Boeing 777 makes emergency landing in Moscow after engine warning

A Boeing 777 airliner was forced to make an emergency landing in Moscow on Friday, after reporting engine problems.

The emergency landing comes just days after another model showered engine debris on a flight path over the United States.

State-owned Rossiya airline said the crew had registered the “incorrect operation of the engine control sensor” on a cargo flight from Hong Kong to Madrid and “decided to make an emergency landing in Moscow.”

Online flight trackers confirmed the flight was carried out with a Boeing 777.

The airline said the unscheduled landing went ahead without incident and that no one was injured. The plane was due to continue its onward journey to Madrid after a delay of several hours, it added.

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Rossiya told AFP later Friday that the Boeing 777 that made the emergency landing in Moscow was fitted with a different make of engine to the plane that shed engine parts in the United States last week.

General Electric, which manufactured the engine on the jet, said it was working with the carrier.

“At GE Aviation, safety is our first priority,” a company spokesperson told AFP.

“Our technical support teams are working closely with the airline, which has returned the aircraft to service.” Boeing referred questions to Rossiya.

The incident came just days after Boeing confirmed that dozens of its 777 aircraft were grounded globally resulting from the engine of a United Airlines plane catching fire and scattering debris over a suburb of Denver, Colorado.

No one was injured in the Denver incident.

However, the 777 planes removed from service were constructed with different engines made by Pratt & Whitney.

On Monday, the Federal Aviation Administration ordered inspections of all 777 planes made with similar Pratt & Whitney engines.

Malfunctions in engines are not uncommon and most airplanes are designed to be able to fly for several hours on one engine until crew identify and land at the nearest available airport.

Investigators have attributed the Denver incident to a fan blade that broke off soon after takeoff due to metal fatigue and apparently breached the engine cover, known as a cowling.

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Boeing 777 With Engine Trouble Makes Emergency Landing in Moscow

A Boeing 777 airliner on Friday made an emergency landing in Moscow with engine problems, the operating airline said, days after another model rained down engine debris over the United States.

State-owned Rossiya airline said the crew had registered the “incorrect operation of the engine control sensor” on a cargo flight from Hong Kong to Madrid and that they “decided to make an emergency landing in Moscow.”

Online flight trackers confirmed the flight was carried out with a Boeing 777.

The airline said the unscheduled landing went ahead without incident and that no one was injured.

The aircraft will continue its onward journey to Madrid after a delay of several hours, it added.

The incident came just days after Boeing confirmed that dozens of its 777 aircraft were grounded globally resulting from the engine of a United Airlines plane catching fire and scattering debris over a suburb of Denver, Colorado.

It was not immediately clear whether the Boeing 777 that made the emergency landing in Moscow on Friday was equipped with the same engine that shed parts over Colorado last week.

The United Flight engine failure was a fresh blow for the beleaguered U.S. aviation giant that was forced to ground another fleet of planes after a series of deadly crashes.

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NASA releases ‘amazing’ new landing video and images from Mars Perseverance landing

It was “seven minutes of terror” that had a big payoff: NASA’s Mars Perseverance safely landed on the surface of the red planet last Thursday. And, for the first time, the edge-of-your-seat descent was captured by high-definition video cameras, which NASA released on Monday.

“Now we finally have a front-row view to what we call ‘the seven minutes of terror’ while landing on Mars,” Michael Watkins, director of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Southern California, which manages the mission for the agency, said in a press release.

Getting spacecraft to Mars is no easy feat. About half of missions to the red planet have ended in failure. And getting a rover safely on the surface is even more challenging. In the past, NASA used airbags that protected the rover as it bounced safely to its final resting spot.

But in 2012, its Curiosity rover used an innovative — and complicated — landing procedure that involved using a rocket-powered crane to gently lower the rover to the surface. It was a success, and this method was once again used with Perseverance.

WATCH | NASA release video of different perspectives of Mars Perseverance landing:

“I think you will feel like you are getting a glimpse as to what it would be like to land in Jezero Crater with Perseverance,” Matt Wallace, Perseverance deputy project manager at JPL, said during NASA’s press conference ahead of the video release on Monday. 

And the cameras do indeed provide an incredible glimpse into the series of all the things that needed to happen with incredible precision to deliver Perseverance to the surface.

The navigation cameras, or navcams, aboard NASA’s Perseverance Mars rover captured this view of the rover’s deck on Feb. 20. (NASA/JPL-Caltech/The Associated Press)

The video picks up after the rover entered the thin Martian atmosphere at a breakneck speed of 19,000 km/h after which its supersonic parachute deployed, further slowing it to 320 km/h.

The heat shield is then released and is seen falling to the surface as the rover’s eight descent-stage rockets took over, reducing the speed to about 2.6 km/h. That’s when the tricky “skycrane” maneouvre initiated. 

The dusty descent

Roughly 12 seconds before touchdown, the descent stage lowered the rover from a set of 6.4-metre long cables. Dust is seen being kicked up from the surface as the rover unfurled its legs and wheels into landing position. Once the rover sensed that it had touched the ground, the cables were quickly cut with the descent stage flying off safely away from the rover.

All of this had to go off without a hitch. And fortunately, it did, with video to prove it.

The rover collected 23,000 images of the descent and 30 gigabytes of information with cameras looking both upward as the descent stage lowered Perseverance to the ground and downward as dust was kicked up by the rockets.

“I can and have watched those videos for hours,” Al Chen, Perseverance entry, descent, and landing (EDL) lead at JPL, said at the press conference. “I keep seeing new stuff every time.”

The microphone didn’t pick up the descent due to what engineers believe may have been a communication error, though it is now working on the surface and has sent back audio.

LISTEN | Sounds from the Mars Perseverance Rover (with rover noise filtered out):

Along with the video, NASA also released several new images.

“I had no idea that it would be this amazing,” said Justin Maki, Perseverance imaging scientist and instrument operations team chief. “When I saw these images come down I have to say, I was truly amazed. I know it’s been a tough year for everybody, and we’re hoping these images will brighten peoples’ day.”

This is one of the six wheels on the Perseverance Mars rover, which landed on Feb. 18. (NASA/JPL-Caltech/The Associated Press)


And there are even “Easter eggs” hidden on Perseverance.

The new 20 megapixel colour cameras are higher-resolution than any of those before it, with wide angle lenses that are used as the rover drives. 

“This is it. This is Mars. It really is the surface of an alien world.”

This is the first colour image sent by the Perseverance Mars rover after its landing. (NASA/JPL-Caltech/The Associated Press)

Now, as more of the rover comes online, the scientists and engineers said more — and better — is yet to come.

Perseverance will also begin to find a suitable location where it will deploy Ingenuity, a helicopter that will be a test for future missions to the red planet.  

“We’re just beginning to do amazing things on the surface of Mars,” said Dave Gruel, Perseverance EDL camera lead. 

For raw images released by NASA’s Perseverance rover, you can visit their multimedia site. 

NASA engineer Farah Alibay speaks with CBC Montreal’s Debra Arbec about the rover’s landing and the search for signs of past life on Mars. 5:14

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United Airlines flight makes emergency landing after parts of Boeing aircraft drop over homes | US News

A United Airlines flight bound for Hawaii was forced into an emergency landing after debris from the aircraft plunged towards homes in Denver.

Debris from Flight 328 between the capital of Colorado and Honolulu was spotted strewn across a residential area in Broomfield, including the engine rim and what appeared to be parts of the engine casing.

The Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) said that the Boeing 777-200 returned to Denver International Airport and landed safely after experiencing a “right-engine failure” after take-off.

Police have been sharing images of the debris in the town. Pic: Broomfield Police
Pictures show the casing of the plane's engine completely fallen away. Pic: @speedbird5280 via Reuters
Pictures show the casing of the plane’s engine completely fallen away. Pic: @speedbird5280 via Reuters

In a separate statement, United said that 231 passengers were on board at the time, with 10 crew, but released no further details.

The local police department in Broomfield, which is around 25 miles (40km) from Denver, posted several photos on social media of what is believed to be debris from the plane, with the large rim of the plane’s engine appearing to narrowly miss a house in the town.

Officers are asking anyone who has been injured by falling debris to come forward, with the force issuing a “code red” to nearly 1,400 residents asking them to check their yards for parts of the plane.

The National Transportation Safety Board has been tasked with the investigation into what happened, and has asked that all debris remains in the place it was found.

A number of videos have been shared online, including one from someone whose parents were purportedly on the flight, showing the engine engulfed in flames and missing its casing.

Footage was also taken by Twitter user Tyler Thal of the plane flying low over Broomfield with pieces of the aircraft falling from it.

He told the Associated Press: “While I was looking at it, I saw an explosion and then the cloud of smoke and some debris falling from it.”

“It was just like a speck in the sky and as I’m watching that, I’m telling my family what I just saw and then we heard the explosion,” he added.

“The plane just kind of continued on and we didn’t see it after that.”

Boeing, the plane’s manufacturer, declined to comment, instead referring Sky News to United Airlines.

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‘Iconic!’: NASA’s Perseverance sends first pictures after Mars landing

NASA”s Mars landing team was on “cloud nine” Friday after getting the first close-up pictures of a rover descending to the dusty red surface.

The best photo was released less than 24 hours after the Perseverance rover successfully touched down near an ancient river delta.

Perseverance can be seen in stunning detail just 6 1/2 feet (2 meters) off the ground, being lowered wheels first by cables attached to an overhead sky crane, the red dust kicked up by rocket engines.

Chief engineer Adam Steltzner called the picture “iconic,” putting it right up there with photos of Apollo 11’s Buzz Aldrin on the moon, Saturn as seen by Voyager 1, and the Hubble Space Telescope’s “pillars of creation” shot.

NASA equipped the spacecraft with a record 25 cameras and two mikes, many of which were turned on during Thursday’s descent.

Another picture shows the first high-resolution, colour image from the underside of the rover after its landing.

NASA says a key objective for Perseverance’s mission is astrobiology, including the search for signs of ancient microbial life. The rover’s work will include examining the planet’s geology and climate, collecting Martian rock and dust in the process.

The descent stage holding NASA’s Perseverance rover can be seen in another photo falling through the Martian atmosphere, its parachute trailing behind.

The image was taken by the High Resolution Imaging Experiment (HiRISE) camera aboard the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. HiRISE was approximately 700 kilometres from Perseverance and travelling at about 3 kilometres per second at the time, NASA says.

The extreme distance and high speeds of the two spacecraft were challenging conditions that required precise timing and for Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter to both pitch upward and roll hard to the left so that Perseverance was viewable by HiRISE at just the right moment.

The ancient river delta, which is the target of the Perseverance mission, can be seen entering Jezero Crater from the left.

The mission will also pave the way for human exploration of the Red Planet.

The American space agency promises more photos in the next few days and possibly also an audio recording of the descent.

A number of thumbnail images have been beamed down so far, too many to count, according to officials.

The spacecraft is healthy, according to officials, after landing on a flat, safe surface with just 1 degree of tilt and relatively small rocks nearby.

For now, the systems are being checked. It will be at least a week before the rover starts driving.

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Perseverance rover landing memes: Matt Damon has visitors on Mars

Twentieth Century Fox

Mars has long fascinated many of us stuck here on Earth, and Thursday’s safe landing of NASA’s Perseverance rover only stirred up the pop culture love for the red planet. The rover has serious work ahead, including searching for signs of life in an ancient lakebed, but Earthlings looked for the lighter side.

The rover’s first image of its new home sparked plenty of memes and jokes — and to no one’s surprise, actor Matt Damon, who starred in 2015’s The Martian, was front and center in many of them.

Matt Damon has company now

Some people edited Damon’s image into the new Mars photo.

“This is awesome,” one tweet read. “Huge congrats to everyone who helped find Matt Damon. Let’s bring him home.”

Science the what, now?

And many cited Damon’s most famous quote from that film, where he “scienced the shit” out of his mission.

Famous faces on Mars

Others took the first Mars rover image and edited other familiar photos into it.

Mars with mittens

The famous photo of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and his big mittens, from President Joe Biden’s inauguration, showed up. “Wait, the Hermès crew picked up Matt Damon, but dropped off Bernie?!” one Twitter user wrote.

Cruzing to Mars

And another hot story of the day, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz abruptly heading back to his frozen state from a vacation in Mexico, also showed up in the Mars memes.

“Spotted: Ted Cruz deviates from his plans in Cancun to hitch a ride with Perseverance to Mars,” someone wrote.

Even a Twitter account purporting to be Larry the well-known cat who lives at 10 Downing Street, the headquarters of Britain’s government, got in a dig at Cruz, writing, “If you find Ted Cruz up there, send him home…”

Elon in space

And is that SpaceX’s Elon Musk? You know it is.

Percy is tweeting

The rover has an official NASA Twitter account, of course, where it delivers official news from its adventures.

“I’m safe on Mars. Perseverance will get you anywhere,” was one of its early messages.

Some accounts claiming to be Perseverance were not official, though they still had fun with the events of the day. An account calling itself Percy the Mars Rover joked, “NASA really spent $2.5 billion to teach Americans how to spell ‘Perseverance.'”

The jokes are far from over. Perserverance’s mission is planned to last for at least one Mars year, or about 687 Earth days.

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Aircraft Makes Emergency Landing Along Highway in Weston, Florida

A small aircraft made an emergency landing along Interstate 75 outside Weston, Florida, on February 3, officials said. Data from Flightradar24 showed the Cessna 210J Centurion flew southwest over the Everglades before making a turn to the east toward Fort Lauderdale and descending to the ground. Local media reported that there were two men on board, neither of whom were injured. The emergency landing was carried out due to a fuel leak, according to the report. Credit: Broward Sheriff via Storyful

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Probe Perseverance To Face Hazardous Landing On Mars

“Seven Minutes Of Terror” Dramatic Video Showed By NASA

A dramatic video displaying NASA’s probe Perseverance’s predicted hazardous landing has recently been highlighted. This is following NASA’s planned landing on mars.

The spacecraft will have to execute a series of complex manoeuvres when it dashes towards the Red Planet at a speed of 20,000km/h.

The video titled “Seven Minutes of Terror” showed by NASA compares the conditions the probe Perseverance will face in its scheduled landing next February to “slamming the brakes”.

Only 40 per cent of the space agency’s missions to Mars have successfully landed, and as per NASA “hundreds of things have to go just right during this nail-biting drop.”

In addition, because it takes 11 minutes for the rover to send information back to Earth – at which point the rover’s descent will have already been finished – Perseverance must act independently.

Ten minutes prior to landing, the rover sheds excess equipment and its thrusters activate to direct the spacecraft to the planet.

The atmosphere of Mars then will naturally begin to slow the craft down, whilst heating it up to temperatures around 1300C at the same time. The inside of Perseverance, however, will feel like room temperature.

Once the craft has slowed to 1600km/h, a 21.5-meter diameter parachute deploys to further decelerate the rover. The parachute can only slow Perseverance down to 320km/h, after which point it will be cut away. As the rover approaches the surface, rocket engines push against the rover to slow it down to 2.7km/h.

Once the parachute opens, the heat shield is dropped, which would allow the instruments inside the rover to zero in on the planet below.

Take note that the craft uses a camera onboard to navigate its way to the surface.

Shortly, about 12 seconds preceding the touchdown, the rover drops cables toward the planet’s surface and locks its wheels and legs into place. As wheels touch the ground, the cables are cut away.

This, surely, “Seven minutes of terror” is part of the plan to land at the Jezero crater to search for signs of ancient microbial life on Mars.

(Image source: BBC)

Bowyn Morgan embraces being public enemy No.1 after landing in Sydney for Tim Tszyu fight

Bowyn Morgan touched down in Sydney ready to touch up the city’s favourite boxer next week, and declared he has no problems with being enemy No.1 in Australia.

The defiant Kiwi brushed off the disadvantage of an arena full of haters when he fights Tim Tszyu at Bankwest Stadium next Wednesday night.

“That’s fine, I’ve got no qualms about coming over here, being a huge underdog and having pretty much a whole country against me,” Morgan told News Corp at Sydney Airport.

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Morgan has given up seeing his wife and three daughters on Christmas and New Years’ due to New Zealand’s ongoing 14-day quarantine rules, and is determined to punish Tszyu for the sacrifice.

“Tim does a lot of things well, but he hasn’t been tested before, so I’m the person that’s going to do that to him,” Morgan said.

“It was pretty emotional leaving my family, I’ve got three girls, a 10-year-old, an almost four year old and one who is 14 months.

“We had a minor Christmas celebration before I left. But I’m not looking past this fight as well. So there’s a few things we’ve got planned for when I get home.

“It has been a hell a camp and having the support of my family, and then having to say goodbye, it’s very sad.

“But staying home until now also let me just knuckle down and not have so much media attention as well, so I could just get the job done.

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Tszyu v Morgan and Hunt v Gallen

Bankwest Stadium December 16

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“It’s about making that all count, all the hard work that’s been done, it’s got to pay back now.”

Morgan (21-1, 11KO) lost his only bout four years ago and has since racked up 14 successive victories, including the past three by knockout.

The undefeated Tszyu (16-0, 12KO) is coming off his most impressive victory so far, an eight-round battering of former world champion Jeff Horn, and is tipped by most to steamroll Morgan.

However, the Christchurch slugger has other plans.

“I think it could come down to who wants it the most,” Morgan said.

When reminded that Tszyu is a fitness fanatic who declares he will always trainer harder than his opponents, Morgan scoffed: “Doesn’t everyone say that?”

Morgan hails from Christchurch, a city that endured the right-wing terrorist massacre last year and 2011 earthquake disaster, so fighting Tszyu will not overwhelm him.

“We’ve got a lot of resilience over there, and everyone coming together and being strong when we need to be,” Morgan said.

“And I’ll have that in my corner come fight night.”

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Virat Kohli and his touring India team start their quarantine after landing in Sydney

They’re here.

Aussie cricket can finally exhale, after Virat Kohli led his Indian teammates off the plane at Sydney airport to officially save the $300 million summer.

While most considered it a formality that the Indians would tour, cricket officials have had to jump through a mountain of hoops to get the world’s highest profile team into the country and their arrival means the bumper international season should be able to start without incident later this month.

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Replacing Kohli: how to answer cricket’s toughest question

Virat’s baby dash show how times have truly changed

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Aussie superstars David Warner, Steve Smith and Pat Cummins joined India as the other bubble boys hitting town, returning from the IPL to also begin their two-week quarantine period in the same Sydney Olympic Park hotel as the Indians.

Kohli will spend more time in the Olympic precinct than many Olympians did when they visited Sydney 20 years ago, with the athletes only permitted to leave their individual rooms for designated training sessions which are expected to take place at another bio-secure venue at Blacktown International Sports Park.

Unlike the last time he was here two years ago, Kohli was not accompanied by his wife Anushka Sharma.

She is now heavily pregnant and heading home from Dubai to India to prepare for the arrival of the couple’s first child, which will take Kohli away from Australia after the end of the limited overs series and first Test.

Only a limited number of Indian family members were allowed into the country by the Australian Government.

The likes of Warner, Smith, Cummins, Aaron Finch, Josh Hazlewood and Glenn Maxwell have been overseas since late August and desperate for the quarantine to be over so they can see their wives, partners, and in Warner’s case – his young girls.

King Kohli gets royal quarantine treatment

Virat Kohli could be about to spend his next two weeks of Australian quarantine in Brad Fittler’s penthouse suite.

Following Wednesday night’s State of Origin, the NSW Blues are due to check out of their Pullman Hotel home base at Sydney Olympic Park on Thursday morning, at which time the facility will be immediately locked down for the arrival of Kohli’s Team India.

The Indians and Australia’s IPL superstars, including David Warner, Steve Smith, Pat Cummins and Adam Zampa, are due to touch down in Sydney on their private jet in the late afternoon on Thursday.


Australia gives youth its chance in Test series

100m reasons why Kohli bombshell changes summer

Be afraid: How India’s quicks are built to take down Aussies

They’ll then get a police escort from the airport, down Parramatta Road straight to the Pullman, where they’ll spend every waking moment over the next two weeks – with the exception of scheduled training sessions – confined to their rooms.

The hotel will be completely locked down to the public, with no other guests staying except the cricketers.

Fittler was Zampa’s sporting hero, but King Kohli will be getting the pick of the rooms, and given the tight turnaround – will be hoping the bio-security deep clean the hotel will undertake on Thursday manages to get rid of any deep heat and strapping tape left over from Origin II.

“We work within each sporting organisation’s code, to their rules and environment, and within government regulations to deliver COVID-safe world-class accommodation solutions,” said the CEO of Accor Pacific, which runs the Pullman, Simon McGrath.

“Over time we have built specific intellectual property that allows us to construct taskforces which rapidly deploy teams to put together safe precincts to facilitate the success of Australian sporting events.”

Indian and Australian cricketers will be permitted to train out at Blacktown International Sports Park during their quarantine.

There was a timely lesson for players about the strictness of quarantine on Thursday, with the New Zealand Government banning the West Indies from training anymore after players were busted compromising the bio-security bubble by sharing food and socialising in hallways of their Christchurch hotel.

NSW Health also demands the families of Indian players flying in to Sydney with the team to adhere to the bio-security arrangements.

Across the road from the Pullman, is the WBBL bubble set up at the Novotel Hotel.

Cricket Australia has set up video game, table tennis and basketball facilities for their girls, but Indian and Australian stars will be confined to their rooms as they are flying back in from overseas.

Australia’s ODI series against India begins the day after the players are released from quarantine, with Australia’s non-IPL players to enter camp on November 22 and train separately on the outside, although within their own bubble.

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