is SBS failing its own diversity test?

Is SBS’ employees diversity staying reflected at the most senior ranges of the broadcaster?

SBS managing director James Taylor (Image: AAP/Mick Tsikas)

A lengthy overdue conversation about racial and cultural variety is slowly but surely washing via the Australian media.

And SBS, the multicultural broadcaster, where diversity is baked into the charter, is the most up-to-date information organisation to seemingly are unsuccessful the take a look at.

Yesterday, various non-white journalists recounted experiences of racism and microaggressions at the broadcaster. An impression, which distribute like wildfire over social media, suggested an overwhelmingly white management group, a lot more proof that the country’s multicultural broadcaster may perhaps have a actual range challenge.

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Gunner again cites COVID for his failing to answer questions – Alice Springs News

Gunner again cites COVID for his failing to answer questions



Sir – The Gunner Government is once again using COVID-19 as an excuse to suppress scrutiny, this time refusing to answer during the required time frame 736 questions from the Opposition to Ministers.


After Parliament was suspended indefinitely in late April, with no budget, no estimates and no ability to scrutinise the books, the Opposition decided to submit specific questions about the operations, spending and activities of its agencies.


With question time in Parliament shut down the Opposition had no other choice.


Now the Chief Minister has shut down the only avenue of transparency left. This is  total disregard for democratic process and accountability, as the Territory suffers.


The questions asked are straightforward including staff number breakdown, travel, procurement, marketing as well as spending on hospitality and events.


Opposition Leader Lia Finocchiaro




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