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Aussie boxing rising star Tim Tszyu had a pointed message for his boxing icon father in the ring — and he was even more blunt outside it.

Tszyu on Wednesday night tore Kiwi Bowyn Morgan apart before ending the fight with a brutal one-punch, walk-off first round knockout that sent his opponent falling under the lowest rope.

A clearly elated Tszyu had a message for his dad in Moscow when interviewed straight after the fight.

Looking down the camera after the second-quickest finish of his professional career, Tszyu posed a question to his father, Kostya, who was watching from Russia.

“Papa, ty schastliv?” Tim asked in his father’s native tongue, meaning “Dad, are you happy?”

It left the impression Kostya, who was a fearsome puncher who finished 25 of his 31 wins via KO, was looking for a little extra after his son completely outclassed Jeff Horn in August.

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However, Tszyu revealed in his post-fight press conference the understanding between he and his father was actually very different.

The 26-year-old even sledged his dad when revealing the Hall of Fame fighter’s pre-fight advice.

As his manager Glen Jennings revealed Tszyu Sr told his son repeatedly “don’t get hit” in the build-up to the fight, the son of a gun rolled his eyes and poked fun of the obvious statement.

“Every time. Every time before the fight. It’s the same message every time, ‘Just don’t get hit’. Yeah, thanks for the tips mate,” he said in a quip that had the reporters at the post-fight press conference in stitches.

Jennings earlier said Tszyu Sr was smiling when they spoke on FaceTime following the fight — and not because of the nature of the thunderous KO. Jennings said Tszyu Sr was able to smile because his son got the job done in just two minutes and barely had to absorb a single punch.

“I just had Kostya on the FaceTime while Tim was taking photos and we were having a laugh,” Jennings said.

“We always like to laugh… and that’s his big thing, isn’t it. That’s his message — don’t get hit. That’s all he says to Tim every time, Don’t get hit.

“And he was happy tonight.”

It came after Tszyu earlier in the press conference also fired off a barb at Michael Zerafa after the Aussie boxer confronted Tszyu on his way back to the dressing room.

Zerafa, who emerged as one of the biggest stars in Aussie boxing during his two-fight rivalry with Jeff Horn, got under Tszyu’s skin as they exchanged words surrounded by fans and security.

Zerafa walked up to Tszyu and gave him some choice words in a dispute caught on camera.

After Zerafa called Tszyu out, the super welterweight star shot back with a cold shoulder dismissal of his 28-year-old rival.

“Mate, I’ve got a world title to win,” Tszyu said before beginning to walk away.

Zerafa then continued to call Tszyu out for fighting at welterweight in a clear suggestion for Tszyu to step up to his own weight class at middleweight.

Tszyu responded by waving Zerafa off, shaking his head and walking away.

Zerafa continued to jaw away as Tszyu walked on telling Tszyu he would even come down to welterweight to make the fight happen.

“Step up,” he barked before Tszyu was no longer within ear shot.

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Why Tim Tszyu is already better than his famous father Kostya

Tszyu’s grandfather, Boris, retains a dossier from every workout Kostya completed and also records Tim’s data to provide a comparison.

“It’s all written in this book,” Tim said. “I can’t remember off the top of my head, but there’s a few things that I’m better at than my dad. My grandfather has got it all written down and he compares what I’ve been doing to what dad has been doing.

“I’m getting there. I’m beating him at some things and there are a few things he’s got over me.

“Running, speed wise, I’ve got him in speed, and long distance as well. He’s got me in bench press. I’ve got him in squats. He’s got me in push ups. I’ve got him in skipping.

“I’ve got him in rounds in the ring as well; I’m doing more sparring than him. It’s all going up.”

Tim Tszyu (right) has beaten many of his father’s gym records.Credit:Renee Nowytarger

When Kostya arrived in Australia last year to help promote his son’s fight with Jack Brubaker, the hall of famer said: “No one should compare Tim to me. Tim is Tim. Tim Tszyu.”

However, Tszyu jnr’s quest to better his training records is giving him further confidence and a world title of his own is within reach.

“I’m comparing myself to the greatest boxer in Australia of all time,” Tim said. “It’s a good insight into how I’m going and how far I can go.”

Tszyu is forever looking at new ways to push himself. Asked if he was doing the upside-down wall push-ups that were one of his father’s staples, the 26-year-old said with a smile: “I haven’t done those ones yet, but now you have given me an idea.

Kostya Tszyu and son Tim in Sydney.

Kostya Tszyu and son Tim in Sydney.Credit:Getty

“I’m pushing myself. Nothing much changes besides getting better and stronger, and improving my skills.

“I’m improving on all of my stuff. Instead of running six kilometres, I’m running seven kilometres. Instead of running 100 metres, I’m running 200 metres. Everything is just going up and up.”

Asked if he would share the book with all of the family’s training records, Tszyu said: “I don’t know about that one. Family secrets.”

Tszyu said he was sparring against fighters in heavier weight divisions to ensure he has the power and toughness to dominate his opponents.

“Mostly the big boys, the light heavyweights, the super middleweights,” he said. “I don’t spar anyone lower than me. If I’m able to deal with bigger boys’ strength, power and speed, what do these little chooks have on me?”

Morgan has his own world title ambitions. In his first interview with the Australian media, he said he planned to take the decision out of the judges’ hands.

“I know coming over there, I have to put him away to get the win, I know that,” he said. “There can’t be judges entailed for me to get the win.”

Morgan’s game plan will increase the likelihood of the fight not going the distance. While many view the New Zealander as a stepping stone before Tszyu earns a world title shot, Morgan also wants to be crowned the king of the welterweight division.

“You don’t become a boxer to do it here and there – you need to be all in,” Morgan said. “Once you’ve climbed through those ropes, you’ve made your mind up you want to take it as far as you can.


“I’ve been a professional since 2014, so I’m in for the long haul.”

Tszyu is the headline act for a fight card that will also feature former Cronulla captain Paul Gallen taking on mixed martial arts legend Mark Hunt.

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