Coronavirus: Guide dogs sit, stay while COVID-19 restrictions in place

The pandemic has changed the way we shop, work and act over the last year, and it’s not only humans who have had to make changes, guide dogs are also being impacted by COVID-19.

Training guide dogs is long and complicated, it not only involves teaching the dogs commands, but how to avoid and handle distractions. Before the pandemic, taking a guide dog outside and to such places as train stations, libraries, stores and other public spaces would be a form of distraction training, but now it’s another story.

“That’s part of the challenge, is finding spaces for the dogs to get trained,” Beverly Crandell, CEO of Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides. told CTV’s Your Morning on Tuesday.

Even guide dogs are turning to e-learning. To help guide dogs learn to deal with distractions, they’re using apps like Skype and Zoom.

“We’re finding creative ways to get the dogs trained,” said Crandell.

What would normally be group sessions have become one-on-one, she added.

It’s not only the dogs that are getting different training, but their soon-to-be handlers have also made some changes.

“Some of our clients have to defer their training,” Crandell told CTV’s Your Morning.

Normally, a residency program sees clients spending from one to three weeks living at a facility where they get to know their guide dog. Due to coronavirus restrictions, they’re not able to do that now.

“Handlers being able to work with the dogs is critical to their success,” she said.

But, they’re not letting the pandemic slow them down too much.

“We’re ready to go, as soon as restrictions lift we are ready to go full speed ahead.”

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How the lessons of 2020 can guide us into 2021

How will the experiences of 2020 shape our
future? The past year reminded us that Australia is a country built on
mateship. Supporting our mates is pivotal to our identity and as we look ahead
to 2021, how we support each other will be the key to our national success and
continued recovery.

The new year holds endless possibilities and opportunities for every single Australian and for our economy. It will be a pivotal time for business owners to come together in support and solidarity.

When we believe that manufacturing in Australia is world-class, and when we act on that belief by supporting our local producers, we embrace the whole country and help all Australians by:

Enhancing the local business cycle

When Australians support Australian
Manufacturing, it means they potentially support an entire eco-system of
Australian business. Look out for businesses that source their raw materials
locally and sustainably.

We can enjoy our shared values

When we manufacture goods in Australia they are
guaranteed by our shared values of honesty, trust and integrity. Every
Australian Manufacturer shares a commitment to the highest level of quality
control and health & safety standards.

We create jobs for Australians

When Australian manufacture excels jobs are
created across every level from the factory floor, to management, to IT, HR and

admin. By encouraging production and manufacture in Australia the industry can
employ more people and create goods in a fair environment.

With 2021 approaching we can proudly say
Australia is among the most trusted producers in the world and we must trust
ourselves to take the Australian brand of reliable and trusted manufacturing to
the next level right here at home.

As we strive to elevate production and manufacture in Australia, small- and medium-sized businesses will rely on everyone to play their part. From buyers to end consumers and everyone in between; sourcing Australian supplies, Australian materials and Australian sustainable solutions for the industry will deliver boundless returns to the community in the form of employment, economic stability, trust and at the same time, further highlight our global positioning.

We all have a role to play in how Australia will grow and develop throughout 2021, every single one of us can play a part in elevating our economy, our reputation and our ability to compete globally.

We have an opportunity to support Australia in
2021. Let’s choose to support each other, let’s choose mateship and remember,
that 2020 taught us that together and united we are stronger, and we can be

Nina Nguyen, Founder, Pakko

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An essential guide to marketing for growth in 2021

The economic picture may have been sombre, but we saw
the entrepreneurial and adaptive best of Australia’s businesses. Some pivoted
to offer new products and services; many of those that had long been in-store
only made the jump to the internet economy; people that had lost their jobs
finally launched that side hustle they’d been talking about for years.

As Australian economic conditions approach relative normality, the mood is bouncing back. Roy Morgan reports that – in December 2020 – business confidence was at its highest monthly reading for three years.

2021, then, is the year of new opportunities. It’s the year businesses will be more open to taking risks. It’s the year businesses will be developing growth strategies focused on long-term success, not just short-term survival.

Here are some tips on where to start with marketing
for growth this year:

Establish your goals

Ask yourself: what is the main role of marketing for
my business?

Whether you want to build brand awareness, drive
traffic, increase sales or diversify customer demographics, set SMART goals
(specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, timely). Then keep it fresh:
choose a goal and concentrate your efforts on achieving it; when you see
traction, introduce another goal.

Keep your customers close, and your competitors in the rearview

Your customer is your world and ensuring you deliver the best product, service and brand experience must be where you focus your attention. Being obsessed with what your competitors are doing will take focus away from making magic. Be aware of who else is vying for your target customers’ attention but don’t let it be all-consuming. Look at your closest competitors and critically evaluate their business and marketing approach and how your brand differentiates from theirs. What are they doing well? What isn’t working? How do they compare on price and offering?

This intel will help you determine where you sit in
the market, and how you can make the most of your position.

Establish your brand purpose and positioning

Once you know your customers and competitors, you can
work on fine-tuning your unique selling proposition. This will be the central
marketing message that encapsulates your brand values. Ask yourself: what’s the
most important part of your business that your competitors cannot offer their

Today, customers want to buy from companies that not only offer great products and value but are socially responsible. Brands that are socially aware, that practice sustainability, inclusion and diversity with their actions – in addition to their digital campaigns – will win.

To ensure your brand stays ahead of competition, think about your customers’ values and where your business values align. Double down on them, and you’ll create more meaningful connections with prospective customers.

Experiment, test and measure

The way that businesses used to market themselves is changing rapidly. Relying on paths well-trodden won’t give you the return on investment that it used to.

Businesses should be inventive and test new ways of marketing. Adjust the tone in your communications, experiment with new channels, test new audiences. Whatever you change, one thing is critical: you must establish a measurement framework for your marketing activity (for example 10 per cent growth in web traffic or 15 per cent uplift in Instagram likes) and be disciplined in assessing the short, medium and long term impact. As you learn what works for your customers and your brand, you can iterate and evolve your strategy and tactics.

Running your business is hard work, but it’s empowering and enriching. How you approach your marketing will help you unlock the greatest growth and put you on a path to long-term success. The first step is to plan.

Jessica Cook, Head of Marketing, Square Australia

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How to Do a Single-Leg Romanian Deadlift: A Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners

What if I were to tell you there was an exercise that could actually help you get better at what you do, both in the gym and while performing your daily tasks?

Imagine: better balance, more overall strength, more muscle mass in your glutes and hamstrings… and mental benefits as well. Sounds amazing, right?

Enter the single-leg Romanian deadlift. A fantastic vertical hip-hinge exercise, the single-leg Romanian deadlift will help improve not only your strength and balance but also your mobility and coordination.

Whether you’re new to the single-leg Romanian deadlift or have found it to be a frustrating exercise in the past, this step-by-step guide will help you feel confident with the movement in no time.

In this article, you’ll find:

  • Detailed instructions on how to master the single-leg Romanian deadlift.
  • 6 technique tips to help you get the most out of the exercise while minimizing your risk of injury.
  • 2 modifications you can take advantage of as you’re learning.
  • Video demonstrations so you know exactly what to do each step of the way.

You’ll also learn how to incorporate this movement into your training sessions (and why you should!). Plus, make sure you read all the way through to the end so you don’t miss your two free bonus workouts.

Let’s dive in, starting with…

What Is a Single-Leg Romanian Deadlift?

The single-leg Romanian deadlift (single-leg RDL) is a vertical hip-hinge exercise in which you balance on one leg, hinge at the hips, lower your torso until it’s almost parallel with the floor, and then reverse the movement to return to your starting position.

The single-leg RDL with bodyweight works the posterior chain, including your hamstrings, glutes, back, and calves. Add weight, and you’ll also challenge your lats, traps, and forearms as well as increase strength in your erectors, scapula stabilizers, and anterior core. Additionally, the single-leg RDL requires a lot of stability in the ankles, knees, hips, and core.

What Are the Benefits of Single-Leg Romanian Deadlifts?

Performing single-leg RDLs will improve your balance and proprioception (your awareness of your body’s position and movement in space), both of which will have excellent carryover to other unilateral exercises, such as split squats, step-ups, and pistol squats. Additionally, single-leg RDLs can expose deficits or imbalances between your legs that bilateral exercises (e.g., standard Romanian deadlift) may mask.

Mastering the single-leg RDL provides you with unique opportunities to:

  • Improve your single-leg stability, which is important when it comes to reducing your risk of injury as well as enhancing performance in many sports.
  • Increase strength in your hamstrings, glutes, back, calves, and core.
  • Improve stability and strength in your feet and ankles.
  • Even out muscle imbalances and improve muscle symmetry.
  • Increase your speed and power, which is beneficial to running, jumping, and other sport-specific movements.
  • Improve your flexibility and mobility.
  • Experiment with lots of different variations, which will keep your strength training fun and exciting.

Plus, being able to balance on one leg while performing an exercise will help you feel confident, capable, and strong!

But the benefits go even further. At Girls Gone Strong, we’re huge fans of having a growth mindset — or in other words, believing that your abilities and skills can be developed, improved upon, and cultivated through effort and practice.

Working on something that’s initially challenging — like a single-leg RDL — and seeing yourself improve with practice is incredibly gratifying.

Interested in a new performance goal? Learn exactly how to perform a proper pistol squat.

Step-by-Step Guide to Doing a Single-Leg Romanian Deadlift

Now you understand what a single-leg RDL is and why it’s beneficial to add to your training toolbox, it’s time to break down each step of the exercise so you know exactly what to do. After I go through the instructions, I’ll share six technique tips you can use to practice proper form until you’ve mastered the movement pattern.

How to Do a Single-Leg Romanian Deadlift

  • Stand tall and tight (imagine holding your body in a plank, only standing).
  • Root the foot of your right leg down into the floor by pressing evenly through your toes and your heel.
  • Create a slight bend in your right knee.
  • Extend your right arm to the side and make a fist; this will help you maintain tension in your upper body, balance through the movement, and keep your shoulders square.
  • Slowly hinge at your hips, reaching your glutes toward the wall behind you.
  • As you’re hinging your hips, lower your torso forward and then down, making sure not to bring your torso past parallel with the floor.
  • Let your left leg raise only as far as is comfortable while making sure to maintain a neutral spine.
  • Keep the hips and shoulders square (i.e., facing directly in front of you throughout the whole movement).
  • Exhale with a tension breath, and press your right foot into the floor as you extend your hips to return to standing.
  • Repeat on the other side.

6 Tips for Perfecting Your Single-Leg Romanian Deadlift Form

When it comes to the single-leg RDL, being very mindful of your alignment and form is paramount. Use the following tips to make sure you’re dialing in on these to get the most of the exercise.

Tip #1: Practice the Hip Hinge

Before you dive into the single-leg RDL, you need to know how to perform a proper hip hinge with both feet on the ground. Take some time to practice your hip hinge in a conventional deadlift or Romanian deadlift before you attempt to do it on one leg.

Tip #2: Practice the Single-Leg Romanian Deadlift Barefoot

Performing the single-leg RDL barefoot will help you root your foot down into the floor, making it easier to balance.

Tip #3: Practice With a Dowel to Ensure Proper Alignment

During a single-leg RDL, proper alignment is incredibly important. If you were to run a dowel or broomstick down your back during the exercise, it should touch in three spots:

  • The back of your head
  • Your upper back
  • Your tailbone

By practicing with a dowel or broomstick, you’ll learn proper alignment. It’ll also help prevent you from rounding through your back, which is a common mistake.

Tip #4: Don’t Let Your Knee Collapse

It’s very common for the knee of the working leg to want to collapse inward when performing single-leg exercises like this. Make sure your knee tracks in the same direction as your toes through each and every rep.

Tip #5: Keep a Soft Bend in the Knee of the Working Leg

While it’s really tempting to lock out the knee of the working leg, this puts a lot of pressure on your joint and makes it more challenging to balance. Be sure to keep a soft bend in the knee of the working leg.

Tip #6: Keep Your Hips “Closed”

One of the most common mistakes we see with single-Leg RDLs is that folks want to “open up” their hip to the side. An easy fix for this is to flex the foot of your non-working leg and point your toes down toward the ground. This will help keep your hips square.

Are you ready for great results? Get the truth about 5 common fitness myths — and learn exactly what to do instead to reach your goals.

Single-Leg Romanian Deadlift Modifications

As you start working on your single-leg RDLs, you still might need a little extra support as you work on building your strength and balance. Here are two modified variations you can incorporate that will provide some assistance.

(Both of these are also wonderful variations for intermediate and advanced lifters who want to lift heavy but either need a little support or don’t want to worry about balance.)

Modification #1: Assisted Single-Leg Romanian Deadlift

Simply hold on to the side of a squat rack, the edge of a countertop, or anything else that is sturdy to help provide you with balance assistance.

Modification #2: Kickstand Single-Leg Romanian Deadlift

Stand with your feet about hip-width apart. Shift your weight to your right foot, then pick up the heel of your left foot and slide it directly back by about 12 inches. Focus on keeping the majority of your weight in your right foot, and only enough weight in your left foot to assist with your balance. Complete all of your reps on the right side, and then repeat the same steps for the left leg.

How to Incorporate Single-Leg Romanian Deadlifts into Your Training

If you’re new to single-leg RDLs, I’d like to encourage you to work them into your training at least twice per week, preferably at the beginning of your workout. Single-leg RDLs are challenging and require a lot of muscle recruitment, and practicing them early in your workout will ensure you’re fresh and will get more out of your practice.

Start with bodyweight only, and aim for 2–3 sets of 6–8 reps per side to start. Once you’re able to perform those with excellent form, you can move on to perform this exercise with dumbbells, kettlebells, a barbell, or a resistance band or cable. Always begin using lighter loads to make sure your technique remains on point.

Bonus: To make it even easier for you to try out single-leg RDLs, here are two complete workouts (no equipment needed!) you can try next time you’re ready to train.

15 Minute Full-Body Workout

Here’s your circuit:

  • Bodyweight Single-Leg RDL
  • Bear Crawl
  • Lateral Lunge
  • Side Plank
  • Glute Bridge

And here’s exactly how you do it:

  • Set a timer for 15 minutes
  • Perform 8–10 reps of each exercise, resting as needed between exercises
  • Complete the circuit as many times as you can in 15 minutes

That’s it!

20 Minute Lower-Body Workout

This workout is formatted a little differently. Instead of going through a single circuit, you’ll be working with supersets.

Superset 1

  • Bodyweight Squat x 8–10 reps each side
  • Bodyweight Single-Leg RDL x 8–10 reps each side

Superset 2

  • Lunge x 10–12 reps each side
  • Glute Bridge x 10–12 reps

Superset 3

  • Front Plank x 3-5 reps, holding each rep for 5-10 seconds per rep,
  • Side Plank x 3–5 reps, holding each rep for 5–10 seconds per side

Here’s how to do it:

  • Perform 3–5 rounds of Superset 1.
  • Rest 60 seconds.
  • Perform 3–5 rounds of Superset 2.
  • Rest 60 seconds.
  • Perform 3–5 rounds of Superset 3.
  • Celebrate and drink some water! You’re done!

And if you want to see even more workouts and exercise demos, make sure you follow Girls Gone Strong on Instagram (@thegirlsgonestrong).

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Make a splash with the ultimate guide to Brisbane public pools

Learn to swim class, Hibiscus Sports Complex Pool, Upper Mount Gravatt

Okay Brisbane, we know you love a good swim! Whether it’s laps you love, splashing with the kids, or lazing poolside with a cool drink in hand, one of Council’s 22 public pools has got what you want. Here’s where to cool down as the weather warms up.

Best pools for kids

Little ones got energy to burn? Let the water play areas at Council’s pools keep them entertained.

For smaller kids new to the water, Jindalee Pool features a colourful splash pad, while Manly Pool in Brisbane’s bayside has a fully fenced wading pool with a maximum depth of 45 centimetres. 

For older kids, the Hibiscus Sports Complex Pool in Upper Mount Gravatt has a 12-metre learn to swim area and a 20-metre long, twisting waterslide.

Newmarket Olympic Swimming Pool water play area, Newmarket

Best pools for birthday parties

What’s not to love about a pool party?

Little ones will adore Runcorn Pool with its children’s pool and waterslide, as well as pre-booked party options including child supervision, catering, pool toys, games and the option of customised activities.

Older children might like to celebrate at the Colmslie Aquatic Centre in Morningside, which has an inflatable obstacle course.

Runcorn Pool, Runcorn

Best pools for fitness

The days of laps-only pool fitness are long gone, with Brisbane pools offering aqua classes, including deep water running and aqua yoga. (Don’t worry, we won’t make you do downward dog on the bottom of the pool.)

Don’t fancy getting your hair wet? Not only is Chermside Pool home to Brisbane’s largest water park, it also offers yoga classes in its partly shaded and landscaped grounds.

If you like to keep your options open, complexes like Parkinson Aquatic Centre also boast a health club so you can take your pick between Zumba and spin classes or swimming laps.

If you work in or near Fortitude Valley, hit the Valley Pool for lunchtime laps and pick up a coffee and snack from the onsite cafe.

Keen to brush up on your swimming technique and improve your lap time, check out the squad swimming and stroke development options at your local pool. (Hot tip: Musgrave Park Swimming Centre has been upgraded and has a 50-metre pool that’s great for laps.)

Staying active and healthy is easy with our great range of free or low-cost water-based classes to keep you moving. We have classes for everyone – all abilities and fitness levels. Our pools are accessible for people with disabilities.

Aqua class at Dunlop Pool, Corinda

Best pool for basking in the sun

Looking for a bit of rest and relaxation? Throw on your favourite kaftan and head to Bellbowrie Pool to laze by the water. This venue is great for recreational swimming and offers plenty of shade to lay and read or have a snooze. Afterwards, hit the onsite cafe for cool drinks and tasty treats.

Bellbowrie Pool, Bellbowrie

Best pools for beach vibes

When you’re craving the beach, but don’t have the time to go, try some of our local pools with beach vibes instead.

Ithaca Pool in Paddington has a saltwater pool and grassy areas that are perfect for soaking up a little vitamin D, plus shaded areas made for relaxation.

For iconic Brisbane beach vibes, try the famous Streets Beach in South Bank Parklands. Plan a day at the golden human-made beach with spectacular city views, grassy areas for relaxing, barbecues, cafe and restaurants along a riverfront promenade.

Streets Beach, South Bank Parklands

Best pool for diving

Take the plunge at Centenary Pool in Spring Hill with its Olympic-standard pool and diving platform. Open to experienced divers and beginners alike, you’ll find a three and five-metre diving platform and springboards. If you’re looking to develop your technique, the Chandler Diving Club is available to provide advice and lessons to get you gliding like Greg Louganis. Phone the pool ahead for platform and springboard open times. 

To ensure safety, make sure kids are competent swimmers before using the diving platforms and springboards. 

Centenary Pool, Spring Hill

Best pools for nostalgia

Find old world charm at heritage-listed Spring Hill Baths. This venue is home to Brisbane’s first in-ground pool built in 1886 and includes classic changing rooms and grandstand seating.

Or forget time as you float in the historic Centenary Pool in Spring Hill. Gaze up at the modernist building and diving tower, designed by prominent Queensland architect, James Birrell, for 1959 centenary celebrations.

Spring Hill Baths, Spring Hill

Safety first

Our pool operators have increased sanitation and crowd management under a COVIDSafe Industry Plan. Contact your local pool for site-specific operating information and conditions. 

Also, remember pool safety and if you are responsible for infants and children, keep watch @ Council pools.

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KFC SuperCoach 2021 study guide: One-stop shop for pre-season research

The clock is ticking to Round 1 and the first lockout of the 2021 KFC SuperCoach season.

If you’re playing for the first time or just catching up after a crazy summer, you’ve come to the right place.

From the best rookies to expert advice, this is your one-stop shop for KFC SuperCoach pre-season research.



New to the game or need a refresher? Check out our beginner’s guide that includes everything you need to know from the rules to this year’s fantastic prizes, starting with $50,000 for the No.1 ranked SuperCoach at the end of the season.

Once you’ve signed up — it only takes a few minutes, we can wait! — you can follow this step-by-step expert guide to picking a team to challenge for your league premiership.

If you’re pushed for time, you can pick a competitive team in 10 minutes with this free cheat sheet — perfect for sending to friends or family you need in your league.

Check out Tim Michell’s 11 must-have players for 2021 and expert Al Paton’s 11 secrets to KFC SuperCoach domination. Seee an explainer of how the KFC SuperCoach scoring system works — and which players benefit the most from it — here,

Here are the 30 most popular selections and 11 players not to pick this season!


This a key question to any serious KFC SuperCoach player. Getting the right cheapies is the key to building a team that can win games and increase in value, funding your trades during the season.

Some players to look closely at early on are Adelaide mature-age recruit James Rowe, North Melbourne’s top draft picks Will Phillips and Tom Powell, St Kilda defender Tom Highmore and Brisbane recruit Nakia Cockatoo, who could be the steal of the season if he can banish his injury curse.

Get profiles of 60 bottom-priced players who could play in Round 1 in the ROOKIE BIBLE. Bookmark that page, it will be updated across the pre-season.


A great place to start or to see how your team compares to the experts is to check out the teams we have released over the pre-season: Al Paton | Tim Michell | The Phantom | Dan Batten | Gilbert Gardiner | Champion Data expert Fantasy Freako


Everyone loves a bargain especially in KFC SuperCoach. Getting a top scorer for well under his real value can set up your whole season.

Here are the 11 biggest bargains of KFC SuperCoach in 2021, and don’t miss our updated mid-price rankings.


South Australia’s biggest KFC SuperCoach expert has been studying the numbers for all the best picks this season, and he has unearthed some gems.

Click here for his ultimate guide to the best premium picks in every position.

If you don’t want to pay top dollar, he has also rated the best value picks in defence, midfield, the ruck and forward line.


Take your KFC SuperCoach preparation to the next level with in-depth analysis.

Find out how the fixture could effect some of the top KFC SuperCoach scorers here, what new (and old) rules mean for our KFC SuperCoach players, and click here for expert predictions of the top-scorers at every team.

And here is how our experts predict every AFL team will line up in Round 1.

And any player can super charge their KFC SuperCoach team with SuperCoach Plus, an exclusive suite of tools and extra stats.


Get the latest KFC SuperCoach news and tips in your ears every week by subscribing to the official KFC SuperCoach AFL Podcast and The Phantom’s Lair.

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Your To All The Boys: Always and Forever Style Guide Is Here! – E! Online

We independently selected these products because we love them, and we hope you do too. Shop with E! has affiliate relationships, so we may get a commission if you purchase something through our links. Items are sold by the retailer, not E!

Today is the day! The third and final movie of the To All The Boys franchise is now available to stream on Netflix. Although we are sad to say goodbye to our favorite couple Lara Jean Covey and Peter Kavinsky, we take comfort in knowing their iconic style and endearing love story will live on. From Lara Jean’s hair accessories to Kitty’s feminist necklace to everything you need to recreate Peter and Lara Jean’s dates, we’ve rounded up 22 fashion and beauty must-haves inspired by the latest movie, To All The Boys: Always and Forever!

Scroll below for our complete To All The Boys style guide. And don’t forget to watch the final movie on Netflix!

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Valentines Day Brisbane 2021: Ultimate guide to gifts, dates, events

From a dozen red roses to the perfect dinner date spot by the water. Here’s the romantic’s guide to the ultimate Valentines Day experience in Brisbane.

From a dozen red roses to the perfect dinner date spot by the water. Here’s the romantic’s guide to the ultimate Valentines Day experience in Brisbane.


Brisbane Flower Market is open to the public from 5am to 3pm weekdays, and will be open from 6am to 3pm on Saturday, 13 February 13 and from 6am to 1pm on Sunday, 14 February.

Brisbane Flower Market, 385 Sherwood Road, Rocklea


Asylum Nightclub

What better way to spend Valentine’s Day than at Asylum’s Traffic Light Party. Dress to impress and with coloured accessories to indicate your relationship status – Green (single and ready to mingle), Orange (it’s complicated, proceed with caution), or red (taken as bacon) to show your status. On Valentine’s Day Eve’s day Eve, Saturday February 13.

Redcliffe Markets

Meet Dexter the Love Robot with a Perfect Match-style contest with contestants asking each other some probing questions while hidden from each other’s view as they search for the one that sets their heart on fire.

Redcliffe Pde, Redcliffe, 7am-1pm, free (must register for competition in advance)

Greaser Bar’s Anti-Valentine’s Day Party

If you can relate to Phoebe’s iconic love-song (Love is a wondrous work of art, but your love, oh your love, your love is like a giant pigeon, crapping on my heart) then the Greaser Bar’s Anti-Valentine’s Day party is the place for you. Indie punk rock band Pandamic headline the show. Doors open from 5pm, first act starts at 7pm.

Entry is free but book a table in advance. Walk-ins accepted on a first come, first serve basis.

@Mr & Mrs Jones, Portside Wharf

Gather your ‘Galentines’ and join Drag Bingo 1pm-40pm.

Retro’s Cocktail Lounge, Gold Coast

Swipe Right at Retro’s this Valentine’s Day and make your move while dancing to the greatest hits from the 80s, 90s and noughties and sip on the signature fishbowl cocktail.


Belvedere Bar n Grill, Portside Wharf

The set menu features an antipasto share platter, Cape Rim rib eye and a chocolate fondant pudding for dessert. Plus, enjoy a glass of sparkling wine on arrival for $95 per person. Ph: 3630 0411

Byblos Bar & Restaurant, Portside Wharf

Three-course menu for $79 per person. Seatings available from 6pm and 8:30pm. Ph: 3268 1998

Gusto da Gianni, Portside Wharf

Three-course menu for $85 per person including Atlantic salmon, truffle and pumpkin ravioli and homemade almond tarte with white chocolate mousse. Ph: 3868 2011

The Boundary Hotel, West End

Choose from a glass of Veuve Clicquot, Stone & Wood or Aperol Spritz on arrival, followed by half a dozen Pacific oysters with pomelo and caviar, and an heirloom tomato bruschetta for starters. Mains will then follow, with the choice of whole baby barramundi with charred cos, lemon and capers, or ½ char grilled chicken with wild mushrooms, dukkah and jus gras. Both options will be served with sides of broccolini and kipfler potatoes. $99 for two. Available lunch or dinner.

Sono Japanese Restaurant, Portside Wharf

Six-course menu for $175 per person. Drink pairing packages also available. Ph: 3268 6655

Signature Restaurant, Emporium Hotel, South Bank

Enjoy a five-course tasting menu for lunch or dinner created by Executive Chefs

Chris and Alex Norman, featuring seasonal Australian produce with paired wines

selected from an award-winning wine list. From noon until late; $85 per person (food only) or $150 per person with matched wines

Belle Époque and Piano Bar, Emporium Hotel, South Bank

Gather your friends and indulge in the Summer High Tea Menu including two hours of bottomless Mumm Rose Champagne; from 11.30am until late; $65 per person for high tea, high tea with a glass of champagne on arrival $85 per person or $125 per person for high tea and two hours of bottomless Mumm Rose Champagne.

The Lord Alfred Hotel

The 150-year-old historic venue has been a catalyst for some of the greatest loves of all time. With offerings like Katsu Chicken, classic Chicken Parmi’s, and Beer Battered Barra served alongside house made tartare

The Cavill Hotel

Indulge in a decadent two course meal for two at The Cavill Hotel. Share a delicious meal and bottle of prosecco with your special one and unwrap a surprise gift – all for only $99, bookings essential.

The Spotted Cow

Enjoy an indulgent three course menu and bubbles on offer for $60 per person, at this Darling Downs venue.

Caloundra Power Boat Club

Dinner from 5:30pm, includes a seafood tower and bottle of wine for $95 per couple, plus easy listening entertainment.

Three Blue Ducks

Enjoy a four-course dinner at signature restaurant Three Blue Ducks at W Brisbane featuring wood roasted Moreton Bay bugs with fermented chilli butter, and dry aged pork cutlet with charred onion soubise, roasted apple, fennel granola and mustard leaf. For dessert you can’t go past chocolate mousse with raspberry curd and hazelnut crumb, or for something fresh Coconut sorbet with charred pineapple, mango and strawberry gum is also on the menu.

W Brisbane. 81 North Quay, $135 per person for four course dinner and glass of bubbles on arrival or $195 per person for four course dinner with matching wine for each course.


The Prince Consort

Legendary crooners Palimpsest featuring Tyrone Noonan pay tribute to Harry Connick Jr. Plus there’s a five-course menu, with a glass of Moet on arrival, then dishes like Coffin Bay oyster and hibiscus mignonette; Tempura zucchini flower, whipped ricotta and bay leaf; torched ocean trout, yuzu, horseradish and finger lime; coal roasted wagyu rump cap, pickled cucumber and mustard jus with duck fat roasted potatoes, thyme and garlic, then, white chocolate panna cotta, strawberry granita and lemon verbena.

Doors open from 6pm, show starts 7.30pm. From $35, 230 Wickham St, Fortitude Valley

Dendy Cinemas Portside

Enjoy a limited edition vanilla caramel brownie choc tops and a special 60th anniversary screening of Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

Cork and Canvas

Cork and Canvas have online classes and creativity kits for a creative virtual date. Online sessions are $30 and creativity kits start from $80 and contain everything you need to create your own romantic masterpiece.

Naked and Screaming, La Boite

This psychological thriller from award-winning playwright Mark Rogers weaves a heart-stopping tale about parenthood, relationships and trust. La Boite, Kelvin Grove, until February 27, $45

Camels and Canapes

Couples are invited for an afternoon at QCamels dairy overlooking the Glass House Mountains. As well as spectacular views, there will be a grazing table of canapes from local growers – including a selection of camel milk products – local craft beer and bottles of bubbles. And there, surrounded by the hay bales, twinkle lights and fresh country air, the resident camels will be on the roam hoping to sneak a kiss and a cuddle for themselves. Tickets $100.

Cupid’s Undie Run

The charity raising funds for families living with Neurofibromatosis (NF). This Valentine’s Day, we’re daring Aussies around the country to show a little flesh – in the name of charity.

To keep everyone safe this year, Cupid’s Undie Run has gone virtual and is free to register for

anyone, anywhere in Australia. On Valentine’s Day — what we’re calling “Undie Sunday” — Aussies will be stripping down or dressing up to recreate the iconic undie run at home.

The Cupid’s Undie Run Challenge 2021 runs from February 14-28.

Sundaze at Will & Flow

Spend your Sunday sipping $15 cocktails, with live music, wood-fired pizza and seafood as you watch the sunset over the Brisbane River at Will & Flow, Brisbane City, Every Sunday until Sunday 28 February, 12.30pm – 4.30pm, free

Ocean View Heli

Ocean View Heli, located in Caloundra, have partnered with Flaxton Gardens for a dazzling day of food, wine and flight. Your pilot will whisk you up and away for a scenic journey overlooking the coastline and Sunshine Coast Hinterland before your grand arrival at Flaxton Gardens, where you’ll enjoy a sumptuous high tea with a view. Return flights included.

Pixar Putt

The mini golf course extended its stay until the end of the month. Test your skill on interactive holes inspired by the stories, characters and icons from some of Pixar’s most beloved films including Toy Story, The Incredibles, Monsters Inc., Finding Nemo, A Bug’s Life, Wall-E and Inside Out. Little Stanley Street (southern end), South Bank, Sundays-Wednesdays 10am-8pm, Thursdays-Saturdays 10am-10pm, 18 holes: Adult $39.90, 9 holes: Adult $29.90; until February 28

Mary River Rattler

Enjoy the charm of a bygone era on board the Mary Valley Rattler Love Train. The journey departs the Historic Gympie Station, taking you through the undulating countryside of the Mary Valley – a glass of bubbles and antipasto plate to be enjoyed on board – before turning around at Amamoor Station. The night concludes with romantic two-course dinner at the Rusty Rails Café back at the Historic Gympie Station.

Tickets from $125



Emporium Hotel, South Bank

The Enhancement romantic staycation package includes valet parking, breakfast for two, rose petal turndown, champagne, chocolate dipped strawberries and a noon checkout

for an additional $250 to any stay between February 12-15.

Emporium Hotel, South Bank Poolside

Available to 12 couples only across the Valentine’s Day weekend, spend

a night under the stars poolside on level 21. Check-in to your suite before taking to the pool deck for a bespoke private dinner experience featuring an extravagant seafood selection, champagne truffles and a bottle of Mumm Grand Brut while taking in the 180-degree city and

Brisbane River views. Available to only four couples per night and also includes breakfast for two, valet parking and noon checkout, extra package costs $395, February 12-15.

Rumba Resort Caloundra

The Valentine’s Day escape includes two nights’ accommodation in a one-bedroom apartment, gourmet chocolates, a bottle of sparkling wine, rose petals sprinkled round your bath, unlimited complimentary movies and noon late check out. Prices start from $449


Whisk away in one of Camplify’s boutique campervans like Dolce Sol Camper or Yugen I.


Book a romantic cruise on the harbour with your special someone, captain and crew are all included so all you need to bring is something to eat and a bottle of champagne or two! Whether it’s a catamaran like Serrano or a luxury boat such as Ava, Flotespace has something for all romantic occasions.

Noosa Springs Golf & Spa Resort

Take your pick of two romantic packages. The Couples Escape 1 for $120 per couple is a choice either a Thermal Suite Experience includes HydroMassage pool, steam room, infra-red sauna & blitz Shower (55 minutes) or a unique couples flotation experience (55 minutes). The Couples Escape 2 is $270 per couple and is in a designated couples treatment suite with therapists using a fusion of massage techniques to calm the mind, relax the body and release fatigued muscles (55 minutes). Each package receives a bonus shared cheese and fruit platter with a glass of sparkling.

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Your Official Self Love & Self Care Valentine’s Day Guide – E! Online

We independently selected these products because we love them, and we hope you do too. Shop with E! has affiliate relationships, so we may get a commission if you purchase something through our links. Items are sold by the retailer, not E!.

The pressure of finding a special someone in time for Valentine’s Day? We’re not here for it. But self love isn’t exclusive to the single. Whether you’re riding solo or in a relationship this Valentine’s Day, we’ve found products that place an emphasis on self love and care. 

Celebs have have joined in on the sexual wellness conversation as well, destigmatizing what was once taboo. Notably, Gwyneth Paltrow‘s Goop has a section dedicated to sexual health, while Kourtney Kardashian‘s Poosh covers all things relationships. Cara Delevingne to Dakota Johnson are also bringing sexual wellness into the mainstream by owning and investing in sex-tech and sexual wellness products.

So ahead, shop some of Delevingne and Johnson’s sex-positive products, plus so much more!

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Boot camp for guide dogs and handlers helping vision impaired kids make new connections

Sara Abdulrazaq is legally blind and has always used a cane.

But the 15-year-old hopes she might soon get more assistance with a guide dog.

“I’m legally blind, so I can’t see that much, and I’m more on the severe side, so I use a cane and I don’t find the cane useful,” Sara said.

“[The cane] tells me something’s in front of me but … I just want something like a guide dog to guide me around the object.”

Sara is one of five young Tasmanians who has taken part in the state’s first ‘Test Drive a Guide Dog’ camp.

Guide Dogs Tasmania usually runs a test drive day, but after a year of COVID-19 isolation, it decided to run the weekend camp.

Camp participants and their trainee guide dogs.(ABC News: Manika Champ)

Guide Dog Services Tasmania program manager Kim Ryan said the camp allowed people living with vision impairments to connect.

“We’ve had them with their own dogs from Friday night until Sunday and they’ve had the responsibility of their dogs — grooming them, feeding them, toileting them and then also getting to experience them working as a guide dog,” Ms Ryan said.

“From the test drive day that we ran two years ago, we saw the children start to come out of their shell at the end of it and start to talk to each other and we actually saw more benefits than we were expecting.

“They got the chance to discuss what they were going through and just spend that time with others who have experienced it and lived it.”

‘He’s an icebreaker’

Emily Pettit, 22, of Hobart, has had her working guide dog Harvey for two years.

A young woman in a checked shirt and cap with a guide dog.
Emily Pettit, 22 of Hobart, has had her working guide dog Harvey for two years and says he is her icebreaker companion.(ABC News: Manika Champ)

Ms Pettit was at the camp as a junior mentor.

“I have no vision in the right eye and limited vision in the left,” she said.

“I was four and a half and I got autoimmune uveitis, which is an eye condition where the immune system attacks itself, and in my case, it attacked my eyes.

“I just wanted to help educate other young people on getting a guide dog and show them that, yep, sometimes it can be a bit more work than what people think, but in the end, it’s worth it.”

Ms Pettit said Harvey was her “companion” that not only helped her get around.

“He’s an icebreaker with people,” Ms Pettit said.

She said 2020 was challenging with COVID-19 restrictions.

“Especially with shops, when they keep changing where the entrance is or they keep putting up barriers or signs to put hand sanitiser on and it’s like, ‘I don’t even know where it is’,” Ms Pettit said.

A trainee guide dog working through an obstacle course with handler and trainer.
The camp involved using obstacle courses to help with training.(ABC News: Manika Champ)

Sara agreed.

“It’s been extra scary,” Sara said.

She said she would like more places in Tasmania to be “more accessible” for people living a vision impairment.

Pandemic changing guide dogs training

Ms Ryan said the COVID-19 pandemic had also created challenges for guide dogs themselves.

A woman in a uniform stands in front of a fence.
Guide Dog Services Tasmania program manager Kim Ryan says the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in new training for the dogs.(ABC News: Manika Champ)

“Dogs don’t know 1.5 metres, dogs can’t count to two people in a lift, so they’ve had those challenges as well,” Ms Ryan said.

“Worldwide, we’re starting to come up with new training techniques.

“The dogs are used to just going up to the end of a queue and standing nice and close, so we’re trying to ease them back a little bit.”

There are currently four people waiting for a guide dog in Tasmania and Ms Ryan expected that waitlist to grow following the weekend camp.

A tired trainee guide dog in harness
It was a big weekend for handlers and dogs.(ABC News: Manika Champ)

“We had about six months when we weren’t able to fly our pups in on the planes that we normally use [due to border restrictions], so just before Christmas we had six arrive pretty close together so our puppy development team is incredibly busy raising them,” Ms Ryan said.

“Also it costs $50,000 to raise and train a pup, so we hope that these children will decide today to go on and have their own guide dog, and it would be great if the public could support that.”

Corporate donations to Guide Dogs Tasmania helped make the camp possible.

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