Western Bulldogs v Gold Coast Suns; Sydney Swans v GWS Giants; Carlton Blues v Port Adelaide Power; Brisbane Lions v Essendon Bombers; round five; results, new, fixtures, odds, tipping, teams, draw; Joe Daniher

Carlton 3.3, 4.5, 6.10, 9.14 (68)
Pt.Adel. 4.2, 8.4, 14.5, 15.6 (96)

Carlton: Casboult 2, Fogarty, Walsh, McKay, McGovern, Cottrell, Newnes, Pittonet
Pt.Adel: Gray 3, Georgiades 3, Fantasia 2, Dixon 2, Lycett, Marshall, Amon, Woodcock, Rozee

Carlton: Walsh 29, Cripps 27, Docherty 25, Williams 22
Pt.Adel: Wines 32, Boak 29, Amon 28, Byrne-Jones 24

The Blues might have applied some cosmetic surgery to the scoreboard in the end, but make no mistake, this game was well and truly over by three-quarter time.

Port Adelaide emphatically won the disposals 400-334 and marks 110-95 while also getting the edge in contested possessions 141-134.

Amazingly, the Blues had 10 more inside 50s (58-48) and four more clearances (36-32), but as has been the case for most of the year for them, they were way too inefficient.

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Joe Biden called Putin after Russian Armed Forces were set in motion

Joe Biden’s call to Vladimir Putin on Tuesday, April 13, was prompted by Moscow’s reaction to the crisis in the Donbass. The Americans are trying to tame Putin with  carrots and sticks.

Biden called Putin after Shoygu’s speech

The US President was advised to call the Russian leader not to have Ukraine reformatted as a result of Russia’s response to the escalation in the Donbass. 
It appears that Biden called Putin following the statements from Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoygu, who announced the redeployment of two armies and three airborne units to the western borders of Russia in three weeks.

The statement that the US administration released following the telephone conversation, said that Biden asked (did not demand!) the Russian president to ease tensions with regard to Ukraine. Biden also stressed out the unwavering commitment of the United States to the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine. In fact, this is about nothing from the point of view of Realpolitik.

Russia prepared for financial sanctions

There is always big money behind US interests. The Kremlin may have assumed that the Russian banking system was fully prepared for disconnection from SWIFT, Visa and MasterCard. Indeed, over seven years, the Central Bank of the Russian Federation has created its own system for transmitting financial messages (SPFC) and the MIR card. The transnational SWFT, Visa and MasterCard systems do not want to lose such clients as Russian companies, many of which are also transnational.

USA does not need serious problems in Europe

One may also presume that the third reason behind Biden’s call to Putin was about USA’s unwillingness to deal with serious problems in Europe. The United States already has China and Taiwan in the South China Sea, let alone the always unpredictable DPRK that has withdrawn from any negotiations with the United States. The Iranian issue has been gathering pace as well: the Islamic Republic has launched the 60-percent enrichment of uranium (a nuclear bomb requires 90-percent).

Does Putin want to meet Biden in person? 

The US President proposed holding the summit with his Russian counterpart in a third country in the coming months to discuss a full range of problems that the USA and Russia are facing. It does not matter where the summit takes place  – the question is whether this summit is worth it at all. 

Not that long ago, Putin asked Joe Biden for a meeting, after the latter called Putin the “killer.” Biden preferred to fence away, so does Putin need to hurry to some third country to have a chat with his boorish counterpart? 

We do not know whether Biden apologised to Putin for his affirmative answer to the question from ABC News journalist. In a decent society, people do apologise for such things in order for the dialogue to resume. The apology from Turkish President Recep Erdogan  for the downed Russian plane in Syria is fresh in memory. Does Russia need to shrug off that insult from Biden? 

The return of Russian Ambassador Anatoly Antonov to Washington would mean that an apology has been made and accepted. Perhaps the Americans will wait for Camilla Harris to do it in a year or two, when Biden has to retire for health reasons. 

Washington’s carrots and sticks

Former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev said that Biden’s meeting with Putin would provide an opportunity to take the Russian-American relations to a new level. “Time is running out,” said the former head of the Soviet Union. As they say, listen to Gorbachev and do the opposite, as everything that he had done did not bring any good to Russia. 

Obviously, the Americans are trying to tame Moscow with carrots and sticks, but we would like to hope that Vladimir Putin is immune to this type of policy.

Russia has held many summits with the Americans during the  recent years, and the result has always been the same – sanctions, sanctions and even more sanctions. Why not ask Washington to lift sanctions in return for the summit? Iran is walking this path already and agrees to resume the talks regarding its nuclear program provided that Washington lifts sanctions against Teheran. 

Russia moves two armies to western border

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Brisbane VR company Next World scores Joe Biden-backed US contract

Brisbane-based virtual-reality training company Next World has made the major leap to the United States with a contract with the University of the District of Columbia.

Next World offers virtual reality training modules, which allows workers to get training in a range of scenarios without having to visit potentially dangerous sites beforehand.

Next World founder and CEO Michael O’Reilly.

Next World founder and CEO Michael O’Reilly.

The university has introduced a new course, Critical Infrastructure, designed in collaboration with Next World and using its technology, as part of the Biden Administration’s Build Back Better economic and infrastructure mandate.

Next World founder and CEO Michael O’Reilly said they were thrilled with the US contract, as they saw the country as a major growth market.

“When it comes to the technology sector, the US is the place to be, so we’re really pleased to get our foot in the door there,” Mr O’Reilly said.

“In the US we’re very focused on getting affiliations with universities, so we hope UDC will be the first of many, because safety training in the US is often through universities and colleges, so that is a natural fit for us.”

University of the District of Columbia professor Anthony Mazza said they had worked directly with Next World to bring the course together.

“Next World is a key player in our ground-breaking new course which specifically aligns with the Biden Administration’s economic incentive to roll out a workforce development plan to address critical infrastructure issues in the United States,” he said.

Former deputy labour secretary and head of Biden transition team Chris Lu personally signed off on UDC’s course with Next World, as part of the Build Back Better program, designed to address the US’s crumbling public infrastructure.

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Essendon Bombers should be thanking Joe Daniher, Adam Saad and Orazio Fantasia

In retrospect, the whole Worsfold era was a salvage or holding operation, as the club repaired relationships, mended parlous finances and regained stability and faith. Compromises were inevitable, as the club owed a moral debt to the players whose careers were upended and then to Worsfold for his leadership in a crisis.

But during 2020, the holding pattern reached a dead end. Worsfold, retained due to a sense of obligation (and to avoid reputational blowback) – and against the wishes of Richardson – was still head coach, but his authority was diluted with Ben Rutten slated to take over.

If the Dons have lost short-term ground this year, because senior players have been replaced by kids, what they’ve gained is more valuable: a genuine rebirth and clean slate.

Further, there’s clarity about where they stand and the path forward. Acquiring Saad, Stringer, Smith and Shiel did not deliver them to contention. Had Daniher and Saad stayed, I suspect they would’ve muddled along in mid-table mediocrity for another couple of years.

Nik Cox is a dual-sided running player with top-end endurance.Credit:Getty Images

Now, as a consequence of the exodus, they’re clearer sighted about the path ahead, which will be to blend talented top-10 picks Nik Cox, Archie Perkins and Zach Reid and emerging players Jordan Ridley and Andy McGrath with the mature core.

At season’s end, they should go to the draft again, eschewing the temptation to trade away an early pick for Bulldog Josh Dunkley or someone else of that ilk. That pick can only be traded for a young star.

Cox shapes as a unique talent, a 200-centimetre, dual-sided running player with top-end endurance; if his best position is unclear, he’s definitely a weapon.

Perkins has shown he can play in the past two games, while Reid, from all reports, is a natural key back who will get a chance to show his wares this year.

There’s long-term situations vacant at key forward (though Harrison Jones is showing encouraging signs), in defence and a need remains for a large-bodied midfielder, but the key is that the Bombers know that they’re some distance from that 17th flag and can plan accordingly.

New Bomber Archie Perkins.

New Bomber Archie Perkins.Credit:Getty Images

The new president Paul Brasher is relatively open about where the club is placed and what lies ahead. A survivor of the board that presided over the drugs/ASADA disaster and ex-chair of PwC’s global board, Brasher has taken an auditor’s approach to Essendon’s football performance, interviewing staff late last year to gain a pellucid picture of what’s wrong before seeking repairs.

The club is also trying to bring fans along for the ride, as evident in the footage on the club website of skipper Dyson Heppell addressing the players after the close loss to the Swans – perhaps a club version of Gorbachev’s glasnost (openness) to follow the perestroika (restructuring).

The change of president, senior coach, football manager (Josh Mahoney) and downshift to a younger list means the Dons can really banish the drugs saga and all the lingering legacies. The financial position is strong enough that the entire focus can be on winning games, which, despite their intentions, didn’t happen in Worsfold’s time.

Rutten may or not prove to be the right coach, and the Bombers may or may not ascend to the top four and flag proximity on his watch. Nothing is guaranteed and the Bombers have disappointed too often over the past decade for one to be too bullish.

Whatever happens, what we can safely say this time is that the Bombers know the score.

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Rugby commentator Joe Wheeler taken off air after awful, racist accent

Former rugby star Joe Wheeler is off air after his controversial post-match comments making fun of a Japanese player.

The Sky Sport commentator shocked viewers during a post-match interview on Friday night following the Highlanders’ 33-12 win over the Crusaders.

While interviewing Highlanders’ first five-eighths Mitchell Hunt, he praised the play of Japanese international Kazuki Himeno; but did so using a mock-Asian accent.

“He was leally impressive, wasn’t he? He was leally, leally good,” Wheeler said to Hunt.

Wheeler’s comments lead to an avalanche of condemnation from Sky Sport viewers.

Race Relations Commissioner Meng Foon also came out against them on Saturday, saying they were hurtful and had no place in society.

As the Super Rugby Aotearoa prepares for this weekend’s clashes – with the Highlanders playing the Chiefs on Saturday, and the Hurricanes facing the Crusaders on Sunday – a spokesperson for Sky said Wheeler would not be behind a microphone.

“Joe Wheeler has apologised for his comments and Sky has made it clear where we stand,” the spokesperson said.

“Joe has acknowledged that he has some work to do and we’re supporting him through this. Joe is off air at this time.”

About an hour after making his controversial comments, Wheeler took to social media to apologise.

“Tonight I stuffed up! I’ve spoken with @teikyo_8 (Kazuki Himeno) and apologised to him and the @Highlanders and our Sky crew. I absolutely accept this is not the standard expected of the sideline team. I’ve got some work to do obviously, but I’m absolutely committed to doing better,” he wrote on Twitter.

That tweet was followed by a statement from Sky to the media.

In it, the broadcaster wrote: “Joe Wheeler has spoken with Kazuki and apologised to him and to team management.

“He absolutely accepts this is not the standard expected of the broadcast team.

“Sky is committed to being culturally respectful and we expect all crew to do the right thing.”

As well as being slammed by many Sky Sport viewers, international media picked up on Wheeler’s comments; including several leading Asian websites.

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Sophie Turner reacts to Taylor Swift song Mr Perfectly Fine allegedly about Joe Jonas

Taylor Swift has shared a new, never-before-heard song from the vault, all but confirming it’s about one of her famous exes.

The 31-year-old is drip-feeding fans with music she wrote years ago that was not released at the time, with the latest being Mr. Perfectly Fine, which she penned in 2008.

This was the same year she dated US musician Joe Jonas, who is now happily married to Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner.

Turner, 25, reposted the song on her Instagram story writing, “It’s not NOT a bop”, seemingly confirming fan speculation the tune is about Jonas.

And if that wasn’t enough, Swift then reposted Turner’s post saying, “Forever bending the knee for the (queen) of the North”, referencing the British actor’ GoT character, Sansa Stark.

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Turner’s reaction is quite humorous considering the nature of the lyrics and Swift and Jonas’ messy break-up.

Some of the lyrics of Mr. Perfectly Fine include:

Hello, Mr. Perfectly Fine / How’s your heart after breaking mine? / Mr. Always at the Right Place at the Right Time, baby / Hello, Mr. Casually Cruel / Mr. Everything Revolves Around You / I’ve been Miss Misery since your goodbye / And you’re Mr. Perfectly Fine

After dating for four months, Swift told The Ellen DeGeneres Show Jonas dumped her during a 27-second phone call.

RELATED: Taylor Swift ends seven-year celeb feud onstage

Given this was 2008, Jonas took to MySpace to clarify he wasn’t the one to end the conversation.

“For those who have expressed concern over the ‘27 second’ phone call, I called to discuss feelings with the other person,” he wrote. “Those feelings were obviously not well received. I did not end the conversation. Someone else did. Phone calls can only last as long as the person on the other end of the line is willing to talk.”

Fast forward a decade to 2019, Swift, who was only 18 when she publicly called out Jonas, said she regretted airing those details during an interview with DeGeneres.

RELATED: Scooter Braun sells Taylor Swift’s masters for $400 million

“(The most rebellious thing I did as a teen was) probably when I put Joe Jonas on blast on your show. That was too much,” she said.

“We laugh about it now. But that was mouthy. Just some teenage stuff there.”

Grammy-award winner Swift is now in a long-term relationship with British actor Joe Alwyn.

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Arsenal Women: Joe Montemurro to depart as head coach at end of season

Arsenal head coach Joe Montemurro is to leave the Women’s Super League club at the end of the season.

Australian Montemurro, 51, is to take “a professional break” in order to spend more time with his family.

After taking over at Arsenal in 2017, he led the Gunners to their first league title in seven years in 2019.

Arsenal are currently fourth in the WSL table and on a four-game winning run as they bid to secure a Champions League spot for next season.

More to follow.

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Joe Bide craving war with Russia and China: Ignoring History, Denying Reality

One of the most delightful things about Americans is that they have absolutely no historical memory.” Zhou Enlai

‘In the autumn of 1862, the governments of France and Great Britain proposed to Russia, in a formal but not in an official way, the joint recognition by European powers of the independence of the Confederate States of America. My immediate answer was: ‘I will not cooperate in such action; and I will not acquiesce. On the contrary, I shall accept the recognition of the independence of the Confederate States by France and Great Britain as a casus belli for Russia. And in order that the governments of France and Great Britain may understand that this is no idle threat; I will send a Pacific fleet to San Francisco and an Atlantic fleet to New York. Sealed orders to both Admirals were given. My fleets arrived at the American ports, there was no recognition of the Confederate States by Great Britain and France. The American rebellion was put down, and the great American Republic continues. All this I did because of love for my own dear Russia, rather than for love of the American Republic. I acted thus because I understood that Russia would have a more serious task to perform if the American Republic, with advanced industrial development were broken up and Great Britain should be left in control of most branches of modern industrial development.’ Czar Alexander II

Americans are exact replicas of Stoner Jeff Spicoli, a character played by Sean Penn in the movie Fast Times at Ridgemont High.

The new “hot” war novel 2034 co-authored by Admiral James Stavridis (USN, Ret.) and Elliot Ackerman (US combat veteran) depicts a future war between the US and China. 2034 the movie cannot be far behind or perhaps the rights to convert the novel into film has already been transacted between the two august military veterans and Hollywood agents. My bet is that this will be cameo filled movie with all the big-name stars of the day, sort of like The Longest Day, a movie depicting the D-Day invasion during WWII.

A similar themed World War III novel was written by Sir John Hackett in 1985 during the height of first Cold War pitting the United States against the former Soviet Union. What is the point of these tomes? What are the Las Vegas gambling odds on WWIII taking place? There are, indeed, gambling sites like Sportsbettingdime.com and @Everythingodds that will at least entertain the probability of WWIII and when it might happen.

Moral Derangement

What a coincidence that 2034 has been released just as President Joe Biden and other US government officials are is ramping up the political and economic pressure on China and Russia through sanctions and incendiary verbiage. Pentagon war planners likely consult these works to see if there is any useful information that can be included in the “real” WWIII plans. Who is the target audience for these doomsday works? The World Socialist Website, in a scathing review, makes a case that the preferred readership is policymakers in Washington, DC, defense contractors, think tanks and the US military writ large. They also point out that there are no works of art–books or films-recently produced that hardily critique any presidential administration about the folly of nuclear war with China or Russia. Everyone loses in that scenario.

“A normal person, that is, one for whom moral derangement is not a professional requirement, would read Stavridis’ book with horror and do everything to avoid the massive level of death it depicts. But the fact is that, for its intended audience within the Beltway and the Pentagon, the tactical nuclear exchanges depicted in the book, constitute, in the words of Dr. Strangelove’s Gen. Buck Turgidson, “getting our hair mussed”-an entirely acceptable consequence of the use of nuclear weapons. Stanley Kubrick’s masterful Dr. Strangelove, Sidney Lumet’s Fail Safe, and, more obliquely, John Frankenheimer’s Seven Days in May (all released in 1964) were scathing critiques of the military and of nuclear war. No such critical works are being written and produced today, and ground has been ceded to Stavridis’ sanitized depiction of nuclear war from the standpoint of a practitioner.”


One of the best techniques to prepare for war is to turn an enemy into some sort of sinister fungus and through the use of government propaganda planted in the mainstream media, prepare the dismally educated public for war. Or gin up stories of Russia and China’s meddling in US elections (enough already!). US propaganda must avoid any reference to past friendly or helpful interest-based relations, or conflicts, between the three nations. In this case, Americans are not to be informed that China, Russia, and the United States have very similar economic and human interests. What good would a nuclear-or conventional war–do any of the three powers?

What do US policymakers and military leaders fear? The United States has a string of global military bases and intelligence outposts to which China and Russia have no real answer for, save for maybe nuclear weapons and espionage-cyber-information operations (the US has 17 well funded intelligence agencies to work the latter problem). Plus, the world knows that the US National Security Agency has unmatched signals intelligence (SIGINT) capability to eavesdrop on just about any international communications. Moreover, the US has air, space, sea (an undersea) assets that neither China nor Russia can match without the use of suicidal tactical nuclear weapons. Land forces are a different story: Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia; and, going way back, Vietnam have shown that it is capable to bog down US Army forces in irregular warfare. The US spends nearly $1.2 trillion per year on all its military, intelligence, and homeland security needs. At this moment it is modernizing all its strategic nuclear forces and adding intermediate range nuke missiles to the mix.  All of this is ostensibly aimed at “Great Powers” Russia and China. It’s as if the Pentagon brass wants to fight “real” opponents with air-combat, amphibious landings and tanks battles.

Any avid readers in the US taking a look at the New York Times or Washington Post (two mouthpieces for the US government) might think that the US is already at war, at least economically and via espionage, with China and Russia. But it would probably come as a surprise to most Americans that, in the midst of a new Cold War, Russia ranked third in oil exports to the US in 2020.

According to Bloomberg,

“Even as Washington champions energy independence and warns European allies against becoming too dependent on Moscow, American refineries are buying more of the country’s oil than ever before…Deprived of access to Venezuelan crude by U.S. sanctions on the regime of Nicolás Maduro, and facing reduced shipments from OPEC nations since the cartel cut output, US refiners turned to Russian oil in 2020 to fill the gap. The buying spree, combined with sharply lower Saudi shipments, catapulted Russia into the position of third-largest oil supplier to the US last year.”

Russia was also vital to the Union cause during the US civil war. There is a tendency to think that the US civil war was fought in isolation without any concern of the powers of the day in Europe or Russia(1860-1865). In the geopolitical drama of those years, Britain and France were maneuvering to take advantage of the worst-case scenario of the American Civil War: a victory by the slave-based economy of the Confederacy. They intended to recognize the Confederacy as a distinct country. The perception that Czar Alexander II might come to the aid of the Abraham Lincoln and the Union was disconcerting to Great Britain and France. While the Russian fleet docked in the San Francisco and New York harbors at the time might not have been formidable foes to the surface fleets of Great Britain and France, that and other maneuvers by US diplomat Cassius Clay (appointed by Abraham Lincoln as ambassador to Russia) significantly aided the cause of the Union forces. 

Vinegar and Global Corporations in China

China is home to a museum that pays tribute to WWII General “Vinegar” Joe Stilwell. Fluent in Chinese he was loosely in charge of all allied forces in the Burma-China-India theater of operations during WWII. Those allies included British and Chinese soldiers. Mao Tse Tung and Zhou Enlai would ultimately put their Red Army under his command. According to Smithsonian Magazine,

“…The Stilwell Museum in Chongqing, China, where the general lived while liaising with Chiang Kai-Shek, then fighting both the Japanese and a Communist insurgency that would spiral into Chinas long and brutal Civil War, ending in the establishment of the Peoples Republic. While Stilwell was there he grew increasingly disenchanted with corruption and subterfuge in Chiang’s Nationalist government, ultimately opening communication with the Red Army under Mao Zedong, earning him hero status in contemporary China.”

What do these global corporations have in common? Boeing, Walmart, Apple, McDonalds, National Basketball Association, Ford, and Koch Industries are just seven members of the US-China Business Council which lists scores of other American organizations to include law firms, pharmaceutical companies, financial houses, and consultancies that operate in China. Fly on a commercial aircraft lately? Components of the airplane are likely made in China. Likewise, there is the US-Russia Business Council with big names sponsoring the group like Caterpillar, Citi, Microsoft, Chevron, Exxon-Mobil, and General Electric.

Does the US want to nuke its own corporations?

Finally, US soldiers met Chinese ground troops in 1950 during the bloody and oft forgotten Korean War. That conflict has still not been settled by peace treaty and resulted in a stalemate. Thinking about waging a successful conventional land war with China is the province of lunatics.

Historical Lesson from 1918-1919

But let’s return to the US Army’s experience fighting the forces of a Leon Trotsky-led Red Army in 1918-1919. That return reminds of Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan. US soldiers fought with bravery but they were given no specific guidance from Woodrow Wilson in Washington, DC. The US warfighters were caught in a quagmire: the Russian Civil War was afoot and the end of WWI changed the political landscape of Europe and Russia. Troops had no idea what they were doing in Russia. According to Smithsonian Magazine:

“‘Events moved so fast in 1918, they made the mission moot,’ says James Nelson, author of The Polar Bear Expedition. They kept these guys in isolated, naked positions well into 1919. The biggest complaint you heard from the soldiers was, ‘No one can tell us why were here,especially after the Armistice. Historians tend to see Wilsons decision to send troops to Russia as one of his worst wartime decisions, and a foreshadowing of other poorly planned American interventions in foreign countries in the century since…’It didnt really achieve anything-it was ill-conceived,’ says Nelson. The lessons were there that couldve been applied in Vietnam and couldve been applied in Iraq. Jonathan Casey, director of archives at the World War I Museum, agrees. ‘We didnt have clear goals in mind politically or militarily,’ he says. ‘We think we have an interest to protect, but its not really our interest to protect, or at least to make a huge effort at it. Maybe there are lessons we shouldve learned.'”

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China sanctions wife of Joe Manchin, other US and Canadian officials : worldnews

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 78%. (I’m a bot)

China has placed sanctions on a handful of U.S. and Canadian officials in a tit for tat response amid growing tensions over the suppression of ethnic and religious minorities in Xinjiang province.

The U.S. coordinated sanctions against China with Canada, the European Union and the United Kingdom due to China’s alleged human rights abuses against Uyghur Muslims.

China has denied accusations of any human rights abuses in the country.

Extended Summary | FAQ | Feedback | Top keywords: China#1 sanctions#2 **U.S.**#3 Xinjiang#4 Rights#5

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Joe Biden expects to run again in 2024, vows to out-compete China

Washington: Joe Biden has declared he plans to run for a second term in 2024 during his first presidential press conference, while insisting China will not overtake the US as the world’s most powerful and prosperous nation on his watch.

Biden, already the oldest person to occupy the White House, would be aged 81 by the time of the next election and aged 86 by the end of his second term.

US President Joe Biden held his first press conference since entering the White HouseCredit:CNP

At the wide-ranging, hour-long press conference Biden also:

  • announced a new goal to administer 200 million COVID-19 vaccine doses by the end of April, doubling his previous goal;
  • denied there was a crisis at the border with Mexico by insisting it is common for an increase in migrant arrivals at this time of year;
  • confirmed a multi-trillion dollar infrastructure bill will be his next legislative priority; and
  • said he wanted to reform the Senate filibuster rules, which are preventing Democrats from passing legislation on issues such as gun control and voting rights.


Biden also said he did not believe it would be possible to meet a deadline for all US troops to leave Afghanistan by the start of May, though he added he expected a full withdrawal by the end of the year.

Biden said he believed he had spent more time with Chinese President Xi Jinping than any other global leader. He said Xi was a “smart guy” but that he did not have a “democratic bone in his body”.

“They have the overall goal to become the leading country in the world, the wealthiest and most powerful country in the world,” Biden said of China.

“That is not going to happen on my watch, because the United States is going to continue to grow and expand.”

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