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Kerri-Anne Hamilton has shared a heartfelt tribute to the late Dean Jones as the Australian sporting community continues to mourn the cricket legend’s sudden passing.

Jones and Hamilton met in the late 1990s and had a secret affair, with the Sydneysider falling pregnant a decade later.

Their 11-year-old son Koby Dean Hamilton is a promising baseballer, and his club took part in a minute’s silence ahead of the 2020/21 season.

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On Sunday, Kerri-Anne shared an image of young Kobe on social media, paying tribute to the Victorian cricket icon.

“Players, officials and spectators all took part in a minute’s silence along with Koby’s team members wearing black armbands to commemorate and respect the passing of their teammate’s father … a legendary Australian cricketer who revolutionised the art of batting, a baseball fan and Kobys’ hero,” Kerri-Anne captioned the image.

“We are very lucky to be part of a wonderful baseball community and we feel very supported by our baseball family. One minute isn’t long enough, but it was a fitting way to start the process of goodbye.

“We think about you every minute of every day.”

Following Jones’ death in September, Kerri-Anne said it was important Koby’s voice was heard, because his dad was his hero.

“It’s an awful time for his wife and his other kids. I’m not trying to step out of line. I want to speak to you for Koby,” Kerri-Anne told the Sydney Morning Herald.

“I don’t want Koby to go to school and for kids to say, ‘We didn’t see you, how do we know you were his son?’ He deserves acknowledgment.”

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After not meeting his son for almost two years, Jones turned a corner and did his best to be a father to Koby.

“Dean was always trying to look after everyone; his family and also me and Koby. He made everyone feel special and loved,” Kerri-Anne said.

“It was never easy for him. Deano didn’t meet Koby until he was almost two. He just said to me one day, ‘This is silly, I need to meet him’. Anyway, I didn’t need to introduce them. I told Koby that there was someone here to see him and told him it was his daddy. He just raced to him, tripped down the stairs and jumped into his arms.

“He always made sure Koby and I were OK. I am very respectful to his family and he loved his wife and his girls. It’s not my intention to cause problems. He had a son and he loves his son. I’ve always taken what Dean could give us and that’s always been enough.”

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