pilot crash lands light plane on its nose at Bankstown Airport

A pilot has emerged unscathed after crash landing a light plane on its nose at Bankstown Airport.

The American Champion Scout model plane came to a crashing halt around 9am today.

Plane makes emergency landing at Bankstown Airport.
Plane makes emergency landing at Bankstown Airport. (Nine)

The 51-year-old pilot told paramedics he caught a sudden tailwind while coming in to land.

The rented aircraft, used by a local aeroclub, was towed from the runway.

“We suspect he’ll make a full recovery, he’s just been transported as a precaution with some suspected spinal injuries,” NSW Ambulance’s Andrew Pinney told 9News.

The 51-year-old pilot of the plane managed to escape with minor injuries.
The 51-year-old pilot of the plane managed to escape with minor injuries. (Nine)

“He knew that he was very lucky today.”

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Storm’s war with Broncos and ex-CEO lands in court

Fears that Brisbane is set to pinch NRL supercoach Craig Bellamy are central to the Melbourne Storm’s legal stoush with former CEO Dave Donaghy, court documents have revealed.

The bitter battle on Monday landed in the Victorian Supreme Court where the Storm have applied for an injunction preventing Mr Donaghy from taking up his role with their NRL rivals.

The feud over Mr Donaghy could be resolved within the next few weeks as the Storm seek to enforce a six-month non-compete clause which would prevent him from taking the reins at Red Hill until August 1.

The Broncos announced in February the former journalist would take over from outgoing boss Paul White, who left the club last week after ten years in charge.

According to an affidavit filed by Storm lawyer Leon Zwier on behalf of the club, Mr Donaghy had agreed to a clause in his contract which halted him from working for a competitor for six months after the termination of his employment.

Mr Donaghy has maintained he would not divulge confidential information obtained during his stint as CEO from July 2015 to January 31 this year.

“If a rival wants to beat Storm, it can do it on its merits,” Mr Donaghy said in his affidavit.

“It is not going to get my assistance by passing on information that is rightly Storm’s.”

But the Storm says Mr Donaghy had access to player and coach contracts, salary cap structures and details of sponsor and government agreements, which could be used by the Broncos to steal players, staff and clients and give them an unfair competitive advantage.

“Donaghy knows the details of Craig Bellamy’s employment with Melbourne Storm,” Mr Zwier said.

“Mr Bellamy is a leading coach in the NRL. His contract expires next year and will be up for renegotiation.

“The Broncos are trying to recruit Mr Bellamy as a coach or consultant. Donaghy has a pre-existing relationship with Bellamy and is aware of the terms that Melbourne Storm is prepared to offer Mr Bellamy.”

The Broncos have on three previous occasions failed to convince Bellamy to return to Brisbane, where he began his career as an assistant coach, and were reportedly ready to offer him a position in their football department above new coach Kevin Walters.

Mr Donaghy also had valuable salary cap information about two Storm players whose contracts are currently being renegotiated and which marquee players from rival clubs they were targeting for 2022, Mr Zwier said.

The Storm also argue he had access to the club’s HR drive, including a top secret folder that set out confidential salary cap and list management information.

Included on the drive was the club’s salary cap calculations and road map for the next four years, as well as modelling “on salary cap strategies until 2024 (which frames player targets)”.

As well as earning a $457,000 wage for the 2020 season, the Storm also in 2017 paid, by way of a loan, the stamp duty on the purchase of Mr Donaghy’s $1.4 million home in the affluent beachside suburb Beaumaris.

“Melbourne Storm provided the funding to Donaghy on the basis that he acknowledged and agreed to be bound by every aspect of his employment contract, including the restraints,” Mr Zwier said.

In May 2018, the Storm agreed to forgive parts of the loan if Mr Donaghy agreed to remain with the Storm.

But Mr Donaghy argues the agreement “was in recognition for service as the lowest paid club CEO in the NRL”.

Mr Donaghy has claimed the Storm have not paid him tens of thousands in his entitlements.

He said amongst the outstanding money was a $50,000 bonus, a termination payment, payment of his long service leave entitlements and a $31,500 reimbursement after his salary was docked during the COVID outbreak in 2020.

Mr Donaghy represented himself before the Supreme Court on Monday where it was heard all Storm staff had their wages initially docked by 50 per cent between April and May 2020 due to the pandemic.

All payments were eventually reinstated except for his, the court heard.

Mr Donaghy maintains he was approached by the Broncos but in court documents, Mr Zwier said Storm chairman Matthew Tripp has been told by his Broncos counterpart Karl Morris it was Mr Donaghy who sounded out the club.

“I respect and appreciate Karl’s position in trying to protect the integrity of the Broncos to avoid litigation, but the simple fact is, one of you are not telling me the truth,” Mr Tripp said in an email to Mr Donaghy.

If it is found the Storm have not met their obligations, the non-compete clause could be considered void, which would open the door for Donaghy to begin with the Broncos immediately.

Barrister Jeffery Gleeson QC, who represented the Storm during the hearing, said Mr Donaghy had not met the criteria to be paid his bonus.

Justice Michael McDonald cast doubt on whether the clause, which had sidelined Mr Donaghy, was fair and legally enforceable.

The judge pointed out that after Mr Donaghy informed the Storm he was in discussions with the Broncos last year, the club’s chief financial officer Ashley Tucker was on October 29 installed as an acting CEO.

Between then and when Mr Donaghy left the club, he reported to Mr Tucker.

Justice McDonald said this meant he was effectively “demoted” despite having a “concrete” contract with the club.

Justice McDonald questioned whether his six-month non-compete period therefore should have begun on November 1, meaning he would be available to start work with the Broncos on April 1.

“If I’m restrained until the 1st of August 2021, the Broncos may very well go elsewhere,” Mr Donaghy told the court.

The matter will be subject to a hearing on March 17 with Mr Donaghy agreeing not to begin with the Broncos until the matter is finalised.

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Morrison says vaccine passport some way off; Victoria records three new virus cases; NASA's Perseverance Rover lands on Mars; Morrison takes Facebook news ban to world leaders; Brisbane siege continues; Coronavirus alert in Melbourne after water testing

By Stuart Marsh19 Feb 2021 06:00SA Police have taken a speed camera at Leawood Gardens on the South Eastern Freeway offline until June.Officers insist the camera is accurate, but the procedural processes in recording its findings could not be held up in court.”It needs to be strongly reinforced that SA Police are absolutely confident the camera was and is operating as per its specifications with no issues relative to the technology of the camera. The matters cancelled are done so purely from a procedural process perspective and not regarding the capabilities of the camera.” Assistant Commissioner Ian Parrott said.”We also cannot lose sight of the fact that this camera was installed as a critical factor in addressing the issues of speeding heavy vehicles descending down the South Eastern Freeway into the city area where people have died.”The camera was installed after the Coroner’s recommendations to directly address this issue.”

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Laksa-themed COVID-19 awareness campaign lands NT Government in hot soup

The very government that delivered Darwin’s inaugural International Laksa Festival is being questioned over its knowledge of the popular Asian noodle soup.

A Northern Territory Health COVID-19 awareness campaign caused a stir on social media when it posted an image of a ‘laksa’ on the department’s official Facebook page, with the words, “Can’t taste your laksa? Get tested!”.

The post explains, “Did you know a common symptom of COVID-19 is a loss of taste? If you experience any COVID-19 symptoms, it is important to get tested immediately!'”

Social media users were quick to point out, the image did not look like a laksa at all.

And if anyone knows what a laksa looks like, it’s Territorians.


I think your graphics designer needs to get tested on what a laksa is. — Bert Khongsawat

The chef who cooked that and called it laksa needs to get tested. — Adam Sharah

You’d think loss of sight was a symptom too, because that isn’t a Laksa. — Natasha Potzsch

Local celebrity chef and head judge at last year’s Laksa Festival, Jimmy Shu, told the ABC he could understand why people were in an uproar.

“The first glaring thing I noticed from this picture was the corn,” he said.

“It looks more like a Tom Yum soup. But even in a Tom Yum soup you don’t put corn.

“Obviously they have grabbed some stock photograph from somewhere.”

“Luckily they didn’t throw in a strawberry on top of it, that would look really horrendous.”

The original image used for the campaign came from a stock photograph website.(Supplied: Shutterstock)

The ABC understands the image is indeed a stock photograph from website Shutterstock and can be found when searching “shrimp soup”.

This is not the first time the NT Government has mis-identified an iconic Territory symbol.

Back in 2018, the prized barramundi was gazetted as an official NT emblem, joining the red kangaroo, wedge-tailed eagle and Sturt’s Desert Rose.

However, Top End anglers pointed out the new barramundi emblem held little resemblance to an actual barramundi.

So just like the barra, that is not a laksa.

The NT Health Department has been contacted for comment.

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Tony Hawk lands absurd trick at 52, 720, broken bones, years of trying, reaction

Skateboarding legend Tony Hawk shared a video of himself landing a 720 – two full spins in mid-air – at the ripe age of 52.

Considered the greatest skateboarder of all time, Hawk retired from professional competition all the way back in 2003, but has maintained his sponsorships and can still teach the young’uns a thing or two about killer tricks.

His 720 was the first time he’s nailed the move in three years, and Hawk posted footage of his latest attempt on social media.

It wasn’t all smooth sailing for the San Diego native. The video shows him stacking it numerous times in the lead-up as he yells out in frustration and at one point buries his head in his hands as he lies on his knees.

But good things come to those who wait and soon those howls of frustration became cries of jubilation as Hawk shared his emotional reaction to getting the job done.

“I recently made a 720 and it was a battle. The last one I made before this was over three years ago, and it’s much harder now all things considered,” Hawk wrote alongside his video.

“Recently dislocated fingers hinder my grab, my spin is slower so I need to go higher for full rotation and … I’m really old.

“I can’t say for certain that this is the last one I’ll ever do, but I can’t imagine doing many more.”


Hawk’s biggest claim to fame was being the first skater to land the 900, two-and-a-half full spins, at the 1999 X Games. The trick was considered nearly impossible at the time, and several other skaters had attempted it.

Hawk landed a 900 as recently as 2016, at age 48.

With Jaclyn Hendricks, New York Post

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Republican bill seeks to block Biden’s federal lands oil leasing halt

FILE PHOTO: U.S. Senator Bill Cassidy, a Republican from Louisiana, speaks during a confirmation hearing of Denis McDonough, Secretary of Veterans Affairs nominee of U.S. President Joe Biden, before the Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee in Washington, D.C., U.S., January 27, 2021. Sarah Silbiger/Pool via REUTERS

January 28, 2021

(Reuters) – Republican senators from oil-producing states introduced legislation on Thursday that would block the Biden administration’s order pausing new oil and gas leasing on federal lands.

The bill, introduced by Senator Bill Cassidy of Louisiana and 24 other senators, would require congressional approval for any suspension of fossil-fuel leasing or permitting on public lands and waters.

“Federal lands and water don’t belong to President Biden; they belong to the people of the United States,” Cassidy said in a statement. “This bill installs needed safeguards to ensure that no president can unilaterally pull the plug on American energy production and put thousands out of work the way this president is trying to do.”

An official from the Interior Department, which oversees federal lands and waters, was not immediately available for comment.

Introduction of the bill, dubbed the Protecting our Wealth of Energy Resources (POWER) Act of 2021, came a day after Democratic President Joe Biden paused new oil and gas leases on federal land as part of an ambitious climate change agenda. His Republican predecessor, Donald Trump, had sought to maximize oil and gas production on federal lands and waters.

(Reporting by Nichola Groom; Editing by Peter Cooney)

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Map of APY Lands translated to ’empower’ First Nations people, giving them greater voice

A geological map of remote Aboriginal lands in South Australia has been translated into Pitjantjatjara to increase communication and empower First Nations people.

The map shows a large palaeovalley – an ancient, buried river – underneath the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara (APY) Lands and was translated to create better communication with the South Australian Government and help people living on the lands to know more about where they live.

The map was initially developed by the Department of Energy and Mining, along with other institutions.

“This broadscale map intends to inform about the extent of palaeovalleys under cover within the APY Lands as well as providing information about the location of the deepest part of the palaeovalley via thalweg mapping,” the map’s preamble says.

The map will help more detailed future hydrological investigation across the APY to unlock additional groundwater resources.(ABC Open: Marky)

Sam Osborne from Iwiri Aboriginal Corporation, the organisation behind the translation, said it would help to empower Aboriginal people.

“Giving people a very clear understanding of the field that’s being negotiated and allowing people to speak in their own terms in their own voice does empower communities in negotiations with powerful institutions,” he said.

“That process of moving inaccessible technical language into a language that community can get a grasp of and appropriate it in a way that they want to communicate is extremely powerful.

A block diagram showing underground waterways and mountains.
The Pitjantjatjara language map will help people on the APY Lands learn more about their region.(Supplied: SA Department of Energy and Mining)

The translation process

Dr Osborne, who’s also Associate Director for Regional Engagement on the APY Lands at the University of South Australia, said translating English resources into Aboriginal languages was a lengthy process.

“Something that’s a fairly scientific, technical, piece of text, like this map, we would usually break it down with English-first-language Pitjantjatjara translators,” he said.

Dr Osborne said the initial translation would go to a group of translators to continue work on it before it was reassessed.

“It’s quite an elaborate process when we’re working across technical fields that are fairly developmental in Pitjantjatjara language,” he said.

“That’s a process we’ve applied to a range of different fields, health, COVID information, technical rulebooks around governance.

“We’re crossing over into a whole range of new and interesting developmental areas of language and translation into Aboriginal languages like Pitjantjatjara and Yankunytjatjara.”

A geological map of the APY Lands, showing the thickness of loose rock in different areas.
Dr Osborne says the translation process was very in depth, given the amount of technical language involved.(Supplied: SA Department of Energy and Mining)

COVID-19 information

Dr Osborne said translating coronavirus-related information from SA Health brought unique challenges, mainly because of the turnaround speed required.

“We had a call from government that needed a fairly significant amount of public information out, that needed to be accurate and accessible and clear about what the message was,” he said.

“That had a team of seven translators working over the weekend and night and day to pull that together.

“It does take work, and it takes teamwork.”

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Extradited Malka Leifer lands in Melbourne, will face court over child abuse charges

Extradited ex-Melbourne school principal Malka Leifer has touched down on Australian soil to face child sexual abuse charges, 13 years after allegedly fleeing to Israel.

A commercial flight from Singapore with Ms Leifer on board landed at Melbourne airport at 8.44pm on Wednesday.

Police waiting on the tarmac immediately took the former educator, head of an ultra-Orthodox Jewish girls’ school in Elsternwick from 2003 to 2008, into custody.

She will be placed in quarantine for the next 14 days and regularly tested for COVID-19 over that time.

Ms Leifer will face Melbourne Magistrates Court via a video link on Thursday for her first appearance.

It is expected 74 charges of child rape and sexual abuse stemming from her years as principal at the Orthodox Adass Israel School will be formalised during the filing hearing.

Ms Leifer has previously denied all allegations.

An exact time is yet to be set for the hearing.

Victorian Police are seen at Melbourne International Airport as Malka Leifer is reported to have arrived on Wednesday, January 27.


In a statement confirming Ms Leifer’s arrival in Melbourne, Attorney-General Christian Porter thanked Israeli authorities for their support. 

“These are extremely serious charges and now that Ms Leifer has been extradited to Australia, those charges can now be tested by the courts in Victoria,” Mr Porter said.

“Ms Leifer’s return to Australia marks the end of a very long and complicated extradition. I think the Israeli Government for its cooperation and assistance during the course of this process.

“The arrival of Ms Leifer in Australia will bring relief to alleged victims who have waited many years for this moment.”

Wednesday’s flight was the final leg of Ms Leifer’s extradition from Israel, long-awaited by former students and sisters Dassi Erlich, Nicole Meyer and Elly Sapper, who filed police reports in 2011.

It began with her boarding a Frankfurt-bound plane at Tel Aviv on Monday, just hours before the closure of Israel’s airports due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Pictures published by local media showed Ms Leifer about to board a flight wearing handcuffs and legcuffs.

Ahead of her arrival, Victoria’s former attorney-general Martin Pakula welcomed news of Ms Leifer’s extradition after a protracted legal battle.

“I’m sure those people who have been agitating and clamouring for her to return will be very pleased that at long last her day in court will come,” he told reporters on Wednesday.

“I’m very pleased that has occurred.”

Long-time victim supporter Manny Waks said it is unclear how long her case will take to progress through Victoria’s legal system given its COVID-driven backlog.

Israel’s Supreme Court approved her extradition order in December and Justice Minister Avi Nissenkorn approved the order the following day.

Mr Nissenkorn said he had made good on his promise not to hinder the extradition order.

Victorian Police are seen at Melbourne International Airport as Malka Leifer is reported to have arrived on Wednesday, 27 January.

Victorian Police are seen at Melbourne International Airport as Malka Leifer is reported to have arrived on Wednesday, 27 January.


Ms Leifer’s final failed appeal followed 74 hearings in Israeli courts, which were drawn out on the basis of her mental illness claims.

She flew from Australia to Israel in 2008 when the allegations arose, using a plane ticket allegedly paid for by the Adass School.

Ms Leifer was first arrested in Israel in 2014 only to be freed from house arrest on the condition she undertook psychiatric assessments.

She was ultimately re-arrested in 2018.

Zionist Federation of Australia president Jeremy Leibler said it was a “travesty” it had taken so long for Ms Leifer to return.

“While it’s a relief that Israel’s justice system has finally prevailed, the time and process that resulted in these delays are completely unacceptable,” he added.

Readers seeking support can contact Lifeline crisis support on 13 11 14, Suicide Call Back Service on 1300 659 467 and Kids Helpline on 1800 55 1800 (for young people aged 5 to 25). More information is available at BeyondBlue.org.au and lifeline.org.au.

Anyone seeking information or support relating to sexual abuse can contact Bravehearts on 1800 272 831 or Blue Knot on 1300 657 380.

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EastEnders’ June Brown, 93, lands her first role since quitting as Dot Cotton

June Brown has been cast in new audio drama – her first role since leaving EastEnders.

Albert Square legend June played Dot Cotton for more than 30 years over two stints, from 1985 to 1993 and 1997 to 2020.

Her final departure from Walford earlier this year made waves among fans, but she’s since secured her next gig.

Missing You sees June lend her voice to a mother, Margey, who is separated from her son, who has Down’s Syndrome, during the pandemic.

Richard Vergette, who penned the drama, explained that he’d always had June Brown’s voice in his head for the character of Margey.

June’s an EastEnders legend

“When writing the role of Margey I had the voice of June Brown in my head and so asked the producer, Ashley Byrne, ‘Can we find a June Brown-type of actress?'” he told.

“‘How about June Brown?’ he replied. I still can’t believe that a living legend is playing in a piece that I’ve written.”

And June’s co-star Sam Barnard is just an enthralled.

She left Walford for Ireland earlier this year

“June is such a legend and a hero of mine since I was little,” he gushed, “When I was asked to play this role I said, ‘Oh I say!’ and did a little dance of joy!”

June’s EastEnders exit was on the soap’s 6,065th episode, having first appeared in the 40th.

Dot made the journey to live in Ireland after Martin Fowler told her he was to blame for her missing savings.

She spent more than three decades on the soap

Speaking on the Distinct Nostalgia podcast, June ruled out a return.

“I don’t want a retainer for EastEnders, I’ve left. I’ve left for good,” she insisted, dashing fans’ hopes.

“I’ve sent her off to Ireland where she’ll stay. I’ve left EastEnders. I did make up a limerick. It’s a bit dirty.

Dot Cotton topped a list of fans’ favourite ever soap characters

“I went back to do a good story. Alas and alack, when I got back it had gone up in smoke. I got a small part, a very small part. And that ended up as a big wet fart. Alas and alack, I will never go back.”

But it hasn’t dulled fans’ enthusiasm, Dot topping a poll of the best ever British soap characters.

From a poll of 2,000 fans, Dot edged out other EastEnders characters like the Mitchell brothers, as well as Peggy Mitchell, played by the late, great Dame Barbara Windsor.

Dot also beat a few Coronation Street legends to the top spot, including Hilda Ogden.

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US rugby team lands Super Rugby veteran

The threat to Australia’s Super Rugby stocks from the United States has deepened with veteran forward Angus Cottrell to play in Los Angeles next year.

Cottrell, a Wallabies squad member in 2018, will join Queensland Reds duo Ruan and JP Smith at the Venice Beach-based LA Giltinis for their inaugural season from March next year in the fourth instalment of the USA Rugby sanctioned competition.

The 31-year-old flanker heads to the US after playing 90 games of Super Rugby for the Western Force and Melbourne Rebels.

Cottrell said he had weighed up offers from France, Japan and the United Kingdom before opting to sign with the Giltinis – a team owned by an Australian gym tycoon and named after a yet-to-be released cocktail.

“I’ve given all I can to Australian rugby for nine seasons and I’ve been thinking this last year or two of experiencing a different culture through rugby,” Cottrell said.

“I was very quick to jump at the Giltinis when the option appeared because LA is a great place to live and an amazing international city.”

Cottrell will join the Smith twins in LA after the established Super Rugby pair signed on last month.

Ex-Wallaby Stephen Hoiles is an assistant coach at the Giltinis while former Wallabies hooker Adam Freier is the team’s general manager.

The team has also been linked to Matt Giteau and Adam Ashley-Cooper while former Wallabies great Chris Latham is coaching Utah and Drew Mitchell was poised to come out of retirement in New York before the delay.

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