Carlton Blues great Ken Hunter to donate brain to Australian Sports Brain Bank after history of concussion, depression


To Hunter’s surprise, however, the AFL has not spoken to him at any stage since 1999, to discuss his mental health issues, the Carlton great having written to the league before Christmas last year.

Hunter, a Hall of Fame half-back flanker who flung his slender frame into the hurly burly throughout his careers at first Claremont (WAFL) and then Carlton (1981-89), had been thinking “long and hard about what might have happened throughout my career” after revelations about CTE in the NFL in the United States, “Polly” Farmer’s diagnosis and then with the subsequent findings, all within a 12-month span, that Frawley and Tuck (who died last year) had been found with CTE.

Hunter differentiates incidents in which he was knocked out – at least four times – and those that stunned, but didn’t force him from the field. The most celebrated concussion came in the first quarter of the 1982 grand final, when Tiger Jimmy Jess levelled Hunter with a heavy bump that forced him off on a stretcher, only to return later in the first quarter after the Tigers surged.

Hunter does not remember returning to the field in that grand final.

Ken Hunter is carried off during the first quarter of the 1982 grand final. He doesn’t remember returning to the field.Credit:The Age

“I reckon I was knocked out at least four times – lights out, including the grand final. I can’t remember coming on [in the grand final] until after half-time.

“I think when I was off the ground [Richmond’s] Maurice Rioli kicked two magnificent goals and they probably wanted to get me back on the ground as quickly as possible. But I can’t remember coming back on. I just remember that I was in a grand final, like I started come to at half-time.

“And then I reckon [there were] another 20 where, like a lot of blokes would be in the same boat, where, you know, you’ve gone up for a mark and you’ve got a punch in the back of the head, or a round-arm going for the mark, across the head, or you’ve been, you know, hit your head from a tackle. Or you’ve got a punch on the ground in the pack or whatever.

“You weren’t out, but you had a surreal sort of feeling, where you sort of played on memory for a little bit and then you come good.”

Hunter believes those 20 or so hits would be classified as concussions. “Well, I’m sure they would have been concussions if, now they would recognise that and take you off the ground. But before, you just shake your head and just wait until you come good and know where you are again.”

Hunter said, when he was examined for concussions, the club doctor would ask “what day it is, do you know where you are? Pretty simple type questions that you could probably bluff your way through.

“You just wanted to get out there and play – you didn’t think of any of the consequences.”

The ex-Western Australian, who still resides near his club’s base in North Carlton and does corporate speaking on mental health, guesses that there are many more ex-players of his era living with depression, anxiety or related alcohol and drug afflictions than we know.

“They come from a generation I guess where people tried to deal with problems themselves.

“I think there are blokes out there that are suffering from depressions, alcohol problems and drug problems … I think it might be bigger than we think.”

Those who watched Hunter risk neck and shin for the Blues may not be surprised at the quantity of head knocks. Long armed and 183 centimetres in height, he possessed a rare ability to read the ball in flight, leaving himself “wide open”.

“I guess if we knew then what we know now, then the rules would have made me change my game,” he said. “But I enjoyed the way I played footy, I like the way I played footy, but I played within the rules, what they were at the time.

“I might have been considered reckless by a lot of people, but that’s the way I played it.


Hunter, thus, had “no regrets” on his playing style. “The only regrets I get is, I suppose when I spoke with Caro about the story, I didn’t hear from the AFL about it and I haven’t heard from the AFL now about it … not that I expected to at the time.”

If technology advanced to the point that his brain could be safely examined while he was alive, Hunter would do so. “I’d be up for it, for sure. Whatever helps, I’d contemplate.”

Hunter wishes it be known, too, that while his 1988 depression was serious enough for him to be hospitalised and required medication, he has not had a major episode of depression since and not needed any subsequent medication.

“I do know that it doesn’t have to be a life sentence. You can have a long and healthy life.”

As the AFL and NRL have followed the American model of CTE diagnoses, a class action launched by concussed players is on the menu for the AFL, which, until 12 months ago, did not have a CTE case and has mandated a 12-day absence for concussed players. Hunter, while concerned enough to pledge his brain, does not considered himself impaired.

“I can’t say I feel like I’m in a position where I feel like, you know I’ve been damaged … where I can’t function, which is not the case at all. I’m fully functional.

“But I do know that in my journey over the years, there are a lot of people out there that are suffering.”

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Appeal following teen assault – Hunter Valley – 16 News

Police are appealing for public assistance after a teenage girl was allegedly assaulted and inappropriately touched in the Hunter Valley last month.

About 9:40pm on Monday (15 February 2021), a 16-year-old girl was walking along Macauley Street in Denman, with an infant in a pram, when she was approached from behind by three people – believed to be a woman and two men – near the intersection of Hunter Street.

Police have been told the teen was pulled to the ground by her hair and kicked several times before a male touched her inappropriately.

The teen managed to free herself, fleeing the scene with the infant before being assisted by a resident.

Emergency services were contacted, and the teenage girl was taken to Muswellbrook Hospital for treatment to cuts and bruises; the infant was uninjured.

Detectives from Hunter Valley Police District have commenced an investigation into the incident.

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I’ve got Hunter Valley coal in my blood, but Joel Fitzgibbon doesn’t speak for me or the valley I know

That is how the communities of the Hunter used to be. And we still live by the same attitudes of rugged realism in the face of difficulty. We never perceive ourselves as entitled in that reckless, self-absorbed way that erodes trust and community spirit but are humbled by the earth in which we live and work.

Our forefathers made sacrifices by going down a pit for another back-breaking shift only so that the next generations could flourish. Now in 2021, those same values and sensibilities point to the need to close the coal mines, to help create a liveable Hunter for the next generations.

Most Australians know the paralysis in the climate debate in our country is an indulgence we cannot afford. We are dangerously poised in the current climate emergency. The claims being made by Fitzgibbon in pursuit of his own short-term political agenda do nothing constructive. They kneecap efforts by the Labor Party to form a cohesive voice as a functional opposition in our crucial national climate debate.

People in the Hunter are no different from people in other parts of the world who want immediate and drastic action to protect our Earth. Anyone unfamiliar with the Hunter could be forgiven for thinking that jobs in coal mining were all that mattered to our region. If you listened only to the distorted characterisations, you would think that a Hunter Valley without coal mines and coal dust would cause us all to collapse in despair.

This is bogus. Though Fitzgibbon only acknowledges it in passing, the fact is that the transition in employment out of primary industries has been afoot in our region for decades.

In the Hunter (excluding Newcastle), employment in the mining industries is low and shrinking. Jobs in tourism and hospitality outnumber jobs in mining, as do jobs in retail and construction. Population sizes in Hunter towns are booming while employment in the coal industry is declining. The Hunter Research Foundation showed that coal mining jobs in the Upper Hunter in 2018 had fallen by 2000 since 2012, and stood at 11,500. On the other hand, according to a parliamentary study, jobs in health and social assistance now stand at 17,100 .


The facts are that the performance of coal mining as an employment bastion in our region has been declining for a long time. The need for skills transfer by traditional workers in the coal mining industry to other sectors is a regular talking point among locals.

Sure, there are the newly settled or the “fly-in, fly-out” workers keen to make a quick buck, but that trend is grossly out of step with the natural attrition of a dwindling coal mining industry in the Hunter region. What we hear on the ground, the anecdotal evidence, shores up the official data.

We should be facilitating the transition out of coal mining and into future industries, not putting obstacles in the way. The invitation is open for Fitzgibbon to work with others to get an industry plan that fast-tracks to clean energy. The Hunter could positively model what can happen in other parts of the country for climate protection.

The Hunter region has been exploited for two centuries for its coal. Now it’s being exploited for political advantage in the most pernicious and regrettable way. By holding the national climate debate to ransom, Fitzgibbon is holding back the people of the Hunter and risking a dire future for our children and our children’s children. There have to be better ways forward.

Felicity McCallum is an Awabakal woman, a PhD candidate at Charles Sturt University and a research member of the Centre for Public and Contextual Theology. She lectures at the Australian Catholic University, Canberra.

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Monster hunter: 'A yowie tried to kill my son'

Mr Carroll created Far North Queensland Yowie Research on Facebook in 2019 after having multiple run-ins with large creatures he claims are …

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Computer Repairman at Heart of Hunter Biden Scandal Sues Twitter for Being Branded a ‘Hacker’


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In October, the New York Post printed a series of scandalous reports about files ostensibly from Hunter Biden’s computer, left in a repair shop. The latter purportedly showed the Bidens various corruption schemes. Conspiracy theories claime the repair shop was a cover story and the contents were handed over to Trump’s lawyer by Russian hackers.

Mac Isaac, the owner of The Mac Shop, where Hunter Biden purportedly left his laptop for repairs, has filed a suit against Twitter for defamation. The Delaware computer engineer is dissatisfied that now, according to him, he has gained the reputation of being a “hacker”.

After the scandalous reports on leaked data from a laptop purportedly belonging to Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, and published by the New York Post, Twitter limited access to the article, citing the piece containing “hacked materials”.

Reports, claiming the laptop was part of a “Russian disinformation campaign” immediately emerged in the Western media, with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), according to a report by Fox News, agreeing with John Ratcliffe, the US Director of National Intelligence’s estimation, that the emails are not part of a Russian disinformation campaign.

According to Mac Isaac, Twitter’s position on the origin of the materials in question has fuelled speculations that he may be connected to Russia in some form.

He was later forced to close his business due to numerous threats and negatives reviews, based on Twitter’s restrictions. The Delaware computer repairman is demanding $500 million and a public retraction from the social media giant.

Earlier in December Mac Isaac posted a video on YouTube, denying rumours that he is a “Russian agent” and the laptops came from Russian hackers.

Hunter Biden reportedly left three laptops at Mac Isaac’s shop in April 2019, but never came back to take them or pay for the repair work done. Mac Isaac claims he passed the contents of the hard drive to the FBI and a copy was given to former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s lawyer, Robert Costello.

They revealed emails and text messages allegedly confirming speculations about the Biden family’s corruption schemes. In particular, Joe Biden possibly knowing that Hunter, who was on the board of the Ukranian company Burisma between 2014 and 2019, had reportedly been using his father’s position as US vice president for financial gain.

Some of the documents, according to the reports, indicate the Bidens were abusing their authority to make beneficial deals with a wealthy Communist Party-linked Chinese tycoon.

The story about the laptop, dubbed by POTUS as “the laptop from hell”, according to observers, didn’t get enough coverage in US mainstream media prior to the 3 November election.

A survey conducted by US polling company Rasmussen Reports earlier in December showed that a majority of voters in the US believe the media deliberately ignored the story about Joe Biden’s son, Hunter’s, purportedly corrupt oversease dealings to help his father win the presidential race. 

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Man charged with affray following hotel brawl – Hunter Valley – 16 News

A man will appear in court following investigations into a brawl at a hotel in Branxton at the weekend.

During the evening of Saturday 19 December 2020, several members of the Finks Outlaw Motorcycle Gang attended a hotel in Branxton.

It will be alleged in court that, while inside the hotel two men, one aged 28, approached two patrons and assaulted them.

Other patrons in the venue came to their aid and separated the group; they all left the location – including the victims – prior to the arrival of officers from Hunter Valley Police District.

About 10am today (Thursday 24 December 2020), investigators attended a home on Wollombi Road, Bellbird Heights, where they arrested the 28-year-old man.

He was taken to Hunter Valley Police Station and charged with affray.

The man was granted conditional bail and will appear in Cessnock Local Court on Wednesday 20 January 2021.

As inquiries continue, with the assistance of Strike Force Raptor, officers are seeking information from anyone who may have been at the hotel in the evening of Saturday 19 December 2020.

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Live updates: Biden mocks questions about Hunter, mainstream media looks away

President-elect Joe Biden on Tuesday laughed off a question about the federal investigation of his son Hunter, in what’s become part of a pattern for him to mock or belittle reporters who broach the topic.

As Biden ended his press conference Tuesday, Fox News reporter Peter Doocy shouted a question on whether he still believed the stories by the New York Post and other outlets about his son’s business affairs were a “Russian disinformation campaign and a smear campaign.”


    Biden says Trump failed to secure cyber security

    President-elect also expressed empathy for families who have struggled this year through the pandemic and resulting economic uncertainty

Biden chuckled, then said, “Yes! Yes! Yes! God love you, man. You’re a one horse-pony,” meaning to say “one-trick pony” for the repeated questions on the subject.

Meanwhile, Biden has peddled “Day One” promises throughout his campaign, mostly focused on reversing the work of the Trump administration, which include sending a DACA bill to Congress and rejoining the Paris Climate Agreement.

Follow below for more Biden transition updates. Mobile users click 

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Biden hasn’t discussed Hunter in his search for an AG, some stories about son were ‘Russian disinformation’

President-elect Joe Biden said in a press conference Monday that his son Hunter’s business dealings had not come up in discussions about his highly anticipated pick for attorney general. 

“Has the issue of investigations with your son come up with your team and with candidates about (sic) attorney general?” a reporter asked. 

“No, no I guarantee you I’m going to do what I said,” Biden responded. “The attorney general of the United States of America is not the president’s lawyer. “I will appoint someone I expect to enforce the law as the law is written, not guided by me.”

Shortly after, Biden was asked by Fox News’ Peter Doocy whether he thought previous stories regarding his son’s purported laptop were the work of “Russian disinformation.”


“Yes, yes, yes. God love ya, man. You are a one-horse pony.  I tell ya. Thank you. thank you. I promise you my justice department will be totally on its own making its judgments about how to proceed,” the president-elect said. 

At the same time, Attorney General Bill Barr, who will conclude his service this week said Monday he has “no plan”  to appoint a special counsel to take over the federal investigation into Hunter Biden’s tax affairs.

Republicans have demanded that a special counsel be appointed to continue the federal investigation into Hunter Biden to ensure that it continues through the incoming Biden administration. President Trump reportedly had been discussing a potential special counsel for that investigation. 

Hunter Biden confirmed earlier this month that he is under federal investigation for his “tax affairs.” 


A well-placed government source told Fox News that Hunter Biden has been a subject/target of the grand jury investigation. According to the source, a “target” means that there is a “high probability that person committed a crime,” while a “subject” is someone you “don’t know for sure” has committed a crime. 

The source said President-elect Biden is not a subject of any grand jury investigation at this time.

The source also told Fox News that this investigation was predicated, in part, by Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs) regarding suspicious foreign transactions. 

Another source familiar with the investigation told Fox News the SARs were regarding funds from “China and other foreign nations.”

The investigation, according to a source familiar with the matter, began in 2018. It predates Attorney General Bill Barr, who was confirmed in 2019. 

The inquiry could also weigh on Biden’s potential pick for attorney general, after Biden has promised to restore the Justice Department’s independence from the White House. Some have called on Biden to appoint a special counsel to make any future decisions regarding his son, to distance both the White House and attorney general. 

Trump, before Barr’s resignation, hit the attorney general, calling it a “big disappointment” that he knew about the federal investigation into his opponent’s son and did not disclose it before Election Day. 

“Why didn’t Bill Barr reveal the truth to the public, before the Election, about Hunter Biden. Joe was lying on the debate stage that nothing was wrong, or going on – Press confirmed” Trump tweeted last week. “Big disadvantage for Republicans at the polls!”

Meanwhile, Biden has not yet said whether he’ll commit to keeping the Delaware U.S. attorney investigating Hunter Biden in his position in the new administration. 


It’s standard for new presidents to ask for the resignation of all U.S. attorneys upon entering office, but given the conflict of interest, Fox News repeatedly asked the Biden transition team whether the president-elect would keep David Weiss, the U.S. attorney for Delaware, in his role until the investigation into Biden’s son’s taxes was complete. The Biden team did not respond.

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Mainstream media waited until after Nov. vote to acknowledge Hunter Biden corruption

FILE – Joe Biden, right, embraces his son Hunter Biden, left, in Wilmington, Del. Biden’s son Hunter says he has learned from federal prosecutors that his tax affairs are under investigation. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik, Pool)

OAN Newsroom
UPDATED 10:31 AM PT – Monday, December 21, 2020

The mainstream media seems to have changed its tune about Hunter Biden more than a month after Americans cast their ballots in the presidential election.

Large outlets who denied Biden corruption allegations during the 2020 election cycle are now acknowledging the case against him, but many are questioning the timing of their coverage.

Liberal press has been accused of sweeping these incriminating allegations under the rug to save face with Joe Biden.

Before the election, the Washington Post shared this headline: “The truth behind the Hunter Biden non-scandal.” However, that same publication also shared another headline after the election titled: “Hunter Biden tax probe examining Chinese business dealings.”

Does this sounds familiar? It should. One America’s Chanel Rion broke this story of corruption last year, however, mainstream media outlets accused OAN of pushing false narratives.

Now that the voting window is long over, networks have no need to conceal this information.

Before the election, Politico published a piece with the headline: “Hunter Biden story is Russian disnfo.” This is a stark contrast to their most recent headline which reads: “Justice Department’s interest in Hunter Biden covered more than taxes.”

President Trump has spoken on this throughout his presidency, calling out media outlets for only covering stories that hurt him. Despite this, the President remains hopeful the truth will prevail.

“They will lie, they will obstruct, they will spread their hatred and their prejudice, but we will not back down from doing what is right because as the bible tells us — we know that the truth will prevail,” he stated.

MORE NEWS: New Leaked Emails Of Hunter Biden Show Joint Venture Deal With Chinese Billionaire

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Joe Biden ‘a Direct Beneficiary’ of Hunter Biden’s Foreign Deals

During an appearance on this week’s “Sunday Morning Futures” on Fox News Channel, Breitbart News senior contributor Peter Schweizer discussed the controversy involving President-elect Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, and his foreign business dealings.

Schweizer advised that the elder Biden is a “direct beneficiary” of Hunter Biden’s dealings. He noted Hunter Biden had no “expertise” or “connections” to the deals he made overseas other than the fact that his father was serving as vice president at the time.

“[T]his is not just a Hunter Biden story … because of what Hunter Biden himself has communicated,” Schweizer told host Maria Bartiromo. “In the emails that have come out as well, Hunter Biden is quite explicit. In one particular communication with his daughter, he’s basically complaining that he pays half of the entire family’s bills. And he includes his mother and father in that and makes reference to pops. So, the point is, is that all this enrichment that has been taking place is also flowing to Joe Biden indirectly through his son, but the fact of the matter is, he’s still a beneficiary, a direct beneficiary, of these foreign deals.”

Bartiromo brought up an email from Hunter Biden about wanting a set of keys to have an office in Washington, D.C. to be shared among the Biden family and Gongwen Dong. Schweizer explained this shows how “cozy the Bidens have been with the Chinese.”

“That is a great example, symbolic example, of how the Bidens basically have blurred their political activities and their commercial activities, and how close and chummy they are,” he argued. “Let’s keep in mind, CEFC and Chairman Ye, who is the head of that company, is linked directly to the PLA. The chairman was brought up on corruption charges. There was sort of an internal purge, as it were, in China. Some of the directors of that company have direct ties to President Xi. So this is not some random Chinese company on the fringes of Chinese political life. It’s at the center of it.”

Schweizer continued, “And this is the same entity upon which Joe Biden, the so-called big guy, was going to get 10 percent. They were literally going to share office space. They were going to House the Biden Foundation and a CEFC office in the exact same office space. So, it’s very troubling. And it speaks to the fact of how cozy the Bidens have been with the Chinese.”

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