‘Are You a Bad Puppy?’: Labrador Looks Guilty After Destroying Couch at Wyoming Home

A yellow Labrador retriever looked especially guilty on December 23 after he destroyed a sofa in the living room of his home in Glendo, Wyoming. Major, the yellow Labrdaor, and Teetoe, a pug, stood looking guilty beside the ruined furniture while their owner shouts toward Major. “Are you a bad puppy,” Greg Hagen can be heard saying in this video. His wife, Brenda, took the footage. Hagen can be heard scolding: “Did you do that? Are you a bad puppy? Should I spank your butt? Didn’t you tell me you were going to be a good boy? Is this what you call being a good boy?” In response Major would occasionally lower his head and avoid eye contact. Credit: Brenda Hagen via Storyful

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