Jarryd Hayne supporter fined for spitting outside Newcastle court

A supporter of convicted rapist Jarryd Hayne has been fined for offensive conduct after allegedly spitting on the footpath outside a Newcastle court after the footballer was sentenced for sexual assault.
There were chaotic scenes outside court last week after the former NRL star was sentenced to a minimum three years and eight months’ imprisonment for sexually assaulting a woman at her home on Grand Final night in 2018.
After the 33-year-old was taken away in handcuffs, his supporters gathered, with one accused of spitting as Hayne’s victim left with police.
OPINION: The repulsive behaviour of Jarryd Hayne’s supporters distracts from the courage of his victim
Jarryd Hayne was shielded by umbrellas when he arrived at Newcastle District Court today.
A supporter of Jarryd Hayne has been issued with an infringement notice for offensive conduct after spitting outside the Newcastle District Court. (Sam Mooy/Getty Images)
READ MORE: Jarryd Hayne jailed for 2018 sexual assault
“A man is alleged to have spat on the footpath outside a courthouse on Hunter Street, Newcastle, on Friday 7 May 2021,” police said, in a statement.
Court sheriffs attempted to de-escalate the situation, but the same group later became involved in a scuffle with media as Hayne’s pregnant wife was ushered to a car.
On Tuesday evening, police said the man had attended Waratah police station on Tuesday and been fined for offensive conduct.
Hayne last week lodged an appeal against both the two guilty convictions and his sentence.

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NRL 2021: Tony Williams apology, Jarryd Hayne sexual assault, rape, jail sentence, Instagram post

Ex-NRL star Tony Williams has apologised for shaming the victim of Jarryd Hayne’s sexual assault case following huge backlash to his Instagram post that included two of his contracts being torn up.

After Hayne was sentenced to five years and nine months for sexual assaulting a young woman in September, 2018, Williams took to Instagram ridiculing the victim and the justice system for sending “an innocent brotherly to jail.” He also called them “Fn dogs” and a “bunch of flops.”

As a result Williams’ current Ron Massey Cup contract with the Windsor Wolves was torn up and his 2022 contract with NARL club New York Freedom was also terminated.

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Round 9

Now, Williams has apologised for the hurt he has caused and his choice of words, via his Instagram account and also The Sydney Morning Herald.

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No new local COVID-19 cases in Sydney; Repatriation flights from India to resume; Jarryd Hayne to appeal conviction; Five hurt when truck veered off Melbourne road

Anyone under the age of 40 in the UK will be offered an alternative to the AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine amid concerns of rare blood clots, reports suggest

The British government’s Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) has recommended that the age threshold be lifted from 30, the Independent reports.

The (JCVI) recommended that people in the age group should instead be offered an alternative Pfizer or Moderna jab.

The move was described as “an abundance of caution” by one government source and comes after new data on blood clots associated with the vaccine rollout was released.

“Because prevalence of COVID is low and given the strength of the programme, that means we’re in a position to act with an abundance of caution and offer a different vaccine to the younger groups,” the source said.

The latest weekly figures from the UK Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) showed that case incidence of the rare brain clots combined with low platelet counts is 10.5 per million doses.

The source said the move would not affect the UK government’s target of offering a vaccine jab to all adults by late July.

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Jarryd Hayne jailed for sexually assaulting woman on night of 2018 NRL grand final

Former NRL star Jarryd Hayne has been sentenced to five years and nine months in jail for sexually assaulting a woman on the night of the 2018 grand final.

A jury in March found Hayne guilty of two counts of aggravated sexual assault which the victim said left her feeling “dirty, scared and ashamed”.

Hayne must serve a minimum of three years and eight months.

In handing down her sentence, District Court Judge Helen Syme said she found that Hayne was fully aware that the victim was not consenting and went ahead anyway.

“The reliability and honesty of the victim’s evidence was tested at length and in my view, her reliability was not in doubt. She said no several times,” Judge Syme said.

“The use of force was such that the victim had no prospect of stopping him physically.

“He was at least twice her weight at 100 kilograms and an athlete at the top of his form.”

A man walking under an umbrella
Jarryd Hayne arrives at Newcastle court today for his sentencing.(

AAP: Darren Pateman


In a victim impact statement read out in Newcastle District Court today, the woman, who can’t be named, said she would never get over the pain and emotion.

“I was flooded with emotions and incomprehensible feeling.,” she said.

“Why didn’t you stop, [there were] so many questions were running through my head.

“I felt dirty and violated, you made me feel like an object and was looking straight through me.”

There were hectic scenes as Hayne arrived at court this morning flanked by a dozen supporters.

During the trial, the Crown alleged Hayne sexually assaulted the woman in her bedroom while her mother was also in the house, causing two injuries in the process, before leaving.

Jarryd Hayne's mother
Jarryd Hayne’s mother arrives at court today.(

AAP: Darren Pateman


The woman said the incident left her “shocked and scared”.

“I have spent countless hours crying, the feeling of feeling dirty doesn’t go away,” she said.

“Sometimes I am so depressed that I can’t get out of bed.”

She told the court she was trying to recover from the ordeal.

“Yes I am destroyed and damaged but I am still standing,” she said.

Hayne took the stand as part of the hearing and said he had been poised to sign a new NRL contract with the St George Illawarra Dragons on the day he was charged in 2018.

He said the contract was worth $500,000 but that he was told it would not be going ahead due to a “media frenzy”.

The former NRL player Tim Mannah was next on the stand, giving evidence for the defence.

He provided a reference for his former teammate describing their shared love of the bible and Christian faith.

Defence barrister Richard Pontello used his submission to talk up Hayne’s reconnecting with his faith.

Mr Pontello also highlighted that there could be extra-curial punishment because Hayne was a high-profile offender whose career had been destroyed.

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Inside story of what happened in cab before and after Hayne assault

When taxi driver Helen Morel arrived at a house in Newcastle on NRL grand final night in 2018, she was told she was going to be ferrying a very special customer – Jarryd Hayne.

Her reply was curt.

“Something like I don’t know who Jarryd Hayne is,” she told the NSW District Court.

Ms Morel was a key witness during Hayne’s seven-day trial that resulted in him being found guilty of two counts of sexual assault.

Hayne is facing up to 14 years in jail after the jury accepted that a then 26-year-old woman did not consent to him performing oral and digital sex on her inside her Fletcher home that she shared with her mother.

The 33-year-old former NRL star will face a sentence hearing in Newcastle in May but has said he intends to appeal the verdict.

The assault took place after Hayne stopped in at the woman’s house on the way back to Sydney after spending two days partying and drinking with mates at a buck’s party.

Ms Morel told the court of what happened when she picked him up at the New Lambton house, where the buck’s weekend was being staged, the 46 minutes she stood outside the home where the assault took place and the eventual cab ride to Sydney.

The presence of the taxi proved crucial, with the woman – who cannot be identified – insisting that she refused to give consent because he had a ride waiting to take him back to Sydney.

After receiving notification of the job through her company’s computer system, Ms Morel made her way to pick up Hayne and saw two men standing in the front yard.

One was Hayne and the other, the court was later told, was his former teammate Kane Evans.

“The first man (Evans) said, ‘How to much to get to Sydney’, and I said, ‘It’s about 600’,” Ms Morel told the court during her evidence.

“He said, ‘Uber will do it for $300’. I said, ‘Well go get an Uber, I can’t do it for less than that’.”

And so, a deal was struck for Hayne to pre-pay $550 on his credit card for the two-and-a-half hour trip.

Timing was crucial. It was around 9pm and Ms Morel needed to be back in Newcastle around 2.30am to hand over the cab to another driver.

Given it was a five-hour round trip, there was little wiggle room.

“The first man said, ‘Don’t worry, he’s got plenty of money, it’s Jarryd Hayne’,” Ms Morel said during her testimony.

“When I looked at the credit card it had Jarryd Hayne written on it.”

Asked by crown prosecutor Brian Costello of her response, Ms Morel replied: “Something like I don’t know who Jarryd Hayne is.”

And so they set out on their journey, with Hayne in the back seat, drinking a four-pack of Vodka Cruisers.

However, along the way Hayne asked her to make a stop off at a house in Fletcher and directed her using the GPS system on his phone.

He explained to her that he needed to pick up a bag and wouldn’t take long.

As Hayne walked into the house, he placed an empty bottle on the letterbox, Ms Morel told the court.

While she waited for Hayne, Ms Morel smoked a cigarette and sent a text message.

As time went on, she became increasingly impatient and wondered why Hayne had not emerged.

The complainant told the court that she was first alerted to the presence of the taxi when she heard Ms Morel beeping her horn.

Eventually, Ms Morel knocked on the door and spoke to the victim’s mother and asked to speak to Hayne.

Ms Morel was worried he was too drunk and wouldn’t be in a fit state to drive to Sydney, she told the court, and began speaking to her boss about whether it was possible to reverse the charges.

“I thought Jarryd was too drunk,” Ms Morel said.

“It’s happened to me quite a few times when people say ‘I’ll be back in a minute’ and they fall asleep on the lounge and someone says they’re not going.”

He came out to tell her that he would be back in a minute before she continued to talk to her boss.

However, despite her fears the trip would not take place, Hayne eventually returned and they continued on to Sydney.

Hayne was convicted after the court was told that when he returned to the woman’s room, he performed oral and digital sex on her despite her saying “stop” several times.

On the drive to Sydney, Hayne asked the driver to stop at a service station so he could purchase a phone charger.

She eventually dropped Hayne off in Alexandria, in inner Sydney, where he was due to attend a function.

“I said you took too long, you owe me another $50,” Ms Morel said.

“He put $50 in, he paid me and left.”

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‘I spoke the truth’: Jarryd Hayne maintains his innocence after being found guilty of sexual assault

Content warning: This story contains references to sexual assault.

Two-time NRL player-of-the-year Jarryd Hayne maintains his innocence after being found guilty of sexually assaulting a woman in her Newcastle home in 2018, but accepts he is going to jail.

Hayne, 33, had denied assaulting the woman saying the incident in her bedroom had been consensual.

After nearly 18 hours of deliberations that began last Wednesday, the Sydney District Court jury found him not guilty of both counts of aggravated sexual sexual intercourse without consent inflicting actual bodily harm.

But Hayne was found guilty of two alternative counts of sexual intercourse without consent. 

Outside court on Monday, Hayne told reporters: “I’d rather go to jail knowing I spoke the truth than be a free man living a lie.

“It’s unfortunate, it’s disappointing but at the end of the day they’ve come to a decision and I respect that,” he added.

The Crown had argued the former State of Origin player felt entitled to sex when he went to the then-26-year-old woman’s Newcastle home, having left his friends drinking at a bucks party and also missing watching his old teammates in the NRL grand final that evening.

The woman testified Hayne was “rough, forceful and inconsiderate,” despite her protests of “no” and “no Jarryd,” and pushed her face into the pillow before ripping her jeans off.

Hayne testified that the woman had become “filthy” after finding out a taxi was waiting for him outside her home and knew she did not want sex.

But he wanted to “please her” and the pair kissed before he commenced consensual oral and digital sex, he said.

“She said she didn’t want to have sex. We didn’t have sex,” Hayne said.

He rejected the suggestion the woman was retreating up the bed to get away from him, saying she helped him remove her pants. 

Jarryd Hayne has been found guilty of sexually assaulting a woman in 2018.


The assault lasted for about 30 seconds before the woman started bleeding from her genitals.

The Crown argued Hayne had no reasonable grounds for believing the woman would have consented to any sexual activity that evening.

But Hayne’s barrister argued his client was content to “take it or leave it” and fully respected the woman’s wishes to not have sex after she found out about the taxi.

If you or someone you know is impacted by family and domestic violence or sexual assault, call 1800RESPECT on 1800 737 732 or visit 1800RESPECT.org.au. In an emergency, call 000.

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‘I was fuming’: Hayne lashes accuser

Jarryd Hayne has described the woman accusing him of sexual assault as being “full of sh*t” as his trial entered its closing stages.

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Jarryd Hayne married, partner Amelia Bonnici, wedding, whirlwind engagement, court case

Ex-rugby league star Jarryd Hayne is officially off the market, tying the knot with partner Amellia Bonnici on the NSW Central Coast on Tuesday.

The Daily Mail reports the couple got married in front of about 50 family and friends, including NRL players.

The publication reports the ceremony took place out of public view, and the location was kept a secret until the last minute — even for all but a few select guests, most of whom were ferried to the Pullman Magenta Shores resort in a bus after being told to meet at a specified location.

Hayne wore a cream suit and white shirt while Bonnici, 29, wore a classical white dress.

The wedding comes just a month after Hayne took to social media to announce his engagement to Bonnici, with who he has a four-year-old daughter, Beliviah Ivy.

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Hayne, de Belin trial outcomes could deter sexual assault victims from pursuing charges, say experts

BOCSAR executive director Jackie Fitzgerald said the recent trials of prominent footballers had highlighted the standard of proof used in criminal proceedings, requiring an offence to be proven beyond reasonable doubt.


Ms Fitzgerald said the low conviction rate was an intractable issue and the outcomes in the trials of the footballers were likely to have an impact on how many victims pursued charges.

“Those particular cases are obviously harrowing for those people involved and it’s reasonable to think that could translate into reduced reporting, even for a short period. I think that’s likely,” she said.

Nicholas Cowdery, QC, former NSW director of public prosecutions, said there was already a deterrent effect for victims who did not want to go through a traumatic trial where their version of events would be aggressively questioned.

“When people see that in cases that attract a lot of publicity … the alleged victim is put through a very testing experience and the end result is either indecision or an acquittal then I think it’s a fair comment that would act as an additional deterrent to any victims in that situation from coming forward,” Mr Cowdery said.

Mr Cowdery said it was easy for the defence to sow enough doubt in jurors’ minds as they weigh up one person’s word against another’s, especially when the matter hinged on the question of consent.


He said some of the difficulty for victims in sexual assault trials was an inevitable result of important legal concepts – like the presumption of innocence and proving an offence beyond reasonable doubt – but the process could still be improved and delays reduced.

Some reforms have already been put in place that seek to make it easier for complainants, including allowing the use of a complainant’s original evidence in a retrial and permitting evidence to be given by videolink rather than in the court room.

Among other suggested changes to consent laws, a recent NSW Law Reform Commission report recommended juries receive improved directions to address misconceptions about consensual and non-consensual sex.

The report was commissioned by the state government in 2018 following the acquittal of Luke Lazarus, who was accused of rape by Saxon Mullins. The highly publicised matter, which centred on the question of consent, involved a trial, a retrial and two appeals over five years.

Former NSW director of public prosecutions Nicholas Cowdery, QC, believes sexual assault reporting might be affected by recent court outcomes.

Former NSW director of public prosecutions Nicholas Cowdery, QC, believes sexual assault reporting might be affected by recent court outcomes. Credit:Rob Homer

Ms Mullins criticised the findings of the report and said the law should change to stop an accused relying in court on a mistaken belief in consent based on reasonable grounds unless they took steps to find out if the other person was consenting to sex.

Helen Campbell, executive officer of Women’s Legal Service NSW, said it would be understandable if seeing the price paid by sexual assault victims in criminal trials affected potential complainants.

“I have no personal experience of any particular client saying they would not report to police because of an outcome they saw in the news but it wouldn’t surprise me,” she said.

Ms Campbell pointed to the trial of de Belin and his friend Callan Sinclair which saw the 19-year-old complainant give evidence in the witness box over five days.

“Who would want to do that? And why is it allowed? … The criminal justice system needs to be reformed to be more supportive and protective of victim witnesses,” she said.

The juries in the trial of de Belin and Sinclair and the separate Hayne trial were both unable to reach a verdict in late 2020.

Hayne was accused of sexually assaulting a 26-year-old woman in her Newcastle home. He pleaded not guilty and a jury of eight men and four women was discharged after they were unable to reach a verdict. Hayne will face a retrial next year.

De Belin and Sinclair both pleaded not guilty to allegations they raped the 19-year-old woman in Wollongong in December 2018 after a night out. The pair said the encounter was entirely consensual. The jury was unable to reach a unanimous or majority verdict on the five charges of aggravated sexual assault against each man. A retrial has been scheduled for April.

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Jarryd Hayne engaged, wedding, girlfriend Amellia Bonnici, sexual assault trial, verdict, when is the retrial

Jarryd Hayne has had a turbulent year but was all smiles yesterday after adding to his Christmas cheer.

The former NRL star revealed on social media he was now engaged to partner Amellia Bonnici, posting a photo to social media of her posing with a ring on her finger.

“‘He who finds a wife finds a good thing, And obtains favour from the LORD’. Proverbs 18:22 NKJV,” Hayne wrote.

“It’s been a rollercoaster. But I’m thankful for God and what the Holy Spirit has done through us. It’s only by the grace of God we are here and were excited moving forward as Husband n Wife,” he added with a love heart emoji.

The post was liked by nearly 20,000 Instagram users at the time of writing and plenty of people commented, sending the couple their best wishes.

Eels fullback Clint Gutherson wrote “Congrats student” with a kissing face emoji. Fellow footy players including Kevin Naiqama, Darcy Lussick, Akuila Uate, Tim Mannah, Ash Taylor and rugby union star Quade Cooper also congratulated the pair.

Hayne re-posted multiple messages of support from his friends on his Instagram story.

Hayne and Bonnici already have a child together, daughter Beliviah Ivy.

Hayne, 32, hasn’t played in the NRL since 2018 and learnt earlier this month he will face trial again next year on sexual assault charges after a jury in Newcastle could not agree on a verdict.

Hayne’s retrial is set to start in March after his first trial ended with a hung jury.

Earlier in December Judge Peter Whitford SC discharged a jury of eight men and four women following an eight-day trial, which started on November 24, after they failed to reach a verdict on either of Hayne’s two charges.

The 32-year-old has pleaded not guilty to two counts of aggravated sexual intercourse without consent recklessly causing actual bodily harm.

After the jury was discharged Mr Hayne told media outside court he was “disappointed” with the result, saying he “told the truth and we’ll do it all again”.

Police allege the former NSW fullback forced himself on a woman, then 26, at her home on the outskirts of Newcastle on grand final night 2018.

Hayne is accused performing oral and digital sex without her consent, causing two lacerations to her vagina and significant bleeding.

He denies the allegations against him and says the sexual encounter was consensual, and claims the woman’s injuries were an accident likely caused by his finger.

Bonnici was by Hayne’s side throughout his trial, regularly accompanying him to and from court.

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