Greenpeace accuses AGL of ‘greenwashing’ its image with 2050 carbon neutrality pledge

Greenpeace has accused AGL of attempting to “greenwash” its image, saying the energy giant has failed to take meaningful steps to address climate change.

AGL has pledged to go carbon neutral by 2050, but an analysis by the environmental group has found the company remains Australia’s largest greenhouse emitter.

AGL owns three coal plants – Loy Yang A in Victoria and Liddell and Bayswater in New South Wales – that it plans to operate until the end of their technical lives.

Liddell is set to close in 2022, but Bayswater is due to run until 2035 and Loy Yang A until 2048.

A 2020 Greenpeace report found coal made up 85 per cent of AGL’s output, while renewables accounted for 10 per cent.

[Liddell protest]

Greenpeace Australia Pacific head of research and investigations Nikola Casule said AGL’s track record told the story.

“They produce eight per cent of all emissions from all sources in Australia, which is more than double that of the next largest emitter and as much as some of our major companies combined,” he said.

Dr Casule said AGL needed to shut its coal plants by 2030 to help keep climate change to 1.5 degrees Celsius.

“It will result in 746 million tonnes of more emissions if they continue on their current plans, which is the same as produced by about 160 million cars a year,” he said.

AGL’s pledge to decarbonise has featured heavily in the company’s advertising since it was announced in 2015, when renewables made up nine per cent of its portfolio.

A company spokeswoman said AGL understood “its responsibility as Australia’s largest energy generator and retailer to drive the transition to a cleaner energy future” while providing reliable and affordable energy.

“Coal-fired power from all providers in Australia contributes 80 per cent of power to the National Electricity Market (NEM),” she said.

“AGL’s three coal generators are the lowest cost generators of their type and contribute approximately 21 per cent of the NEM operational demand.”

Earlier this year AGL announced it would split its business into two companies — New AGL, which would operate its electricity, gas and telecommunications retail operation, and PrimeCo, which would house its coal and wind assets.

In February, the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA) and Green Energy Markets found the rapid growth of renewables would lead to several coal plants becoming unviable by 2025.

By 2025 an extra 70,000 gigawatt hours worth of renewables are expected to be connected to the grid.

Since then Energy Australia has announced it will close the Yallourn plant in Victoria’s Latrobe Valley four years early, in 2018.

But Greenpeace said the uptake of renewables was likely to render Bayswater and Loy Yang A unprofitable by 2025.

“What that means is companies like AGL, like Energy Australia, like Origin that run these plants, they have to look after their workers,” Dr Casule said.

“There needs to be a planned transition that looks after coal-fired power plant workers and make sure that they have good jobs to go into when these coal plants inevitably close.”

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EXCLUSIVE: Horrifying moment grandmother is grabbed off street by her suspected killer and forced into bush where her body was found next day – as police release image of man they want to speak to

Horrifying footage has captured the moment a woman was grabbed off the street by her suspected killer and forced towards the bush where she was later found dead.  

The body of Maria Jane Rawlings, 45, who lived in Chelmsford, Essex, was found in shrubbery near Little Heath in Romford at around 2pm on Tuesday.   

Security camera footage obtained by MailOnline captures the final moments of mother-of-two Ms Rawlings before she was bludgeoned and strangled to death.  

It comes as the Metropolitan Police released images and video this evening of a man they want to speak to in connection to the killing.

In the clip, the man is seen travelling on the 364 bus towards Dagenham at around 12.16am on Tuesday, around an hour after Ms Rawlings was last seen in the CCTV footage. 

Police said they believe the man has ‘significant information’ that could help with their ‘fast-paced investigation’. 

The CCTV of the alleged abduction, taken from a nearby house on the day before Ms Rawlings’ body was found, shows the grandmother walking on Barley Lane at 11.17pm on Monday. 

She had just left the nearby King George Hospital in Goodmayes.

Footage shows a male in dark clothing walking behind Ms Rawlings and quickening his step to catch up with her. When he reaches her, he forces his arm around hers.

She resists slightly but he forces her towards the shrubbery on a green near the busy A12. Just as they disappear from view a white car drives past.

Ms Rawlings’ body was found in the bush at 2pm on Tuesday by a man out walking his dog.

Detective Chief Inspector David Hillier, who is leading the murder investigation, said after releasing the latest footage of the man on the bus: ‘I would urge anyone who recognises this man to contact police immediately. 

‘We are carrying out a fast-paced investigation and I believe this man may have significant information to help us with our enquiries. If anyone sees this man, I would ask them not to approach him but to call 999.’

A post-mortem examination at Walthamstow Mortuary gave the preliminary cause of death as neck compression and possible blunt force head trauma.

The homeowner who gave MailOnline his security footage did so in order to help trace the man seen with Ms Rawlings in the minute-long clip.

He has also appealed to the driver of the white car to contact police if he has a dash cam or if he saw anything untoward as he drove past.

The homeowner has given the footage to the Metropolitan Police and believes the man was seen walking away from the area at about 11.43pm.

Ms Rawlings lived 20-miles away from Little Heath in Chelmsford, Essex.

Her devastated family yesterday left flowers by the bush where her body was found, with a message attached to one bouquet reading: ‘Mummy. I love you now, forever and always. 

‘In this s*** world you made things brighter. Forever my angel. Your Big Baby.’

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Image of possible suspect in China fraud scheme released

Police have released a CCTV image of a man believed to be connected to a series of frauds involving someone impersonating Chinese police to scam money.

Between November and January, a 63-year-old Redfern man received a number of phone calls and text messages from someone claiming to be police from China.

The man was told he had been implicated in a fraud in China and would be deported there and jailed if he failed to pay a substantial fine.

Police have released a CCTV image of a man as part of investigations into alleged frauds in Sydney’s south late last year and early this year. (NSW Police Force)

As a result of the calls, the Redfern man then met with an unknown person in Chippendale and handed over cash.

Police were notified of the fraudulent payment and began an investigation into the crimes.

Detectives have now released a CCTV image of a man who may be able to assist with their inquiries and are asking anyone who may recognise him to come forward.

He is depicted as being of Asian appearance, aged 30 to 40, with a medium build, and short black hair.

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German Covid Easter U-turn shakes Merkel's cool, calm image

Chancellor Merkel takes political flak as Germany struggles to agree on lockdown measures.

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NASA image of Moscow as seen from space leaves netizens in awe

American national space agency NASA recently took to its Instagram page to share an image of Moscow and its city lights as viewed from space. The stunning photograph has since been widely shared on social media, leaving netizens in awe.

The agency tagged its post with a message saying that the picture was taken by the International Space Station (ISS) when it was 263 miles above Volga River in Russia.

The image features the bright city lights of Moscow and its suburbs. The ISS also managed to capture an aurora, which seems to branch out to the lights.

“Twilight from the misty skies,” read the caption to the breathtaking image.

Take a look here:

Since being shared on Instagram, the picture has garnered over 7 lakh likes. Take a look at some of the reactions here:

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New ad campaign to rock Uluru’s image

Fettered by border shutdowns and the lack of direct flights to the red centre, Voyages Indigenous Tourism Australia, which operates five hotels and resorts plus a 440-site camping ground in the shadow of Uluru, has launched its first major advertising promotion in a decade.

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Truganini memorial at Bruny Island defaced with image of Captain Cook

It is an indication of the “underlying racism in this country” that a monument to famous Tasmanian Indigenous woman Truganini has been vandalised with an image of English explorer Captain James Cook, an Aboriginal community leader says.

The memorial to Truganini, a stone cairn with plaque and image, stands atop the popular lookout at The Neck, Bruny Island, in Tasmania’s south-east.

It is believed sometime over the last few days, spray paint and a stencil were used to apply an image of Captain Cook’s face to the stone column.

Rodney Dillon, a weetapoona elder, said he learned of the vandalism on Friday when visiting the island’s main town centre.

“An old bloke down at Adventure Bay gave me a cuddle … said he was really sorry for what happened and that it’s not the majority on Bruny that think like that,” Mr Dillon said.

The Truganini memorial on Bruny Island with the image of Captain Cook on the cairn.(Supplied)

Truganini, who was born on Bruny Island in 1812 and is often mistakenly cited as the last “full-blooded” Aboriginal Tasmanian, deserved better, he said.

“That old lady doesn’t deserve that,” Mr Dillon said.

“She travelled through very rough times.”

Mr Dillon said the man who told him of the vandalism was visibly upset.

“This old bloke said he was really sorry and looked down in disgust … the majority of people on Bruny would be very sad that happened on their watch.

“That is the position we are in, Aboriginal people in this country, it shows where we are really up to.”

The Neck at Bruny Island.
The Neck at Bruny Island is one of the most photographed locations in Tasmania.(Facebook: Discover Tasmania)

Images of the stencilled monument have been posted to Facebook by dismayed members of the public.

Thomas Bock portrait of Truganini
Truganini asked for her ashes to be scattered at sea. Instead, her skeleton was put on display in a museum.(Supplied: The British Museum)

The monument, erected by schoolchildren in 1967, is at the lookout platform popular with tourists who climb the long, wooden stairway to the top to take in the spectacular view of The Neck — an isthmus connecting north and south Bruny islands.

Mr Dillon said he was puzzled to think “people 200 years on still want to do that”.

“Years ago, you’d expect that to happen, but we’ve come a long way,” he said.

In a statement, Environment and Parks Minister Roger Jaensch said the vandalism was both “disappointing and unacceptable”.

There are strict penalties in place for damaging items of historical importance on reserved land, with a maximum penalty of $8,600.

Anyone with information about the incident is urged to contact the Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service compliance team on 0488 184 847.

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AFLW news 2021: Nathan Burke hugging Alice Burke picture, image, St Kilda defeats Western Bulldogs

This is a photo about love.

It’s about a love for footy, its clubs and its traditions. A love for big dreams and achieving them. A love for the modern, exciting path the AFL code and its community is now well down.

Above all, it’s about a love for family.

Because ultimately, in this moment just seconds after the end of one of the most tense and entertaining AFLW games we’ve seen yet, that’s what mattered most for Nathan and Alice Burke.

Round 1

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Australia vs India Test series, Steve Smith LBW, DRS image, Ravi Ashwin, umpire

Viewers have blown up after a close inspection of a DRS decision that nearly cost Steve Smith his wicket on day three of the SCG Test appeared to show a frightening error.

Smith and everyone watching Australia’s second innings were left bemused when Ravi Ashwin convinced his skipper to refer an LBW decision when the Aussie star missed an attempted slog-sweep when he was on just two.

The first replay had former Aussie opener Michael Slater declaring the ball had easily missed leg stump in commentary for Channel 7, but viewers were stunned when ball-tracking indicated it would have clipped leg stump.

It was harmless enough on this occasion because the field umpire had given Smith not out, meaning he survived.

But if you zoomed in on the image, there was a clear difference between where Smith’s off stump stood – and where DRS had overlaid the wicket.

Fans were fuming, fearing the technology had failed.

“There is no way that was hitting the stumps,” one wrote. “They’ve clearly overlaid the stumps here incorrectly. Look where the off stump is on the graphic compared to in reality.”

At a time when there’s been a renewed push by former cricketers including Sachin Tendulkar to alter the system to make the decision out as long as any part of the ball is going on to hit the stumps, this latest episode won’t exactly fill the cricket community with confidence the DRS can be trusted.

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