How James Hird turned his life around after stint in psychiatric ward

James Hird has bravely spoken before about the devastating depths of his fall from one of Essendon’s favourite sons to a football pariah.

His desperate calls to Beyond Blue, the five weeks he spent in a psychiatric ward and the night he took “too many sleeping tablets”.

But now, several years on from those dark days, the champion Bomber can speak confidently about how he escaped the sad spiral that saw him hit rock bottom.

Hird, 48, delivered several important messages during a lengthy conversation with Corey McKernan this week as part of the former North Melbourne player’s Walk With Me project.

He appeared at peace with himself and spoke with honest reflection on the Essendon supplements scandal which ruined several careers during his time as coach of the Bombers.

Hird was hit as hard as anyone by the years-long saga but appears to have well and truly moved past it.

“Where I am now in my life, when I look back I think ‘how’d you get through that?’,” Hird told McKernan.

“When you make mistakes like I made, and we made at the Essendon Football Club, and big mistakes, and public mistakes, and the pressure comes on and rightly so, you’ve got to find a way of coping.

“You cope with the support of your family and your wife and friends, but in the end you can only cope for so long. I did melt down. Ended up in a psychiatric ward for five weeks and really didn’t handle that pressure well.

“But fortunately with the help of people around me I was able to get through that and be where I am today.”

‘There were mistakes I could have prevented’

Few have scaled the heights the two-time premiership winner and Brownlow medallists did on the field and then plummeted to the depths he did after becoming coach.

“One of the greatest things that gets you to doubt yourself is when you make mistakes that maybe you could have prevented,” he said. “There’s a lot of blame on yourself. That’s when things are tough — when you hurt other people or the footy club gets hurt by things you could have done better.”

Hird said accepting his failures was difficult because he was so used to success. He also admitted not only losing the respect of others, but also respect for himself, and it took time to regain that.

“You lose a lot of respect for yourself along a journey like that,” he said. “But then you gain a lot of respect for yourself as you build out of it as well. Because you know you’ve gone to a very low spot and (you could have made the choice) not to come back. So I get a lot of self-confidence out of what I’ve done the last three or four years, business-wise and personally. It gives you a different confidence than football gave you … a deeper, more sincere confidence.”

The three pillars behind his current happiness

Key to his current mindset is a return to some of the rigidity in his schedule that was lost when he stepped outside the AFL industry.

He exercises at 4am or 5am every morning for an hour “just to get my head straight”.

“If I don’t do that I know the day won’t be as successful as it normally is,” he said.

“Having that commitment to do that on a day-to-day basis is something that I don’t let go of, ever.”

He also makes sure his day is structured with a series of tasks to complete, so it’s “not just a wandering day” and sticks to a healthy diet on week nights, with no alcohol.

“You get to a point where you’re drinking every night and I just said ‘no, this is just not going to happen’.”

Hird said those pillars formed the base of his approach to life and then to keep growing he made sure he was filling his hours with interesting tasks and people.

His current happiness stems from emerging from a critical period a few years ago where he made a conscious decision to stop hiding from the world.

“(I had to decide) am I going to get back into life or am I going to hide from it?” Hird said. “There was a period of two or three months in the middle of 2017, somewhere around there, when I was hiding from life and not really contributing.

“Was I going to have a crack and try and live my life again or just hide away? I’m glad I chose the decision to get back into life because it’s bloody good. It’s not always great but when you get it right there’s a lot of good things to look forward to.”

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Philadelphia 76ers vs Brooklyn Nets, Ben Simmons interview Kevin Durant, James Harden, Kyrie Irving, Rudy Gobert

Ben Simmons chose an unusual moment to blow up the NBA news cycle.

Struggling through an ugly April where his points per game and assists have dropped to season-worst lows, the Aussie also saw his family generating unwanted headlines as extremely private matters became public.

Who knows when his interview with ESPN’s Rachel Nichols was originally scheduled, but it was odd to see Simmons on The Jump taking shots at Rudy Gobert and the Brooklyn Nets when he is hardly flying on a professional and personal front.

“Obviously, there’s a lot of respect for Rudy. I know what he’s capable of. I know he’s great down there in the paint, but he’s not guarding everybody and that’s just what it is,” Simmons said about his main rival for the Defensive Player of the Year Award.

“He guarded me in Utah … I had 42 (points) and apparently I’m not a scorer. It is what it is, but I have a lot of respect for him. At the same time, I think (the award is) mine this year.”

“Obviously, Brooklyn has a lot of talent,” he added, about the 76ers’ chief opposition for the number one seed in the Eastern Conference. “But at the end of the day, there’s only one ball, and you’ve got to play defence, too.”

To be fair, Simmons comments looked a lot spicier when they were chopped up and splashed all over social media in fancy graphics.

Nichols had to coax the comment about Gobert from the Sixers point guard and his view on the Nets isn’t that different to what many have said since James Harden joined Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving.

But that didn’t stop the American media machine going to work as they dissected Simmons’ stance for 24 hours.

“Ben Simmons does not watch film of opposing teams. Because if he did watch film, he would know that the Brooklyn Nets are sharing and moving the basketball as well as any team in the league,” Chris Broussard said. “And he’d also note that James Harden has been playing point guard better than Ben ever has … I mean, c’mon, Ben. Have you been paying attention?”

Nic Wright wondered whether Simmons was still perturbed about being included in trade rumours earlier this season when the 76ers were also reportedly pursuing Harden.

“Is some of this Ben Simmons a little, call it salty, because he was almost the one traded for Harden?” Wright said. “Yeah, I think so. I think Ben Simmons has a point to prove that Philly was lucky that the trade they reportedly offered was not made. So I do think there is a little extra oomph here for Simmons.”

It certainly promised to add some extra flavour to the 76ers’ crucial home clash against the Nets on Thursday as both teams entered the matchup with 37-17 records.

But it was announced before tip-off Brooklyn would be missing Durant, Harden and veteran bench additions Blake Griffin and LaMarcus Aldridge, leaving the title favourites severely shorthanded.

The Sixers took advantage by jumping out to 65-58 halftime lead. Simmons had nine points and three assists.

Philly was led by Joel Embiid’s 21 points and six rebounds, but his output was more than matched by Irving (23 points, seven assists).

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Married At First Sight: James Weir recaps

Terrible decisions are delivered across the board at two Married At First Sight vow renewal ceremonies on Monday night, with both choices no doubt leading to the same kind of regret one feels the morning after inhaling a styrofoam box full of Maccas hot cakes while hunched in a gutter at 2am.

One wife pulls a last-second 180, but it’s not the wife we hope. ‘Nuff said.

After the past week of final dates and the final dinner party, we find ourselves on the first of two final days, preparing for the final vow renewal ceremonies which, of course, are the precursor to the final reunion and probably seven other episodes where the word “final” is incorporated into the promo branding.

JAMES WEIR RECAPS: Read all the recaps here

JAMES WEIR RECAPS: Damning phone call in Bryce affair twist

Obviously Bleep! is still on everyone’s lips. And why wouldn’t she be? It’s not exactly easy to just forget about someone like Bleep!

After Melissa confronted Bryce about Bleep! last night, they decided to skip the final dinner party so as to avoid the angry mob.

Kerry and Johnny are baited by producers into going down to Bryce and Melissa’s apartment to see what’s going down. They rehash the dinner party and the loudspeaker phone call about Bleep!

The most interesting thing about this conversation is that Kerry’s wearing a statement fedora indoors.

“My small group of friends know Samantha from her hairdressing business that she used to have,” Bryce tells Kerry and Johnny when questioned about Samantha’s exposé on Bleep! “And they’ve said, in a polite way, that she’s crazy. She’s known to be a compulsive liar.”

Mhhhm. Mhmm. Yes. I’ve heard that about hairdressers, too. Compulsive liars — the lot of ‘em. They get you all excited by saying they’re gonna give you that beachy, bedhead look but, what they don’t tell you is, no one’s hair ever looks good after the beach or bed. It just looks like your head’s been wedged between some couch cushions. Enough with the lies, hairdressers! Sea salt spray is a scam and more people need to talk about it.

Johnny and Kerry suggest Bryce call Bleep! on loudspeaker, right now — in front of his wife — to prove there’s nothing going on. He refuses — and instead flips the situation on Melissa by making her feel guilty for even asking him to do it. It’s a really healthy arguing tactic. Try it in your own relationship!

They pack up their crap and head their separate ways for a week to contemplate what decision they’ll make at the vow renewal ceremony.

Bryce basically shrugs and mumbles, “See ya”. Melissa is devastated.

“It was absolutely disappointing that was our final moment together,” she holds back tears in the lift. “It was almost emotionless. I’m devastated to end the experiment on that final note.”

Great! You should cut him out of your life like he’s a lying hairdresser.

Meanwhile, producers try creating the illusion of tension between Johnny and Kerry in an attempt to make us interested in their final decisions. It’s cute they think we care. We didn’t come here for well-adjusted unions. Spoiler alert: They stay together. Next!

Thank gosh Alana is here to offer some more tumultuous undertones.

“I don’t believe Jason is ready to settle down. I just don’t believe this could work on the outside. So, I have to walk away,” she informs us. “I just hope he makes the same decision.”

Well, who knows. Maybe he will make the same decision? He might just be more perceptive than we think. Perhaps he has recognised that this will never work and just decide to leav-

“You will be an amazing wife and mother of my children,” he gushes to her. “I can’t deny my feelings any longer. An I’m ready to finally, say this out loud. I’m falling in love with you, Alana, and I can’t wait to go back to sunny Queensland with you for our happily ever after.”

Oh boy. All right, Alana. You’re up. Tell this man you don’t wanna have his babies.

She looks down at the sand, closes her eyes and tries to distract herself from crying by focusing on the sound of the waves crashing behind her.

“We fight,” she blurts out. “And I can’t deal with the way you speak to me. There have been countless examples of double standards. You hurt me really, really badly. I truly believe you are not ready to settle down.”

Jason can tell where this is going. There’s a grip tightening around his heart and he prepares to have it ripped from his chest.

Alana studies her handwritten notes before looking back up into her husband’s eyes. What would happen if she didn’t say the final few words that are written on the paper in her hands? What if they just left right now and solved their differences the way they’ve always done in this experiment: by sleeping in separate apartments for a week and then having sex.

She drops the note cards, goes off-script and pulls a 180 on her decision. “I have liked you through the experiment — I’ve liked you so much. We’ve got some huge issues to get through but, if you’re willing to try, I’m willing to try. I wanna see if we can work it out.”

Jason, yet again, looks like a toddler who has just woken up from a really long nap.

“Did you just change your mind just then?” he asks.

She nods as her abandoned note cards flutter down the beach, because this show hasn’t littered the earth in enough ways.

Away from glitzy beaches and lush botanic gardens, we find ourselves in a nondescript suburb on an overcast day, ready to attend Bryce and Melissa’s ceremony.

“Melissa’s the kindest, most generous person I’ve ever met,” Bryce gushes to us ahead of the vow renewal.

Cool. That must be a nice change of pace for you.

As Melissa gets ready for the ceremony, all the bad memories of her marriage come flooding back. Playing on loop in her head is a recording of all the insensitive, offensive things her husband has said to her.

“I’ll be honest, you’re not my type. But you’re not … ugly?” his words echo.

“I’ve always gone for the blonde hair, blue eyes, tanned kind of girls. I can’t say I’d 100 per cent come up to you in a bar.”

She shuts her eyes and furrows her brow as she remembers the Hot Or Not list where he ranked her in fourth place.

“I think my decision is going to shock everybody,” she says.

Oh boy. We know what this means.

Even the producers have given up. That’s why they splashed out all the budget on really beautiful ceremony locations for everyone else and, for Melissa and Bryce, they’re just using this random suburban house.

At the ceremony, Bryce insists on going first.

“I have fallen in love with you. And I can’t wait to start our life together,” he smiles.

OK, you’re up Mel. Time to shock us.

“I have written and rewritten these vows, trying to be as sensitive and inoffensive as I’ve always been,” Melissa reads aloud her handwritten notes. “But this is the most important decision of my life and I can’t be blasé. So I need to be completely and brutally honest with you.”

She gives the roll call of drama and says he inflamed all her insecurities. She’s sounding angry. Ooh! Maybe she will shock us. Melissa has found her voice and she’s not tolerating anymore of Bryce’s bull-

“But despite the rumour and the conflict, I know deep down in my heart that I have never felt this way about anyone,” her monologue takes a sudden turn. “I cannot imagine my life without you. And I can absolutely say with certainty that I am in love with you.”

Ugh. Knew it.

Will they last? Huh. We’d have more luck achieving the beachy bedhead look.

Twitter, Facebook: @hellojamesweir

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Victoria’s Acting Premier James Merlino explains fortnight freeze on AstraZeneca rollout for those under 50

Mr Merlino says the Commonwealth must provide translated materials and more clarity on indemnity issues before Victoria can resume vaccinating people under 50 with the AstraZeneca jab.

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County Championship round-up: Sam Robson, James Vince, Tom Alsop and Tom Haines all hit first-day tons

Former England opener Sam Robson made the first century of the 2021 county season – the 24th of his career

It’s not quite right to say that normal service was resumed as the County Championship returned to the English cricketing menu for the first time in 18 months – as no spectators were allowed in to watch it.

But at least it all began bang on time this year after the sad loss of four months of the Covid19-hit 2020 season.

And the 2021 campaign started in style too, with four centurions – two of them, James Vince, and Tom Alsop, helping Hampshire to pile up 431-4 on the road against Leicestershire.

Vince carried on his victorious form with Sydney Sixers in the Big Bash down under, at more than a run a ball.

He was still there at the close on 168 off 167 deliveries, after sharing a 224-run fourth-wicket stand with Alsop, who made a comparatively more leisurely 119.

Another Tom in form was Sussex’s Tom Haines, with a superb career-best 155 to help his side recover from 127-6 to reach 293-9 in Manchester against Lancashire.

But the first centurion of the four first-day musketeers was Middlesex’s Sam Robson, with 165 out of 293-8 against successive red-ball runners-up Somerset.

Essex's Tom Westley ended the day just 16 short of his century
Essex’s Tom Westley ended the day just 16 short of his century

And there looks likely to be a fifth centurion early on day two, yet another Tom, if Essex’s Tom Westley, 84 overnight, can go on to reach three figures against Worcestershire.

He might already be there, in fact, if it had not been for a bit of bad weather at Chelmsford – and an early finish.

The Tom Tom Toms were hardly beating too loudly when six of the nine captains chose to field after winning the toss.

Only Essex, Hampshire and Sussex won the toss and chose to bat – but all three had no cause to regret that by the end of a busy first day.

James Vince and Tom Alsop both made first-day centuries for Hampshire at Leicester
James Vince and Tom Alsop both made first-day centuries for Hampshire at Leicester

Group One

Although Essex lost former England captain Alastair Cook cheaply, Dan Lawrence returned from his winter England adventures in the sub-continent with 46 to help Westley steer the hosts to 207-3 against labouring Worcestershire.

Durham were aided by half-centuries from opener Alex Lees (58) and new boy David Bedingham (57) as they batted out the day at Trent Bridge to make a dogged 241-7 against Nottinghamshire.

In the other Group One opener, Liam Norwell starred with 5-32 as much-fancied Warwickshire bowled out Derbyshire for 189.

Group Two

While Hampshire dominated in Group Two against hapless Leicestershire, scoring at four and a half an over, Somerset battled back well at Lord’s against Middlesex.

The hosts looked well set at 218-4, but Lewis Gregory took three of his four wickets to help stem the tide, backed by Josh Davey (2-62), one for Craig Overton and one for England spinner Jack Leach.

Robson survived two early chances to post his highest red-ball score in five years – since a career-best double hundred in the 2016 season opener against Warwickshire.

In the other Group Two game, despite being deprived of a meeting between West Indies team-mates Kraigg Brathwaite and Kemar Roach by Covid quarantine protocol, there was plenty to admire.

In the 70 overs possible, Gloucestershire seamers Josh Shaw (4-48), Ryan Higgins (3-35) and David Payne (2-49) helped limit Surrey to 220-9, of which Hashim Amla made 56.

Group Three

Centurion Haines made Lancashire pay for three dropped catches to post the third ton of his first-class career as Sussex rallied from 40-4 to reach 291-9.

Across the Pennines in Leeds, Yorkshire were also on the wrong end of a fightback as half-centuries by Timm van der Gugten (80 not out), Dan Douthwaite (57) and Kiran Carlson (55) helped Glamorgan fight back from 132-7 to close on 310-8.

In only the second professional meeting between himself and elder brother Joe, Billy Root contributed a steadfast 43, while Michael Hogan weighed in with a breezy unbeaten 40 off 41 balls late in the day.

Kent also had three half-centurions in reaching 309-7 against Northamptonshire at Wantage Road – Ollie Robinson (84), Jack Leaning (79), and Jordan Cox (62).

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AFL news 2021: Geelong defeats Hawthorn, Channel 7 commentary slammed, Kyle Hartigan punch, Tom Hawkins, concussion, Danny Frawley, Brian Taylor, James Brayshaw

Channel 7’s commentary has come under fire for making light of a brutal head knock and referencing Danny Frawley in the process.

Kyle Hartigan has come under fire for an ugly swipe on Tom Hawkins that gifted Geelong a goal late in the first half of its thrilling 10.9 (69) to 9.10 (64) win over Hawthorn — while there was an uneasy reaction to how Channel 7 commentators called the moment.

Joel Selwood picked out Hawkins on the lead inside forward 50 at the MCG but Hartigan whacked the Cats star across the head with a late, swinging arm.

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Hawkins got up rubbing his head and the umpire had no hesitation awarding Geelong a 50m penalty, allowing Hawkins to easily slot the final major of the half and extend the Cats’ halftime lead to 17.

Hartigan argued with the official but there was no denying he was in the wrong, as he wasn’t even close to spoiling.

Seven commentators Brian Taylor and James Brayshaw didn’t sound overly concerned with the blow to the head.

“The lead from Hawkins was perfect, and then Hartigan just giving him an old feather duster to the back of the ear,” Taylor said. “That’s old school. Bang!”

Brayshaw then referenced AFL legend Danny Frawley, who died in a car crash in 2019.

“That’s our great mate Spud Frawley, isn’t it? He will be watching down from above, thinking, ‘That’s all you’ve got to do. Make them earn it’.”

Taylor listed several great fullbacks from days gone by and said “that’s the way they operated”.

Viewers’ uneasy with Channel 7 commentary

That commentary — and the reference to Frawley, who after his death was diagnosed with CTE as a result of brain trauma — didn’t sit well with some viewers.

Concussion is being taken more seriously than ever, and Seven’s commentary was seen by some as trivialising the blow to Hawkins’ head.

Journalist Brendan Casey tweeted: “Wasn’t a good look listening to the Channel 7 commentators complimenting Hartigan for bit of old fashioned play either.

“Sensitive issue of concussions and commentary team calling it ‘the ol’ feather duster’.”

Josh Elliott wrote on social media: “If we want to be serious about concussion, commentators need to handle this kind of thing a lot better than in the below. Danny Frawley had stage two CTE when he died.”

Sports reporter Oliver Caffrey said: “Exactly what Anita Frawley has been pleading for commentators to stop doing. The message still not getting through.”

Footy journalist Rohan Connolly was no fan of Hartigan’s ugly foul.

“Someone tell Kyle Hartigan it’s 2021, not 1981. Can’t do that sort of garbage anymore mate,” he tweeted.

Anita wants attitudes to change

Frawley’s wife Anita recently opened up about the traumatic impact of Danny’s death, explaining the pain she and her family continue to feel.

She is determined to make footy as safe as possible and change attitudes around toughness in the sport.

“I want to make it safe. I don’t want my daughters’ daughters’ sons going to play football and having to worry about if they’re going to be looked after properly,” she told Damian Barrett on his In the Game podcast last month.

“The AFL are trying, they’re starting, but there’s still a long way to go.

“Football back in Danny’s day, it was all known about toughness … that was such a part of the game. It’s not anymore.

“These boys are so athletic, so skilful … let’s focus on that, let’s change the way they talk about the players.

“‘Oh he’s so brave backing into a pack and nearly getting killed’. No. We don’t want to make that something great. It’s dangerous. You don’t know the untold damage that’s being done so let’s change a few things.

“The players have to want to change it was well … look after your brain.”

Anita has done lots of research on CTE since the footy icon’s death and believes suffering from CTE contributed to Danny’s mental health issues before his death.

“You think of the pain that Danny must have been in to take that step and I have discussed with you I believe a lot of that was the CTE, the rash decision making,” Anita said.

“But for him to be in that state, there is no way he would do that, and know the hurt and the pain that he would cause his girls, his mum, his family, his mates, it is just unfeasible that he would do that.

“If he could see now the pain that is left, the ripple effect, families destroyed, it is just so cruel and so hard. I see his mum and the terrible suffering she is going through.

“I don’t know how to explain it – it is so painful for them what they are going through, but the pain that is left behind is a lifetime of pain. It is there for the rest of your life, it is for me.”

Last weekend St Kilda and Melbourne played Spud’s Game: Time 2 Talk, an initiative which aims to tackle mental health issues within the AFL community and encourage people to speak up, seek help and look after one another.

It led to spine-tingling scenes at Marvel Stadium as Frawley’s family and friends gathered to celebrate his legacy.

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Man placed in psychiatric facility James Nash House following violent attack on mother

A man who attacked his mother “with an extraordinary level of violence” believing she was an alien in disguise will spend more than a decade in a secure psychiatric facility.

The man — who cannot be identified for legal reasons — was found not guilty of attempted murder by reason of mental incompetence in the South Australian Supreme Court last year.

He was suffering a psychotic relapse and had delusions that his mother had been taken by alien forces when he attacked her in her home in Adelaide’s south in October 2018.

The Supreme Court heard the woman was getting a loaf of bread out from the freezer when her son grabbed her from behind and started attacking her saying, “what did you do with my mum, where’s my mum?”

In sentencing on Tuesday, Justice David Peek said the woman was attacked “with great ferocity”.

“You left your mother with life-threatening injuries which required immediate and multiple surgeries followed by close to two months in an intensive care ward,” he said.

The court previously heard the man had told his mother the night before the incident that there was “something wrong with his head” and he was not “thinking straight”.

The man had a “long history of mental health problems”, but had a good relationship with his mother.

Psychiatric report found man needed long-term support

Justice Peek said a psychiatric report prepared for him by forensic psychologist Dr Loraine Lim concluded the man was still psychotic and was likely to require long-term intensive support and supervision.

The report also found he was likely to abscond interstate if released from treatment prematurely.

“Although medication has reduced his inclination to act on his delusions, his mental state is easily destabilised by stress,” Justice Peek read.

“Given the extraordinary level of violence involved, his treatment resistance and poor prognosis he will require a substantial period of inpatient rehabilitation followed by a very lengthy period of close supervision on licence in the community.

“Any future discharge from the forensic hospital should be done very cautiously and gradually.”

Justice Peek ordered the man be detained at secure psychiatric facility James Nash House for a limiting term of 11 years and six months.

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Married At First Sight: James Weir recaps episode 22

Two Married At First Sight grooms are pulled back from each other during an ugly altercation after a row breaks out when one of the men looms above the other’s wife during a completely unrelated but still heated argument.

It wouldn’t be a Monday night without one MAFS fight snowballing into seven.

The clash really escalates when Jake steps in and argues with Bryce about the nuance of sitting versus standing when fighting with someone. Controversial opinion: During arguments, I prefer to lie on the floor — it really throws people off.

JAMES WEIR RECAPS: Read all the recaps here

JAMES WEIR RECAPS: Cruel stunt stuns devastated MAFS wife

Looking for new and inventive ways to cause drama, the producers ship off all the couples for a weekend retreat and this show is now basically Bachelor In Paradise but with individual wine carafes instead of a communal frozen daiquiri machine.

How thrilling! Who knew we’d be so jazzed about this getaway? We’re actually buzzing with excitement! Oh, wait. That’s not us buzzing. It’s Alana’s vibrator.

Side note: Why does Jason always look like a toddler who has just woken up from a really long nap?

Producers have tried to class up this getaway by booking a heritage homestead in New South Wales’ Southern Highlands. They probably lied to the owners about the purpose of this trip and who exactly would be in attendance. Can you imagine being the posh rich owners of this grand estate and flipping on the TV only to see the MAFS freakshows lying in your beds? Ruining the good linen with their sweaty bodies and fake tans. What a nightmare.

Of course, the instant the fleet of Taragos pulls up, the couples jump out and run inside — bounding down the hallways and bumping into the antique artwork. The owners should just accept the fact right now that at least one of these artworks is getting projectile vomited on by the end of this trip.

Proving they’re never asleep at the wheel, producers shove Bryce and Melissa into the same sleeping quarters as Bec and Jake. Chaos ensues!

“I don’t wanna hang around these two. They’re #FakeNews. Let’s go have some actual fun,” The Sasshole lashes out and we don’t know why she’s talking like a character in Puberty Blues.

Meanwhile, in the hot tub, Patrick is professing his almost-love for Belinda.

“You just make me super happy. I wanna protect you and be there for you,” he says as the murky water bubbles up around both their faces. “And if I lose you and you go to someone else, that would hurt. I’m falling for you.”

She purses her lips.

“Hmmm,” she replies. “Thanks for sharing … like, um … I can’t imagine our life not together.”

If only her response was as lively as her bedazzled hat.

The sun begins to set in the Southern Highlands and our troupe of misfits descends on the immaculate back garden for afternoon tea. The place is landscaped to perfection and we just know it’s hours away from being trashed. Bryce will pick a fight with everyone and then get so angry he pushes over a water feature and then The Sasshole will probably rip one of the nearby ficuses out of its pot and hit him with it.

Mel Schilling explains the very scientific strategy behind this soon-to-be feral gathering.

“By letting their guards down and being open with each other, our couples have the opportunity to broach sensitive subjects and offer opinions into the dynamics of each other’s relationships,” she says.

Translation: By locking the couples on a remote property with unlimited free alcohol, they’re given the opportunity to get so messy they end up insulting each other and embarrassing their families on national television.

Melissa and Bryce roll up late and Patrick provides the perfect kindling for a blaze of drama.

“How are you Melissa? After Bryce wrote ‘leave’ and scribbled it out and wrote ‘stay’, how you been?” he inquires.

What a fun subject! We love when Patrick embraces his inner sasshole.

Melissa gives the same ol’ response she always wheels out when she’s defending Bryce and, almost like clockwork, Bec morphs into The Sasshole.

“As long as there was an apology because, my god, that was disgusting behaviour,” she snips. “It just so happens Melissa ended up with the biggest douchebag on the show.”

Jake steps in to make a truce that all the badmouthing will end and then we cut to Patrick to see if he would like to ask any more questions.

Bryce asks Jason to go for a walk because apparently they’re best friends and then Jason’s wife Alana starts dishing to the group about how she can’t believe Jason would even consider being mates with Bryce — and all of this is happening in front of Bryce’s wife Melissa. Jeez. So inconsiderate. If you’re going to trash-talk people, have a little decency and do it behind their backs and wait until their spouse leaves. Rude.

When Melissa finds Bryce and tells him the group broke the truce, all bets are off. Bryce fumes about it for the rest of the afternoon and then makes a dramatic entrance at the dinner party, where he looms above the table and points his finger at Bec.

“I had my wife in tears, Rebecca, because of you!” he spits as Bec shifts in her seat.

Then Jake steps in to argue with Bryce about his aggressive looming but it just ends with both the boys attempting to loom over each other until the other husbands intervene and separate them.

When Bryce storms out, the attention turns to Jason, with everyone questioning why on earth he’s even friends with Bryce. Alana has let slip to the group that Jason privately told her he supports Bryce and thinks his decision card stunt at last night’s commitment ceremony was — wait for it — “heroic”.

“Do you not have your own values?” Bec scrunches her face.

“Do you?” we ask.

Jason looks at Bec like he’s just woken up from a nap again.

Jason can’t believe Alana would tell the group the details of their private conversation. It’s honestly despicable. It was a confidential discussion between a man and his wife and the camera crew that were in the room and all of Australia who watched it on TV. Honestly, what happened to respect?

“In front of the whole group, you threw me under the bus. This is, once again, a situation that proves I can’t trust you,” he fumes to her in their bedroom. “Write ‘leave’ (at the next commitment ceremony). Promise me you’ll write ‘leave’. You will never see me again after this!”

Wow. Way harsh, Tai.

Right now, amid the chaos and the crumbling relationships, we’ve never related more to Booka:

Twitter, Facebook: @hellojamesweir

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Albury war hero James Simpson remembered in new book by Patrick Mangan | The Border Mail

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It was a tin full of old spoons that planted the seed for the story. It had been many years since Patrick Mangan had seen his niece, Kristi Cossor (nee Simpson), and the coffee catch-up they organised was long overdue. As a “conversation point”, Kristi brought along a collection of enamel spoons that her great grandfather, James Simpson, had lovingly sent his wife Grace during his overseas travels during WWI. Kristi had heard much about James Simpson’s heroic past from his son – her ‘Pop’, Halliday (Did) Simpson – an Albury solicitor and tireless O&M football administrator. Mangan had just finished his first book and was looking for a literary grant to start another; fascinated by James Simpson’s life story, he jumped at the opportunity to draft the beginnings of a book. And while the literary grant was never forthcoming, the author says it has been an honour to help preserve the history of “one of Albury’s genuine war heroes”. On Thursday night, Mangan officially launched his book, Brave Lover James Simpson, at the Albury LibraryMuseum in conjunction with an exhibition showcasing his life and service through photographs and precious family heirlooms, including the collection of spoons. Mangan’s research began with four dusty boxes packed away in a study containing letters, trophies, a bible, postcards and papers all providing a wonderful insight into the family’s history. The author went on to examine WWI archives and public records, meticulously documenting dates to help him piece together the story. The book’s title intends to convey the love, learning and leadership that characterised the life of James Simpson, Mangan says. James was a natural leader and teacher, with his daring exploits on the sporting and battle fields well-documented. In fact it was during his time playing football for Albury (No. 9) and while he was a teacher at the then Albury Grammar School (now Scots) that he was to display the courage he would later show in battle, according to Mangan. In a match against Rutherglen in June, 1912, James “sustained a fracture of the collarbone during the third quarter of play,” according to a write-up in the personal and social column of the Albury Banner and Wodonga Express. “He, however, pluckily kept in the field until the end of play, when he consulted a doctor.” He carried that pluck into battle during WWI where he would be awarded the Military Cross for bravery at Gallipoli, the book reveals. “He won the Military Cross at Gaba Tepe for directing his battalion through unreconnoitred scrub singing with Turkish bullets and alive with snipers,” wrote The Bulletin, February 8, 1917. Fewer people would know of James’ devotion to his wife Grace (his beloved “Gra”) with whom he exchanged long letters from the time of their courtship and throughout the war, including a “regular dispatch” of teaspoons from wherever he was at the time. It is understood the pair met at the Yarra Street Methodist Tennis and Croquet Club in Geelong about 1901 but did not marry until 1909. James moved to Albury in 1904 to take up a teaching position at the grammar school, rising to the ranks of assistant master, sports master and cadet corps leader. Meanwhile Grace (Handley) continued to hone her considerable piano playing and teaching skills, even embarking on a trip to London where she gained the Pianoforte Playing Certficate from the Trinity College of Music, Mangan writes. It was shortly after she returned from her overseas sojourn – “during which she especially missed James, as her regular letters to him reveal” – that they married; on June 13, 1913 Halliday James was born. Mangan says the couple shared a blissful family and professional life. “Little did either of them realise James was about to embark on a serious military adventure where he had to shift from romancing his wife ‘hand in hand’ … to vicious ‘hand to hand’ battles,” he wrote. When war was declared in August, 2014, James was quick to enlist … the 31-year-old “left cricket and football to lesser men, said goodbye to his wife and son, and went out as captain in the 13th Battalion”. (The Bulletin) HIs courage under fire was to come at a cost in the “ill conceived and poorly planned Gallipoli attack”, writes Mangan. Wounded by a bomb on May 29, 1915, he soldiered on in horrific conditions but collapsed on June 6 and was sent to hospital at Malta with gastritis. When his condition did not improve he was sent to England to recover; Mangan says it is obvious in letters and photos from the time that James was making little progress and missing his wife and son terribly. A decision was made to send James back to Australia to recover and recuperate; he was suffering with fatigue, anxiety, headaches, heart palpitations, high blood pressure and neuralgia. “Albury’s most distinguished soldier in the present war” arrived home on November 26, 1915 to a rousing welcome at the railway station. As his “delicate health” improved, a number of public events were held in his honour and in one two-hour lecture he regaled citizens with tales of his war exploits – “to frequent applause”. But only months later, in a chapter titled ‘Duty Calls and Breaks Hearts’, Mangan reveals that on February 11, 1916 the medical board approved James Simpson as fit for duty. “It is believed Grace begged James not to return to the war front, but James felt he was letting his men down … perhaps Grace had a foreboding about his ultimate fate on the French battlefields,” he wrote. Tragically, “in a period of relatively quiet conflict activity”, 34-year-old Lieutenant-Colonel James Simpson was killed in action and buried at Armentieres. “After life’s fitful fever he sleeps well,” reads the inscription on his gravestone.



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Jai Arrow ready for reunion with James Tedesco

“I’ve definitely moved on. I don’t know if it will get talked about this week. It really doesn’t worry me. I’m only worried about doing my job for the Rabbitohs and making sure I’m doing my role right and earning the respect of my Souths teammates and the coaching staff.

“I wouldn’t have a clue if the Roosters will come after me. You’ll have to ask them.

“I’ve got no doubts they’ll be up for the game. It’s the biggest rivalry in rugby league and the first one that started in 1908. Both teams will be fiery. I look forward to the challenge.”

Arrow had no idea what Tedesco meant when he made reference to Radley and quipped: “You’ll have to speak to Victor – he might have something to say.″⁣

Arrow has been excellent off the bench for Souths in his opening two games, but knows the Redfern club will need to improve their completion rate if they are to silence their Bondi neighbours.

On the charge against Melbourne in the first round.Credit:Getty Images

The 25-year-old Arrow has enjoyed watching Queensland Origin teammate Lindsay Collins start up front for the Roosters and “while I consider him a friend off the field, it’s different when we’re on the field”.

Souths humiliated the Roosters 60-8 to end the regular season last year, with owner Russell Crowe giving brief consideration to printing T-shirts to commemorate the blowout win. Tension has never been higher between the two foundation clubs because of Crowe’s dig at Easts’ salary cap and the poaching of teen prodigy Joseph Suaalii.

Neither club, however, was paying too much attention to their last encounter and know this week will be different.

“I don’t know what happened that day but I can guarantee it won’t be something similar,” Tedesco said.

“It’s going to be a good test for us. They’re a top side and we’ve probably had two pretty convincing wins and it’s not going to be as easy against Souths.″⁣


Souths hooker Damien Cook said: “I’m sure the fans, that [60-8] is what they loved about last year, but I can tell you now it’s not going to be a game like that.

“We’re going to be in for a tough one, they’ve started the season off very well. They’ve only let in two tries as well and put on over 80 points.

“They’ve got plenty of footy in them. I think we’re seeing the best of the Roosters at the moment so I think we’re in for a big game this weekend.”

Halfback Adam Reynolds is unlikely to overcome a concussion with Benji Marshall to start in the halves in what will also be his first Roosters-Souths derby.

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