Kyle Walker heartbroken ex-partner Annie Kilner reveals agony over secret love child

Kyle Walker’s heartbroken ex today reveals her agony over the England ace’s secret love child in her first and only interview.

Loyal Annie Kilner, 27, tells how she stuck by the Manchester City fullback despite the scandals and lies.

She opens up on her torment, pain and anger after influencer Lauryn Goodman, 29, gave birth to Kyle’s son and reveals how she lost her unborn baby with him days before he got Lauryn pregnant.

In an astonishing interview, Annie says Kyle’s infidelity became “acceptable” in their turbulent 11-year relationship.

Despite the latest betrayal by her childhood sweetheart, she is considering giving him another chance for the sake of their three kids.

“What he has done to me and our children is obscene. I can’t begin to put it into words,” Kilner said.

“In late March last year he was unfaithful with a reality TV star. I found out a month later and was broken by it. He begged me to take him back but by July he was at it again.

“Not even three months later and someone was pregnant. My youngest was one. Who does that?

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“I don’t know what my thoughts or feelings are any more. I feel dead inside. Each day is filled with pain.

“I don’t think I’ll ever be the same again because of what he’s done. It makes me really sad that I’ve been damaged so badly when I’ve done nothing to deserve it.

“I love Kyle dearly and I’ll always love him, but to do this to me … after three kids?

“I’ve tried to hate him but how can I hate the man my kids love so much? Before the infidelity he was my best friend, my soulmate. I could count on him for anything.

“But none of what I thought we had feels real because he stabbed me in the back.”

Kyle, 30, returned from the 2018 World Cup a hero after helping guide England to the semi-finals.

But in March last year Annie was devastated after she was contacted on Instagram by Ex On The Beach reality star Laura Brown.

She claimed she and Kyle repeatedly romped in his AU$366,000 Bentley — and that he was not to be trusted.

Annie kicked him out of their $11 million Cheshire home but in the following months they tried to repair the damage.

They holidayed in Ibiza and Mykonos and Annie fell pregnant with their fourth child. She lost the baby that June and went to Wales for a weekend with pals to try to mend her broken heart.

By July Kyle was romping with Lauryn, who Annie had met on a night out months earlier. Annie had no idea until he rang her this February to confess.

She said: “It had been a normal day. Kyle got ready for work. I made him a bacon sandwich and he gave me a kiss at the door and told me he loved me.

“I had a migraine so lay on the sofa while the kids watched TV. I then got a random message on my Instagram account which said ‘You should not trust Kyle’.

“You get these messages all the time so I didn’t think too much about it. But after Laura Brown I sent it to Kyle anyway.

“He rang me and I told him I felt terrible and he just said ‘I’ve got to tell you something. I had a one-night stand with someone’.

“I asked him who with and he said ‘A girl called Lauryn’. I asked ‘Lauryn, who?’ and he told me it was Lauryn Goodman.

“I was screaming, ‘This is over, once this phone call is finished we’re done’. He interrupted and said ‘I’ve got to tell you something else’. I was screaming ‘Kyle, no, I’m begging you, there can’t be anything else’. I didn’t think ‘baby’.

“It was like a nightmare. Before I had time to think he said: ‘She says she’s pregnant and it’s mine’.

Annie hung up and ran through their home screaming while Kyle bombarded her with texts begging her not to leave him.

He rented an $15,000-a-month flat in nearby Hale and has only been back to the house to see their kids.

Annie revealed: “He says he’s mortified but I don’t think Kyle has deep thoughts or understands consequences. Unlike some women I haven’t trashed the house, smashed up his cars, ruined his belongings.

“There’s no way it’s going to change that baby. Nothing I do now will change it. It’s done — and she’s doing her best to taunt me.

“I’ve obviously asked him why he did it and he doesn’t have an answer. I’m not going to get the truth out of him or her because they’re both proven liars.

“He has learned to say nothing but he couldn’t deny this one.”

Tearful, she added: “It was the one thing I said to Kyle, that would break me. I’d forgiven him in the past. I knew that I couldn’t stop him from doing it again after Laura Brown.

“It’s like letting a thief go from the shop after they are caught stealing they’re only going to come back and try it again.

“I’d let him get away with it for so long. Maybe I shouldn’t have. I was brought up by a loving family with good, solid morals.

“But I wanted to keep my family together. I put myself last.

“I’ve got three kids to look after and I didn’t dwell, I just got on with the future. For the sake of the kids I was prepared to give him one last chance. I knew it was always a possibility Kyle would do it again but getting someone pregnant was my worst nightmare.

“For her to have his child establishes a permanent link. I have to live with the fact every day. I’m broken by it all. I don’t think I’ll ever be the same person.

“I hate what he’s done but deep down I know he’s not a horrible person.”

She said Kyle was devoted to home life and “amazing with the kids, amazing with me, amazing day to day”.

However, he turned into a different person as soon as he went out.

Annie said: “I don’t know what he was searching for. I don’t think he’s addicted to sex. And he says he doesn’t know why.

“Did he like the risk of getting caught? I don’t know how people do it. That guilt, the feeling of doing something wrong would eat me up. But what people need to remember is he’s a human being.”

Despite pleading with her to take him back Kyle had a $3600 orgy with two hookers and a pal at the start of lockdown.

Annie was not surprised. Then at the end of April Lauryn announced the birth on Instagram saying: “I want to introduce you all to my miracle baby. This has truly been the biggest blessing.”

Lauryn, who publicly revealed her pregnancy, issued a legal letter to try to stop Annie commenting.

It warned Annie she would face action for defamation, privacy and/or harassment if she continued to post messages slating Lauryn.

Annie said: “How dare she claim harassment? She wrecked my family, along with Kyle, and is now claiming to be the victim.

“I’m here trying to explain to my children that their daddy isn’t here anymore.

“I have to cope with losing a baby but suffer as she rams photos of hers down my throat — and she wants me to sit in silence? No chance. Why is she trying so hard to ruin my life? I could not do this to another woman.”

And yet Annie will not rule out a reconciliation. Kyle has promised to meet his legal obligations for Lauryn’s baby after a DNA test confirmed he is the dad.

He has told Annie he does not want any involvement in the child’s upbringing — but neither can be sure of the future.

Annie said: “If I ever forgave Kyle and took him back, would I be a bit embarrassed of how people feel? Definitely. Would it be yesterday’s news? Definitely. First and foremost, though, I’m preparing myself for the first pictures of this baby. What if I see Kyle in the baby? How will I cope?

“Kyle says he wants his future with me and the kids. He wants to marry me but he’s caused a lifetime of damage. But when you have children they come first.

“My kids want their daddy. Until you’re in this situation you don’t know what you’d do.”

As for Lauryn, Annie is understandably angry. The pair had met in a Manchester bar in spring 2019.

Annie had been dragged out by her sister, Sian, to get over Kyle’s fling with Laura Brown.

Annie, who wears her heart on her sleeve, talked and confided in Lauryn for most of the night.

Lauryn insisted on swapping numbers and told her: “Us girls should stick together.”

Mysteriously, she was in Ibiza at the same time as Kyle and Annie.

Annie, who has since been prescribed antidepressants, fumed: “She’s a homewrecker. She trapped a man with a family for money and fame. She’s rotten, disgusting.

“Kyle is also to blame and he needs to accept his share of it. But I hate her for what she has done.”

And she dismissed Lauryn’s claims that the couple were on a break when she fell pregnant. She said: “He was moving stuff back in. He’d just got his foot in the door after the Laura Brown affair.”

Annie described the last 18 months as “the worst of my life”.

She and Kyle met in home city Sheffield when she was 15 and he 17. Their dads were childhood pals.

She kept Kyle grounded while he moved from Sheffield United to Tottenham, then City.

Annie added: “My mum and dad are obsessed with each other and I wanted the same with Kyle.

“But without me there he struggled to resist the temptations. I doubt he’d go in search of women. There were always fame-hungry slappers throwing themselves at footballers so I imagine it’s hard for them to resist.

“Like a lot of men he wanted to have his cake and eat it. Kyle knows I am doing this interview. He knows how strongly I feel about this and that I have to get my side of the story out there.”

This article originally appeared on The Sun and was republished with permission

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