirrors Apple’s iconic 1998 iMac G3.

The new iMac is the latest addition to the family of Mac models powered by M1, including MacBook Air, 13-inch MacBook Pro, and Mac mini.

‘M1 is a gigantic leap forward for the Mac, and today we’re excited to introduce the all-new iMac, the first Mac designed around the breakthrough M1 chip,’ said Joswiak.

‘With its striking design in seven stunning colors, its immersive 4.5K Retina display, the best camera, mics, and speakers ever in a Mac, and Touch ID, combined with the amazing performance of M1 and the power of macOS Big Sur, the new iMac takes everything people love about iMac to an entirely new level.’

Apple says the new iMac comes with ‘the best sound system ever in a Mac.’

The system has two pairs of force-cancelling woofers, placed side-by-side, and each is balanced with a high-performance tweeter.

Altogether, this creates a six-speaker sound system.

iMac with 7-core GPU starts at $1,299 and $1,249 for education, and is available in green, pink, blue, and silver.

It features an 8-core CPU, 8GB of unified memory, 256GB SSD, two Thunderbolt ports, Magic Keyboard, and Magic Mouse.

iMac with 8-core GPU starts at $1,499 and $1,399 for education, and is available in green, yellow, orange, pink, purple, blue, and silver. 

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Council advises that as part of the Youth Week 2021 celebrations, there will be a Disco Party at Glen Innes Town Hall on Saturday, 24 April 2021 from 6.00pm until 9.00pm for ages 12 to 24 years. This is a free event and includes music, snacks, games and prizes. This event replaces the proposed Talent Show which has been re-scheduled. Council will advise of the re-scheduled date for the Talent Show when it is confirmed. Please contact Ashley Hansell for more information about the Disco Party on telephone 6730 2530.



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Narooma Oyster Festival 2021: What not to miss at this year’s event at Wagonga Inlet

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Narooma Oyster Festival 2021: What not to miss at this year’s event at Wagonga Inlet
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St Vincent volcano: Power cuts after another ‘explosive event’

There has been another “explosive event” at a volcano on the Caribbean island of St Vincent, with power outages and water supplies cut off.

The La Soufrière volcano first erupted on Friday, blanketing the island in a layer of ash and forcing some 16,000 people to evacuate their homes.

Scientists warn that eruptions could continue for days – or even weeks.

Emergency officials described the landscape as a “battle zone” and said more damage and destruction was likely.

The emergency management organisation Nemo tweeted: “Massive power outage following another explosive event at La Soufriere Volcano. Lightning, thunder and rumblings.”

It later spoke of “possible destruction and devastation of communities close to the volcano”, and compared the eruption to that of 1902, the worst in St Vincent’s history when more than 1,000 people were killed.

White-coloured dust has covered buildings and roads around the island, including in its capital Kingstown.

Ash had begun to harden on the ground after overnight showers and many homes were still without water and electricity, Nemo said.

However, some residents said power had been restored by midday local time (16:00 GMT).

Nemo is urging people to “be careful on the roads, which have become treacherous as a result of the ash flow”.

Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves said water supplies to most of the island had been cut off and its airspace closed because of the smoke and thick plumes of volcanic ash moving through the atmosphere.

Mr Gonsalves said thousands of residents had been sleeping in emergency shelters since Friday. “It’s a huge operation that is facing us,” he told NBC News.

He said earlier that a lot of volcanic ash had fallen over the sea. “We don’t know how much more is going to come out… so far, we have done well in that nobody got injured, nobody is dead.”

The Barbados Defence Force has been deployed to St Vincent to provide humanitarian assistance as part of a disaster response mission, the Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency said.

Homes across the island, which has a population of around 110,000, have been covered in white-coloured volcanic dust and rock fragments.

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Our Beaches Community school holiday event

Bring the kids down and get them involved in caring for our beaches in the school holidays. We’ll teach them about the native plants that grow in our dunes and then get our hands sandy and plant some. They’ll also learn about the critters that call our dunes home and the ways we can help care for our beaches.


From: 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM,
Tuesday, 13 April 2021


Len Fox Park, Labrador






Rebecca Bruce


City of Gold Coast


07 5667 3850



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11 COVID-19 alerts issued for Gold Coast, including Surf Life Saving event attended by hundreds

A Surf Life Saving competition attended by hundreds of competitors and onlookers is one of 11 contact tracing alerts issued by Queensland Health.

Anyone who attended the 2021 QLD Senior and Masters State Championships at Tugun Beach between 12.30pm and 2:00pm on Sunday, March 28, should get tested immediately and quarantine at home until a negative result is received.

Competitor Matt Bevilacqua attended Sunday’s Surf Life Saving competition and said while 1,500 people were initially expected to attend the event, “the least amount of numbers would have been there at that time”.

“It was just pure finals package, very few competitors left,” he said.

“Limited, absolute limited numbers from throughout the whole weekend of that 1,500 would have been represented on the Sunday.”

Surf Life Saving Queensland has been contacted for comment but in a social media post, urged attendees to get tested.

“We are working with the authorities to contact those close contacts who also attended the event,” the post read.

Wake-up call for some

Queensland Health has issued a contact tracing alert for 11 locations, including Niche & Co Café in Tugun.

In a statement posted on social media, a Niche & Co Café spokesperson said staff members were self-isolating and awaiting test results and that cafe had been closed on Tuesday for a deep clean.

“We are cooperating with and following the instructions provided to us by QLD Heath officials and are currently awaiting any further information,” it said.

“The trust, health and safety of our staff, customers, and the community is our priority.”

Jenson Sharpe, who works at the fish and chip shop next to Niche and Co cafe, said it had been a wake-up call.

“And, yeah, just mainly shocked and more concerned for the elderly people that live around in the area because there’s quite a few nursing homes in the area.

“[We’ve] put a sign outside saying we need all our customers to wear masks.”

Cafe workers cop abuse over masks

Hundreds of people have queued at COVID-19 testing clinics, and the compulsory use of face masks is in place ahead of the all-important Easter weekend.

After a local tradesman was confirmed as one of eight new community transmissions on Tuesday morning, the city has avoided a lockdown so far but is being urged to comply with Queensland Health’s mask mandate.

But hospitality workers have already received verbal abuse from customers refusing to wear masks.

Gold Coast Cafe manager Ali Pariz says some customers have refused to wear a mask.(

ABC Gold Coast: Sarah Cumming


“They’re just kind of mad at it,” manager Oceans Cafe at Mermaid Beach Ali Pariz said.

“They think it’s our fault that we don’t want them here or something like that.

Wearing masks in public indoor areas is mandatory across all of Queensland until 5:00pm Thursday, pending a state government review on Wednesday.

“I would say that 90 per cent of the people are OK,” Mr Pariz said.

“But you know there is always one.”

The Gold Coast holds its breath

It’s understood that the tradesman likely contracted COVID-19 after attending a hen’s party in Byron Bay as an entertainer over the weekend.

Six other women who attended the party have also tested positive.

Tricare Mermaid Beach
The Tricare Aged Care Centre Mermaid Beach has been in lockdown.(

ABC News: Steve Keen


The tradesman then did contract work at the TriCare Mermaid Beach Aged Care Residence for two hours on Monday.

Two employees have entered isolation after “limited interaction” with the man, but a Tricare spokesperson said he had no direct contact with residents.

Since then, there have been hours-long queues at the nine COVID-19 testing clinics on the Gold Coast.

People queueing outside COVID-19 testing clinic at Robina on the Gold Coast.
People queueing outside COVID-19 testing clinic at Robina on the Gold Coast.(

ABC Gold Coast: Dominic Cansdale


But Matt Bevilacqua said the alert was “shocking and disappointing” and had put future major events under a cloud.

“Just really gonna have fingers crossed for the next few days,” he said.

“Our nationals [are] in a few weeks as well, so a lot of questions marks at the moment.”

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4 men who came to participate in ONE Championship MMA event test positive for COVID-19

SINGAPORE: Four men who recently arrived in Singapore to participate in a ONE Championship mixed martial arts event in Singapore, have tested positive for COVID-19.

Responding on Thursday (Apr 8) to CNA’s queries sent on Tuesday, ONE Championship confirmed that the men had arrived from Brazil, Canada and Serbia for its Thursday’s event titled: ONE on TNT I.

“One foreign participant who was on the same flight as one of these individuals also tested positive for COVID-19,” said ONE, adding that he was isolated upon arrival in Singapore. 

ONE did not specify where the fourth person travelled from. 

The three men who arrived from Brazil, Canada and Serbia, were reported as COVID-19 cases on Monday. They are known as Cases 61571, 61577 and 61578 respectively in the Ministry of Health’s (MOH) daily updates on the outbreak situation.

MOH had said that the three men, aged between 23 and 33, arrived on short-term visit passes “to participate in a sporting event”.

On Wednesday, MOH said that another man who arrived from Canada, and tested positive for COVID-19, is a contact of Case 61577, the previously reported case from Canada. 

Known as Case 61624, the ministry said the 35-year-old also entered Singapore for a sporting event.

ONE Championship declined to name all the participants who tested positive.


All four participants tested negative for COVID-19 before flying into Singapore, said ONE Championship on Thursday.

“As part of the stringent protocols for foreign participants, they were placed in isolation upon arrival,” it added.

The four men were taken to a hospital for treatment after testing positive and serological tests were conducted to determine if their infections were current.

One of the men has been discharged from hospital as his serological test result came back positive, indicating a likely past infection, said ONE Championship.

“As an added precaution, he had undergone a (polymerase chain reaction) test on Apr 6 and tested negative for COVID-19. As such, he will be allowed to participate in the event.”

No further information was given for the three other foreign participants. 

The mixed martial arts event, ONE on TNT I, was held on Thursday and is a “closed-door production” without any spectators, said ONE Championship.

“In line with ONE’s protocols and the Singapore Government’s regulations, all foreign and local-based athletes and cornermen must be isolated until they receive a negative test result, after which they will follow a strictly controlled itinerary that has been pre-approved.

“Public health and safety remain our top priority. We will continue to work with the Singapore Government to ensure the safety of our athletes, crew and community,” said ONE Championship.

READ: One Championship vows strict COVID-19 measures for Singapore MMA

With the latest cases, a total of seven COVID-19 cases have since been reported among ONE Championship event participants since the company restarted international events in October last year.

Last October, two cornermen tested positive as part of screening protocols ahead of a live sporting event.

Both men had tested negative before flying into Singapore from the US and Russia, and tested negative on arrival as well.

Last November, another cornerman tested positive upon arrival from Belarus.

According to its website, ONE Championship is Asia’s biggest mixed martial arts promoter with offices in 10 cities, including Singapore.

Its institutional investors include Sequoia Capital, Temasek Holdings, Iconiq Capital, Greenoaks Capital and Mission Holdings.

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Glastonbury team to hold live-stream event

The organisers of the the UK’s Glastonbury festival have announced a global live-stream event to be held at Worthy Farm in May this year.

The event on May 22 will include performances from well-known sites around the farm in southwest England, including the Stone Circle.

Artists including Coldplay, Damon Albarn, Jorja Smith, Haim, Wolf Alice, Michael Kiwanuka and more will be part of the event, organiser Emily Eavis said.

Speaking to Dermot O’Leary on BBC Radio 2, Eavis said it was going to be “taking you on a five-hour journey through an evening at Worthy Farm with artists, so it’s going to be like the festival but without people”.

Describing the event, a continuous live-stream of music, as “ambitious”, Eavis said: “We’re very excited to be able to show the farm in a way that people have never really seen it, with these incredible artists.”

In January, organisers announced Glastonbury had been cancelled for a second year in a row because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Asked about the festival returning in 2022, Eavis said: “We’ll be back next year, that’s the plan, we’re working on that and fingers crossed we’ll see you there.”

Download Festival and BST Hyde Park are among the other music festivals to have been cancelled this year.

Others including the Isle of Wight Festival and Creamfields are scheduled to take place in summer.

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Rohan Browning runs 100m in 10.05 seconds, set to be first Australian man to make Olympic event since 2004

The best domestic ensemble assembled for a meet outside of a national championships in more than a decade had the crowd anticipating something special and the 23-year-old delivered, with a sizzling 10.05 seconds meet record in the final.

Only Patrick Johnson (9.93) and Matt Shirvington (10.03) are ahead of Browning and it seems only a matter of time before he legally snaps the 10-second barrier after running a wind-assisted 9.96 in January.

The Sydney University law student is now all but certain to become the first male to represent Australia in the individual 100m at an Olympics since Josh Ross in 2004.

Chasing 10.08 for an automatic Olympic qualification, the Andrew Murphy-coached sprinter delivered and can now begin planning for the Tokyo Games.

“It’s been the time I’ve been chasing all year,” Browning said after holding off New Zealand’s Edward Osei-Nketia (10.12) and Tasmania’s Jack Hale (10.33).

“I had a taste of sub-10 this year but doing that today gives me the confidence I can do it legally.”

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