SA Police investigating man acting indecently towards teenagers in Adelaide suburb of Kingswood

Police have appealed for dashcam footage after two separate incidents in which a man acted “in an indecent manner” towards three teenage girls near a school zone in Adelaide’s south-east.

SA Police today released a composite image of the suspect — a man with red hair, a short red beard, and “distinctive blue eyes” — as they discussed the incidents at Kingswood.

Detective Chief Inspector Scott Fitzgerald said at about 9:00am on Friday, July 31, two girls were walking along Hillview Road when a man sitting in a silver hatchback with “teardrop-shaped” headlights began talking to them.

He said police were concerned by the man’s “sexualised behaviour”.

“During the conversation, one of the girls noticed he was acting in an indecent manner while he was talking to them,” he said.

“As soon as they saw that, they left, went to a safe place and advised authorities. Police attended and searched the area but could not find anyone.”

On Monday, August 3, between 1:00pm and 1:15pm, a man sitting in a late-model black hatchback or sedan began talking to a teenager walking down the same street.

“She was able to walk away and alert authorities.

“Once again authorities searched this area but could not find the person involved.”

SA Police Detective Chief Inspector Scott Fitzgerald said police would be “highly visible” in the area in coming days.(ABC News)

Chief Inspector Fitzgerald praised the girls for their responses to the incidents, saying they did “100 per cent the right thing” by getting themselves to safety after identifying the situation as dangerous.

Police believe the same person is involved in both incidents and described him as aged in his late 20s to early 30s, with an average-to-slim build, a pale complexion, red hair and beard and blue eyes.

It is also believed the man knows the area “because of where it occurred and the questions they’re asking”.

Hillview Road is the location of Mitcham Primary School, and it is within 1 kilometre of Unley High School, St Joseph’s School and Mitcham Girls High School.

A Google map showing Hillview Road in Kingswood, and its proximity to four local schools
Hillview Road, Kingswood, is located near two primary schools and two high schools.(Supplied: Google Maps)

Chief Inspector Fitzgerald urged anyone who was in the street at the time of the reported incidents, or knows the vehicles, to contact Crime Stoppers.

He also said the area was “quite busy” about 9:00am and asked anyone with dashcam footage of the area to upload it to the South Australia Police News website.

“We encourage anyone in a similar situation, the first priority is to get somewhere safe,” he said.

“Go to a public place, call out to someone close to you, and get away.

“If you have the ability in that moment to be able to remember key factors, including registration numbers, that would really assist police, but your priority is to be safe.”

Police will be “highly visible” in the area in the coming days as they investigate the incidents.

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Man charged with four counts of indecent behaviour after Kingswood incident

A 31-year-old man has been charged with four counts of indecent behaviour after incidents in Adelaide’s CBD and southern suburbs.

They include two acts of alleged indecent behaviour towards teenage girls on Hillview Road, Kingswood, last Friday and on Monday of this week.

Yesterday, police asked the public for information on those incidents.

The Glenalta man has also been accused of two additional counts of indecent behaviour over similar incidents at the Park Holme Shopping Centre and at Hurtle Square in the CBD last month.

He has also been charged with breaching his bail.

He was refused police bail on Wednesday and is expected to appear in the Adelaide Magistrates Court on Thursday.

Detective Chief Inspector Scott Fitzgerald yesterday described two similar incidents of a man sitting in a silver hatchback who began talking to girls walking past.

Hillview Road is near several schools.

Describing the most recent incident, Chief Inspector Fitzgerald said: “The person asked the teenager a number of questions and engaged in conversation, when she noticed he was acting in an indecent manner while he was talking to her.”

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