Tyson John Vacher, who masqueraded as a psychologist, facing fresh fraud charges

Convicted fraudster Tyson John Vacher is facing 11 new charges relating to his time pretending to be a psychologist.

The 23-year-old Perth man admitted in June to masquerading as a psychologist and seeing clients at an office in North Fremantle, despite not being qualified.

Vacher pleaded guilty to three charges of fraud.

The first charge related to Vacher’s use of the word “psychology” on a website advertising his services, despite not being a psychologist.

The second related to pretending to be a psychologist and defrauding an unsuspecting client of $99.

The third was the attempted use of a fraudulent document to falsely claim he had a Bachelor of Laws Degree from the University of Southern Queensland.

Vacher was given a 12-month intensive supervision order, a $2,500 fine and ordered to pay $118.50 in court costs and $99 in reparations to the victim.

In sentencing, the magistrate cautioned Vacher to be conscious he “came close to receiving a sentence of imprisonment”.

Vacher was questioned by police at the Joondalup station on Thursday.

Police laid 11 new charges, including four of gaining a benefit by fraud, four of claiming to be registered under the Health Practitioner Regulation National Law (WA) Act and three of intent to defraud.

He is expected to appear in court on October 2.

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Adelaide cheerleading coach accused of child sex offences facing complaints from 14 people, court hears

Fourteen people have made complaints to police against a female Adelaide cheerleading coach who is being prosecuted for child sex offences, a court has heard.

The cheerleading coach, who cannot be named for legal reasons, will fight allegations she sexually exploited a child between 2015 and 2017.

The Adelaide Magistrates Court has previously heard the allegations arose from a “jealous rivalry” between two cheerleading squads.

Today, prosecutors told the court there were more than a dozen people who had complained to police, but investigators still had to determine whether the allegations constituted an offence.

The court also heard nine of those alleged offences occurred when the accused was a youth herself.

The alleged offending involved several acts of inappropriate touching, as well as the coach allegedly showing videos to the child.

Craig Caldicott, for the accused, told Chief Magistrate Judge Mary-Louise Hribal his client was ready to enter her not guilty pleas now and be committed to the District Court.

But Judge Hribal said she could not do that, and the accused woman would have to come back before the lower court in October to answer the charge.

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Federal government looking into alleged bullying by RCMP employee facing security charges

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says Public Safety Minister Bill Blair is “looking into” allegations the RCMP brushed off complaints about a senior director who was later arrested on national-security charges. 

Trudeau made the comments Monday about a new civil lawsuit that alleges Cameron Jay Ortis degraded and abused employees while he was director general of the RCMP’s National Intelligence Co-ordination Centre. 

Ortis was arrested Sept. 12 last year for allegedly sharing secrets with an unnamed recipient and planning to give additional classified information to an unspecified foreign entity. 

He is charged with Security of Information Act violations, breach of trust and a computer-related offence. 

Ortis is being held in an Ottawa jail as his complex case proceeds.  

The statement of claim filed in Ontario Superior Court last Thursday by three people who worked under Ortis says he belittled them, undermined their value and work, and caused significant distress and mental suffering.  

Francisco Chaves, Michael Vladars, and Dayna Young contend that by late September 2016, it had become clear Ortis intended to force out or otherwise remove intelligence co-ordination centre employees and bring in new staff over whom he had greater personal control. 

“Mr. Ortis would frequently tell Ms. Young that he did not like her and that he considered her work, experience and qualifications for her job to be ‘garbage,”‘ the statement of claim says. 

“Mr. Ortis also told Ms. Young’s direct supervisors that he did not believe she was a qualified or capable employee, despite Ms. Young’s consistently positive performance appraisals and positive feedback from domestic and international partners.” 

The claim describes repeated efforts to make concerns about Ortis’s behaviour known to senior RCMP management — efforts that apparently resulted in little or no concrete action. 

Failure to act

All three plaintiffs say they moved to other positions within the RCMP to avoid working directly for Ortis, who became defensive and combative in response to their complaints. 

Overall, the “group’s attempt to raise concerns met with inaction and, in some cases, ridicule from members of RCMP senior management,” the claim says. 

“This failure to act on management’s part continued into 2018 and 2019, as (centre) employees continued to attempt to raise concerns and as Mr. Ortis’s behaviour worsened.” 

The allegations have not been proven in court and the Mounties have yet to file a response. There was no immediate comment Monday from the RCMP or Blair’s office. 

Cameron Jay Ortis, a senior intelligence official at the RCMP, walks away from the courthouse in Ottawa with his lawyer Ian Carter, right, after being granted bail, in October of last year. Ortis is accused of violating the Security of Information Act and breach of trust for allegedly disclosing secrets to an unknown recipient. (Justin Tang/The Canadian Press)

The three employees behind the lawsuit have been advised “the RCMP now believes that Mr. Ortis systematically targeted them and attacked their careers as part of his larger plan to misappropriate their work and use it for personal gain,” the statement of claim says. 

Further, an independent report commissioned by the RCMP, provided in redacted form to the three plaintiffs in June, concluded “a failure in leadership occurred at all levels of senior management in the handling of the concerns and complaints against Mr. Ortis,” the claim says. 

The report, prepared by former senior Mountie Alphonse MacNeil, also found the case pointed to a need to more carefully screen who is placed in leadership positions, and that the RCMP’s harassment complaint system was not serving the force well, the claim adds.

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Adelaide Crows player Tyson Stengle trains instead of facing court for alleged drink driving

The Adelaide Crows have defended young forward Tyson Stengle after he trained with the side this morning, at the same time his drink-driving case was going before an Adelaide court.

Stengle was reported for drink driving in April after he was stopped by police in Adelaide’s south-western suburbs.

At the time, the club said the 21-year-old was also in an unregistered car and “recorded a blood alcohol reading of 0.125”.

The Crows subsequently imposed a four-match ban.

Stengle’s first appearance was scheduled to occur in the Adelaide Magistrates Court at 10:00am, but he did not attend.

His lawyer unsuccessfully tried to enter a plea without him present, and the matter has now been adjourned until October.

The Crows are due to face Hawthorn at Adelaide Oval tomorrow and Stengle trained with the club this morning.

Crows coach Matthew Nicks did not comment on the court proceedings, but reaffirmed his club’s support for Stengle.

Nicks also declined to comment when asked whether Stengle had opted not to attend court to avoid breaching AFL coronavirus protocols.

“Part of our job is to help Tyson through it,” Nicks said.

When asked why Stengle did not attend court, Nicks said that was a question for “his legal representation or manager”.

Nicks said he did not know what plea Stengle intended to enter.

“It’s not something I should talk on. It’s a legal matter and it wouldn’t be right for me to make comment,” he said.

“I don’t have an involvement in the case.”

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State Facing Financial Stress, To Withdraw Freebies Given To COVID-19 Patients

“No free vehicle drops to a patient after he or she is discharged,” Himanta Biswa Sarma said.


Assam Finance and Health Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma on Saturday announced that the state is facing financial stress due to the huge expenditure in handling the COVID-19 pandemic and will withdraw a host of freebies given to its patients.

He announced the withdrawal of some of the non-chargeable services offered to COVID-19 patients like dropping them at their homes after discharge from hospitals and levied charges on dedicated cabins. If anyone wishes to get the result of RT-PCR tests in government hospitals within 24 hours, then it will be charged at Rs 2,200 at the government hospitals.

Rs 6,000 will have to be paid by anyone from private hospitals needing plasma, Sarma told a press conference.

“While fighting COVID-19 pandemic in Assam, our revenues or resources are slowly getting stressed … If it continues till October-November, then it will be difficult for us,” he said.

To mitigate the financial crisis, the minister announced that from now on the paying cabins which were free for COVID-19 patients at government hospitals, will be chargeable from now. The medicines will, however, continue to be free.

“We will also not be giving free vehicle drops to a patient after he or she is discharged. He or she has to arrange it. However, for inter district movement of patients after release, we will continue to arrange their transport,” he added.

Mr Sarma also requested patients to bring their own food while being admitted to government hospitals as arranging food for all might be difficult in coming days. But the government will continue to feed the BPL or poor COVID-19 patients.

“We made a calculation that till yesterday we had one lakh patients. If the patients are staying in government hospital for 10 days, that means it will be 10 lakh in headcount. If we are spending Rs 500 per day, then it becomes a Rs 500 crore affair. We have done 20 lakh tests and if we have spent Rs 1,000 approximately in each then it is a Rs 200 crore affair … The state government can definitely not handle such a huge burden. So, a time may come when we will be able to look after only the poor patients. However, today that situation has not come yet,” Mr Sarma said.

Assam has recorded a total of 1,01,367 coronavirus cases of which 26,646 have been reported from Guwahati city alone. At present, 20,008 patients are still being treated.

On the COVID-19 scenario in the state, Mr Sarma said 433 patients are on oxygen support while 126 are still in the ICU of different hospitals.

“One worrying thing is the rising consumption of oxygen. In the last month the average daily consumption of oxygen for COVID-19 patients was five metric tonnes, which has increased to 8.25 metric tonnes this month. If we consider the non-COVID-19 patients, then it is 25 metric tonnes,” he added.

The current production capacity of oxygen cylinder manufacturers is 37.86 metric tonnes daily and it will be a problem if more number of serious patients come in the near future as the supply is getting gradually saturated, Mr Sarma said.

“We have started talks with West Bengal and Bihar but bringing oxygen tankers everyday is not that easy. So the people have to be serious. They need to wear masks and maintain social distancing norms, but we are seeing that people are not following them,” he added.

Mr Sarma said that 707 COVID-19 patients have received plasma therapy so far, while 1,350 have been injected with Remdesivir, a broad spectrum anti-viral medication.

Asked if the government is considering to re-impose lockdown in Assam to arrest the rising number of cases, the minister said: “We don’t support lockdown as it affects the livelihood of the people. But if oxygen supply ends and people do not follow the norms, then what will I do?”.

He said the state was able to control the COVID-19 death rate at 0.24 per cent till around August 15, but it increased thereafter and has reached to around 0.28, which is still the lowest in the country.

A total 289 COVID-19 patients have died in Assam.

The positivity rate has also increased to above six per cent from around 4.5 per cent in this period, he added.

“We are seeing on average 2,500 cases every day. Our doubling rate has risen to 23 days from 15 days earlier. We have so far done 21,46,987 tests, which is 22,606 tests per million. We are at the fifth position in the country,” Mr Sarma said.

Though Assam has the capacity to test one lakh samples everyday, experts have suggested to do 35,000 tests, which is 0.1 per cent of the total population, he added.

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Eclectopia Gifts owner facing bushfire recovery alone | Goulburn Post

news, local-news,

Small business owner Christine O’Neill says her retail shop in Taralga suffered a significant loss of revenue during the 2019-20 bushfires, mainly due to a decline in domestic visitors. Ms O’Neill also said her business was forced to close, and stock was damaged. “The fires greatly impacted my business,” Ms O’Neill said. The Green Wattle Creek fire burned within ten kilometres of Taralga, it destroyed the surrounding bush and closed nearby tourist attraction, Wombeyan Caves. “The town was blanketed in thick smoke for days, preventing me from opening my store. My business suffered as a direct consequence.” Ms O’Neill has operated Eclectopia Gifts for four and a half years, and she said her retail business was hit hard. Read also: Utterly derailed: Rockmans, Millers, Rivers owner to close up to 500 stores “My retail business had been moving forward and growing. The loss of tourism was felt heavily.” She said businesses across the Upper Lachlan Shire local government area had lost revenue due to a lack of domestic visitors. “Taralga and Crookwell businesses have suffered. “We face an unknown future in this little part of the greater Southern Tablelands,” she said. Ms O’Neill was astonished that local businesses missed out on bushfire recovery support. “The grant would make an enormous difference,” she said. Hansard records dated June 3 showed the Member for Goulburn Wendy Tuckerman met with the Deputy Premier John Barilaro to advocate for local businesses during a visit to the area. The office of the Deputy Premier John Barilaro sent a request to the Minister for Drought and Emergency Management David Littleproud to extend support to the Upper Lachlan Shire. However, the $10,000 small business grant to aid with bushfire recovery has not been extended to the community. We depend on subscription revenue to support our journalism. If you are able, please subscribe here. If you are already a subscriber, thank you for your support.


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IN COURT: 72 people facing the magistrate today

THE following is a list of individuals appearing in Coffs Harbour Local Court on criminal charges today, August 24. Individuals innocent until proven guilty.

– Laura Elizabeth Toth

– Joseph Fry

– Brendon Luke Rainbow

– Susan Joyce Button

– Amelia Helen Ellis

– Annie Lloyd

– Julie Anne O’Driscoll

– Cameron Paul Hayne

– James Sebastian Clarke

– David Luke North

– Nathan Dyson

– Cherie Cook

– Gum Joseph Mayak

– Kristy Brain

– Ghazy Faisal Khudida Halou

– Luke Alkatron Le Bree

– Kane Lee Lucas James

– Michael Lee Duckett

– James Michael Clune

– Samantha Elise Ryder

– Janine Bowie

– Blake Ferguson

– Ruarai Choncubhair

– Andrew Spencer Bell

– Nathan Cheal

– Matthew David Privato

– Colin John Bartlett

– Taylah Elkins-Baker

– Bryce Desmond Baff

– Daniel James McNamara

– Scott Richard Bullock

– Joel William Bracher

– Robert James Skinner

– Alicia Macas

– Than Chawng Lian Ching

– Christopher Wayne Stokes

– Daniel John Lavender

– Rex Jo Clarke

– David Benjamin Thompson

– Dale Robert Kennedy

– Cheyne Robert Rogan

– Steven John Adams

– Casey Hodgson

– Toby Marshall

– Hamish Victor Buchanan-Roustan

– Bruan Nevins

– Darren Fitzgerald

– Dominique Jaguar Dunia

– Averil Loretta Batterson

– Brett Douglas Roberts

– Masika Jeannine Kambere

– Simon Peter Corey

– Frank George Woods

– Khan Carter

– Sidney James Skinner

– Huon Victor Hannaford

– Kylie Dee Talbot

– Carly Dolar

– Marvin Hita

– Jake Carmody

– Kye Willmott

– Peter Allan Green

– Sam Kesur

– Justin McKay

– Rebecca Louise Wiseman

– Daniel Ryan

– Rayden Kennedy

– Heath Joseph Bennett

– Dianne Marie Bassford

– Luke Matthew Robilliard

– Donna Louise Oxborough

– Lindsay Bruce Charles

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