More survivors of sexual assault are coming forward for help after Grace Tame put the issue in the spotlight

Twenty years later, fellow survivor Grace Tame’s advocacy inspired her to come forward and tell her story.

“To be able to go, ‘This is me, and this is why I am who I am’ — that has made such a difference,” Ms Munting said.

Ms Tame was groomed and raped by her 58-year-old maths teacher from the age of 15.

She was named 2021 Australian of the Year for using her voice to help push for legal reform to allow Tasmanian survivors to tell their stories using their own names, and for her advocacy for survivors.

The award has put the issue of sexual abuse firmly in the national spotlight.

“On one hand it’s been really tricky to negotiate having so much triggering media,” Ms Munting said.

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Caulfield childcare Chabad Glen Eira issue statement after children ‘accidentally poisoned’

The Melbourne childcare centre where multiple kids are believed to have accidentally drank cleaning chemicals have issued a statement saying they have not yet found the source.

On Wednesday, emergency crews were called to the Chabad Glen Eira childcare centre around 3.30pm to reports of “multiple occupants suffering a suspected reaction to an unknown substance”.

All twelve children who are believed to have drank the fluid were treated at the scene by paramedics and are all in a stable condition.

Later on Wednesday, the centre issued a statement, saying the children first presented with a rash and mild fever.

“As a precaution, all children who attended the Centre were sent home with wrist-bands and the local hospitals have been briefed,” the statement read.

“At this stage, the cause of the symptoms is unknown.

“The Centre is working closely with the Public Health Department from Glen Eira City Council to determine the source.

“We are also keeping the Department of Education updated.”

It’s understood detergent may have been mistakenly put into a drink that was given to the children.

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Scottish Water has let sewage issue “run out of control” in Bridge of Weir, claims councillor

A village councillor has accused Scottish Water of allowing flooding issues in a Bridge of Weir street to “spiral out of control” and has urged bosses to deliver a permanent solution once and for all.

James MacLaren has repeatedly raised concerns about overflowing sewage in The Glen, which sits behind the popular Amaretto restaurant in Main Street.

The problem has persisted for several years and, at points, sanitary towels and excrement have been discovered lying close to the eatery.

Councillor MacLaren says he has recently been contacted by residents who are worried about the “lack of urgency” being shown over resolving the situation.

And he has hit out at Scottish Water after the firm told him a solution would not be outlined until the summer, despite being assured one had been identified.

These problems with sewage overflowing have made people’s lives a misery at The Glen for far too long, ” said the Conservative Bridge of Weir councillor.

“Scottish Water has completely failed to show any urgency to deliver a permanent solution.

“Even now when a solution has been identified, it’s not going to be revealed for a couple of months. I can’t understand the need to wait.

“The situation has been allowed to spiral out of control. Bridge of Weir has suffered many severe rainstorms in recent years so Scottish Water must ensure that residents are not having to endure these spills on such a regular basis.

“It is time for Scottish Water to be completely transparent with residents and businesses and urgently outline how these issues will be fixed once and for all.”

Scottish Water has confirmed it has identified a potential fix for the issue, which could include increasing the size of several manholes around the area.

Bosses have said this suggestion is being considered by senior management at the moment and a decision will be made in summer as to whether it is feasible.

A Scottish Water spokesman said: “Optioneering to consider external flooding solutions at Main Street in Bridge of Weir has recently concluded with a preferred solution being identified.

“This preferred solution would be to upsize two separate sections of our combined sewer to increase the flow capacity within the pipework. The first section is on Main Street, the second on Mill Brae. In addition, five manholes would need to be upsized and a new manhole installed at the bottom of Mill Brae.

“The proposed solution is being considered by senior Scottish Water management regarding whether the project is deliverable and associated timescales. A decision is expected to be made this summer, subject to any additional investigations which might be required.”

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Mother of four locked out of emergency accommodation due to paperwork issue

The head of South Australia’s Housing Authority has apologised to a mother of four who has been locked out of her emergency accommodation five times in the past fortnight because the agency failed to complete the necessary paperwork.

Kirsty told ABC Radio Adelaide this morning that her family would not have anywhere to go if the SA Housing Authority did not get the paperwork through today to extend her stay.

“My key was disabled again this morning because Housing SA hasn’t done the appropriate paperwork,” she said.

Last September, Kirsty was told she had to leave her home of five years.

Since then, she has applied for about 200 rental properties without success.

After couch surfing for three months, housing services placed her in a motel room.

“If Housing SA don’t get the paperwork promptly to them this morning, then they are probably going to ask me to pack all my stuff up and get out and I won’t have anywhere to go,” Kirsty said.

After hearing Kirsty’s story, SA Housing Authority Chief Executive Michael Buchan issued an apology.

Mr Buchan said there was an increasing number of families looking for public housing.

“Kirsty is not alone at the moment, there are lots of people in very similar circumstances,” he said.

“It goes to show the challenges we have at the moment and, in particular, when the private rental market isn’t able to provide housing for people who would otherwise be in it.”

Labor MP Nat Cook called for more to be done to help Kirsty and other families in similar circumstances.(

ABC News


Opposition’s Nat Cook says ‘go back to your office and do the work’

Opposition human services spokesperson Nat Cook said she was furious at Mr Buchan’s response to Kirsty’s situation.

“I’m absolutely gasping at this, seriously Michael Buchan, you need to look at the policies and take charge of this and change them,” she said.

“People in the sector knew months ago that families were going to be homeless — like Kirsty — suffering this indignity and this embarrassment.

Ms Cook said she had received three more calls over the weekend from women in similar circumstances to Kirsty.

“I just cannot believe that someone can sit there in that position and wring their hands and say sorry,” she said.

“You’ve got no answers, you’ve got nothing for Kirsty and nothing to say about the 1,700 homes that are empty that we have found with kitchens that are brand new available for someone like Kirsty to live in.”

Mr Buchan said there were currently 600 properties available and awaiting allocation and another 1,400 homes that were vacant but needed upgrading or repairs.

“We would have properties that match Kirsty’s needs, but they are probably not in the area that she wants to live,” he said.

He said policy making had been “very agile” in recent times.

“We were able to find a huge amount of accommodation [for people] who were really needy during the COVID period and we continue to do that essentially every day,” Mr Buchan said.

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Biden spokeswoman calls record migrant surge a ‘cyclical issue,’ denies it’s worse than prior years

White House communications director Kate Bedingfield sparred with ABC’s Jonathan Karl on Sunday over a surge in unaccompanied minors trying to cross the U.S. southern border as Bedingfield insisted the numbers “are the same kinds of surges that we’ve seen.”

“What we see from the data is that these surges are cyclical, they’re cyclical, they’re not the result of one administration’s policies or another administration’s policies, the result of, for example, weather disasters in the region. They’re the result of people fleeing poverty and violence,” Bedingfield said during an interview on ABC’s “This Week.” 


“We saw spikes in 2014. We saw them in 2019 when the Trump administration had perhaps the cruelest imaginable policies in place, family separation, to try to deter people from coming, and they still came. So this is a cyclical issue. It’s one that President Biden has said is unacceptable to him and he’s working very quickly to address it,” she continued.

Karl interjected.

“There is something different here, and that is the unaccompanied minors, and we already have a record number of unaccompanied minors in U.S. custody. And in just a single day last week there were 1,000 additional minors who were brought into U.S. custody coming across the border,” he said. “The seasonal surge you’re talking about is only just beginning. … This is not the same as it’s been. This is worse, is it not?”

A photo of a CBP overflow facility for migrants in Donna, Texas. (Office of Rep. Henry Cuellar, D-Texas)

Bedingfield disagreed.

“It is the same. These are the same kinds of surges that we’ve seen,” she said.


“It’s also important to be clear that our policy hasn’t changed. The vast majority of people who arrive at our border, we’re turning away under Title 42, under a health code that requires us to, or allows us to, turn people away in this period of Covid. So people should understand that the vast majority of people who show up at our border, we’re turning away,” Bedingfield continued.

She said the administration wants to address the root causes of such migration including a lack of places like Boys & Girls Clubs in northern triangle countries that allow children to have somewhere safe to go.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki spoke to “Fox News Sunday” about the administration’s response to the surge.

“Just last week we had a pool camera providing footage to Fox News just last week into the shelters. We want to provide access into the Border Patrol facilities. We are mindful of the fact that we are in the middle of a pandemic. We want to keep these kids safe,” Psaki said. “We are absolutely committed to transparency and providing access to media … and we’re working to get that done as soon as we can.”

“At this point, in allowing access to border patrol facilities for reporters, you are being less transparent than the Trump administration,” host Chris Wallace said.

“The Trump administration was turning away kids at the border and sending them back on the treacherous journey, or they were ripping kids from the arms of their parents. We’re not doing that. We are committed to allowing cameras into the border patrol facilities, absolutely,” Psaki said.


Biden on Thursday appointed Vice President Kamala Harris to lead his administration’s efforts to address a record surge in migrants, including unaccompanied minors, that has strained capacity at immigration facilities at the southern border in recent weeks.

“When she speaks, she speaks for me,” Biden said Thursday. 

Fox News’ Ronn Blitzer and FOX Business’ Thomas Barrabi contributed to this report.

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Melbourne police issue big number of fines in crackdown on cyclists speeding along Southbank Promenade

A big number of cyclists and scooter riders have been nabbed travelling along Melbourne’s Southbank Promenade during a police crackdown on speeding.

Although Southbank Promenade is designed to be used by bikes and scooters, it has also been deemed a dangerous spot for pedestrians now that foot traffic has returned to the city.

The speed limit on the promenade for both cyclists and scooter riders is 10km/h.

For a period of three weeks during peak times, local police patrolled the area using hand-held speed measuring devices.

Over 100 offences were identified during the crackdown.

A total of 45 people were charged on summons for riding a bicycle or scooter over 23km/h and 33 were fined for not wearing a helmet.

Nine were also issued infringements for operating an unregistered motor vehicle, which were eight scooters and one skateboard.

Seven people were also fined for using a mobile phone while riding a bike or scooter.

Those who have been charged on summons can be prosecuted with a maximum penalty of $1652.20.

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Mandatory COVID Safe check-in affected by Service NSW ‘issue’

Service NSW has resolved an issue which affected multiple transactions and services for about four hours, including its mobile application used for mandatory COVID Safe venue check-ins.

The state government agency on Thursday afternoon said it was working to resolve the problem as soon as possible.

A number of users had reported being unable to log in to the app and having correct pins rejected.

“The issue has been resolved and you can now log in to your account,” Service NSW said in an update to customers about 7pm.

“We thank you for your patience and again apologise for any inconvenience.”

The agency had said check-in should be possible using a web form and businesses should have an alternative check-in method available.

It said any digital driver’s licence, available through the app, “should still be available as a cached version”.

Earlier on Thursday, some Service NSW app users were sent notifications regarding applications for the state’s “Dine & Discover” voucher scheme.

It is being rolled out this month after a trial in The Rocks and Broken Hill, and an expansion to the Sydney CBD, northern beaches and Bega Valley last month.

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Smith’s statue roasted for glaring issue

Cameron Smith has confirmed his retirement from professional rugby league, announcing the decision at the unveiling of his statue at Melbourne’s AAMI Park.

Smith and fellow Storm great Billy Slater pulled back the drapes on Wednesday afternoon to reveal the bronze statues at their old hunting ground — but there was just one problem.

Many footy fans believed Smith’s figure looked nothing like the NRL legend it was supposed to be immortalising.

While examining the statue, Smith joked: “Yeah, got the hairline right.

“Is the head no good?

“Statue head is better than the real-life head.”

Australian journalist Jamieson Murphy tweeted: “The Cameron Smith and Billy Slater statues look like randomly generated players from Rugby League Live 2.”

Even Fox Sports rugby league commentator Dan Ginnane couldn’t resist poking fun at the statue.

By no means was the final product as disastrous as the infamous statue of football icon Cristiano Ronaldo at a Portuguese airport, which made headlines worldwide in 2018.

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Speaking to reporters, Smith explained why he waited so long to announce his retirement, with speculation mounting about his future throughout the 2020 season.

“I had a really good opportunity to think over my thoughts on playing on or not playing on,” Smith said. “I looked back on my career and thought I was very fortunate to be a part of a wonderful organisation.

“It felt like the right time to finish on the back of what was a very successful season. You couldn’t ask for more than finishing with a premiership.

READ MORE: More details about sad Smith revelation

“I wrestled with the idea for quite some time, that’s why it’s taken so long.

“I spoke to a handful of people that are quite close to me throughout last year while the season was still on and then in the weeks after the season had finished — people like Billy. I was trying to talk with them on not only my situation but also pick their brain of how they came to the conclusion that it was the time to end their professional career.

“I had to wrestle with that decision because that’s what made it most difficult. At the end of last year, winning the premiership, I still felt good within myself physically and mentally and felt my form was still good enough to play in the NRL.

“But at the end of the day once I’d spent good quality time with my family up in Queensland, I knew that was the right time to finish.”

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Child care is set to be a key issue at the next federal election. So what might it look like?

Child care is shaping up to be a key issue at the next federal election, with parents wanting to know if it will become more accessible and affordable.

The answer is — it definitely could.

The ABC has spoken to policy and childcare experts who say it is an ideal time for change.

The need is definite, and the benefits are abundant.

So, with an election due to be held in or before 2022, here are three snapshots of how child care could look.

If the Coalition is returned to office it looks like the childcare system could stay the same.

At the moment, early childhood education is split between the federal government, which looks after child care, and the states and territories, who are responsible for preschool or kindergarten.

The Child Care Subsidy is generally paid directly to service providers, who pass it on to families as a fee reduction.

How much the fee is reduced depends on how much families earn and there is an annual cap of $10,560 per child for families earning between $189,390 and $353,680 a year.

The federal government said about 90 per cent of families were entitled to a subsidy of between 50 and 85 per cent of fees.

To get the funding you need to apply through Centrelink and everyone in the family needs to have a customer reference number (or CRN).

Executive director of The Parenthood Georgie Dent said for some families, this administrative burden could mean they did not end up sending their children to child care at all.

The way the Child Care Subsidy is structured can mean the second income earner could actually have to pay to work additional hours, because taxes and the cost of child care add up to more than their take-home pay.

“I don’t think we should be punishing highly qualified, highly paid women for participating in the workforce,” Ms Dent said.

Although the system could remain the same, many believe we could see promises from the Coalition closer to an election.

“This isn’t just a case of spending money, it is spending money to create opportunity,” said Jen Jackson, program director of early childhood at the Centre for Policy Development.

The Labor Opposition wants to make cheaper child care a central pillar of its policy platform this election.

Labor plans to scrap the annual cap and lift the maximum subsidy rate from 85 per cent to 90 per cent by July 1, 2022.

It would also reduce the subsidy tapering, which means when parents’ earnings go up, they retain a higher subsidy.

“For millions of working women, it’s simply not worth working more than three days a week,” Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese said in his budget reply speech.

Overall, Labor said families would save between $600 and $2,900 a year and none would be worse off.

Labor would also ask the Productivity Commission to conduct a “comprehensive review of the sector” with the aim being to move to a universal 90 per cent subsidy for all families.

Although the policy is costed at $6.2 billion over three years, many experts and advocates say there would be a good return on investment.

According to the Grattan Institute the increase in women’s workforce participation could generate GDP growth of $11 billion per annum.

Plus there is the long-term benefit of giving children a good start in life, says Thrive by Five CEO Jay Weatherill.

“Early childhood is a time of rapid change — particularly for the development of executive functions which can set up a child for lifelong success,” Mr Weatherill said in a recent address to the National Press Club.

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Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp spots “clear” issue with VAR decision on James Maddison goal

Jurgen Klopp took aim at VAR after a narrow onside call saw Leicester equalise and sparked Liverpool’s collapse at the King Power.

The Reds had the lead heading into the final 15 minutes courtesy of Mohamed Salah’s opener, but three quick-fire goals saw Leicester turn the game on its head.

James Maddison pulled one back from a powerful free kick which hung low, before Jamie Vardy capitalised on a coming together between Alisson and Ozan Kabak to give the Foxes the lead.

Harvey Barnes punished Liverpool’s lacklustre defending to add a third in the closing stages, but it was Maddison’s goal which irked Klopp.

Klopp pointed out what he perceived as a “clear” VAR error

VAR drew lines to determine no Foxes player was in an offside position and obstructing Alisson’s vision as Maddison’s free kick fizzed in from a tight angle.

But Klopp claimed the VAR check was examining a moment before Maddison had struck the set piece, telling BT Sport : “We conceded a goal, which is a really tough one to take.

“I know we discuss a lot about VAR but I think we all agree it was a turning point in the game.

“I saw it now a couple of times, the goal and the moment when they stop the situation where you look who is offside, who is not offside, he didn’t even touch the ball yet.

Vardy put Leicester ahead minutes after Maddison's equaliser
Vardy put Leicester ahead minutes after Maddison’s equaliser

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“So it means it’s still an individual decision of someone who makes it in the end, who is offside and who is not offside.

“That’s really hard because, for me, it looks like a clear offside in that moment because he has to touch the ball, that’s the moment when the offside is yes or no.

“When I saw it now, Bobby’s foot should be a little bit closer than whatever they throw in there. That was it, it was a turning point.

“The second goal is a misunderstanding which we spoke about before, we said we need to get used to each other.

Klopp insisted Liverpool were the "clear dominant side"
Klopp insisted Liverpool were the “clear dominant side”

Were Liverpool on the receiving end of a poor VAR decision? Have your say in the comments.

“We were used to each other until I don’t know when the goal happened, 75 minutes or so.

“It was a really, really good football game. They were one position ahead of us, maybe now more, I don’t know, but on the pitch that was not obvious.

“We were the clear dominant side. We played the football we wanted to play, we avoided their counter-attacks, we did pretty much everything we had to do.

“We scored a really nice goal, had more chances but that’s normal. We have to work harder in our situation to create more chances to get more goals.

“But the game was really good then you concede these two goals, and the third one obviously lose the ball too easy and one pass, they are done.

“That’s something I don’t like because we were obviously much too open in that moment. I told the boys already that’s not OK.

“But that’s the situation we are in.”

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