Suspect revealed as Libyan Khairi Saadallah as police declare terror incident

Neighbours of Khairi Saadallah, the suspect accused of killing three people yesterday, and seriously injuring a further three, described him as some who kept “to himself”, Danielle Sheridan reports.

Sophie Parker, 25, spoke of a “massive bang” at 1.30am, hours after a number of police cars and a helicopter had circulated the building following the attacks. 

She said he would say hello to her when they passed on the street, but people around the council owned block of flats tended to “keep to themselves”. 

Adam, a neighbour, said the 25-year-old Libyan suspect had only three or four weeks ago returned to the flats and added that he had a “key worker”  who would do his shopping for him.

The neighbour suspected he was vulnerable. 

“He used to be a nuisance, really noisy, banging a lot, but since he most recently returned he’s been better,” he said. 

“The majority of the time he hasn’t been here. He moved in about a year ago.” 

Neighbours described the area as “rough”, with lots of drug dealing and addicts hanging around. 

However they were unable to say more about the suspect, with Candice Davis, who lived in the same block of flats as the man, saying it wasn’t “the kind of place people socialised”. 

Stuck up in some of the windows of neighbouring flats were pieces of papers with rainbows drawn on, a stark reminder of the pandemic these attacks took place in the midst of. 

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