Queensland to get supergroup’s farewell KISS

Rock gods KISS will play their final Australian concerts in Queensland in a multimillion-dollar coup for the state’s besieged events industry.

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The Great Conjunction Of 2020, Aligning Of Jupiter And Saturn For A Holiday ‘Kiss’

December 21 could be the most exciting day of the year, at least for stargazers, as it is expected that a spectacular phenomenon will take place on Monday as Saturn and Jupiter would appear to kiss in the night sky.

It will be known as the “Great Conjunction” or the aligning of Jupiter and Saturn within 0.1 degrees from each other.

The planets will be so close they would look like a single bright star, as explained by the Perth Observatory.

The last Great Conjunction took place in 1623, however, astronomers predict that next week’s event will be visible around the world and not lost in the sun’s glare.

Consider that it is the Christmas season, some astronomers theorize that the famous Star of Bethlehem that was mention in the Bible nativity story may have been an astronomical conjunction of the planets.

For Dr Brad Tucker, an astronomer from The Australian National University (ANU), the coming Great Conjunction will be the closest to Earth in almost 800 years. “This is a special event and the closest one since 1226. It will also be the longest day of the year, occurring on the summer solstice.”

He added, “You might think of Mars and Venus being the romantics – possibly in a stormy relationship – but it’s actually Jupiter and Saturn getting close and personal.”

On December 21, if you have a small telescope or pair of binoculars, you can see Jupiter and Saturn appear to touch each other – you should be able to see the rings and shape of Saturn and the moons of Jupiter.

Trump Suggests All Biden Did as Vice President Was Kiss Obama’s Ass

President Donald Trump on Saturday ridiculed former Vice President Joe Biden’s political career, suggesting that the only thing he did was kiss former President Barack Obama’s ass.

“He was the vice president for eight years, and he only did one thing good: He treated Obama good,” Trump said.

The president said he was going to say something different, but the corporate media would be upset.

“He kissed his ass!” yelled a supporter in the crowd.

“That’s exactly what I was going to say,” Trump replied. “But it’s better if you say it.”

“He kissed his ass!” the supporter repeated.

“That’s what I said,” Trump reeled. “That’s what I was going [to say]…”

The president commented on Biden and Obama during a rally in Minden, Nevada on Saturday night.
After the crowd cheered, Trump replied, “Only in Nevada…”

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The only golf club you will ever kiss

Your connection with your driver is detached. Bodily. You want the significant curvy matter to give you distance off the tee and then vanish again into the bag though the irons and putter get down to the significant organization of sending the ball to the flag. There’s no emotional attachment to your driver, no romance, no candlelit dinners. You will ditch the bloody issue in a heartbeat if a far better one arrives along.

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Tigers fan issues apology to Ivan Cleary, Panthers after kiss video goes viral

The action led Zorbas to launch into a tirade of expletives, yelling at Cleary before the coach pointed at the scoreboard and blew kisses at the pair.

“The pointing to the scoreboard, sarcastic clapping and blowing kisses was from me after I told him what I thought of the way he treated our club,” Zorbas said on social media before issuing the apology. “Think I hate Penrith more than the Bunnies and Dogs now. Was so angry at FT. We were gallant and unlucky on so many occasions – and just let fire to a person I lost all respect for after how he treated our club. Hope my boy doesn’t remember some of the words I used.

“Was fed up. That ref was pathetic, the rub of the green went against us and I just really hate him and how he shafted us last season. Don’t get me started on his son.”

Out of respect, the Panthers did not wish to release the apology in full but said Zorbas stated that he had “embarrassed himself, his family and Wests Tigers” with his actions.


Post-match, Cleary admitted he regretted blowing kisses to the Tigers fan.

“I’m not used to fans I don’t think. It’s been a while since they’ve been here,” Cleary said after the game. “It was just an incident. I probably wish I didn’t do anything, but I could have done worse. It’s all good. There’s no dramas. I didn’t like what he said to me. I’m not used to fans. I was probably a bit emotional. I’m glad I didn’t do what I felt like.”

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Wests Tigers five-eighth Benji Marshall sent home to self-isolate after kiss on cheek for TV reporter

Benji Marshall’s week went from bad to worse when he was involved in a bizarre social-distancing breach involving a kiss on the cheek in the Wests Tigers’ club carpark.

Club legend Marshall was the obvious centre of media attention at training on Tuesday after his shock axing from coach Michael Maguire’s team to face Canberra on Saturday.

However, the veteran five-eighth was later sent home to self isolate after approaching Seven News reporter Michelle Bishop and exchanging a friendly hug and a kiss on the cheek in the car park.

Under the NRL’s strict bio-security rules, Marshall will remain at home on Thursday while the reporter undergoes a COVID-19 test and the matter was reported to the NRL.

“Just goes to show you, we can all get caught up in life and forget what kind of world we are living in at the moment,” Bishop tweeted.


“Off to be tested #innocent #awkward #apologies”

Meanwhile, half-back Luke Brooks says the entire Wests Tigers squad is on notice after former world player of the year Marshall’s surprise demotion from the team following the weekend’s loss to Gold Coast.

“Especially with someone of his name to be dropped, that just shows no-one’s position is safe if we’re not playing good enough footy,” Brooks said.

“There’s a whole other reserve grade team who are training really well at the moment and who are ready to come in to the side.”

Even at 35, Marshall is running second in the Dally M Medal count after four rounds of the competition.

“He’s definitely playing some good footy,” Brooks said.

“I thought he was one of our best players last week against the Sharks but obviously as a whole our team wasn’t good enough against the Titans. I guess he’s taken the brunt of that.”

Benji Marshall has paid the price for Wests Tigers’ loss to the Titans, losing his spot for round five.(AAP: Dan Peled)

Brooks was less surprised to see Marshall take his demotion on the chin, the former New Zealand Test captain vowing to fight his way back into the starting line-up.

“He came in to training today and he was really leading the way,” Brooks said.

“So he’s not that sort of player who will sulk around.

Marshall, who has made way for Josh Reynolds, was one of six players axed and Brooks accepts he too must lift his game.

“On the weekend I didn’t play my best footy,” he said.

“My kicking game wasn’t where it needed to be and that put us under a lot of pressure.

“So I’ll take ownership on that and I’ve got to fix that and worry about my game first and, if I do that, it helps the team.”

The Tigers host another smarting side in Canberra — who suffered their first defeat of the season last start against Newcastle — at Campbelltown Stadium on Saturday night.


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