Home and Away: Roo gathers evidence to get Kieran out of their lives and Alf is in hot pursuit

Home and Away all but confirms that Colby is never coming back and Keiran might be following suit if Alf gets his way — which he usually does.

Bella is sitting in the dark.

It turns out to be Colby’s room. We’re supposed to feel sorry for her but I’ve been a supporter of Colby’s exit for a while so the sob story is lost on me.

“He’s not coming back,” Dean says as tears begin to well in Bella’s eyes.

Permanently glum.
Camera IconPermanently glum. Credit: Channel 7/Channel 7

Bella wanders down from her hovel in the dark to the diner but she’s not that excited to meet “Nik’s BFF”, despite Chloe’s best efforts.

“I know what it’s like to lose someone from your life that way. It changes everything,” Chloe says to Bella.

However Chloe’s efforts do work on Alf. It not only impresses him, but it gets Nikau off work.

Bella wants to take a year off TAFE — which Dean scolds at because he paid for it all upfront and he’s not allowed to let Colby down.

Ari and Mac finally get some quality time together but when Ari gets home Anna is sitting at the dining table.

She’s worried she’s losing her daughter and wants to talk to Ari… again.

“Seeing you again has brought up all this stuff,” he says to Anna.

She regales how she “tucked her little girl into bed and locked herself in the bathroom and cried into a towel so she couldn’t hear me” the night Ari was taken away in handcuffs.

They wonder what could have been if things happened differently.

Meanwhile, Chloe talks to Mac about getting a job at Salt.

“Wait, she’s not trying to get a job here is she?” Ryder shouts in outrage.

Chloe steps behind the bar and whips up some flaming creamy looking thing.

Happy hour.
Camera IconHappy hour. Credit: Channel 7/Channel 7

“I promise you won’t regret it,” Chloe says to Mac.

“If this is about Ari and my mum believe me I can handle it.”

Mac says it’s OK as long as Chloe talks it over with Anna and Ari. They’re agreeable.

And with Chloe staying, Anna decides she’s also staying. Probably not in Ari’s house though.

Bella and Ryder vent about how annoying Chloe is but there’s “bigger things going on”, like the front page of the paper featuring Colby being charged for another murder — of the prisoner he shanked and got put into solitary for.

Bella freaks out but it doesn’t really matter because it’s just further confirmation that Colby has left the show and it’s not likely he’ll get written back in on account of not one but two murders.

Just the news I wanted.
Camera IconJust the news I wanted. Credit: Channel 7/Channel 7

And I’d say that’s not likely because if dead people can come back from the dead, a soon to be double murderer also can.

Meanwhile Dean is struggling to pay the bills. Like the actual logistics of it like being on the phone, not the money side. But the producers make it out as if we mere mortals in the real world have never made the treacherous call to a call centre before.

First timer ringing Telstra.
Camera IconFirst timer ringing Telstra. Credit: Channel 7/Channel 7

Now for Keiran the manipulator.

Roo asks for Irene’s advice… as a recovering alcoholic.

“When I was drinking I would move heaven and earth to be alone,” Irene says.

“Alcoholics can be very creative when it comes to hiding their booze.”

Ryder wants Roo to tell “Grumps” so “that way there’s one less Kieran”, but she has other plans.

She delivers some towels to Kieran’s van which is basically an excuse to go near the van. She walks around it and finds a stash of empty bottles chocking the wheel.

Roo cowering over Keiran’s lack of creativity.
Camera IconRoo cowering over Keiran’s lack of creativity. Credit: Channel 7/Channel 7

Round the back of a van isn’t exactly the “creative” hidey spot Irene was talking about but it’s the evidence Roo needs to get Alf on board.

“Don’t freak out,” she says to her dad (which means we know he’s going to freak out).

Alf’s old-fashioned values usually annoy me but I don’t even care right now because anything that gets Kieran out to town works for me. His intense presence really annoys me.

As expected Alf reacts in full Alf manner.

“That flamin’ mongrel!” Alf exclaims as he storms off in hot pursuit of Keiran.

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Rugby Union news: Kieran Read-Michael Hooper bromance, Japan Top League

Ex-All Blacks captain Kieran Read hailed his blossoming bromance with Australia skipper Michael Hooper on Monday, as the former arch rivals prepare to join forces in Japan’s Top League.

Read and Hooper will team up for the first time as Toyota Verblitz take on Toshiba Brave Lupus on Saturday, in the first round of a season delayed and shortened by coronavirus.

Read said it was “interesting” to be sharing a dressing room with his former trans-Tasman back-row rival, and he expects their relationship to flourish once they get to know each other better off the pitch.

“A lot of the Japanese boys have been giving me a little bit of stick about it — we’ve been so used to being on the opposition side,” Read said in an online press conference.

“I guess from my point of view, the frustrating thing has been with Covid restrictions and being in a bubble. We can’t actually catch up outside of the game.

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Home and Away recap: Kieran stumbles, goes straight for the bottle as true colours begin to show

Things kick off with Ari and Makenzie who are very happy in their love bubble. But I expect it will be short-lived because she’ll find out about the armed robbery sooner or later.

They bump into Bella who fills them in about Colby’s alive state which is actually bad news because he’ll be sent back to prison where “Dean said it wouldn’t be long until they finish him off”.

Happiness isn’t long lasting in Summer Bay.
Camera IconHappiness isn’t long lasting in Summer Bay. Credit: Channel 7/Channel 7

Dean really has a way with words.

Although he is acting like Colby is already dead and I like it.

Bella on the other hand constantly has this pained expression on her face because she actually likes her brother.

Moping around.
Camera IconMoping around. Credit: Channel 7/Channel 7

It then swaps to Dean and he’s already on the beers. Ari and he have recently become ‘brothers’ because they’ve both done time behind bars, but Ari is a little distracted because he gets a text.

“24 hours, be ready.”

Must be those two thugs that have blackmailed Tane and Ari with incriminating photos into robbing a Leagues club.

Apparently, it’s an easy bet with lots of cash but if a leagues club – which I think is a rugby league club (someone please tell me if it’s not) – is anything about the ones I’ve heard about, surely it wouldn’t have that much money from the weekend piss up after the game because the beers are so cheap.

Dean cracks open his next beer while they discuss how to keep Colby safe when he’s back in jail.

Seriously contemplating why he got involved in Tane’s problems.
Camera IconSeriously contemplating why he got involved in Tane’s problems. Credit: Channel 7

“You know as well as I do that the only way to deal with this is to deal with them,” Dean says.

Like how many jail contacts do these guys have?

Then an update from Jasmine, and Colby’s condition is improving.

And there’s more good news. He’s allowed visitors hospital which briefly alleviates Bella’s strained facial expression.

Back to the “job”.

Ari has literally drawn out a plan and what neat handwriting he has.

There’s a knock at the door and Ari and Tane freak out. But it’s just Dean, their new mate and Ari’s fellow jail buddy.

He’s “returning the favour” and willingly puts up his hand for an armed robbery. He must be really bored because keep in mind that Dean’s ex, Ziggy has recently hooked up with Tane so the tension between the boys would be extreme.

Always riled up.
Camera IconAlways riled up. Credit: Channel 7

Although Dean is a bit suss and about the “job” and says the River Boys – the local gang from neighbouring town Reefton Lakes aren’t going to be happy about another gang – the new thugs “on their turf”.

Dean makes some calls but “the boys don’t know anything”.

They all agree Mac can’t find out about it.

Anyway, as per usual, the front door is open while Dean and Ari are talking about it again and Bella is within earshot just as Dean says “armed robbery”.

It’s a classic Home and Away move.

Bella tells Mac immediately about the “job” and they sneak away to the cool room in Salt where a lot of secrets have been revealed.

Meanwhile Alf informs Martha that he’s come to an “arrangement” with Kieran.

As far as I can tell it’s the same arrangement they’ve had place since the very first day he rocked up. We get it, Kieran is staying.

So with that settled again, Martha puts in a good work for her son at the gym.

“If you do give Kieran a go, I know he won’t let you down,” Martha says to Jasmine.

Martha’s speech about second chances – even though Jas has had about 100 – doesn’t seem to sway Jas.

Not buying it but smiles through it anyway.
Camera IconNot buying it but smiles through it anyway. Credit: Channel 7

Back at the Stewart home and Marilyn and Roo and waxing lyrical about all the “strays” the Stewart’s have taken in which is just a lovely nod to the show’s history of fostering kids.

But the talk of happy families is too much for Kieran and he quickly excuses himself after dinner.

Ooh the ominous music, he starts rifling around his backpack and immediately takes out a flask.

Nothing suss here...
Camera IconNothing suss here… Credit: Channel 7/Channel 7

He takes a swig.

Finally Kieran shows his true colours. For anyone who doesn’t know, he confided in Roo last year and told her he’s a recovering alcoholic so this is big.

It’s the next morning now and Jas calls him and he actually thinks he’s going to get the job at the gym.

Ok I’ll have to swallow my words because Jas hires him.

Although she does say that she would “prefer someone with more fitness experience”.

Jasmine mentions that Martha came by and “filled in the gaps” but Kieran denies knowing anything about it.

He takes another swig from his flask.

Buckle up kids, it’s about to get real interesting.

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Daly Cherry-Evans, Kieran Foran on their Manly Sea Eagles reunion

Cherry-Evans cringed this week when reminded about the Instagram snap.

“Manly’s favourite son? That’s right. But Foz [Foran] has got a bit more competition now with Jake and Tom [Trbojevic] there,” Cherry-Evans said.

“I know Foz has been welcomed back by the playing group and the fans will get behind him as well because they’re loyal to successful teams and successful players, and Foz is one of those.”

There have been a fair few owners of the Manly No.6 jersey since Foran played his last game with Cherry-Evans against Cronulla at the end of 2015.

It is almost 10 years since they helped deliver Manly’s last title.

Cherry-Evans has huge respect for the five-eighths that have come and gone since, but it’s clear how grateful he is to have his “partner in crime” back. It’s a reunion he never thought would happen.

“I thought that ship had sailed,” Cherry-Evans said. “The best way to describe it now is nostalgic. It’s really taken me back to some really successful times and special moments at the club.

“Our relationship has picked up where it was. Sure, we’re not the same people we were 10 years ago, but we have a lot in common when it comes to where we are in life and our goals and excitement levels for this squad.”

Foran landed back at Manly late last year after Canterbury decided not to re-sign the 213-game veteran. The 30-year-old had struggled with injuries and was desperate to repay the Belmore club for standing by him. But the Bulldogs are taking a different direction under new coach Trent Barrett.

There was speculation about Foran heading to Newcastle to join good friend Mitchell Pearce. He was due to be at Pearce’s wedding, which was cancelled late last month after the Knights half was alleged to have sent suggestive text messages to another woman.

‘The best way to describe it now is nostalgic. It’s really taken me back to some really successful times and special moments at the club.’

Cherry-Evans on reuniting with Foran

But rugby league romantics wanted Foran to return to Manly; back where it began with Cherry-Evans and master Manly mentor Des Hasler.

Former Bulldogs coach Hasler splashed the cash to get Foran to Canterbury and is a fan of his old-school, no-nonsense approach to the game. Cherry-Evans won’t admit it, but he also played a pivotal role in making sure Foran pulled on the maroon and white again.

After a few weeks on the training paddock, the duo say it feels like they have never been apart. The only thing that has changed is their appetite to win a premiership, which is greater than ever.

“One thing that still exists between us when we’re the No.6 and No.7 is we don’t care which side of the ruck the ball has to go to, as long as it goes the right way,” Cherry-Evans said.

“We never cared who got the credit, as long as the team was winning. That’s all that mattered, and it’s still the same.”

Kieran Foran and Daly Cherry-Evans at pre-season training with Manly.

Foran says of Cherry-Evans: “When ‘Chez’ came back after Christmas, I remember looking over and seeing him on the right-hand side of the field and doing his thing.

“To think all those years ago we were running around as 20- and 21-year-olds, now we’re in our 30s and playing alongside each other and living the dream.

“We’ve got so much more experience now, life experience. We’ve been through our fair share, and it’s a cool feeling playing alongside a bloke who not only did I have so much success alongside but a bloke I’ve connected with throughout my career.

“To come back and hopefully finish my career alongside him, I can’t say how grateful I am.”

So what makes Cherry-Evans and Foran such a successful combination, after winning a title together in 2011 and losing to the Roosters two years later in the decider during a vintage run for the northern beaches club? Will it be a case of them hitting the ground running again in round one? Josh Schuster is another five-eighth option, but he is only 19 and should consider himself lucky to learn from two of the best in the business.

Cherry-Evans likens Foran’s presence to that of Cameron Munster in the Queensland team, and is excited about the freedom it could bring him on the field.

“I’m definitely looking forward to playing alongside Foz, purely for the experience he brings,” Cherry-Evans said.


“It will naturally free me up to play a different role. I won’t reinvent the wheel with the way I play, but when you play with a dominant half, such as Munster in Origin, it brought out a different side in my game and hopefully that happens alongside Kieran.

“Last year I fell into the trap of trying to control too much. That Origin series, I felt I didn’t have to do that. Wherever the ball went was the right way to go, and that’s the mentality I have with Kieran being here.”

Foran played finals the first six years of his career, but bombed out before September the next six. Injuries have not helped. His body, hamstrings, back and toes have so far survived Hasler’s summer of pain.

Should Foran remain on the park, along with Cherry-Evans and the Trbojevic brothers, Sea Eagles fans are entitled to dream about a top-four finish.

Cherry-Evans never stops aiming high. Nor does Manly’s favourite son.

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Kieran Trippier’s ban for breaking gambling rules put on hold amid Atletico Madrid appeal

Kieran Trippier’s 10-week ban for breaking FA rules on gambling has been put on hold.

World governing body FIFA have contacted Atletico Madrid to tell them Trippier is free to play until the Spanish club’s appeal against the suspension is heard.

Trippier got the ban and a £70,000 fine from the Football Association last month after the England full back was found guilty of providing information on his £20m move from Tottenham to Atletico in July 2019 in a group WhatsApp chat with friends.

Atletico right back Trippier has now been cleared to play while the appeal is ongoing but he missed their game on Sunday with Alaves because he has not trained this week as he did not expect to play.

Trippier on England duty in November

FIFA issued a statement which read: “Following the appeal and, specifically, the request for provisional measures lodged by the club Atletico Madrid, the FIFA Appeal Committee has approved to stay the extension of the suspension against Kieran Trippier until the procedure is over before the FIFA Appeal Committee.”

Trippier has always pleaded his innocence, insisted he made no profit and anything said was purely conversation with friends and family. Atletico have appealed to FIFA and are also prepared to take the matter to the Court of Arbitration for Sport.

But the appeal has been driven by Atletico with boss Diego Simeone calling the punishment “completely unjust” as it would rule Trippier out of 14 games, including their last 16 tie with Chelsea next month.

Atletico chief executive Miguel Ángel Gil Marín has launched a passionate defence of Trippier and also remarkable attack on the FA’s process. He said: “Personally, I think it’s a suspension that is disproportionate for the player and totally unjust for Atlético.

“How can it be possible that the party that is most negatively effected by this is Atlético, which hasn’t played any part in the process? If the player has committed an infraction that does not have any effect on the competition, how can it be Atlético is the one punished by this?

“The fact that the FA has punished the player by preventing him from playing against Chelsea, and that the ban just happens to finish just as the England national team is scheduled to play a competitive game, makes you think all sorts of things about the integrity of the competition and the ethics of a football association with a long history.”

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Kieran Trippier suspended for 10 weeks over breaches of betting rules

England defender Kieran Trippier (left) has made 19 appearances for Atletico Madrid this season

England and Atletico Madrid right-back Kieran Trippier has been given a 10-week worldwide football ban and fined £70,000 after a Football Association panel found he broke betting rules.

The 30-year-old denied seven alleged breaches, but four were found proven during a personal hearing.

The offences occurred in July 2019, which is when Trippier joined Atletico from Tottenham Hotspur.

His ban from all football is effective immediately.

He will miss 12 games for La Liga leaders Atletico, including their Champions League last-16 first leg tie at home to Chelsea on 23 February.

However, he will be available for the Madrid derby on 7 March.

More to follow.

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NRL 2020: Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs announce eight player departures, Kieran Foran, Aiden Tolman, full list

The Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs are going to look just a tad different under Trent Barrett next season.

Aside from what the new head coach will bring, the Bulldogs on Tuesday confirmed eight players will leave the club at season’s end.

When their dire 2020 campaign comes to a close, Aiden Tolman, Kieran Foran, Marcelo Montoya, Kerrod Holland, Jack Cogger, Sauaso Sue, Tim Lafai, and Isaiah Tass will depart.

Kayo is your ticket to the 2020 NRL Telstra Premiership. Every game of every round Live & On-Demand with no-ad breaks during play. New to Kayo? Get your 14-day free trial & start streaming instantly >

Round 20

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Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs announce eight player departures, Kieran Foran, Aiden Tolman, full list

The Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs are going to look just a tad different under Trent Barrett next season.

Aside from what the new head coach will bring, the Bulldogs on Tuesday confirmed eight players will leave the club at season’s end.

When their dire 2020 campaign comes to a close, Aiden Tolman, Kieran Foran, Marcelo Montoya, Kerrod Holland, Jack Cogger, Sauaso Sue, Tim Lafai, and Isaiah Tass will depart.

Kayo is your ticket to the 2020 NRL Telstra Premiership. Every game of every round Live & On-Demand with no-ad breaks during play. New to Kayo? Get your 14-day free trial & start streaming instantly >

“Everyone at the Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs would like to wish the eight players all the best for the future and thank them for their contribution and the impact they have made at the club,” a statement read.

With Barrett deciding to bring in Blake Green for next season, Foran has been shown the door; the star linked with a return to Manly.

Tolman, now 31, has been with the Bulldogs for 10 years and made 276 appearances in the NRL.

“I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all players and staff leaving at the end of this season for their efforts while here at the Bulldogs,” chief executive Andrew Hill said.

“These decisions are never easy and it is important that we acknowledge each individual person for what they brought to the club and for giving their all while they were here.

“Anyone who has played or worked here will always be part of our family and welcomed back at any time.

“On behalf of the club I’d like to wish everyone all the best for the future and I hope as many of our supporters as possible make the effort to come to ANZ Stadium on Saturday to offer their best wishes when we farewell those leaving on the field at the end of the game.”

The Bulldogs, looking to avoid the wooden spoon, will play the minor premiers, Penrith, on Saturday at 3pm (AEST).

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Kieran Foran opens up on late fan’s hope for his return to Manly Sea Eagles

‘‘What transpires between her family and the club is confidential. We do not comment on who donates what to our foundation. That’s between the individual and the club. What I will say is that there is no link between anything that may happen and any player being signed by our club. That can’t happen.’’

Duchen was a highly respected figure in the legal fraternity. She had close relationships with Foran, Api Koroisau and Dylan Walker.

Foran this week paid tribute to her on Instagram.

‘‘I want her family to know how much I respect her,’’ he said. ‘‘We always talked about me going back to Manly and she would ask me all the time if I could make it happen. Obviously if things fell into place and I ended up there again she would be in my thoughts every day I was there. I know it’s what she wanted and of course the move has appeal to me. I don’t know if it’s possible. It would be a lovely way for me to honour her memory and her contribution to my life.’’

The pending departure of Addin Fonua-Blake will free up room in the Sea Eagles’ salary cap for Foran to finish up at Manly, but a deal is yet to be struck.

Bunker blues

The bunker is such a headache for the NRL that officials have privately floated the idea of utilising the views of its biggest critics – television commentators such as Phil Gould, Paul Gallen and Andrew Johns – to help officials make decisions.

The discussion has been held internally and was raised by NRL head of football Graham Annesley. But with Peter V’landys in charge, the focus is on ramping up technology and reducing the number of voices in the bunker.

It’s something I’ve heard externally, but we need to go the other way and remove the voices.

Peter V’landys

The latest moves to restore the bunker’s credibility – cutting back to one official – are high risk. Tapping into TV commentary to avoid howlers is something Annesley liked the idea of, but it won’t happen.

‘‘It’s something I’ve heard externally, but we need to go the other way and remove the voices,’’ V’landys said. ‘‘My view is the way we need to move is towards a greater reliance on technology. Things like Hawkeye are changing all the time and we need to be at the cutting edge. We will review the technology and develop that area.’’


Annesley was clearly frustrated this week when the bunker denied Roosters prop Lindsay Collins a try in their game against the Knights. The bungle occurred when the senior review official in the bunker and his assistant – a former player – could not agree on the decision. So Annesley dumped ex-players from the bunker. It is a high-risk strategy that will heap more pressure on officials who make the wrong call.

Many believe a better strategy involves three officials reviewing contentious decisions to ensure the worst-case scenario is a 2-1 verdict. Another model discussed at the NRL entails somebody listening to the TV commentary and giving the official a ‘‘heads up’’.

‘‘The experts don’t always get it right in commentary,’’ V’landys said. ‘‘In fact, I think the bunker criticism is over the top. It gets the right decision 99 per cent of the time.’’

Sam dunk

The Sam Burgess ‘‘comeback’’ story has plenty of appeal. We’ve seen the publicity generated by Sonny Bill Williams’ return.

The potential return of Sam Burgess is fraught with issues.Credit:Getty

But the idea carries a fundamental flaw: when he left the NRL at the end of last season, Burgess signed a document stating he would never play professionally again. The mere suggestion has prompted a backlash from clubs.

There is also another can of worms that could be opened around his retirement and the way it happened if Souths start to push the envelope. Stay tuned.

Clause and effect

The Joseph Suaalii story has a life of its own. At 17 he is a walking headline, as league and rugby do battle for his services while he completes his year 11 exams. It makes for uncomfortable reporting but the money, hype and talent put him on the radar of every media outlet. His family was criticised because someone advised them to try and insert clauses into the deal he is negotiating with Souths and Rugby Australia that would allow him to leave whenever he wants.

As Paul Gallen said on 100% Footy, it’s the kind of demand befitting Sonny Bill Williams. Wayne Bennett wasn’t happy and confirmed the clauses are a stumbling block. Souths believe the Olympics are Suaalii’s goal. One club insider told me he needs to tell them which sport he wants to play before they can make another offer.

Interim measures?

The delay in the interview process for the Broncos coaching job has led to all kinds of stories. The most interesting suggestion to come my way is Stephen Kearney to be an interim coach next year, followed by Craig Bellamy in 2022. It’s hard to think the Broncos would want to sacrifice a year, and Bellamy has said 2021 will be his last. But rugby league is full of odd happenings and if you can get Bellamy it may be worth burning a year.

Tough to watch

Fox Sports gets a lot of things right with its NRL coverage, but last Saturday night it dropped the ball during the pre-game tribute to Joel Dark. He lost his life a few days short of his 20th birthday playing the game he loved. It devastated his famous cousin, Australia, NSW and Roosters captain Boyd Cordner.

The way Fox trained a camera and zoomed in on Cordner’s face during the minute’s silence was, at best, poorly thought-out. At worst it was trying to exploit a man during a moment of genuine pain.

The camera was on Cordner in the hope Fox would capture a tear. The same image was broadcast on the big screen at the SCG, so Cordner could see himself in pain.

There were 25 other players on the field. Not one other was shown. The silence was for Dark, a Newcastle Knights junior. He died from a head knock suffered playing in the Newcastle competition. The Roosters were playing Newcastle.

We get that Fox Sports wanted to capture the emotion of the moment, but there is a way of doing it that allows all involved to retain their dignity. They could have shown the shot of Cordner on replay.

It was ghoulish. I felt so uncomfortable for Boyd.

One of Cordner’s inner circle

It would have had the impact they wanted and it would have appeared more respectful.
As one of Cordner’s inner circle said to me: ‘‘It was ghoulish. I felt so uncomfortable for Boyd. I didn’t want to bring it up when we spoke because he’s had a difficult week.’’

I spoke to some of Fox Sports’ on-air talent about the coverage and they said they were uncomfortable. Yes, I work for Nine – the owners of this masthead – and my view will be dismissed as an agenda. Only a brave Fox employee would publicly raise their concerns.


‘‘Emotion plays a major role in professional sports and our audience shared Boyd’s tragic loss,’’ Fox’s executive director Steve Crawley said. ‘‘He is a powerful, much-admired public figure and I think that minute’s silence drew everyone closer to him. When he set up the first try, I think even opposition fans felt good for him and when he banged his head and had to go off … that was sad. I’m not saying we were right or wrong, I’m just saying we told the story as it was.’’

Fox’s tabloid approach to the way it covers the sport is entertaining and can be informative. But it should leave the tabloid style for its magazine and panels programs, not the game coverage.

It was a difficult night for Cordner, but his tough mindset shone through, as it does whenever he plays. He was all class and started the game with vigour and power, as if he was making a point or dedicating himself to his younger relative, who he loved so much.

And Joel was on his mind after he suffered the head knock that resulted in him leaving the game. After passing all of his concussion tests, Cordner started talking to the Roosters doctor about his family, not the game. At that point the doctor rightly ruled him out of the match as he knew he was not in the right frame of mind to play on.

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NRL 2020: Transfer whispers, news, updates, rumours, Kieran Foran future, contract, Knights, Broncos, Manly Sea Eagles, Corey Waddell Bulldogs, John Asiata

With the season winding down and squad sizes for next year locked in, the player market is about to heat up.

Due to the financial impact of COVID-19, the NRL revisited at the salary cap and top-30 roster size for next season. There were fears fringe players and veteran’s in their twilight years would be lost with rosters set to be cut to 28 or even 26, but in some positive news for those players the governing body has confirmed squads will remain at 30.

Clubs are now sharpening their focus on their roster for next season.

Things are looking up for the clubless and injured Kieran Foran, while incoming Bulldogs coach Trent Barrett is set to land another player.

Round 18

And the Raiders are set to re-sign two stars.

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