Taking steps to reduce the health impact of tobacco on the community

Published on 10 June 2021

Smoke Free Peninsula - Councillors and Beach Patrol with signs at beach.jpg

Mornington Peninsula Shire, together with local beach patrol, community groups and Peninsula Health, is working hard to make the Peninsula happier, healthier and smoke free.


Cigarette butts are made of plastics which can take up to 10 years to decompose. This year to reduce butt litter in the environment and encourage residents and visitors not to smoke in public areas, we’ll be trialling smoke free areas throughout the Peninsula.


Locations include:

  • Safety Beach Foreshore
  • Mount Eliza Foreshore
  • Rye Foreshore
  • Shire offices in Mornington, Hastings and Rosebud
  • Civic Reserve in Mornington
  • Point Leo Foreshore (Committee of Management)

Smoke free zones will be clearly marked with signage urging people to butt out before entering. Where possible, butt bins or litter bins will be placed at the entrances of the zones.

Beach patrol, community groups and user groups will help the Shire monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the smoke free zones.

The trial will run from May 2021 for a period of six months.

The Shire will be evaluating the trial using butt litter data and community and beach patrol group feedback.

This trial has been made possible due to a combined effort with Mornington Peninsula Shire, Peninsula Health, Safety Beach/Dromana Beach Patrol, Wastewise Peninsula, Belgravia Leisure, Civic Reserve user groups, Josie Jones from The Only Butt campaign, and Point Leo Foreshore Committee.

This is part of the Council’s Mornington Peninsula Smoke Free Environment Policy.

Quotes attributable to Mayor Councillor Despi O’Connor:

“Approximately 7.2 billion cigarettes are littered in Australia each year. Cigarette butts negatively impact on the environment, waterways and wildlife, and make up 48 per cent of all litter counted in Australia.”

“In 2019, around 35,400 cigarette butts were picked up across 16 Mornington Peninsula beaches on Clean up Australia Day.”

“This smoke free zone trial, together with our Mornington Peninsula Smoke Free Environment Policy, Public Health and Wellbeing Plan and Frankston Mornington Peninsula Smoke Free Charter, will help stop second hand smoke exposure, greatly reduce the amount of butt litter, protect our precious environment and reduce the health impact of smoking on our community.”

Photo: Cr Kerri McCafferty with Arlo McCafferty, Mayor Cr Despi O’Connor, Cr Lisa Dixon, Cr Antonella Celi, Lyn Dawes (Safety Beach/Dromana Beach Patrol), Martin Dawes (Safety Beach/Dromana Beach Patrol) and Cr Debra Mar.

(Photographed in March)

Call the Quitline 137 848


Quit Specialists offer help with quitting for the cost of a local call (except mobiles). Your trained Quit Specialist knows how tough quitting can be and will give you reliable information and support. You can also arrange to have a Quit Specialist call you. Ask for a free Quit pack to be mailed to you.


Visit the Quit website for tips and information to help you quit smoking.


Join the QuitCoach: QuitCoach asks you questions and uses your answers to give advice that’s suited to you. Each time you visit the site, QuitCoach gives you more advice based on any changes you’ve made.


QuitTxt provides regular SMS messages including tips and encouragement to help you keep on track throughout your quit attempt. To begin, all you need to do is register and complete a brief questionnaire at quit.org.au/quittxt

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Fears napalm-like mouse bait bromadiolone could have ‘huge’ impact on native species if approved

Fishers, farmers, and environmentalists fear a “napalm-like” poison could devastate native species including Murray cod, if it is approved for use in New South Wales.

The state government is seeking approval from the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) to distribute 10,000 litres of bromadiolone in an attempt to end the mouse plague, which is now in its eighth month.

The APVMA says it needs more information about the NSW plan before it can determine if the second-generation anti-coagulant can be used safely.

Narromine farmer Stu Crawford has written to the regulator asking it to consider the impact bromadiolone could have on native fish.

“I wanted to make sure they’d thought about that … to alert them to the fact that, yes, fish are eating mice and there’s the potential for that poison to enter the food chain through that,” he said.

Narromine fisherman and agronomist Mick Harris said he had noticed Murray cod eating mice on the Macquarie River.

“We’ve seen a lot of mice either being regurgitated by fish as they’re caught, as they’re brought into the boat, or released — so cod vomiting or regurgitating up dead mice,” he said.

Mr Harris said a friend recently caught and gutted a Murray cod that had five mice in its intestines.

“Without being too gory and too descriptive … five semi-digested mice, they almost looked embalmed, that have been found in that stomach when that fish has been killed and gutted,” he said.

Mr Harris said managing the mouse plague was complex, but he hoped it could be done without detrimental impact to native species.

“I’m on both sides of the fence here, because mice are a massive issue and they’re damaging livelihoods with crop damage and fodder that’s being smashed,” he said.

NSW Agriculture Minister Adam Marshall recently referred to bromadiolone as the “equivalent of napalming mice”.

Mr Marshall was not available for comment, but has said that more than 400 farmers had registered with the government to use bromadiolone should it be approved.

Mel Gray from Healthy Rivers Dubbo said Mr Marshall’s plan was extremely concerning.

“We’ve had Adam Marshall say he is going to napalm the mice,” she said.

“If this poison is put out into the environment you might as well be directly poisoning threatened and vulnerable species like Murray cod, which is a vulnerable species under federal legislation.

“There is no quick fix for this horrible mouse plague — there is no silver bullet.

“We’re going to have to attack it at different levels in different ways.”

BirdLife Australia also called on the APVMA to deny the state government’s request, claiming bromadiolone could devastate populations of native birds, particularly raptors.

“BirdLife acknowledges that the current plague needs intervention and that the people in these regions need a solution to this economic and social crisis, but it cannot be at the expense of our ecological communities,” spokeswoman Holly Parsons said.

She said a better choice of bait was zinc phosphide, already in use across NSW.

“While this is not an ideal solution, it poses a much smaller risk than a second-generation rodenticide,” Dr Parsons said.

Lobby group NSW Farmers said it never requested bromadiolone and had been calling on the government to provide rebates of up to $25,000 per farmer to purchase zinc phosphide.

“We’re racing to get 6 million hectares of winter crop in the ground, we’re applying 70 or 80 tonnes a day of zinc phosphide and that’s where we need the support,” vice-president Xavier Martin said.

Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack backed the APVMA to make the right decision.

“The APVMA will make sure that any baiting, any drug or any chemical that is used, is safe … that’s what the APVMA does,” he said.

“I know the NSW government wouldn’t put anything in place that is going to be affecting communities and pets and livestock going forward — that’s what the APVMA is doing.”

If approved, it would be the first time that bromadiolone was permitted in Australia since 2016.

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Bravus (formerly Adani) to be monitored after report into rail project’s impact on waterway

Mining company Bravus, formerly Adani, has been deemed to have adequate measures in place to minimise erosion issues near a major rail project, despite having potentially polluted a waterway.

The report, carried out by Water Technologies for the Queensland Coordinator-General Office, came after allegations Adani had failed to properly manage erosion at its rail project in Central Queensland, potentially contaminating waterways.

The complaint was lodged with the Queensland Department of Environment and Science by law firm Environmental Justice Australia, acting on behalf of the Mackay Conservation Group.

The allegation detailed several apparent breaches of state government conditions at Serpentine Creek on Glen Avon Road and Little Gunn Creek at Suttor Developmental Road.

It argued Bravus and its contractor Martinus Rail had breached Coordinator-General conditions for the highly controversial Carmichael Project.

The project includes a 189-kilometre railway line from the company’s coal mine in the Galilee Basin.

Environmental Justice Austraila said the alleged breaches included making sure “contaminants must not be directly or indirectly released to water unless authorised”, and that “sediment and erosion control (ESC) measures to prevent soil loss … must be implemented and maintained”.

However the report found while some inadequacies of ESC were observed, during the Water Technologies investigation “the systems in place for identifying and improving these measures were adequate and in line with the approved [controls]”.

“It should also be noted that the photos supplied in the [Mackay Conservation Group] report were taken following high rainfall and flooding,” the report read.

“ESC measures are not intended to cater for flood events, and it would be impractical to do so.

“However, we acknowledge that construction activities within waterways should not be undertaken during the wet season, which is reflected in the ESCPs (the conditions) prepared for the project.

The report stated an analysis of water sample records collected by Bravus indicated frequent increases in turbidity, or cloudiness, of water from upstream to downstream of the work sites investigated.

“This is a concern, however more information would be required to assess cause,” the report read.

“It is noted that no continuous records were provided, and none of this data is assessed against rainfall records.

The report made several procedural and implementation recommendations, including calling on the Office of the Coordinator-General to undertake regular site inspections to tie in with wet season preparedness.

It also called for a more thorough assessment of water quality monitoring and records to be conducted.

A spokesperson for the Office of the Coordinator-General said the office had specified the improvements which Bravus and their contractors needed to put in place.

“The report found adequate erosion and sediment control measures are in place but can be further improved in two areas — contractors need to avoid conducting work in waterflow areas during the wet season and they must ensure control measures are completed prior to closing down worksites during the wet season,” the spokesperson said.

“There will be continuing monitoring by the Office of the Coordinator-General to ensure full compliance.

A spokesperson for Bravus Mining and Resources said the company would put the recommended measures in place.

“This was the latest tactic in a decade-long misinformation campaign by the anti-fossil fuel movement in Australia to undermine the reputation of the Carmichael Project and halt or delay its construction,” the spokesperson said.

“As part of the investigation, the Coordinator Generator provided a number of recommendations and we will put these measures in place as suggested.”

The spokesperson said the company took its environment obligations seriously.

“We have erosion and sediment control measures in place at our construction sites to ensure we comply with our environmental approvals for daily operations and extreme weather events,” they said.

“Bravus holds over 100 environmental approvals and manages thousands of conditions and commitments to the environment.

“Our environmental plans and strategies were prepared by experts with many of these plans also reviewed by third-party specialists.”

Mackay Conservation Group campaign manager Sunny Hungerford said the group believed the report showed Bravus had breached guidelines.

“It’s critically important that the Coordinator General’s office strengthen the project conditions to specifically prohibit any construction works in waterways during the wet season,” Ms Hungerford said.

“The fact that Adani can get away with this and be let off the hook shows just how weak and ineffective the environmental conditions the Queensland government has imposed on Adani are.”

“The Queensland and federal governments have repeatedly assured the public that Adani’s coal project has the strictest environmental conditions, but these conditions mean absolutely nothing if they fail to prevent serious environmental damage.”

The group has written to the Coordinator-General’s office through Environmental Justice Australia to pass on its response to the report.

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The Impact of Social Media on Children

The Impact of Social Media on Children – Online Harassment

The Impact of Social Media on Children – Online Harassment :Social media is a rapidly growing phenomenon across the world. Many parents are taking to the internet to connect with their children. It is an ideal way of keeping up to date with the activities of your child, from school, nanny, baby sitting etc.

Some social media sites allow you to invite your friends and family to interact in a “chat” type of environment. In this article we will look at the effect that social media has on children and why parents need to be aware of it.

First of all, it is important for any parent to remember that children are more prone to socialize with those of their own age, not teenagers or adults. Socializing with children, particularly teens, can be extremely positive for a parent as they can learn a lot from their peers. Also, many youtubers are traveling to new countries and exposing kids to culture they wouldn’t normally see. You are able to discuss a range of topics with your child and they can offer up useful feedback. If you want to get something off your chest, then this is a great place to do it.

However, there are a few caveats. You should make sure that you child is comfortable with inviting others to chat. A child’s first social interaction is likely to be with a close friend or relative. Once a child develops a close relationship with a parent, then it will become harder to prevent their view of that person being tainted by what they are reading or listening to on the internet.

The same applies when your child is exposed to images or videos of graphic violence. You should never let them see anything that can put them in any kind of danger. The same applies to anything involving the sexual nature of sex. Be careful how you word things, or your child may believe it. Movies are identified with graphic violence and specific content to allow viewers discretion on watching it. Online, there is no safe zone. Kids sometimes can access anything and everything.

Another pitfall that can occur is where a child becomes overly involved with someone on a social networking site. You need to talk to them about the images that they are posting. While you don’t have to remove access to the internet completely, you can warn your child about what they are doing and let them know not to post any pictures or videos of them who you do not approve of.

Finally, you can ask your child about their friends. Is the child friendly? Do they make friends easily, or do they tend to spend hours searching the profiles of other kids on the site? If they are spending hours doing this, then you may want to make sure they don’t have many “friends”. Kids become obsessed with how many “likes” they are getting on their posts. In addition, they look to how many followers they have as a sign of self worth. This can all be very damaging to a child’s confidence and self esteem.

With social media, if a child is able to take part in the conversations online, then that is great. But what does a child do if they feel like they cannot participate? Well, that is where you as a parent need to step in. If a child feels like they cannot participate on social media sites, even though they may be comfortable doing so, then you need to talk to them about why they think that is the case.

Usually, a child will be confused about what is OK and what is not. That is when you step in to talk to them. Let the child know that they can’t post things online that would cause them harm. Let them know that the adults running the social media websites know what they are doing, and that there is no place for them doing anything to hurt anyone. Make it clear that the adult in charge of their account always sees their Tweets and posts in a separate window. Those are some things you can do to help your child be safe on the social media websites.

Nowadays, it is extremely dangerous to even allow young kids to have a social media account. As mentioned earlier, social media can hype someone up and can also cause one to think very little of themselves. We all tend to look online and forget that most people we see on there have photoshopped their pictures. They do everything from cropping at a specific angle, or use filters to mask skin problems or issues. A lot of it is all “smoke and mirrors” and kids are too young to realize it. You would not buy your child a car without checking it all out and making sure it is safe. They would surely end up with a “Jerk Car“. You do your due diligence and check the tires, engine, and even purchase insurance and extended auto warranty. These are all the things done to keep your child safe in his or her new car. The same goes with allowing your child to have access to online social media. You need to vet the friends they have. Do a monthly check of who is following them or who are their “friends”. All of these steps are monumental in keeping your child safe if they are allowed on social media.







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The Impact of Social Media on Children – Online Harassment

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What’s the economic impact of Ramadan on Muslim businesses?

It can see the majority of their clientele shift not only their eating habits but also how they spend their money.

It’s a month that’s been described by some Muslim businesses in Sydney as a festival of food with options aplenty for the eager foodie looking for a late night meal.

But in Underwood, a hub for the local Muslim community in the south-east of Brisbane, it’s a different story.

Oguzhan Cevik is the owner and manager of Micasa, a Muslim-owned cafe in the area.

He is frustrated whenever customers come into the store to say to him: “You guys must be pumping during Ramadan.”

“When I tell them that actually, it’s our worst month of the year, they’re very shocked.”

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NAPLAN results could shine a light on the impact of the pandemic

Teachers are warning parents to temper their expectations about NAPLAN results.

Flinders University associate professor David Curtis said this year’s results were expected to highlight the impact of COVID-19 on students.

“It will give us a bit of information about the progress students have made over the past two years, given that one of those years was highly disrupted,” he said.

Albury, New South Wales teacher Simon Goss said he expected the transition to remote learning to effect student outcomes.

“Everything happened so quickly,” he said.

“The expectation was only just to ensure your children are reading, they’re engaged in things like counting money and the stuff that you would do at home, like cooking.”

Mr Goss said parents were supportive and tried their best to keep their children informed and entertained, but it was not easy.

“It was a reality they hadn’t ever had to deal with,” he said.

Stawell Secondary College principal Carlos Lopez agreed.

“I wouldn’t be surprised [if the results are lower],” he said.

He said the results could help to identify the areas where students had fallen behind during remote learning and help teachers implement early intervention strategies to support them in the long term.

Victoria experienced a much more extensive lockdown compared to any other state, with students in metropolitan areas required to learn remotely for a longer period of time, which Dr Curtis said could be reflected in the results.

“If there is an effect of lockdown you’ll see it much more pointedly in Victoria than elsewhere,” he said.

He anticipates poorer performance in students who are from disadvantaged homes or attend schools that do not have good digital resources.

“We know children from affluent homes who have good connectivity and who go to schools that were well set up with good IT systems prior to COVID probably would have had minimal disruption,” he said.

Mr Lopez said he was hoping the hard work teachers and schools put into the remote learning transit would be rewarded.

“We’re all fairly anxious to see what the report card shows and to our effectiveness and the students’ ability to learn during remote learning,” he said.

He said any improvement in NAPLAN results could be attributed to the work of staff.

“For many of those teachers, it wasn’t an easy thing to do on short notice,” Mr Lopez said.

“Our remote learning changed as the period increased.

“We moderated and reviewed the way that we delivered our lessons and moved into a more relational approach to teaching and learning.”

Mr Goss said the results should not be a reflection of teachers.

“If we have a good year the feedback is, ‘Whatever you’re doing, keep doing it,'” he said.

“Then the following year results dip because you’ve got a completely different cohort of students and the leaders say, ‘Whatever you’re doing you have to change, because it’s not working’.

Mr Goss was concerned that the backlash from poor performance could negatively impact morale among teachers who say they are already feeling overworked and under appreciated.

“If we can build the morale back up it would certainly go a long way in ensuring that education remains a thriving and positive experience for everyone,” he said.

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Mason Greenwood’s admission reveals Edinson Cavani’s true impact at Man Utd

Mason Greenwod is loving working alongside Edinson Cavani and admits all of the young strikers at Manchester United look up to the experienced Uruguayan.

In Cavani, United have a player who has been top goalscorer in Ligue 1 and Serie A prior to his arrival in England and is one of the most experienced strikers still playing at the top level, with 118 caps and 51 goals for Uruguay.

He may have turned 34 in February but Cavani has proven he still knows where the back of the net is at Old Trafford.

Since joining on a free transfer from Paris Saint-Germain last summer, he has notched 15 goals in 17 starts and 18 substitute appearances for the club.

Indeed, Cavani has scored eight goals in his last seven outings, despite only four of them being starts, and his header during the 3-1 victory over Aston Villa on Sunday was his fifth in the Premier League from the bench – equalling a club record held by Chicharito and current boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

Once again it was Cavani’s impressive movement which saw him score on Sunday, as he ran across his defender to glance in Marcus Rashford’s cross in the 87th minute.

Mason Greenwood celebrates Manchester United's third goal against Aston Villa
Mason Greenwood celebrates Manchester United’s third goal against Aston Villa

It was United’s third goal of the afternoon, after Bruno Fernandes’ equaliser from the penalty spot was followed by another classy finish by Greenwood, who rolled Villa defender Tyrone Mings before finding the bottom corner with a low, left-footed drive.

After the game, Greenwood discussed the influence Cavani was having on the squad in an interview with MUTV.

“He’s exactly the same as last week, you know what he’s going to do but you can’t seem to stop him,” Greenwood said.

Edinson Cavani of Manchester United celebrates
Edinson Cavani of Manchester United celebrates

“He’s still scoring goals, it was exactly the same against Roma. It’s nice to watch from on the bench, to watch his movement when he scores.

“It’s his movement, everyone knows he can do it but they can’t stop it, I’m sure we’re all learning off him – me, Rashy, all the attackers and all the young lads are looking up to him – so it’s good to have him there.”

Greenwood is enjoying a hot run of form himself, with seven goals in his last ten outings to take his tally for the season to 11 goals in all competitions.

Greenwood now has 28 goals for United’s senior side and with 16 of those coming in the Premier League, he is now the club’s top-scoring teenager since the competition’s creation in 1992.

Greenwood added: “I knew he [Mings] was coming tight so if I get a little move I can get half a yard and I finished it well, so I’m happy with my goal today.

“Hopefully there’s many more to come. I want to try and keep scoring goals so nobody else comes and breaks the record in the future.”

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Grosvenor mine explosion impact still being felt 12 months on

In the late afternoon of May 6, 2020, emergency services raced to the Grosvenor mine near Moranbah, where an explosion had occurred underground.

Those in the immediate area of the blast were badly burned and one of the the men describing the experience as “like standing in a blowtorch”.

Wayne Sellars suffered burns to 70 percent of his body and needed dialysis after his kidneys failed.

Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union (CFMEU) representative Steve Smyth said the incident had deeply affected workers.

“There is still ongoing trauma and pain as a result,” he said.

“I believe the men are still getting treatment and trauma counselling.

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UK Covid LIVE: US supports patent waiver in ‘monumental moment’ as study shows vaccine impact in Israel

S President Joe Biden on Wednesday threw his support behind waiving intellectual property rights for Covid-19 vaccines in what has been called a “monumental moment” by the World Health Organisation.

The head of the World Health Organization, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, called Biden’s move a “monumental moment in the fight against #covid19” on Twitter, and said it reflected “the wisdom and moral leadership of the United States.”

It comes as a study, published in The Lancet, showed two doses of the Pfizer vaccine have proved more than 95 per cent effective against infection, hospitalisation and death from Covid-19 in Israel.

The study’s authors said it showed the impact of vaccines on ending the pandemic, as opposed to lockdowns.

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‘They know what I am capable of’: Reynolds says injury won’t impact contract talks

“One thing I do know is I won’t rush back from this injury and put the team in jeopardy. A deal could get done in two days, it might be two weeks, I just don’t know.”

Reynolds has met with incoming Sharks coach Craig Fitzgibbon and the 30-year-old has also had discussions with Brisbane coach Kevin Walters.

The Souths veteran has previously indicated he wanted to stay in Sydney but Reynolds said he was open to a move if necessary.

“We’re still working out what will be best for me and my family,” he said.

Benji Marshall and Cody Walker will form the new Souths halves pairing.Credit:Getty Images

“If I have to move the family interstate I will. It would be daunting but exciting at the same time.

Reynolds has broken his thumb before and knew he was in trouble against the Raiders. He refused to come from the field and got the job done for Souths while defying pain.

Reynolds played 74 minutes against Parramatta in 2019 with a fractured L3 vertebrae.

“I don’t need surgery but there’s some damage in there, and the surgeon told me I’ll be out for anywhere up to four weeks,” he said.


“There are a few ruptured ligaments and the thumb is loose. I’ve broken it before. They’re hoping it will scar up a bit.


“I actually did it in the same tackle when Cam (Murray) injured himself. I knew I had done something straight away and said top the physio, ‘my thumb is stuffed, can you strap me up at the next break’. Canberra scored the next set. I had to get it re-strapped at half-time, but I never thought about coming off.”

Reynolds, Murray, Campbell Graham (hand) and Jaxson Paulo (thumb) all returned worse for wear after the trip to the nation’s capital and will miss the Thursday night blockbuster against the Storm.

Benji Marshall and Cody Walker will form the next halves pairing with Reynolds hailing the former “the buy of the year” and “another Wayne Bennett masterstroke”.

Reynolds and Bennett have formed a close bond at Souths, and with new Broncos boss Dave Donaghy leaving the door ajar for the supercoach to make a return to Red Hill, it has prompted speculation the halfback will follow him north.

Broncos management have spoken with Reynolds several times but the halfback said there had been no discussions with Bennett about their next moves.

Cronulla’s three-year deal worth more than $2m, would allow him to work with Fitzgibbon, whom he knows from their time together with the NSW Origin team, while not having to relocate his wife and four young children.

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