Storm Filomena: Spain sees ‘exceptional’ snowfall

According to local media, the snowfall in Madrid

is the heaviest in at least 40 years. The country’s AEMET weather agency said the snowfall was “exceptional and most likely historic”.

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The exceptional home for families in the south

Create timeless moments with your family at Likha Residences

The home is valued now more than ever as people go out less often for work or leisure. Thus, many get to spend most of their time with their families at the comforts of their homes. Besides, what makes a home, however grand or sophisticated it may be, is how it brings family members to bond together as well as to relax and unwind. For the established modern family, there is a place that makes it possible to create moments that they will cherish for a lifetime.

Built by PHINMA Properties, Likha Residences is the perfect home for established professionals to create new stories for their families. The exclusive Likha Residences offers three-storey townhomes with a floor area of 237.85 square meters, that inspire limitless bonding opportunities and fine living.

“Our vision is for families to come together and be close-knit, just like what the Southern living imbibes. Those are the memories we want families to make in Likha Residences,” Enrique M. Moran, Assistant Vice-President of Operations — Prism of PHINMA Properties, said.

With its timeless design and accommodating space, coupled with strong security, excellent service, and proximity to business and leisure centers, Likha Residences assures prospect homeowners of a reliable home investment with a value that will steadily grow along with their families.

Drawing inspiration from Filipino architecture and design aesthetics, the townhomes of Likha Residences are built from enduring and quality materials that evoke an ageless character that resonates from one generation to another. Complementing these intricately designed units are its finely designed amenities, namely the clubhouse, multi-function hall, lounging deck, swimming pool, fitness gym, and playground.

What also makes Likha Residences a great investment for families is the security it assures for tenants. Likha Residences is structured to be a safe and secure community that encourages a sense of comfort and certainty. With 24-hour roving security and double-gated boundaries surrounding Likha Residences, families can enjoy high-end and close-knit living with peace of mind.

Aside from homegrown design, Likha Residences also draws inspiration from the distinct and innate hospitality of Filipinos. With residents at the center of what it does, Likha has an approachable team that is committed to impeccable service that will help foster and nurture the well-being of families.

Nestled in the south of the Metro, Likha Residences allows families to experience the joys of luxe southern living while striding with ease between bustling cities and relaxing vacation spots, allowing families to create treasured moments.

Located at Cupang, Muntinlupa City, the upscale development is close to malls like Alabang Town Center, Festival Mall Alabang, and Santana Grove; schools like De La Salle Santiago Zobel, Paref Southridge School, and San Beda Alabang; and the Asian Hospital & Medical Center. Moreover, Likha Residences is within reach of the prestigious business districts of Metro Manila such as the Makati Central Business District, Bonifacio Global City in Taguig, and Filinvest City in Alabang.

With all these perks and features, Likha Residences perfectly bundles exceptional family living and bonding, reliable security and service, and easy accessibility together into a home that is worth one’s hard-earned investment. “We would like future residents of Likha to feel that they are buying a good investment. Ultimately, we want Likha to become a standard of Filipino homes for the Filipino family,” Raphael B. Felix, President & CEO of PHINMA Properties, said.

As of December 2020, PHINMA Properties has started realizing stories at Likha Residences, with two model units fully complete. A blessing and ribbon cutting for these units were held last Dec. 12. In addition, four other units are halfway complete. Land development, meanwhile, is 84% complete, and the entire project is at 10.11%.

Likha’s model units are now open to the public for viewing. Call (02) 8535 6800 or (+63) 917-535-6800, or e-mail to schedule a safe home tour at Likha Residences, located at Km 19 West Service Road, Cupang, Muntinlupa City. Visit for more details.


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“It happens all the time”: Contact tracing veteran reveals lockdown ‘lie’ was “not exceptional”

EXCLUSIVE | An unofficial guide to contact tracing is prominently displayed on a fridge door in SA Health’s Communicable Disease Control Branch office, headlined by a primary rule: “Everybody lies.”

The list is derived from a “humorous” farewell speech given by sexual health physician and former Senior Consultant of Sexual Health Russell Waddell, who retired from CDCB in September.

Waddell worked in the unit from 2011 after a long career as Clinical Director of STD Services at the Royal Adelaide Hospital, in which capacity he supervised the training program for contact tracers.

Approached by InDaily, he confirmed the first of “Russell’s Rules” for contact tracing, as displayed at CDCB, is that “they lie” – a turn of phrase he emphasised was derived from a “humorous talk I’ve given in the past”.

“People just don’t always give you the truth – not because they’re deliberately lying but because they have different priorities to you [and] that’s why it’s important to establish rapport,” he said.

He said rules were contained in “quite a good after-dinner talk”, in which ‘They Lie’ was “a facetious line, just to remind people that you don’t always get the truth”.

“I used the word ‘lie’ in the talk, not to denigrate people but to remember that people may always have a reason for keeping something back,” he told InDaily.

The list of rules contained in the speech were since printed and posted in the SA Health office.

“I’ve been doing [contact tracing] for a long time – I teach the students that come through the clinics,” Waddell said.

“I’m not really denigrating people by saying ‘they lie’ [but] they never really give you the whole truth.”

The insight is significant given the alleged “lie” – as Premier Steven Marshall has put it several times – of a man working in the Stamford medi-hotel, who did not disclose to authorities that he also worked at the Woodville Pizza Bar.

Instead, he initially said he ordered a pizza from there, before changing his story to say he picked it up himself from the pizzeria – a key location in the Parafield COVID cluster now implicated in the case of a Woodville High School student who last night tested positive.

Marshall last week declared the 36-year-old Spanish man, in SA on a graduate visa, “deliberately misled our contact tracing team” with a story that “didn’t add up” – a story he initially blamed for the Government’s decision to implement a six-day statewide lockdown.

“We now know that they lied,” he said on Friday.

“To say that that I am fuming about the actions of this individual is an absolute understatement – the selfish actions of this individual have put our whole state in a very difficult situation… his actions have affected businesses, individuals, family groups and is completely and utterly unacceptable.

“I will not let the disgraceful conduct of a single individual keep SA in these circuit-breaker conditions one day longer than is necessary.”

Police Commissioner Grant Stevens has repeatedly restated that the misleading information triggered the stay-at-home order, saying: “Had this person been truthful to the contact tracing teams, we would not have gone into a six-day lockdown.”

However, Chief Public Health Officer Nicola Spurrier has since adopted a more measured tone, insisting “there was a range of information that I draw upon when I provide that sort of advice”, and seizing upon Stevens’ comment that the Spaniard’s misleading information was “the straw that broke the camel’s back”.

But Waddell, asked whether the pizza worker was an exception in contact tracing, today told InDaily: “He’s not – at all.”

“He’s not exceptional – it happens all the time,” he said.

“People omit something.”

He said the general issue wasn’t necessarily “lying” but a different “perception of reality”.

“They always keep something back,” he said.

While this rule was a given when dealing with people’s sexual histories, Waddell noted “when I moved from STD up to CDCB in 2011, I thought Contact Tracing up there would be a piece of cake… but to my surprise, it was just as difficult”.

He cites examples of tracing meningococcal cases, saying “young teenagers don’t want to tell you where they’ve been [and] they’re very, very cagey about where they’ve been and who they’ve been talking to”.

“Epidemiologists start salivating when they get a party where they know who was there, and a small little group of people and they know what everybody ate,” he explained.

“But the tricky part is finding out who prepared the food that was brought – everyone is always very reluctant to dob someone in.”

In contact tracing, Waddell said, “you are always re-evaluating information… and if something doesn’t fit, you go back and revisit it”.

He said the key to contact tracing was to “establish rapport so that you try to ensure most of the information you get is accurate”, but that often “when you’re looking at the bigger picture, something doesn’t fit for a variety of reasons”.

“Where were they on what day? People get their days wrong all the time,” he said.

“You know you’re not going to get all the information first up.”

He said he would like to see “some of these journalists do a seven-day food history” to appreciate how difficult it is for people interviewed to recall specific information.

Waddell suggested “this 12-hour media cycle” in recent weeks might have contributed to last week’s events, saying “the department is then put under a lot of pressure to get things, to try and feed the media”.

“I wonder whether the pressure for making decisions and all the rest of it [meant] they rushed into it a bit,” he said.

Which brings him to the last of Russell’s Rules – that “50 per cent of what you read in the media is wrong, and the other 50 per cent is bullshit”.

“When I say ‘media’, it includes social media, which is 90 per cent wrong and 10 per cent bullshit,” he noted, adding that “even with scientific literature you have to be very careful”.

Waddell said in last week’s case, “clearly someone was suspicious and when they went back and checked he ‘fessed up”.

The Spaniard has since released a statement through migration lawyer Scott Jelbert from Camena Legal and Migration, who said his client was “extremely remorseful and deeply sorry for any part his conduct played in any unnecessary lock-down actions”.

“He did not foresee or intend that things might unfold as they have,” continued the statement, released late on Monday.

“I am however instructed that some information is not fair, accurate or complete, notwithstanding the State Government’s comments, and he is concerned he has been all but publicly named.”

Marshall has maintained his position since Friday that “providing false and misleading information to an investigation which involves a global pandemic is a very, very serious issue” and that “quite frankly I strongly believe there have got to be consequences”.

“We do not want to see this behaviour,” he said on Saturday.

“It’s very important for people to understand that when they’re interviewed by CDCB as part of a contact tracing exercise that they must provide full information.”

The Government has been hiring university students to assist their contact tracing program since the COVID-19 pandemic began, and continues to do so.

A University of Adelaide spokesperson said today: “Earlier this year, the University’s Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences was asked by SA Health to raise awareness among final-year medical students that SA Health was looking to hire some of them as contact tracers during the pandemic.”

The said several final-year medical students – who have since graduated – “took up that offer and contributed to tracing efforts during the ‘first wave’”.

“Recently, SA Health again approached the Faculty to assist in raising awareness of a similar opportunity among our cohort of newly graduated medical students,” the university said.

“We are not yet aware of anyone taking up that offer.

“Given that – if they have – their employment is with SA Health, we encourage you to contact their employer about those arrangements.”

InDaily has contacted SA Health for comment.

Waddell said the university cohort were “very good people” who contributed to the contact tracing effort.

However, he said, “the best contact tracers-  if I was to employ someone – would be a hairdresser”.

“They’re able to establish rapport with their clients – and that’s the key,” he said.

“It’s all about the relationship between you and the interviewee – and they’re able to establish rapport with people and to question them without being snoopy.”

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Eri Anton: Exceptional Fitness Model And Expert, Reveal Her Workout, Hair & Skin Care Secrets And Success Story

Eri Anton is an avid fitness enthusiast, NPC competitor, model and a well-known social media personality. This bilingual beauty has performed modern dance and holds a degree in nursing. She rose to social media awareness through her amazing photos and videos on Instagram and with a layout in Low Rider Magazine in 2014 in which she graced the cover twice! Eri is currently an Elite Athlete for @BangEnergy and has taken her female physique to a level many can only dream of.

She is a business woman and has her own online fitness apparel called “Inspire by Eri”. Her website ( offers fitness tips, she writes blogs on healthy lifestyle and even has a section called Eri’s Fit Kitchen where she creates and shares her healthy recipes.

Eri has been featured in over 50 publications and is regularly sought after for radio interviews on health and fitness topics. She was recently featured in Yahoo News as one the top 10 female entrepreneurs to watch in 2020.

Women Fitness President Ms. Namita Nayyar had a candid interview with Eri Anton, Exceptional Fitness Model and Expert where she talks about her workout, diet, hair & skin care secrets and about her blogs on a healthy lifestyle.

Namita Nayyar:

You have performed modern dance and hold a degree in nursing; You are an avid fitness enthusiast and NPC competitor. Later you took to start your career in modeling. This propelled your fitness modeling career to the height where you have been at the top of the world of fitness, fashion, and glamour modeling. Tell us something about this fairy tale journey?

Eri Anton:

Lol, there is no such thing as a fairytale journey for anyone. It is all about hard work, the determination to succeed and being persistent and never giving up no matter how hard things get.

Dance was part of my life at an early age and I worked hard to excel at it because I was good and got recognized for my efforts. That seems to be my mantra all through life as I was always hungry to learn and grow and excel to be the best I could be. Coming here from Mexico I learned if I didn’t work hard for what I wanted, I could have the alternative and that was nothing. So the decision to learn to work hard was an easy one to make. That work ethic remains with me today and those who know me they will tell you I am very driven because failure is not an option for me.

In the end I attribute much of my success to my mum who gave me good genetics and helped me to value myself, thus building in me a strong character which has been the basis for my inspiration and motivation that drive me every day. I love her so much she is my hero and my best friend.

Namita Nayyar:

You have to move to different countries for your professional career. For a fitness model adjusting to new countries with their own cultures, it must be difficult and then to adjust with modeling career in the new foreign land, what advice you can give to fellow models in a similar situation?

Eri Anton
Eri Anton:

I love learning about new cultures and really enjoy meeting and connecting with people. I have met some amazing people on my travels and appreciate the service I have received in many locations I have visited. It can be difficult adjusting to changes in time zones and eating new things, but I always embrace the culture and am very excited to try all the foods and to experience the best each culture has to offer. I hope to travel the world more and experience more cultures in the years to come. My advice to others is to find the simple things about the culture like their food and beliefs. It fascinates me how each culture values food and relationships

Namita Nayyar:

You are a world-leading media personality, fitness model, Elite Athlete, entrepreneur, and brand ambassador. How do you manage such a remarkable multi-dimensional lifestyle?

Eri Anton:

I have been very fortunate to have a great team of people around me behind the scenes. They take care of so many things related to business, legal, travel, web site, training, etc. I also have some great partnerships with companies who have been great to work with and I appreciate everyone so much who has been there for me in this journey. However even with all the help I still work very long days and it seems it is hard to ever get caught up. It is normal for me to go to bed at 2 am and to not have time to do many things I want to do. But like I always say there is a price to pay if you want to be successful and if you begin to make excuses to not do what needs to be done it will affect the results of what you want to achieve.

Namita Nayyar:

What exercises comprise your fitness regime or workout routine you may wish to share?

Eri Anton
Eri Anton:

As it relates to exercise I am usually mixing it up. I am part of Team Elite Fitness based in Denver coached by Adam Bonilla. They provide world class support to me in my diet and training through my travel, contest preparation and even during COVID. Depending on whether I am in my off season, doing photo shoots, or in training for a contest they will adjust all aspects of my diet and training to help me stay on track.

I have also learned to be creative with my diet and exercise routine based on what is available to me. When you can’t keep to your regular routine you need to find ways to. Be creative and stay on track.

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This interview is exclusive and taken by Namita Nayyar President and should not be reproduced, copied or hosted in part or full anywhere without an express permission.

All Written Content Copyright © 2020 Women Fitness

The Content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

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Coronavirus: Testing hit by ‘exceptional demand’ and ‘technical hitches’

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The Covid-19 testing system has been hit by “exceptional demand” which has seen some people in Scotland only offered tests in England.

Nicola Sturgeon has said she was aware of “possible technical issues” with the UK-wide online booking system.

It has led to some people in Glasgow and the central belt being directed as far afield as Penrith in Cumbria.

The problems have been highlighted after positive coronavirus tests at schools in Glasgow and Lanarkshire.

BBC Scotland has also been contacted by Glasgow parents who said the closest test centre made available to them was in Stranraer.

They would ordinarily expect to be offered an appointment at Glasgow Airport.

The first minister said the government was “looking right now at how the demand is properly and appropriately managed”.

‘Working well’

She added: “There may have been some technical issues with some people in Scotland, instead of being directed to the next available slot in Scotland, being directed erroneously to testing centres in England.

“We are working to ensure that is resolved.

“I would say to people: our testing system is obviously working and it’s working well. But at periods of high demand, bear with us as we resolve any particular issues.”

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Image caption

The UK government says home testing kits can still be ordered

The UK government’s Department of Health and Social Care confirmed tests had been fully booked at some sites – but that it should be a short-term problem.

A spokesman said: “NHS Test and Trace is working and testing centres are open across Scotland for people to book a test if they need one.

“Appointments at some sites have already been filled today, but more will be available to book again for tomorrow and home testing kits can still be ordered.

“Anyone with symptoms across the UK should get a test as soon as possible as well as washing hands regularly, wearing face coverings and following social distancing rules to stop the spread of the virus.”

‘Badly wrong’

Scottish Labour’s Monica Lennon said the problem was part of a wider issue over testing.

She said: “We’ve had months to boost capacity and testing and we’re still not getting it right.

“It is, frankly, astonishing that people in Glasgow are having to travel over the border to England for a Covid-19 test.

“Something has gone badly wrong and the Scottish government has to fix it rapidly.”

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