Jaxson Kirkwood, Montgomery White, Emmanuel Umunakwe face court over Weston skatepark fight | The Canberra Times

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An 18-year-old fatally stabbed at Weston skatepark was grabbed and beaten by three men before another teenager landed the final blows, police allege. Jaxson Dillon Kirkwood, 25, Emmanuel Umunakwe, 19, Montgomery Cole White, 18, and another 18-year-old are the latest people to have been arrested over an alleged incident at the skatepark. They all fronted the ACT courts on Friday and were granted bail, which prosecutors did not oppose. Mr White pleaded not guilty to affray, common assault by joint commission and damaging property by joint commission, while Mr Kirkwood and Mr Umunakwe did not enter pleas to the same charges. The other 18-year-old did not enter a plea to one charge of being knowingly concerned with affray. He cannot be named because he was 17 at the time of the incident. Police say the group of four were among several people who, on September 27, turned up at Weston skatepark after hearing about a fight that was meant to take place between two teenagers. They allege Mr Kirkwood, Mr White and the 18-year-old attended after Mr Umunakwe spoke to one of the teenagers, who requested back up at the fight in case “things went south”. The teenager who requested backup after agreeing to the fight has not been before the courts. The other teenager who agreed to fight, a 16-year-old, was driven to the skatepark by his 18-year-old cousin. The 16-year-old ended up with two stab wounds. The 18-year-old ended up with six stab wounds, dead on the ground near a car. When the cousins arrived at the skatepark, it’s alleged three young people – including the alleged murderer – approached the 16-year-old cousin on the passenger’s side of the car and engaged in a “physical altercation” with him. It’s alleged that, in the meantime, the four men who faced court on Friday – Mr Kirkwood, Mr White, Mr Umunakwe and the 18-year-old who cannot be named – approached the driver’s side of the car, where the 18-year-old cousin was. Police say Mr White opened the car door and another physical altercation ensued, in which Mr White punched the 18-year-old victim in his head and rib. Mr Kirkwood allegedly punched the 18-year-old victim about five times and Mr Umunakwe grabbed his arms from behind to stop him fighting back. After Mr Kirkwood, Mr White and Mr Umunakwe armed themselves with a pickaxe, shovel and a plastic rake, respectively, they allegedly hit the car and then left. One of the cousins, the 16-year-old, had fled the fight on foot, but later came back and found his 18-year-old cousin dead near the car. READ MORE: Police allege a 16-year-old boy who at first took aim at the youngest cousin later turned on the eldest and stabbed him to death. The accused killer has pleaded not guilty to four charges including murder and affray and the matter is before the ACT Children’s Court. When Magistrate James Stewart granted Mr White bail on Friday, he warned the 18-year-old: “You’re only young, you need to understand these charges are serious.” He said “bail is precious”, and noted both Mr White and Mr Kirkwood would next appear in court on February 23. Mr Umunakwe’s lawyer, Kate Gunther, told the magistrate her client’s matter had prospects of resolving, so Mr Umunakwe is due back in court on January 15. The other 18-year-old is due back in the ACT Children’s Court on February 22, when the alleged murderer and another teenager charged with affray are also due to appear.



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